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Customer Reviews of our Canadian Rockies & Glacier tour

We currently have 140 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers.

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“This is my second tour with Caravan Tours and the second was just as good as the first. There was not as much red in Canada as there was on the Grand Canyon tour, but then again the height and beauty of the Canadian Rockies is a whole different world. It was hard to compare the two. Both had their own beauty.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.H., Portsmouth, Rhode Island

“I didn't think I would ever take a bus tour. However, I am so glad that I did. This was a great trip. I would travel with Caravan again.”

MS. S.C., San Bruno, California

“The sightseeing and activities were better than we even thought! I still can't believe we did so much in such a short time, but we did not feel stressed. It was great! Thank you all at Caravan, because you put so much thought into what would make this a great tour. We really loved it and would do it all over again in a minute! Well, maybe next year! Thanks.”

Mr. & Mrs. H.C., Port St. Lucie, Florida

“It's my fifth trip with Caravan and I'm looking forward to more trips.”

Mr. O.S., San Antonio, Texas

“The guide in Glacier National Park was excellent, very knowledgeable and entertaining!”

Ms. J.B., Montgomery, Texas

“We truly enjoy traveling with Caravan. We hope to take the Costa Rica, Nova Scotia and Yellowstone tours!”

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“We are thrilled that we chose to travel with Caravan. It is certainly the best value trip that we've ever taken. ”

Mr. & Mrs. R.L., Saco, Maine

“My favorite hotel was in Banff. I liked being in the middle of town. My husband and I had a great vacation. We have been on several bus tours, but this was the best yet. We hope to go with Caravan again, maybe to Nova Scotia or Costa Rica.”

Mr. & Mrs. M.D., Acworth, Georgia

“I'm glad I can't suggest anything to make this trip better. I had a great trip and looking forward to my next one with you. Thanks.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.T., Lawrenceville, New Jersey

“The tour was a good value for the money. We went with our children ages sixteen to twenty two.”

Mr. & Mrs. P.P., Miramar, Florida

“I never knew the Rockies were so beautiful. I really enjoyed the trip. People on the tour were a nice mixture.”

Ms. B.G., Nokomis, Florida

“I appreciated the small day by day itinerary you had in the travel packet. It helped me to keep record of my pictures, places and all information needed. Thanks a lot, it was a wonderful trip and you are doing a good job.”

Ms. D.K., Checotah, Oklahoma

“The hotel accommodations were great. It's good to know that Caravan can provide such a great trip at a lower price than others. We hope to travel with Caravan again.”

Mr. & Mrs. E.C., Saltillo, Pennsylvania

“The Bayshore Inn hotel was a favorite because of its waterfront location and in-town location with nature all around.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.M., Bowie, Maryland

“The sightseeing and activities were fantastic. The scenery was awesome. We covered a lot in an eight-day vacation. The Going-to-the-Sun Road highway is unbelievable.”

Mr. & Mrs. B.S., Los Altos, California

“Our tour director was fantastic. He was the ultimate professional and showed he truly cares about the clients. His knowledge is amazing and he mixes this with humility as well. He is truly a great representative of Caravan. I would love to take another Caravan tour if they are all like this. I will recommend it to all of my friends!”

Mr. & Mrs. H.D., Holland, Michigan

“Hold on to your good people!”

Mr. D.S., Miramar, Florida

“Coming from a two week band camp, I was rather skeptical when leaving for Canada, but I was in for a big surprise. I had a great time with the family and enjoying the cool Canadian Rockies. By the way, I'm only fifteen years old.”

Mr. A.S., Miramar, Florida

“Friends of mine took this tour last summer with Caravan and recommended it to me. I'm so glad they did. I had a wonderful time and will recommend it to my friends. I'm sure I'll be back with Caravan for a future trip. Thanks for the memories!”

Ms. A.J. Bronx, New York

“Great tour. Great company. Great tour director. Great bus driver. We had a great group. Everyone socialized and got along well with each other.”

Mr. L.W., Long Beach, California

“My wife and I have taken tours with other tour companies and these are the best hotels we have ever experienced on a tour. Don't see how you do it for the price. This was our first tour with Caravan, but it will not be our last. As seasoned travelers, we found top value for our dollar with Caravan Tours.”

