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Customer Reviews of our Nova Scotia & Prince Edward tour

We currently have 134 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers.

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“The Nova Scotia experience was fantastic. The scenery was something that needs to be experienced first hand and just enjoyed. Having the tour guides to help us along and assist us in understanding and interpreting what we were seeing was probably the most important aspect of taking a guided tour over driving ourselves. On our own, we would not have had half of the experiences we did on this tour - we would never have know what to look for. This was our first guided tour. We were relatively unsure of a group outing after always being on our own. As a result of the experience, we are planning our next tour - with Caravan.”

Mr. & Mrs. A. D., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“I have traveled extensively with several different tour companies and am very pleased with my experience with Caravan. They deliver what they promise and provide a pleasant and hassle-free vacation.”

Ms. A.R., Ventura, California

“A++. We can’t say enough about every aspect of this spectacular 1,300 mile journey. Our tour director and driver were so caring and knowledgeable and they made this journey that will be remembered and cherished always. We had adequate time to take photos and videos, and the accommodations were 5 star. We had an awesome sail with bald eagles flying overhead. Every aspect of this trip far exceeded our expectations. We will definitely take another Caravan Tour!”

Mr. & Mrs. R.H., Nashua, New Hampshire

“This was one of the best tours we’ve been on. Saw many things the average traveler wouldn’t. The director and driver worked well together as a team. Our director was an unbelievably kind and informative person. She went above and beyond for all of us. ”

Mr. & Mrs. K.S., Bassano, Alberta

“Our director enthusiastically greeted and welcomed all us travelers from all parts of the USA. I noted her spontaneous laugh and good humor as we set on our eight days ahead in the Maritime Provinces. She told us all about the Bay of Fundy and Bore tide. We walked on the ocean floor among very interesting rock formations, and she made sure we saw when the tide filled the red banked rivers and bay. What a miracle of nature. We crossed Prince Edward Island on the Confederation Bridge, and learning how hard and difficult it was to construct made all the difference in appreciating it. All the incredible places and people we met along the way on Cape Breton, sailing with our captain in balmy weather and seeing a an eagle swoop down in the bay for chicken was such a forever memory. At Cheticamp the latch hook rugs were works of art and such fun to recall Stella Camus creating them from ages 16 to 91! The whale boat was so exciting as we watched whales breach in symphony. The Cabot Trail is so incredible beautiful. Halifax’s Maritime museum will be forever remembered. Again, our director did everything possible to make our tour the best, always gave us suggestions and time lines to various outings. She took worry and concerns away as we felt safe and taken care of in her charge. I look forward to traveling again with Caravan and feel sure you have the best travel plans ahead for us. ”

Ms. C.S., West Linn, Oregon

“We had wanted to take this trip for awhile. It was everything we had hoped for and more. We saw things we had never seen. The ride on the bus provided beautiful, breathtaking scenery. Fantastic tour director, wonderful driver, great group of people, food was great and scenery unbelievable. Caravan does a great tour! It was our first but will not be our last. ”

Mrs. C.H., Flushing, Michigan

“Caravan did a marvelous job providing an introduction to the Canadian Maritimes. I very much liked the sightseeing and activities. I especially enjoyed the sailing trip near Alexander Graham Bell’s house, the Bald Eagles with their brilliant antics. I also liked the visit to Louisbourg: what a wonderful restoration. The Mi’kmaq people had much to teach us about the environment, spirituality, and human intersectionality. How all these elements coalesced is an astonishment to me. What a superb tour! Ours was truly a brilliant director, the Maritimes meant the world to him and by extension, to us. He is a true national treasure. ”

Mr. K.M., Ithaca, New York

“Our director was an absolute joy. She was very well informed about the history and culture if the areas we visited, super organized and obviously loved what she was doing. Well chosen examples, I learned lots about Acadian history and enjoyed the Cape Breton Tour, spectacular scenery. We loved sailing, so much fun! ”

Ms. M.D., Columbia, Missouri

“I traveled single along with my parents, sister and her husband. All five of us enjoyed our tour. Beautiful countryside, clean comfortable nice hotels. My favorite was the sailing. Thank you kindly! ”

Ms. D.J., Huron, Ohio

“I was very impressed with Caravan and hope to travel with you again. I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks for a wonderful week in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.”

Ms. A.H., Shelby, Ohio

“If you love a quiet peaceful place with lot of beautiful lakes, then Nova Scotia is for you. The air is unbelievably fresh, crisp in the mornings and evenings, and then warm during the day. The seafood is bountiful and they love tourists. Many interesting historical places to learn more about the people and culture of Nova Scotia.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.G., Edison, New Jersey

“You won't go wrong with Caravan. We will definitely use them again. We saw everything that was a 'must see' in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We would have taken two or three weeks to see the same on our own. Caravan provides the best value and quality for your money for this tour. It's funny, I saw other tour motor coaches from other agencies at all the stops we went. I noticed their prices they advertised were twice Caravan's prices! The Marriott Harbourfront Hotel had a great room, super great dining, and helpful staff. There were great views of the waterfront, especially at breakfast where the buffet was outstanding! The sightseeing and activities were well organized. ”

Mr. & Mrs. E.D., Trappe, Maryland

“There were several people on our tour who had traveled with Caravan and sought Caravan for their Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island vacation. I fully understand why and will certainly travel with Caravan again.”

