Covid-19 Terms of Travel for Caravan

Update as of April 4, 2024

Dear Caravan Traveler,

Caravan has implemented additional Terms of Travel for Covid-19. These are in addition to the Terms of Travel posted in the “Terms of Travel” section on our web page.

Caravan encourages you to test before your tour departure, for your own safety and for the safety of your fellow travelers.

If you test positive for Covid-19 within 7 days BEFORE the start of your tour, please notify Caravan, with proof of your positive Covid-19 test results, and Caravan will waive all penalties for canceling your tour, both for you and anyone sharing your room, if they choose to cancel too. Proof of a positive Covid test must be either a clinical Covid-19 test (rapid antigen or PCR) or a physician’s note. Positive Covid-19 test results from self-administered home test kits alone will not be considered sufficient proof to quality for the waiver of penalties.

If you choose to travel with Caravan, you are agreeing to all of our Terms of Travel, including these additional Terms of Travel for Covid-19 below:

You understand and agree that the rules on testing, vaccines, masks, and border crossings are subject to change by governments and local businesses, without prior notice. Caravan will follow whatever local rules and mandates are in effect at the time of your tour.

You agree to take personal responsibility for your health and safety, and to follow the current rules of the places you visit on this tour, including safety directives from your tour director. Caravan reserves the right to remove you from the tour if you do not comply, for the safety of your fellow tour members.

  1. Caravan strongly recommends that you wear a mask on the motor coach, both to protect yourself and to protect your fellow travelers. Caravan may decide, at any time during your tour, based on changing circumstances, that masks will be required on the motor coach. Caravan does not provide masks or rapid Covid test kits while you are on tour. Please bring your own supply of masks and test kits that can cover the length of the tour as these may be unavailable for purchase along your tour route. The CDC’s guidance on masking can be seen here:

  2. You must comply with all local, tribal, country and local business requirements regarding mask wearing. These requirements are subject to change without advance notice. You may be required to wear a mask at some locations along your tour route.

  3. Changing Covid-19 rules and staffing issues may result in the unannounced closure of public buildings, restaurants, tourist facilities, and changes to your planned itinerary.

  4. Some restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, buildings or facilities may require temperature checks, masking, proof of vaccination and/or social distancing for entry.

  5. Currently there are no mandatory vaccine requirements in the countries visited by Caravan. This could change without notice, and if so, you may have to provide proof of vaccination against Covid-19 during the tour.

  6. You may have to undergo Covid-19 testing or quarantine, even if you are vaccinated and asymptomatic for Covid-19.

  7. If you are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, you must advise your tour director right away.

  8. You are responsible for all expenses due to Covid-19, including but not limited to medical expenses, testing fees, quarantine, evacuation expenses, additional air or hotel expenses, and any and all expenses due to long-Covid and its unknown long-term effects. Please check with your insurance to see if you need to pay upfront for any Covid-19 related expenses, so that you are prepared with sufficient credit cards and/or cash, etc., if so needed. Caravan cannot pay for any of your Covid-19 related expenses either during or after your tour. While you are responsible for all Covid-19 related expenses, our experienced team at Caravan will help you with the logistics of arranging lodging and travel, if you need to quarantine at any time during your tour.

  9. Caravan does NOT have a mandatory vaccine or booster requirement, so you are aware that you may be traveling on tour with people that are neither vaccinated nor boosted. You assume all risks of the potential for exposure to Covid-19. You are aware that you can contract Covid-19 even if you are vaccinated and boosted. You are aware that older people and people with underlying health conditions, diabetes, organ transplants, cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and other co-morbidities are at a greater risk for contracting severe Covid-19 and dying from Covid-19. You are aware that anyone can become ill with Covid-19 and can become seriously ill or die, at any age. You are aware that Caravan cannot eliminate the risk that you may come down with Covid-19 while traveling with Caravan, and you voluntarily assume all risks related to Covid-19 and its unknown long-term effects.

  10. Parents and guardians assume all risk from Covid-19 for children/minors traveling on a Caravan Tour.

  11. You understand that if you do not comply with any of the conditions herein, that you cannot join or continue on a Caravan Tour.

Returning to the United States:
The CDC no longer requires air passengers returning to the United States to show a negative COVID-19 viral test before they board their flight. The CDC states that they may reinstitute this measure if necessary to protect the public’s health; if so, Caravan will be happy to assist in the logistics of arranging the Covid-19 test, at a cost of approximately $50 or less, paid for by the traveler. Please visit for the most up-to-date information. Please verify entry requirements if returning to a country other than the United States.