Mr. & Mrs.B.P., Seneca, South Carolina

“This is our second Caravan tour. We are amazed how close you get to people you have never met before and how well you get along with them. Meeting new people is a BIG PART of the positive tour experience with Caravan.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., Sun City Center, Florida

“It is very apparent that Caravan took the time to select some of the better hotels for customers to stay for the duration of the tour. Based on a fixed budget and negotiated prices, I believe Caravan did a stellar job in selecting the venues. As this was the primary intent of the tour, the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National far exceeded my expectations as far as their grandeur and beauty. Again, I believe Caravan made a significant effort in selecting those locations and activities with care to make the sightseeing of this part of North America amazing. As this was our first guided tour, we have no way of comparison, but Caravan has left a great impression on both my wife and me. Caravan exceeded my expectations throughout this great trip.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.K., Lewisville, Texas

“Having taken other tours before, Caravan Tours proved to be at the highest level in all respects. Because it is economically feasible for more people to travel with Caravan, we will certainly be recommending its tours in the future.”

Mr. R.T., Galliano, Louisiana

“My absolute favorite was riding in the Red Jammer on the 'Going-to-the-Sun Road' highway. The driver removed the top of the vehicle as we went on to Logan Pass. It was absolutely breathless, a winter wonderland! Since we never see snow in South Louisiana, this was a real treat for me! My favorite part of the tour was exploring Glacier National Park. Overall, this was an experience to remember and recommend to family and friends. Don't hesitate to travel with Caravan, it's a very professional operation!”

Mr. & Mrs. R.G., Galliano, Louisiana

“This is a trip you shouldn't miss. The scenery was magnificent and the experience will stay with me for a long time. It was a great place to practice my photography!”

Dr. & Mrs. C.S., Owings Mills, Maryland

“This is our second Caravan tour and we will definitely go again when we travel. We have shared the brochure with at least ten people. Originally, we heard about Caravan from our travel agent, but have since booked and read about it on the web site. We have traveled many places in the world and definitely would rate Caravan very high on the list.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.N., Winter Park, Florida

“The experience was so much better than we expected. I don't know if this trip will spoil it for future tours, since we had never before been on one. We can't say enough good things about the organization of the sightseeing, the coffee breaks, the information given about the beauty we saw.”

Mrs. T.N., Pacific, Missouri

“I would definitely take more Caravan tours. It was a wonderful tour filled with breathtaking scenery of the Canadian Rockies and narrated by a very knowledgeable tour director. The dinners were great as were the accommodations. The small unexpected extras made it even better. Even the weather cooperated. Thanks Caravan.”

Mr. & Mrs. T.J., Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I will recommend the tour and the company to friends and relatives. Great value for the money without using cheap, rundown hotels. We travel extensively, several times a year, mainly on our own, but found the tour very well organized and good value for the money. We are planning to take the Guatemala tour, the Nova Scotia tour and the Yellowstone tour in the near future. Keep up the good work! ”

Ms. L.A. Elmhurst, Illinois

“The rest and photo stops were fantastic! My wife and I have traveled the world, most of it on our own because we like to be able to stop wherever we want, whenever we want. The stops were super appropriate, probably the same places we would have stopped if traveling on our own and in the same amount of time. This was our first experience with Caravan. Based on the caliber of the tour director, driver and accommodations we experienced, we will definitely repeat to other locations. ”

Mr. R.A. Elmhurst, Illinois

“This was our second Caravan Tour and one with the most beauty. The Canadian Rockies are awesome. There is great value built into this tour and nowhere was there disappointment. The accommodations were more than adequate and better than expected. The food was very good. Even the exchange rate for U.S. Dollar was to our advantage! This is a must tour.”

Mr. & Mrs. B.L., Georgetown, Texas

“The Bayshore Inn hotel was delightful! It was located in the heart of the small town with good accommodations and outstanding staff. The hotel in Banff was in a superb location downtown. There were really good rooms. The Canadian Rockies have unmatched and unparalleled scenery for miles and miles, causing one to take more camera shots than ever.”

Mr. R.R., San Antonio, Texas

“It was a very good value. I saw more on this tour than any other tour I've taken.”

Ms. S.P., South Gate, California

“The motor coach was very nice and comfortable, only three months old. The coach was kept squeaky clean, washed the windshield three or four times a day.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.M., Topsham, Maine

“We were so happy with this trip that we are planning on doing Yellowstone, Billings and Mt. Rushmore next year with Caravan. Please keep the prices the same. This was such a wonderful trip. We think it was even more beautiful than Alaska. There was plenty of time to stop and see everything. We enjoyed it so much that we are planning another Caravan trip next year.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Maitland, Florida

“This is our second experience with Caravan Tours and it was a great time. We have recommended your company to many others. These tours are the best value around and I still don't know how you do it for the price. My mother always used to say, 'you get what you pay for' but traveling with Caravan Tours, it was more, especially when we saw other travelers who paid much more for the same attractions.”