Mr. & Mrs. K.D., Albuquerque, New Mexico

“We have just returned from our third Caravan tour and enjoyed it very much. The scenery was so beautiful, different in each province as we covered Cape Breton Island, Prince Edward Island, into New Brunswick, returning to Nova Scotia and Halifax. The number of meals provided was most ample. It was good to have some meals on our own. The hotels were just excellent choices. Our guide and driver both proved to be courteous, informative and helpful men whose attitude provided a positive feeling the entire tour. All three tours that we have had with Caravan were filled with wonderful memories and experiences. Best wishes for continued standards of excellence with present and future tours.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.K., Lafayette, Louisiana

“We checked out other tours to the Maritimes and found Caravan not only less in money, but much more in content, and thoroughly enjoyable. Your hotels were excellent and the meals delicious, not one with a problem. Your sightseeing and activities were very well orchestrated, interesting and informative. Your rest and photo stops were a good choice for photo stops and exceptionally thoughtful for bathroom stops. Your tour director was informed regarding areas, caring, concerned, available, and a pleasant person. Thanks!”

Mrs. & Mrs. F.C., Valrico, Florida

“Our tour director and driver made a great team. We chose this tour for our honeymoon because we wanted something scenic, relaxing and stress free. Your people helped make it everything we expected and more. We will definitely be going on tours with Caravan in the future.”

Mr. & Mrs. M.B., Rhinedorf, New York

“This tour packed a lot into a short time but in a way that gave one a lot to see and a lot to learn which to me is ideal. It made want to return to spend more time in several of the locations I saw. I enjoyed the locations for sightseeing very much. I appreciated seeing more of the Maritimes than I would have on my own. I was pleasantly surprised by the Fortress of Louisbourg since I did know that history. Both our director and driver did their utmost to make this trip enjoyable for everyone. ”

Mrs. R.M., Ithaca, New York

“This was our third Caravan tour and we will definitely do more. Always interesting. Ideal selections to provide optimum information about Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and excellent scenic views. Each hotel was first rate, quiet, comfortable and decorated and furnished in an attractive way that set a pleasant and restful mood. ”

Mr. & Mrs. J.K., Omaha, Nebraska

“Everything about this tour was wonderful. The people on the tour were fun to get to know. We saw so much and did so much. No way a person learns all this information if you went on your own. Ours was a superb director, his living in the area makes for an outstanding experience. We have wonderful memories of this tour, thank you. ”

Mr. & Mrs. F.B., Kewaskum, Wisconsin

“This was my first guided tour and my first Caravan tour. I went alone and made many new friends. Our group seemed like family by the time we were finished. The sites were outstanding. My favorite was probably the the sailboat trip in Baddeck. There was a great variety; each a new adventure! Also loved Anne of Green Gables, and sightseeing in Halifax. Loved the fort, and Acadian music! The Marriott Halifax was excellent. I loved everything about the tour and will definitely plan another Caravan tour. ”

Ms. M.D., Two Rivers, Wisconsin

“This was my sixth Caravan trip and it was again an excellent experience. The itinerary was well-planned, the food and hotels were great and you attract a very friendly clientele. Your directors and drivers are the best. I enjoyed everything, it was a great trip. Thank you, next trip to Guatemala in January. ”

Ms. J.C., Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

“I’m almost eighty with a bad knee, and I had not planned to do anymore big trips. My friends encouraged me to come along and I’m so happy I did. This was my first Caravan tour. Way too much beautiful scenery to remember and process. Very nice stops at various museums that were not always expected. We got to mingle and get to know each other, and our director was wonderful. I would recommend Caravan to anyone wanting to see the places you offer. ”

Ms. J.S., Greendale, Wisconsin

“Again, I was so impressed on a Caravan Tour. Love traveling with your company. This was my fifth trip and I have one planned later this fall. We had such an informative guide and I learned so much about the Acadian, Cabot Trail, French, Irish, Scottish in that region. All the guides were so proud of this region. Bay of Fundy, National Park in Cabot Trail, our director went out of his way to help all of us, kudos to him. ”

Ms. N.H., Port Clinton, Ohio

“It was good to be in Canada again and experience its charm and friendly people. Glad I took this trip. Loved the sailboat excursion and also enjoyed Halifax, the Harbour and the Maritime Museum. Visiting the Titanic cemetery was very moving. Our director took such good care of us, terrific. ”

Mr. & Mrs. J.L., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

“This was only our second trip Caravan and it certainly will not be our last. As with our wonderful director in Guatemala, our Nova Scotia director, besides being calm, well-organized and patient, she was also flexible, witty and knowledgeable. She literally thought of everything the entire time we were together. Excellent, varied and unique sites with adequate time, considering all the places we visited!! ”

