Costa Rica & Manuel AntonioCustomer Reviews

We currently have 264 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers.
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"You have put together an outstanding package at a very reasonable price. Costa Rica is a great vacation destination!"

Mr. & Mrs. M.M., Laguna Niguel, California

"This is an amazing tour especially for the price. I did not expect luxury hotels on this trip! Everyone in our group was constantly commenting on how Caravan could make any money off of this based on the amazing hotels, guides, local tours, meals. The best possible introduction to Costa Rica at an amazing price. I have traveled the world both independently and with groups for over 40 years; ours was the best director I’ve ever traveled with."

Ms. M.D., San Diego, California

"As a travel agent, I would recommend clients to Costa Rica with Caravan. This was an excellent tour, especially since everything was included. We saw and did a great deal in a short period of time."

Mr. & Mrs. B.S., Rochester, New York

"This was our 5th trip with Caravan and counting. Once again, the hotels chosen by Caravan were wonderful, each one with its specialty. Caravan has a knack for choosing sights and activities. Something for everyone. Have many times told others about your company."

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Greenville, Rhode Island

"Caravan tours are not only an amazing value, they are an incredible trip. All tours, parks, etc. were included and made for a carefree vacation. The hotels, the meals, the coach, the tour guide and driver, and the activities that are included are wonderful. We had several single travelers that felt very much included and we all ended up saying ‘goodbye’ as one big group of many members of a special family for a week. I belong to a few travel groups, and I live in a large travel community - I’m already spreading the word about Caravan."

Ms. K.G., Santa Maria, California

"We had a very good experience in Costa Rica. Excellent hotels, very neat and clean, convenient locations. Very good service provided. Excellent hotels, motorcoach, sightseeing, activities, all three meals, what else would any tourist want? We will recommend to all our friends and family."

Mr. D.P., Paramus, New Jersey

"I want to thank Caravan and especially our tour director for sharing Costa Rica with us. Everyone was so happy and helpful and full of life. I had a wonderful time and would definitely recommend this company to family and friends. Caravan is truly blessed to have a great team representing the company and the country and its people. The memories will last a lifetime. Pura Vida!"

Mrs. M.P., Mechanicsville, Virginia

"Really nice plants, flowers, meals were nice, nutritious, fruits, very healthy and plenty to eat. I like Caravan very much. Hotels were wonderful, natural beauty. Enjoyed seeing the natural settings and wild animals. Very insightful and educational. Director was fantastic, very energized and took excellent care of us. She is very inspiring. I very much enjoyed being on a guided tour more than being on my own. You see a lot more with a group, nice people on the coach. We would not have had so much fun if we went alone. We saw more at a great price. Caravan is top-notch."

Mr. & Mrs. C.S., Aurora Illinois

"It was a terrific trip. We met some nice people and shared some of our stories. Most of the guests wondered how Caravan can keep the cost of the tour as low as it is. The hotels were better than I have experienced. The meals were freshly made and consistently good and agreed with me. I wish I ate this well all the time! There was great variety in the elevations and climate on the trip, plenty of rest stops. Our director was a very talented woman. She somehow quickly knew all our names. She likes presenting her country to the outside world. Costa Rica can be very proud of her."

Mr. & Mrs. R.M., Feura Bush, New York

"This was my first vacation in over 40 years! Yes, what have I been waiting for? I’m so glad my friend asked me to go on the tour. Wonderful experience for me. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the places utilized. Absolutely fabulous director and driver. What remarkable, wonderful people. We all sang their praises many times."

Ms. S.C.B., Moorestown New Jersey

"This was our fifth Caravan tour and it did not disappoint. What we particularly like about Caravan is that we always seem to have a variety of hotels. Some are five star, some are more rustic and others are more unique. We could not complain, a good variety, there seemed to be something for everyone."