Mr. & Mrs. E.L., North Port, Florida

“What an amazing trip this was for us. The scenery was unlike anything we've ever seen before. The guests were awesome. They all meshed very well together. We made many friends that we feel we will have for years to come. This was the trip of a lifetime.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.K., Lewisville, Texas

“This was the best North American trip I have taken. I usually shy away from tours, but now I will be interested again. I think we must have seen everything possible to see. Animals were incredible. I would like to go back.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.G., Lady Lake, Florida

“I would highly recommend Caravan Tours to others. Anywhere else, you couldn't do what Caravan does for the same dollars. I feel Caravan Tours goes to great lengths to provide a memorable trip for the least amount of money. This is our second tour with Caravan and we plan on doing more.”

Mr. & Mrs. B.L., Georgetown, Texas

“The tour of the Canadian Rockies is wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and beauty.”

Mr. & Mrs. E.G., Decherd, Tennessee

“Everything was well organized. There were no obvious slip-ups. I particularly enjoyed the bonfire and marshmallow roast. It was a nice relaxing way to spend an evening in the park. I also enjoyed the Athabasca Glacier visit and riding the Jammers through Glacier National Park.”

Ms. J.R., Victorville, California

“I took between seven hundred and eight hundred digital pictures on the trip. I doubt that I will delete many because the scenery is so beautiful. We are going to try to arrange a new Caravan tour of the with three other couples we met on the tour. Caravan Tours is a quality operation in every way. We will recommend it highly to all our friends and family and will definitely do another Caravan tour in the future, if circumstances permit.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.M., West Allis, Wisconsin

“I loved the setting of the hotel in Waterton, being close to the water, scenic views and places to walk. I also enjoyed the deer browsing in town. It was a good value for the cost. I would travel again with Caravan in a minute. Everything was as promised and easy for the traveler.”

Mrs. L.F., Clear Lake, Minnesota

“I don't see how you can put together such an interesting trip for the price you charge. I would certainly consider using Caravan Tours again.”

Mr. & Mrs. N.N., Waco, Texas

“We have only praise for Caravan Tours and would welcome experiencing future travels. We chose your service, taking into consideration destinations, sights, activities as well as costs such as lodging and meals, because it encompassed a complete package for a good value. Your tour covered it all and much more. Thank you!”

Mr. & Mrs. B.F., Northridge, California

“The trip was beyond my expectations. The scenery was spectacular!”

Mr. & Mrs. F.N., Greene, New York

“This was our first tour with Caravan Tours and we're planning another trip next year. Five family members traveled together.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., Portsmouth, Rhode Island

“It's my first time with Caravan Tours, but not the last. Ready to reserve again anytime.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.P., Caguas, Puerto Rico

“We really enjoyed our tour of the Canadian Rockies and have been highly recommending it to everyone we talk to back here at home. My husband said it was one of the best vacations he ever had, which is high praise, considering his usual is a standard 'It was okay.' Thank you Caravan Tours for a job well done!”

Mr. & Mrs. H.S., McFarland, Wisconsin

“Everything was spectacular, the scenery, the exciting animals such as the deer, elk, a calf moose, Rocky Mountain sheep, the breathtaking mountains, the turquoise blue lakes, lovely waterfalls, mountain streams and rivers. We met interesting and friendly passengers from the U.S.A., Canada and England. Again, we enjoyed our trip immensely. ”

Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Columbus, Ohio

“We enjoyed meeting everyone and thought it was fun to see a cross-section of the U.S. Everyone was so nice, even though they made fun of my Texas accent. We were not aware of any problems with anyone and that was remarkable. Thank you for a wonderful time! We will remember it forever. ”

Mr. & Mrs. J.S. Brady, Texas

“We always thought Alaska was the most beautiful spot in North America, but now that we have seen the Canadian Rockies, we have changed our minds. What exquisite scenery! We will never forget the turquoise water against the glaciers and the mountains. We will definitely return and take in this magnificent beauty again. This was one of the best tours, both economical and pleasurable, on which I've been. ”

Ms. A.E. Attleboro, Massachusetts

“I used this as a family vacation with two adult children. The trip, the tour group and our tour director made it a memorable vacation. Thanks.”