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Williston, Florida

“This was my first but won’t be my last Caravan excursion. It’s apparent that your itineraries are well thought out and revamped as needed. I came home raving about my Caravan adventure to anyone who would listen. The Bay of Fundy was as superb place to start the adventure. No place in the world like it. Our guide at Prince Edward Island lived there, and we got a personal perspective on this beautiful island. Cape Breton contained a highlight of an evening, loved the show there. Our director gave us a real feel for the Maritimes. His love for the area was very apparent. He did a great job of making us feel welcome and special guests of Caravan. I will be on another trip next year with Caravan with a few of my friends. ”

Ms. C.W., Houston, Texas

“Our trip to Nova Scotia was the trip of a lifetime and will provide me with wonderful memories forever. This was a fantastic tour. We saw so much of Nova Scotia, it was beautiful and our director’s knowledge and understanding of the communities added so much enjoyment to the trip. Very well pleased with sightseeing and activities. So much history, so little time! Thank you so much! ”

Mr. & Mrs. P.C., Reserve, Louisiana

“Caravan Tours is a great value and experience! Loved all of our activities and the way we were immersed in the culture and history with sightseeing and even food. The tour and tour director gave me a great appreciation for the people, culture and landscape that I did not know before. This was my first tour with you and will not be my last. ”

Ms. K.H., Smithmill, Pennsylvania

“I don’t think this trip could have been done any better. Our director was a jewel and so was our driver. They did everything right. And there is really no stop I would suggest giving up. I liked the stop at Bay of Fundy and sailing. I also liked the House of green Gables, the Cultural Center, Bell Museum, etc. Marriott was a great stay at the end of our trip! ”

Mr. & Mrs. B.B., Fayetteville, Pennsylvania

“Nova Scotia was our 3rd Caravan tour, we enjoyed very much. The provence is beautiful and we had a great group. A terrific guide and a very good tour, excellent local restaurants, food was spectacular, a lobster and mussel paradise! ”

Mr. J.D., Naples, Florida

“This was my second Caravan tour. My cousin comes from Canada and I from England. We meet up and everything is taken care of. For value, your company is outstanding. We just had another wonderful holiday with your company, in fact my best holiday ever. That’s saying something as I am in my 70s. ”

Ms. L.R., Woking, Surrey

“We saw and did so much in Nova Scotia, it’s hard to recall everything! Churches, fiddlers, Micmans, museums, whales, sailing plus plenty of stops for taking in the scenery. Ours was probably the best director Caravan has. Wow, he knew Nova Scotia inside and out. I would definitely take another Caravan tour. ”

Mr. & Mrs. J.L., Angola, New York

“This is a fantastic tour. We had a wonderful group that became our friends. We plan to stay in touch. Our director and driver made sure we were safe, happy and engaged. I loved the activities; just enough each day to keep interest up. I loved the boat cruise, and Peggy’s Cove was outstanding. ”

Ms. F.C., Greer, South Carolina

“I know there are a few other bus tour companies offering a similar tour of this area, but I feel I received an exceptional value for the cost of the tour from Caravan. The timing and location of the stops were great, never felt rushed, always seemed timely. Our director deserves a lot of credit for making this trip so enjoyable. ”

Mr. & Mrs. E.H., Swartz Creek, Michigan

“Absolutely wonderful. Our director was fantastic, full of facts and information. Even jokes and interesting tidbits. Super patient with us. Very enjoyable, lots of breaks. Perfect amount of sightseeing,. Loved cemetery with Titanic graves, maritime museum, everything. A very good time and will recommend to everyone! ”

Ms. C.G., Freeport, Maine

“What a beautiful area in Canada! We really enjoyed the trip. This was our 4th trip with Caravan. We have not been disappointed by any of them. They are all well-organized and a great value. Thank you! ”

Mrs. S.F., Colfax, Wisconsin

“All excellent sights, and varied to address traveler interest, from Anne to forts, cemeteries to museums. Excellent hotel choices, even in small towns where few inns or hotels are, amazing accommodations were found, exceptional! I would travel definitely by Caravan again. This was my first trip. All travelers seemed enlightened and pleased. ”

Ms. N.V., Meadow Vista, California

“A nice variety of hotels and meals and service was top-notch. Our director made sure we saw as much as possible every day, many places I would have shipped even if I had been on my own, and they turned out to be some of my favorite stops. We had a very safe driver, especially on the Cabot Trail. Caravan Tours is a class operation with great tour directors and a perfect price point. ”

Mr. & Mrs. G.T., Bonita Springs, Florida

“This was an excellent trip. There was a lot to do but at the same time relaxing and the wonderful scenery was so uplifting. Hotels were very nice and comfortable was clean, and ours was a top of the line driver with safety, a good sense of humor and cordial with the travelers. ”

Mr. & Mrs. D.H., Charlestown, Rhode Island

“Cannot give enough praise for our driver and director. Beautiful scenery. Sailing on Bras d’Or was the highlight. Our captain and his crew were excellent narrators. The evening entertainment was wonderful. Especially liked Gisele’s Country Inn. ”

Mr. M.Y., Houston, Texas

“The hotel in Halifax was beautiful with great service. The restaurant was great as well.... The tour was well organized and the sightseeing tours were beautiful. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. I fell in love with the East Coast and would like to retire there some day in Prince Edward Island.”