Mrs. K.D., Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

"This was our first Caravan tour and we were very pleased at all aspects of the experience. We never doubted that things would be first class. Rooms were comfortable, food was good at every stop. The educational value of the stops was impressive. I think a great deal of our satisfaction was due to our director. We had an outstanding tour director, the good humor, graciousness and unfailing patience was evident from our first group meeting to the very minute of departure. She was able to gauge the tenor of our group and the spirit she seemed to sense amongst us. As they say in sports, there was great chemistry and understanding what was needed to make for a successful experience. The feeling among the travelers was unanimous that this success owed a great deal to the professional attitude, skill and friendship of Costa Rica. Pura Vida!"

Mr. D.R., Annandale, Virginia

"Caravan Tours, well done! It was spectacular. And by the time I left I had a wonderful sense of the country of Costa Rica. We saw so much wildlife and beauty, and our director was an expert of wildlife and history of Costa Rica, a beautiful country. We have been on many other tours and this was the best trip we have ever taken. Every detail from the moment we arrived until we were taken back to the airport was very well planned. I give Caravan an A+. We will see you all again on another adventure, thank you so much!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.H., Bothell, Washington

"The best vacation I’ve ever been on, by a longshot! Wonderful! Our tour guide and driver made every effort to make our experience exceptional. Beautiful, comfortable safe hotels. Wonderful selections, real gems. I look forward to my next Caravan trip. Not sure if anyone catch match our director and driver combo in Costa Rica, but I am hopeful! Everyone, from the man who met us at the airport to the return at the end, was so kind!"

Ms. L.G., Oak Park, Illinois

"We’ve been on four Caravan tours. We think that overall, this one ranks right on top. We loved the variety! Wildlife rescue center, river cruises, quaint towns, luxurious resorts and spas, rainforests - all of it made this a magical tour. Perfectly timed stops, nice shopping opportunities, unique photo opps, terrific! Magnificent accommodations and locations. Each hotel was great. I am a travel agent and brought a group, and on the first day, one of my clients exclaimed ‘I’m so impressed already!’ It was so nice to stay at such quality hotels. Looking forward to future Central American tours. Food was plentiful and tasty. Every activity was enjoyed by all. We loved all the wildlife we got to see, and I cannot find enough superlatives to describe our TD. She set the tone for us to be positive and on time. We all fell in love with our conscientious, knowledgeable and extremely personable tour director. She made our group feel like family."

Mr. & Mrs. D.B., The Villages, Florida

"Wow! I’d go on this same trip again. My daughter and I talk about it all the time when we call each other. We tried so many new foods, everything was so tasty and delicious. I could live like that everyday. We didn’t want to leave. The hot springs, we loved ‘em. The river cruises were fun and gave us a different view. It was a highlight to see the story of coffee in real life. Interesting to see the oxcarts and I appreciate seeing the old ways. You are so lucky to have your director. She got to know all of us as friends, had great history to share, and stories about Costa Rica. Thank you for a really wonderful trip."

Ms. L.H., Emerald Hills, California

"A GREAT trip!! We were a group of 12 people and all of us enjoyed ourselves greatly. All of the sightseeing and activities were outstanding! I enjoyed the boat tour the best. The rainforest walk was just perfect. I was a New York City taxi and bus driver and our tour coach driver was outstanding! The coach was like an extension of his legs."

Mr. M.C., Virginia Beach, VA

"All in all, we had a fabulous trip. I will definitely use Caravan again after this tour. I like the fact that Caravan specializes in 8-10 day tours and you nailed it. If the next tour is anything like this one, I’m doing all the Caravan Tours. I loved the sightseeing and activities, not too much, not too little. It’s amazing seeing the country and spotting sloths and monkeys in the wild. It was enough and I slept like a baby. Thank you for a wonderful experience w/a terrific tour guide that taught us so much about Costa Rica. I also like the fact that she shared info about her family and considered our group as family. Awesome."

Mrs. T.N., Bonaire, Georgia

"I highly recommend this tour for anyone who wants to learn about Costa Rica. The fact that so many people on the tour had been on a Caravan Tour before, some being on their 5th trip, speaks very highly of the company. I was very impressed with the schedule. Every activity was interesting and fun, well planned for the most part. The two river cruises were fantastic. Our driver was absolutely the best, doing some amazing driving on the roads. The coach was comfortable and problem-free."