Mr. & Mrs. T.H., Burke, Virginia

“The deer wandering around the grounds of the Bayshore Inn hotel were amazing! There was absolutely no fear of humans. The restaurant was good as well.”

Mr. R.S., Bradenton, Florida

“My favorite part of the tour was sitting in the sun on a bench on the banks of Lake Louise, facing Victoria Glacier, eating a roast beef sandwich while watching a chipmunk pose for pictures. Also, getting to see Black Bears, Grizzlies, Mountain Goats and Sheep, plus a Bull Elk was thrilling. This is our second tour. Previously, it was Costa Rica. I do not know how Caravan Tours can provide such value for such a low price. We'll be back for more Caravan adventures.”

Mr. & Mrs. E.L., North Port, Florida

“We are so happy to have taken this tour and will tell all our friends about our wonderful experience. It's a trip everyone must take. It's an experience of a lifetime. Photos do not compare with the feeling evoked viewing these sights in person.”

Mr. & Mrs. S.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Overall, it was a wonderful tour. Given the opportunity, we will take Caravan tours in the future. The tours definitely take the stress out of sightseeing travel. You need not be concerned with driving, finding refueling stations, reading maps, picking locations, hotels and places to eat.”

Mrs., P.B., Brampton, Ontario, Canada

“The tour director was excellent in every way, a great manager, didn't 'read the script, but was calm, mild mannered and a real joy. This was our second Caravan tour and we are looking forward to more. Caravan Tours has it right, and everyone raved about your tours. This was the most congenial group ever, interested as well as interesting and always on time!”

Mr. & Mrs. E.P., Normal, Illinois

“This trip was a photographer's delight. The pictures tell the story. Thank you at Caravan for a wonderful scenic tour.”

Ms. R.A., Long Beach, New York

“I took your trip to Costa Rica and loved it. I raved about it to fellow motor coach passengers. This trip was equally as informative and pleasant. It's also a very good value for the money. I plan to take another trip with Caravan Tours, but not yet sure which one.”

Ms. M.W., Dunnellon, Florida

“This was my first time with Caravan and I am extremely satisfied with the entire tour. The sightseeing was extensive, hotels and food were very good, and the tour director was wonderful. I will definitely consider traveling with Caravan Tours again.”

Ms. A.G., Durham, North Carolina

“The hotel in Banff was in a good downtown location. It was easy to shop in spare time. Generally, I like to plan my own tours. I enjoy doing the research and travel arrangements. This tour with our tour director has convinced me that a do-it-yourself tour is not always the best value. I would not have planned a tour with accommodations like this one. Our tour guide was excellent! ”

Mr. & Mrs. O.E., Hutto, Texas

“The diversity of hotels was wonderful! Waterton and Banff were right in town. However, I loved Jasper because of the woods, river and wildlife. This was my first motor coach tour. I like the fact that I did not have to drive to see the sights. I would definitely go again. ”

Mr. & Mrs. J.E., Floral Park, New York

“This summer we were looking at many tours with several companies. We decided to choose Caravan Tours. We took your Canadian Rockies and Glacier Park Tour. It was a tour that proved to be a breathtaking and unforgettable experience we will treasure for the rest of our lives.”

Mr. & Mrs. S.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“This trip was spectacular and a phenomenal value. It was everything promised by the web-site description and more! We have only been home for two days and are already studying our Caravan brochures to choose our next trip. This one was our first with Caravan, but will not be our last.”

Mr. & Mrs. L.B., Bensalem, Pennsylvania

“Our guide was the most excellent of guides we've had, and we've been on five organized tours with other companies! ”

Mr. & Mrs. W.P., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“The hotels were just the type I stay in when I book my own hotels. The tour on a scale of one to ten, it was an ELEVEN! I can't wait to travel with you again.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.G., Plainview, New York

“This was a spectacular tour. I had a great time. I enjoyed this tour as much as I enjoyed Grand Canyon tour. I would travel with Caravan again, possibly the Mt. Rushmore or Costa Rica tour.”

Mr. D.N., Great Neck, New York

“I must compliment you on one of the most perfect tours I have ever experienced. Please be aware that I am not a novice and have taken other tours. This was my second Canadian Rockies experience. I, of course, did not expect great accommodations or gastronomic meals. However, those that Caravan provided to me far exceeded my expectations and were more than sufficient.”

Ms. L.H., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I really enjoyed the Jammer ride in the Glaciers. This is a tour that we would like to take again. We would like to share the beauty of the Canadian Rockies with our friends.”