Ms. S.R., Toronto, Ontario Canada

“This was our second very enjoyable trip with Caravan Tours. The hotel in Halifax had an excellent location. The guides at the Fort and Prince Edward Island were very helpful. They added the local color and knowledge, which added to the pleasure of the visit. Looking forward to our next Caravan tour. ”

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., Bradenton, Florida

“I have no further comments that I would like you to share other than to go on Caravan Tours and have a great time! Caravan rocks!”

Ms. C.R., Toronto, Ontario Canada

“I really didn't think that I would enjoy this trip as much as I did. We had an exceptionally nice group and we made some good friends. My husband and I have been on a lot of tours and we were very impressed with our trip to Nova Scotia. Can't wait until our next one. I will certainly recommend Caravan to all my friends.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.B., South Daytona, Florida

“The tour director was very helpful in working out a couple of situations we encountered. The Halifax guide was excellent. The Prince Edward Island guide was very good. Cape Breton guide was knowledgeable. This was our first tour. Thanks to Caravan and its staff for making it a very enjoyable experience. We recommend this tour to anyone.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.D., Rochester, New York

“The sightseeing and activities were as they were described in brochures and as shown in online videos. You will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing trip through the beautiful and not crowded Canadian Maritimes.”

Mr. & Mrs. E.S., Rochester, Minnesota

“It was an outstanding tour that I would recommend to anyone. The hotel in Halifax had excellent accommodations, food and service. We enjoyed the pool and associated facilities. The North Winds Hotel was clean and comfortable. Also, dinner was excellent.... Everything was well planned and there was a lot of additional information provided to us for us to see and do on our own. Hotels, meals, guides and tour route were fantastic. Please pass on my commendations to all of the special guides.”

Mr. & Mrs. C.L., Lompoc, California

“We were a group of people and it was our first motor coach tour. We are planning another one in the spring with your company. Keep up the high standards.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.L., Great Neck, New York

“I'd go again in a heartbeat.”

Ms. M.C., Birmingham, Alabama

“Wonderful trip, beautiful scenery. I learned a great deal about the area. I enjoyed all the activities. I loved sailing, as that was a first for me. This was a very caring group of people. Service was excellent and people were nice and helpful. I so appreciate our director’s efforts to this make this trip amazing. Caravan provides a wonderful value and I will be going on Canadian Rockies tour in September.”

Ms. L.L., Dayton, Ohio

“Looking forward to additional tours! The motorcoach was top notch. Excellent sightseeing, and an excellent way to get a taste of the surroundings. We were in good hands! ”

Mrs. C.R., Rogersville, Tennessee

“An excellent tour provided by the staff who brought the land, history, people and culture of Nova Scotia alive. All very good and appreciated. ”

Mrs. K.P., Oakton, Virginia

“This was the second trip I made with my two daughters - a wonderful way to travel with the benefit of all the planning of your organization. One beautiful scene after another: mountains, seas, streams, wild flowers, birds, boats, the fort, the play, French Influence. So much to cherish and remember. Never did we doubt Caravan’s driver’s ability to transport us in total safety. The hotels were very nice, clean with all the amenities. Thank you for an awesome experience. The Canadians are some of the really nice, friendly, helpful and kind people I have met. ”

Ms. K.S., Orlando, Florida

“We saw so many things and got a real feel of the region and I found them very interesting. Everyone was helpful, kind and genuine. This was the first time I went out of the US as an adult. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick are all beautiful. Photo stops were plentiful, and my opinion of Canada enhanced. ”

Ms. L.S., Orlando, Florida

“Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Highlands are beautiful areas and we are glad we saw them by motor coach with Caravan rather than trying to do it on our own.”

Mr. & Mrs. C.D., Seattle, Washington

“Caravan is a real excellent value for the price. I had a wonderful time and do hope you can keep your rates at the same level. Thank you.”

Ms. R.F., Doylestown, Pennsylvania

“I have been on lots of different tours and the tour director on this tour was exceptional. She was easy to listen to and knew how to relate to people. She was very educated and well-versed on all aspects of the tour.”

Ms. B.F., Fergus Fall, Missouri

“This was our first tour and already looking to go on another next year. I will recommend Caravan to all.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.R., Flanders, New Jersey

“This was our first guided tour of any type and we were very pleased. Ours was a compatible and interesting group, many of whom have traveled with Caravan many times and recommend your highly. Now we can hardly wait to schedule our next trip. The sites we visited were well chosen to give us a true feel for the beauty and history of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Excellent director with his ability to impart knowledge in clear and creative ways, very special. We miss him!! ”

Mr. & Mrs. A.M., Hudson, North Carolina

“We thought hard about what we would improve on our first-time bus tour, but there is nothing. A little bit of everything, and loved the out-of-the-way different places. Beautiful! We were traveling with friends who had trouble getting around, but Caravan was very accommodating and thought of everything. We will travel with you again and suggest to friends. ”

Mr. & Mrs. D.M., Charleston, West Virginia

“Our director was fantastic and made the tour an excellent experience for us. Can’t say enough about her knowledge and personality, marvelous. Very organized, informative and interesting. ”

Ms. P.S., Poca, West Virginia

“Excellent. The entire tour was very enjoyable. We thought this trip was a great bargain with all the things that were included. Good to excellent hotels, reflecting the flavor of the area we were visiting. Each place was warm and accommodating. A great variety of activities, the highlight of our trip was the sailboat excursion in Baddeck. Peggy’s Cove, Neils Harbour, Hopewell Rocks, Halifax, Bay Of Fundy were excellent as well. Meeting local people gives you a real sense of their culture. What an outstanding person our tour director was. Her vast experience and knowledge would do well on any of your trips. ”

Mr. & Mrs. T.D., Cockeysville, Maryland

“This was our fourth Caravan tour. As always, it was fun, educational and enjoyable.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.H., Wheat Ridge, Colorado

“The Caravan tour was outstanding. I traveled in 1970 to Europe (eight countries) with Caravan. I look forward to future trips with them.”

Ms. C.L., Paw Paw, Michigan

“Caravan has done a wonderful job giving you the most bang for the buck. We will always use them when available.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.K., Johns Island, South Carolina

“The sights were magnificent. I’m a sucker for ocean views. I enjoyed the bog tour and Peggy’s Cove, a couple of my favorites. The Bras D’or was fun as well. Overall the trip was well-organized. Our director was very familiar with the area. I have a good feel for the geography, topography, and culture of the areas that we toured. I took advantage of all!”

Mrs. D.G., Terre Haute, Indiana

“I enjoyed the trip very much and will use Caravan again. The land is beautiful, and I enjoyed visiting the provinces. I would give our director an ‘A’ rating. He worked hard to ensure everyone was happy. ”

Mrs. C.D., Manorville, New York

“I had no idea how beautiful the scenery would be. The weather was terrific too. For a U.S. citizen, the history seen from another viewpoint was fascinating. The diversity of ages made it especially nice.”

Mrs. G.K., Honolulu, Hawaii

“The trip was super! I do not know how you can do it for such a low cost.”

Mr. & Mrs. F.G., Locust Grove, Georgia

“We signed up for the tour based on the expected beautiful scenery in this part of Canada. We were pleased that it was all we hoped for. All the planned activities were also great. Our director was superb. Her stories and personal experiences in her discussions provided good background, information and a great amount of levity. The coach was very comfortable with plenty of room for the passengers and luggage. Some of our fellow travelers had been on other Caravan Tours, and I can certainly see why. The tour has a very good value. Thanks for a great tour. ”

Mr. M.G., Hartsville, South Carolina

“Terrific! I loved the sightseeing and activities: Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy, Ann of GG, Cape Breton, Peggy’s Cove. It was so great to sail on the ocean! Overall a great tour! Our director was wonderful. Great storyteller, so accommodating. She has a great heart and a great soul. Great to have the opportunity to meet fellow travelers. I had a great trip and truly enjoyed the tour, would highly recommend to anyone.”

Mrs. M.P., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“We enjoyed our trip. We have been on many tours and you have done an outstanding job from planning to execution. We loved the whale watching. It could not have been better.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.K., Ocala, Florida

“Great tour! We have said often since returning home, 'this is where we were last week.' It's too bad we now have to come back to reality. The value was exceptional considering everything that was included. There is no way that you will be disappointed on this tour. The tour was paced quite right. Sufficient time was given to both tour activities and free time. It was designed right for someone wanting a decent overview of the Maritime Provinces. The basis is now in place for a follow-up free-time visit.”

Mr. & Mrs. P.C., Williamsport, Pennsylvania

“All hotel rooms were immaculately clean, and with friendly staff. Also, the luggage was handled very well. It was a beautifully organized tour with very knowledgeable guides who were proud of Nova Scotia and what they had to offer. Tour director and driver were both excellent!”

Ms. M.S., Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania

“Our driver was always alert and sharp. He kept the motor coaches spotless. He was very pleasant and helpful. It was very easy to sit back and enjoy the ride. Caravan tours are well worth the money. In our opinion, it's the best way to travel.”

Mr. & Mrs. H.C., Wayne, New Jersey

“Our tour director did an excellent job. She made each experience fun and she involved everyone in the tour experiences. She showed genuine concern for individuals.”