Mr. & Mrs. K.S., Tallahassee, Florida

“I have to say that Caravan Tours has just become my new tour company. I would like a next year's booklet. It's an outstanding company. I give four stars to the men and women of your company. I will definitely take another tour next year.”

Mr. & Mrs. L.F., Fallbrook, California

“The tour director was excellent, outstanding and superb. He was a real pro and a credit to your organization.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.M., Alpharetta, Georgia

“This was our first trip with Caravan Tours and it won't be our last. We took this trip for a test to see if you passed what we needed and you did so in a BIG way. You surpassed all of our expectations. Thanks for giving us a magnificent vacation.”

Ms. T.C., Rushville, Indiana

“I have never been on a tour or even a business trip. It was a fantastic experience. I would do it again and with the best drivers.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“The sightseeing and activities were very good. I enjoyed the boat cruise, the Jammer ride and the walk on the Columbia Icefield. I have recommended this trip to many of our friends as I thought it was a great value and attracted many nice people from all over the country. They were fun and friendly.”

Mr. & Mrs. E.C., Bourne, Massachusetts

“We had a very careful driver. We felt safe and comfortable at all times. Also, the motor coach was very clean.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.M., Great Falls, Montana

“Caravan Tours does an exceptional job. We would like to do Mt. Rushmore next. I gave 'RAVE' reviews to my travel agent in South Hampton, New York. Based on my positive comments, I feel sure that he will recommend Caravan Tours to others interested in this form of travel. Your tours are wonderful! We will do another one this year. Great job!”

Mr. & Mrs. H.P., Riverhead, New York

“Glacier, Banff, and Jasper National Parks are so beautiful. There were many photo opts. Have plenty of film and batteries. The gift shops were pricey. Waterproof jacket recommended as weather can change rapidly in the mountains. No dress clothes are required on this trip, but would need bathing suit for hotel or for Hot Springs.”

Mr. & Mrs. K.D., Warwick, Pennsylvania

“The Waterton hotel had a lovely setting on the lake and great breakfast buffet. Waterton was my favorite place. The Banff was situated very well in the center of Banff. Jasper hotel accommodations were great and the food was delicious. The setting was so relaxing and everyone there was very friendly and helpful.”

Ms. J.L., Walnut Creek, California

“This tour is the best value on the market today. It is a 'must do' at any price. I will be going on more of the Caravan Tours in the future.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.G., Bonita Springs, Florida

“Waterton was great with the lake so close and the deer walking around the streets. The tour was great. We got more than we expected for the money. Please continue to give the most you can to the traveler. Caravan is a great way to go. They make sure every day is planned to the fullest and know all the great places to stop. You can't beat Caravan for a tour. Just keep up the great work. I appreciate the dedication that goes into that good of a tour and being able to keep it that affordable. You offer much for the money. Thanks!”

Mr. & Mrs. E.W., Burleson, Texas

“This was our second tour with Caravan. Having gone to California last September, I highly recommend the California trip to those on this tour. Also, we heard good things about your other tours, especially Costa Rica. All the people we have dealt with who work for Caravan Tours have been topnotch.”

Mr. & Mrs. C.O., Huntsville, Alabama

“This trip should please the most discriminating traveler for the scenery, information, education, hotels, included meals, sightseeing and cost. I would go again with Caravan Tours and in fact am planning for the California Coast and Yosemite Park for 2007. ”

Ms. G.S. Rushville, Indiana

“This tour was an exceptional value. I hesitated to book it because it seemed too cheap! Comparable to other tours at half the cost. I really appreciated not being assaulted with a block of 'optionals' that run up the cost! Before this tour, I had taken six trips with a different company; however, I will not take another one with them!”

Mr. & Mrs., M.T., Irvine, California

“From one to ten, I have to give the tour a big TEN! Going through the Canadian Rockies and Glacier National park is a tour NOT to be missed! And, CARAVAN is the way to go. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty of this part of the world. If you haven't been there, call CARAVAN TOURS today! If you were there some time in the past, why not go again? Make it with CARAVAN.”

Mr. & Mrs. C.C., Nacogdoches, Texas

“Caravan has the best rates ever for the Canadian Rockies. It is the best value by far for the dollar. The motor coach, the hotels food, trips and views were beyond excellent. This was truly our best ever. Caravan Tours, you are number one in my book and I cannot wait to take another trip with you.”