Mr. & Mrs. L.E., Clinton, Mississippi

“I cannot express in these comments how much I enjoyed this tour. It was of a very high standard for which we thank you. I learned so much about the Maritimes and their past history. Our driver was a gentleman who could not have done more for everyone, and our director went out of her way to make sure we were welcome. ”

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Bankstown, Australia

“Our director is the standard of excellence by which all others can be measured. She made the trip a delightful experience. Great sightseeing, I know you seek to please a variety of interests. Very much appreciated the included meals on this trip, so great. Keltic Inn was fantastic, Harbour Inn too. ”

Mrs. D.S., Shorewood, Illinois

“This was a wonderful trip. I did not know it was such a vast area we were going to cover and we did it at a good pace. Wonderful sightseeing. I think we saw every possible thing we could see and I enjoyed it all, and I thoroughly enjoyed this trip as I did all other Caravan tours I had done before this.”

Ms. I.G., Jackson, New Jersey

“I love Canada and every Canadian we met. Whaling, sailing and Ceilidh made for great experiences and interacting with our tour mates. The guides went way beyond expectations. Loved the Flora’s rug hook stop. Excellent presentations, generous, organized, spontaneous, helpful and considerate tour director. Totally impressed with the pampering, posh, and perfection of hotels, no complaints. ”

Mr. & Mrs. B.W., Woodstock, Georgia

“It was a great trip to take with beautiful scenery, excellent guides and great value for your money. We would definitely choose Caravan again.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.J., Albuquerque, New Mexico

“It's hard to pick a favorite as there were so many. Peggy's Cove is right up there along with the ferry ride. The whale watching boat trip had incredible scenery and so did the Cabot Trail. Everyone on our tour was pleasant and friendly. We had fun!”

Ms. K.V., Bay City, Michigan

“Caravan Tours makes traveling fun! Nothing is left out of your experience!”

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., Cincinnati, Ohio

“Wonderful! We’ve been on five Caravan trips and Nova Scotia had the best director we’ve had. We love touring North America. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the sightseeing, a great opportunity to take in the natural beauty and cultural surroundings. Rest stops and photo stops were adequate and well-timed. Great, excellent, exceptional. This was such an amazing trip. We have beautiful pictures and wonderful memories. Our director and driver made a great team. ”

Mr. & Mrs. M.A., Eden, New York

“I believe this was one of my best tours. Caravan does such a great job. Nova Scotia was beautiful and our stops were amazing and informative. I have taken New England with Caravan and it was also super. ”

Ms. J.A., Omaha, Nebraska

“This was again, an amazing, wonderful Caravan tour, our 4th. Everything was wonderful, the trip gave us a broad range of what the Maritime Provinces are about, from a historical and cultural perspective. Five stars! ”

Mrs. M.S., Blue Jay, California

“I’m sold on Caravan after this initial experience! Our director was the best of the best, no question. A well-planned and executed itinerary, and some fun surprises added. I feel we hit all the major Nova Scotia locations. A good time sampling of culture, geography, events, social time. Overall a wonderful experience at a fair price. ”

Mr. D.S., Fairfax, Virginia

“Our tour director was really outstanding. She really relates to her tour members. She is very knowledgeable without being stuffy. She made the trip very enjoyable. She seemed to anticipate our every need.”

Mrs. N.F., Wilmington, North Carolina

“This was another great tour. We did the Fall Colors two years ago and came all the way back from Australia for what was another great Caravan event. Again with Caravan, it is the best value around.”

Mr. & Mrs. C.M., Queensland, Australia

“Our motor coach driver was EXCELLENT! He takes care of his motor coach extremely well. He handled our luggage as if it were his own and made sure it was all there as we came and went to our hotels. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!”

Mr. & Mrs. A.C., Auburn, Massachusetts

“This was our second tour with Caravan and all I can say is it was another great tour. Keep up the good work. We will be doing Guatemala soon.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Hobe Sound, Florida

“Very nice activity level and enjoyed my 1st ever sailboat ride! Overall the tour was very enjoyable due to the scenery, great people of Nova Scotia, fellow travelers and the opportunity to experience it all!!! Bay of Fundy a great stop and good info from local guide. The main interest for me was the beautiful scenery of beautiful Nova Scotia. ”

Mr. & Mrs. D.E., Ooltewah, Tennessee

“Absolutely great - saw so so much for a lifetime of memories. All things considered, could not have had a more pleasant Nova Scotia trip. Would recommend you anyone. Well planned and loved being able to spend two nights in the same place.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.M., Maryville, Tennessee

“I was struck immediately by a sense of being safe and how courteous all we encountered were. I have traveled extensively and never in all my travels have I felt so safe. We learned so much about Nova Scotia: Bell Museum, Fortress, Indian Culture. We had a brand new rig and very nice accommodations! ”

Ms. S.W., Phoenix, Arizona

“We continue to be impressed with our experiences on Caravan Tours. This was our 4th trip. Our Nova Scotia director was terrific. Very attentive to our every need. Very knowledgeable about all aspects of our journey. ”