Mr. & Mrs. H.J., Palm Harbor, Florida

“Nature provided spectacular scenery and Caravan showed it to us. The National Parks and the ride on the Jammers were awesome as was the Columbia Icefield experience. Waterton is a very scenic, secluded and beautiful area. This trip was so fantastic that my husband and I are considering your Black Hills/Yellowstone tour for the spring. We are fairly experienced travelers and tour takers, so we were extremely satisfied with Caravan. Our tour offered an excellent product for the price. Lodging, meals, coach and sightseeing were all above expectations! We look forward to booking another tour with Caravan.”

Mr. & Mrs. T.V., Shorewood, Illinois

“The tour was worth every dollar and time spent.”

Mr. & Mrs. C.C., Honolulu, Hawaii

“The sightseeing and activities were the favorite part of our tour. The sites included in this Canadian Rockies tour were everything we could imagine and more. Our tour was never rushed in the sightseeing; just fabulous how everything was always right on schedule. Jasper and the area around it was absolutely gorgeous and 'wild.' That area symbolized the Canadian Rockies for me. I would love to spend more time there some day. We've been home three weeks and when someone asks how was our trip, we still are enthusiastic about the whole experience. We would recommend this Caravan Canadian Rockies Tour to ANYONE!”

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“There was a nice mix of sightseeing, personal time and travel. It is relaxing to not have to plan, navigate and drive. I enjoyed flexibility to stop and see all the key sights.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.R., Wheaton, Illinois

“The hotel was charming and up to date. I loved walking the streets in Banff every evening. This is my first tour and I am so glad I chose Caravan Tours. Down to earth people were on this tour and everybody got along with everybody. It was fun, fun, fun. Thank you!”

Mr. & Mrs. R.N., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“This was my first tour ever. I was traveling alone and was very grateful that I chose Caravan Tours. The Canadian Rockies were absolutely lovely and our tour was truly first class with our guide, driver, coach, local guides, accommodations, meals that were provided. Caravan came through on all of their promises and more. I recommend them highly.”

Mrs. A.F., Fernandina Beach, Florida

“Everything was better than I expected as Caravan Tours was a new tour company to me. I was impressed with fellow travelers, most were professional people.”

Ms. S.G., Lubbock, Texas

“This was my second Caravan tour. I did Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore last year. I have already decided that it will be Nova Scotia next year. If possible, I think Caravan is a good travel buy. I worked in the travel business for 22 years and the length of tours also appeals to me.”

Mrs. A.K., Carmel, Indiana

“We had never heard of Caravan Tours until reading an article in the Travel section of the Atlanta paper about this particular tour. I am so glad we found it. Hope you will have lots of Georgians sign up. We debated between this tour or the Nova Scotia one. I guess that one will have to be our next or maybe Costa Rica. Definitely would like to do more!”

Mr. & Mrs. W.B., Acworth, Georgia

“The sightseeing and activities were excellent. The pace was perfect, not too rushed and plenty of free time. We feel Caravan is the best tour company we have used. It has an excellent price, great food and hotels. This is our second Caravan tour and we plan to do Nova Scotia next year.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.P., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Tour was an A+. Reasonable cost and would recommend to my friends.”

Mr. & Mrs. J. C., Loudon, Tennessee

“We were undecided about which tour to take because some friends of ours recommended another tour company. However, because of the cost difference, we decided to choose Caravan and we were not disappointed.”

Mr. & Mrs. H. J., Palm Harbor, Florida

“Dollar for dollar, best bang for the buck for a vacation. I feel like I owe Caravan more money.”

Ms. K.E., Dunedin, Florida

“Once again Caravan Tours has given me an experience of a lifetime. Thank you for your desire to pursue excellence while giving me considerable value for my money!”

Ms. B.S., Inverness, Florida

“We were experienced touring people. We loved the Caravan experience, thought the value was outstanding. We loved the fact that no side trips were sold.”

Mr. & M.M., Farmington Hills, Michigan

“Trip of a lifetime! Great way to celebrate our 50th anniversary!”

Mr. & Mrs., W. M., Topsham, Maine

“This was the first time that I ever traveled as a single -- I enjoyed myself immensely. Thank you.”

M.S., Massapequa, New York

“Awesome views of mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and wildlife. We saw three bears. All of the sightseeing and activities were well planned and great. We had never been on a tour like this before, but after this experience are looking forward to another tour with Caravan. Some of our friends have mentioned going with us next time.”

Mr. & Mrs. J. H., Orange, Texas

“Until I found this tour company on the internet, I had never heard of Caravan Tours. I am glad that I did. We had a wonderful time. My husband and I have toured in over 40 countries, independently and on tours. This was one of the most well planned, and a great value for the money.”

Mr. & Mrs. B.D., Garland, Texas

“Glorious part of the world! Top of the line tour, thanks to your planning and to your excellent tour director and driver's many abilities to care for and to inform us.”

Mr. & Mrs. H.C.D., Salem, New Jersey

“Your hotels were lovely and spacious. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our traveling companions.”

Mr. & Mrs. J. B., Oreland, Pennsylvania

“Wonderful trip -- far exceeded my expectations. Everything was first class from your people to the lodgings. Your tour director was exceptional, took care of everyone's request and was well versed in area history and all else.”

Ms. K.S., Commerce Township, Michigan

“Your tour director was knowledgeable with a pleasant personality. He definitely was a people person, always smiling, and it was obvious that his goal was to see that the group had a good time. He really knew his business. Thanks for a great vacation that I will always remember.”

Ms. E.G., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“The hotels were very good and more than we expected. This was our first tour and won't be our last. We have done quite a bit of traveling and this is the best vacation yet. The activities were wonderful and made us realize what we would have missed by 'going it on our own.' You took us to the best of the best. I would have loved to have done it all over again. I wouldn't change a thing. Your driver was proud of his coach and kept it spiffed up at all times. It was comfortable, but who wanted to sleep.”

Mr. and Mrs. G.B., Boonville, Indiana

“Your tour director was outstanding. We could not have had a more knowledgeable or interesting guide. He was a very caring person to all. Your local guides were all exceptional, very informative and fun. We would definitely go with Caravan again.”

Mr. & Mrs, R.G. Fort Wayne, Indiana

“Your tour director was excellent. He paid close attention to detail, made sure everything was taken care of, and had good rapport with all passengers. He was both informative and humorous. Your driver was extremely helpful and worked hand-in-hand with the tour director on scheduling and other arrangements. He was extremely helpful with luggage, seeing that it arrived at our rooms while we were participating in other activities. The motor coach was very clean, comfortable and well maintained. A memorable trip!”

Mr. & Mrs. R.A., Winsted, Connecticut

“We will recommend Caravan to all our friends and family. This was the perfect tour, no need to change a thing Thanks for a wonderful vacation.”

Mr. & Mrs. H. C., Wayne, New Jersey

“All accommodations were attractive and comfortable. Each hotel or lodge had features that made them unique. Your rest and photo stops were appropriate and well managed by the tour director and driver. Your tour director was excellent. He related to each member on the tour and they responded to him. He was friendly, considerate, flexible, and concerned for each and every one. He added to the enjoyment of the tour. The relaxed pace made the Caravan tour very enjoyable. The tour was first class.”

Mr. & Mrs. A.H., Woodstock, New York

“We were afforded a variety of opportunities to see the highlights and given excellent explanations of what we were viewing. Your tour director was very helpful, with a ton of knowledge about geology, history, customs, etc. He also had a good sense of humor. This tour far exceeded our expectations.”

Mr. & Mrs. A.A., Middleburg, Virginia

“Your tour director was both informative and entertaining. The fact that most everyone had a smile on his/her face most of the time was due in no small part to his sense of humor. Your motor coach was first class, not a bad view from any seat on it. We have already been looking at other tours that you folks offer.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.A., Jacksonville, Illinois

“Your tour director was an absolute delight, very knowledgeable and took great care of everyone. She has the right mix of knowledge, charm and humor.”

Ms. G.B., East Hartford, Connecticut

“All hotels were excellent with good service. All in all it was a great tour with interesting things around every corner. This is our second Caravan tour and it was as good as the first -- a lot of tour for the dollar.”

Dr. C.B., New Orleans, Louisiana

“Your sightseeing and activities were very well planned and certainly lived up to my expectations. Your tour director was very friendly with an extensive knowledge of the areas visited, delightful sense of humor. Your driver was great! The best driver that I have ever had. He was always courteous, helpful friendly -- a real gentleman. Oh yes, his driving skills are excellent. I had a wonderful time on my tour into the Canadian Rockies. Frankly, it could not have been better. I loved it all! Thank you, Caravan”

Mrs. P. C., Ripon, California

“We enjoyed all of the natural beauty in the areas we visited. I was overwhelmed -- I had a wonderful time on this vacation and was in awe of all the beauty that Canada has to offer. Thank you!”