Mr. & Mrs. R.L, Boynton Beach, Florida

“This was our 6th Caravan tour. We are still amazed at the quality/caliber of travel Caravan provides. Fabulous itinerary! Loved the Bay of Fundy, Cabot Trail, Bell Museum, Fortress of Louisbourg, and sailing on the Bras d’Or Lake. Very well planned tops and good timing. Delicious food and ample opportunity to sample local fare. Great hotels, different variety. ”

Mrs. D.T., Kingsport, Tennessee

“I loved this tour. I wish there were a part two. The area is beautiful and there must be more! I loved the combination of scenery, culture, and history of the area along with so many friendly people on and off the tour. Loved the fact that you could do different activities, a good mixture of group activities but time to go on your own. ”

Mrs. K.H., Bluffton, South Carolina

“This was my first coach tour. Cruises have been vacation of choice. Now, I may have to rethink that. I would take another Caravan tour. What a wonderful experience.”

Ms. K.H., London, Ontario Canada

“My husband and I have been in the travel business for thirty years. We have traveled extensively. Caravan is an excellent product. We won't hesitate to send you our clients. Keep it up! ”

Mr. & Mrs. R.M., Great Neck, New York

“The tour director was thorough, attentive and knowledgeable about each area to which we went, and also well prepared, and humorous. His historical additions were very interesting. It was a fantastic tour, with great photos and a wonderful balance of activities. Good planning, keep up the good work. May God bless all involved. Thanks again!”

Mr. & Mrs. J.E., Tallahassee, Florida

“It was a wonderful trip. How do you manage to find such congenial travel companions.”

Mr. & Mrs. P.H., Greer, South Carolina

“I liked the whale watching excursion in Cheticamp. It was awesome. The boat captains knew how to locate the whales and with their cooperation, the whales, we had a great time looking at each other.”

Mr. & Mrs. M.B., Manhattan, Kansas

“The tour director was excellent! She was always courteous, professional and eager to help everyone. She kept us informed and on time for all activities. She's great! All of the local guides were professional, and extremely knowledgeable. It's really nice to have local guides who are so informed and have lived in the area for many years. I have been very impressed with this tour. It has encouraged me to travel with Caravan often. I'm on the Canadian Rockies tour next week.”

Ms. E.S., Woodstock, Georgia

“We had never taken a Caravan trip before, but are so pleased that we will look into the Costa Rica tour and the trips in the U.S.A. I will recommend this tour to friends and relatives.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.K., Wayland, Massachusetts

“The Nova Scotia tour was a wonderful experience and exceptional value. I will be taking more Caravan tours. The fall foliage was breathtaking. I am a native New Englander with many years of Fall sightseeing. This was the best by far. Thanks.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.G., Lady Lake, Florida

“A great value. This trip would have cost at least twice as much if we tried to book everything on our own. We would have not seen nearly as much as we did and the information that we gained from our tour guide made the trip that much more worthwhile.”

Mr. & Mrs. A. B., Chester, New York

“A well planned tour, superbly guided. The guide and driver like what they are doing and it shows.”

Mr. A. H., Baltimore, Maryland

“We are already recommending this tour to friends and family! The sightseeing was excellent and our director made sure to add to our experience whenever possible. We can’t say enough about how wonderful she was! Our hotels really reflected the culture of each area and were clean and the hosts were excellent!”

Mr. & Mrs. R.J., Boise, Idaho

“This was my second trip with Caravan, the first being in Costa Rica. The trips are beautifully organized, with a good balance of culture, scenery and history. The lodging is good, the busses are clean and modern, the food generally good and appropriate, the drivers safe. All this being said, no matter how beautiful the scenery and all the aforementioned positives, the key factor in the success of the trip fall on the shoulders of the tour director. We were blessed to have our fearless leader. She was outstanding on every level, the absolute best. ”

Mr. & Mrs. S.A., Reston, Virginia

“We felt we saw and experienced a tremendous amount and covered a lot of territory. We were immersed in the culture and felt welcomed by the people. We’ve been on two Caravan tours and am recommending your company to others. We won’t hesitate to book another tour with you too. ”

Mrs. P.R., Orange, Massachusetts

“We’ve been bragging about Caravan ever since we got home. Your excursions were handled by knowledgeable local folks whenever possible. We have traveled extensively and used Caravan several times. Our Nova Scotia director’s knowledge and humor made his commentary interesting and fun. Locations and quality of hotels was excellent. ”

Mr. & Mrs. R.G., Vancouver, Washington

“Loved our fall trip. Nova Scotia is beautiful and we timed it perfectly. We did not expect 5 star hotels on a tour with this price point. Personnel at each hotel was very nice. We loved our first Caravan Tour and cannot wait to sign up for another one. Real value for the price. Job well done! ”

Mr. J.H., La Grange, Illinois

“First guided tour and now a tough standard for others to be measured against.”

Mr. & Mrs. C. M., Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“This was our first motor coach tour. We debated if this was something we wanted to do. We couldn't have been more pleased. So very well organized. Times for departures were exact and right on schedule. Nice to have water offered on the coach.”