Mr. & Mrs. D.F., Ofallon, Missouri

“Your tour director was the best. I felt well taken care of. He was always organized, caring, funny, knowledgeable about the area, and knew how to time our arrival at various places for optimal enjoyment! Really enjoyed this tour, felt it was a good value. Best tour that I've been on thus far.”

Mr. & Mrs. J. B., Dayton, Ohio

“Your tour director is a gem. She is by far the best director that we have met on any of our other trips. I'd recommend your services. We were drawn to your package by the price, but we found that your services matched more expensive tours that we have been on. Your Canadian Rockies trip is a winner.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.K., Pottstown, Pennsylvania

“Excellent mix of sightseeing and activities. Trip overall was excellent. That's why I have spaces booked on your Nova Scotia tour.”

Mr. & Mrs. J. K. Chesterfield, Missouri

“The rest and photo stops were often enough and very timely. Your tour director pointed us in the right director for the best photo shots with the least distance. I enjoyed having the schedule completed on time each day.”

Mr. J.K. St. Louis, Missouri

“Your sightseeing and activities were everything we wanted and more. Our second trip with Caravan and we will travel again with Caravan Tours.”

Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Lutherville, Maryland

“We had an outstanding tour. We plan to book again with Caravan! Please put us on your mailing list.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.L., New York City, New York

“Your sightseeing and activities were superior in every way, thanks to your tour director and driver. They made the trip. Caravan is wonderful. Keep up the good work! More trips, please. ”

Ms. E.M., Woodhaven, New York

“The meals were very good. I liked not having all meals included. It allowed us to pick the kind of restaurant we wanted to suit our appetite. I would travel with Caravan again and recommend it to our friends: excellent value, great staff!”

Mr, N.P. Auburn Hills, Michigan

“The rapport between the tour director and the driver was impressive. Your tour director was outstanding and very aware of the needs of each individual. Everything about the trip was most pleasant.”

Mr. & Mrs. C.P. Las Cruces, New Mexico

“Your tour director couldn't be better -- personable, conscientious and witty. Knew when to speak and when to be quiet. He was very knowledgeable. The best tour I have ever taken.”

Dr. & Mrs. J.M., Westminster, Maryland

“Your local guides were very good, adding a bit of local color to the trip. I loved the beautiful Canadian Rockies and would repeat this trip in a heartbeat!”

Mr. D.M. Buda, Texas

“The main emphasis at each stop varied: scenery, geology, ecology, history. Your tour director was competent and very pleasant, gave good attention to each person. Your local guides were well chosen, knowledgeable and pleasant. The entire tour was well planned with a variety of activities appealing to a wide range of ages.”

Mrs. J.M., Williamsport, Maryland

“We were pleasantly surprised with our experience. The handling of baggage by the driver was a great time and energy saver. The view from any seat we had was good and the coach was comfortable.”

Mr. & Mrs. W.P. Cicero, Indiana

“My trip was much more than we expected and will be long in our memory bank as a wonderful experience.”

Mr. & Mrs. A.P., St. Petersburg, Florida

“We went on about three cruises per year -- we now want to go on tours.”

Mr. & Mrs. S. P., Parkland, Florida

“This has been a wonderful, memorable tour to a beautiful part of the world. The tour was relaxing, enjoyable, educational and fun. It was well organized and we were able to enjoy the sites at a relaxing pace due in large part to your first class tour director. I will definitely recommend Caravan Tours to my co-workers, family and friends. Thanks for providing an affordable, top of the line tour.”

Ms. C.T., Centennial, Colorado

“I have traveled throughout the globe, both for business and personal pleasure, but this was the first tour I had ever taken. It was wonderful not to have to drive and just relax and take in the views. I really liked it when we arrived at our evening destination, got off the bus and were handed a key to our room and then did not have to handle luggage.”

Mr. A.T., Lambertville, Michigan

“All of our hotels were good! A wonderful well planned tour! Your tour director had exceptional knowledge, pleasant voice and she spoke when she had something to say instead of endless chatter. She is a total gem of a tour guide. We will return for another tour for sure. We are hoping to catch the same tour director on your Nova Scotia in the future.”

Mr. & Mrs. C. R., Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Your tour director is very enthusiastic about everything in the Rockies and transmitted his love of the area to us all and his concern that the wilderness be kept unspoiled. Everything went smoothly throughout the trip. We always seemed to have sufficient time to do whatever we wanted to do and see whatever we wanted to see. The tour was thoroughly enjoyable. ”

Ms. A.S., Pompano Beach, Florida

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