Mr. G. C., Williamsport, Pennsylvania

“Thanks for organizing a well-spaced itinerary that allowed us to truly experience the Canadian Maritime Provinces in their most favorable manner.”

Mr. & Mrs. J. B., Cincinnati, Ohio

“The Marriott Harbourfront Hotel was excellent, can't say enough about it. Not enough stars.”

Mr. B. L., Lakewood, New Jersey

“Meals were very good, something for everyone's choice. Your tour director was kind, caring, fun, knowledgeable, full of stories. Your local guides were all well versed, ready to answer questions. I can't say enough good things about your good driver, knew his route, handled luggage like a master, helpful, good sense of humor. My third trip with Caravan. There will be more!”

Mrs. M.S., Fort Myers, Florida

“Your Tour Director -- A Canadian treasure. Very knowledgeable, very patient. Please put me on your mailing list.”

Mr. E. E., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Your hotels were excellent choices. Caravan always uses the most convenient hotels, good shopping areas, nearby places to eat, without having to patronize expensive eating establishments. Your sightseeing and activities were very good. I learned a lot of history about Canada and the Micmac Indians as well as the beautiful scenery, and, of course, I learned about the tides at the Bay of Fundy. Your tour director and coach driver were both excellent. This was my 5th trip with Caravan. They have all been extra special!”

Mrs. K.M., Madison, Tennessee

“Hotels were all excellent, good locations. Your tour director made this tour very special. His knowledge of the history of each area made the trip most enjoyable, did a great job in explaining the significance of each area visited. His little tips on what to check out in each area was appreciated. We felt the trip was well coordinated.”

Mr. & Mrs. B.S, Honeoye, New York

“Your tour director was most knowledgeable and kept us well informed. He was always there for us and took personal interest and concern for our group. Great dry humor. Very pleased with rest stops and photo stops. Your meals were great to wonderful. This was our second trip with Caravan and we will not hesitate to take another as we know you do a good and dependable job.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Tucson, Arizona

“Daytime features and sightseeing were very interesting, good selection. Trip was excellent. Another Caravan winner.”

Ms. S. W., Mason, Ohio

“Hotels were very, very good. The meals and service were fine. Your tour director has ruined me for all others. His knowledge of the area made the trip, and his sense of humor kept me chuckling.”

Ms. J. B., Loveland, Ohio

“You had an excellent choice of sightseeing and activities. There was great variety and the topics interesting and timely. Your rest and photo stops were well chosen and there was plenty of time to take photos. Your tour director is a •guide extraordinaire!• His knowledge of local lore was exceptional; he spoke clearly and made sure his instructions were understood by all. The local guides were interesting and knowledgeable. Words cannot express my gratitude for having such a competent professional coach driver and tour director.”

Mrs. B.L., Wellington, Florida

“Hotels were all well situated, clean, comfortable with pleasant staff. Your tour director and driver top notch. This was a well organized tour and most enjoyable. We surely will use Caravan again.”

Dr. & Mrs. J.G., Eastham, Massachusetts

“Each day was a new adventure. I can't think of any one thing that I would have not wanted to see. Your tour director was excellent, very knowledgeable, pleasant and good company.”

Ms. P.M., North Providence, Rhode Island

“We both were delighted and pleased with Caravan.Your tour director was very, very good. Enjoyed his laid back style, humor and wit. Your driver was very capable and professional. Your local guides were generally good. Liked when they gave personal stories and anecdotes. ”

Mr. & Mrs. D.F.M., Madison, Wisconsin

“There was a good variety of sights and activities. We found your tour director to be very knowledgeable. His calm demeanor and easy leadership made for an enjoyable trip. All in all, we had a very good and educational tour of the Canadian Maritime Provinces.”

Mr. & Mrs. D.J., Kimberling City, Missouri

“Your hotels were comfortable and conveniently located. The hotel staff was always friendly and helpful. Your tour director is the best tour director that I have ever had on any tour, and I have taken many tours. I would definitely consider another Caravan tour. I appreciate the fact that there were no pushy promotions for options and that all entertainment was included.”

Mrs. J.H., St. Louis, Missouri

“Caravan Tours was excellent and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are a must see!”

Ms. N.F., Osler, Saskatchewan Canada

“The new friendships we made were an added bonus.”

Mr. & Mrs. M.Z., Shelby, Ohio

“It's nice to leave the driving and all of the arrangements to someone else and just enjoy the sights.”

Mr. & Mrs. N.A., Arlington, Texas

“We were in very beautiful and spectacular areas. The people we encountered were so wholesome. Enjoyed the trip immensely.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Stockton, California

“Your tour director was excellent, very knowledgeable, friendly, and good sense of humor. Your driver was superb, safe, courteous and helpful. We have traveled with Caravan years ago over four times. We chose Caravan for this trip because of past results and what you offered compared to other tour companies. Overall, we were very pleased with our tour.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.W.D., Beverly, Massachusetts

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