Ms. S.M., Charlottesville, Virginia

"This trip could not have gone any better. We will travel with Caravan again. Good variety and not too much pressure to join if you didn’t want to. Loved the wildlife and bird tours, of course. All the hotels were very nice and comfortable. We will highly recommend this tour and look into other Caravan offerings. Excellent!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.E., Newbury Park, California

"Excellent. I feel like I really had a great overview of the country. There was a great mix of activity, downtime, and shopping. Wonderful food, so many choices at each buffet, always replenished, and dining rooms and staff were clean and friendly. The sunset cocktails and dancers made everyone feel special. I left the country loving the people and will be more conscious of the environment and ocean."

Ms. L.S., Tarpon Springs, Florida

"Awesome! Great value! Hotels were better than expected. So much fresh fruit, coffee everywhere! Our sightseeing was super. Got to see many different areas/aspects. Again, a great value. Enjoyed them all. Our director was awesome, knowledgeable, interesting, helpful, available all the time. Couldn’t be better unless he did massages for free in the evening. I recommend for people to get a taste of Costa Rica. I highly recommend this trip. I loved it! So well planned, fun people, nice hotels, overall a great experience!"

Ms. K.S., Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Overall, this was a fantastic tour. I feel it provided an excellent taste of Costa Rica. Our director and driver were excellent in their jobs. Our TD was a tremendous director. I felt very confident in her ability to lead and be responsible for such a large group with all types of expectations. She was positive and vivacious from the moment we arrived until the last wave goodbye. The tour was as well paced as possible considering the miles we covered. The value was tremendous which attracted me to Caravan. We had quality hotels, all meals provided with tips along the way, transfers to and from the airport, all attractions, excellent service from Caravan as well as hotel and dining staff and even bottled water all along the way. Thank you for a wonderful tour at such a great value!"

Ms. C.B., Fort Worth, Texas

"This was an amazing trip filled with great visits to Costa Rica. It is a great value for the price. Our tour guide was fantastic and Caravan is a very organized company. The sightseeing was a wonderful variety and a great way to see so much of Costa Rica. It was an amazing trip and we saw so much of this unique country. Our director was totally amazing and the transportation was great, the coach was very nice and comfortable. I would recommend this to other travelers."

Mr. & Mrs. J.C., Notasulga, Alabama

"Fantastic. We saw everything! Felt like we saw the entire country. Loved all the hotels. Our director was absolutely the best director anyone could have possibly hoped for. So positive, so caring and a plethora of knowledge. The interaction between her and our driver was phenomenal. They made the trip fascinating and a real joy to be with them."

Mr. M.S., Buford, Georgia

"I would highly recommend Caravan Tours and already have. I saw so many wonderful places, animals, things. Very happy with all the sights and activities. We had the most amazing tour director. She explained Costa Rica, provinces, culture, history, and products of export. She shared her love of country. I absolutely loved all of the hotels that I stayed in. They were all beautiful and the service was so efficient and staff were all so friendly. The meals were amazing and so plentiful. Thank you so much for the over the top value of the hotels, food, tours, and guides. I was extremely happy to have such a fantastic vacation."

Ms. T.S., The Villages, Florida

"I am thinking and thinking...but I cannot think of one aspect of the entire trip that would not warrant a seal of excellence. A great variety of highlights that constitute Costa Rica. The timing of each was great, did not feel rushed. They provided an insight into a place that was previously unknown to us and we left feeling that we now know Costa Rica. All of the hotels were very, very nice and the staff at each were welcoming and accommodating. We enjoyed this tour very much and would like to state how impressed we were with our director. An asset to your company and one of the nicest people I have ever met. She made us all a bit more appreciative of our lives. Pura Vida!"

Mr. & Mrs. P.R., Sterling, Massachusetts

"Enlightening. We will be talking about this trip for a long time and will enjoy our memories. We enjoyed it all, the wildlife refuge, the two river cruises, bridges and of course the hot springs. My husband and I both enjoyed the coffee tour and the butterflies. The places we stopped to stretch legs, shop, snack on ice cream were a pleasant and nice break from the coach. We did not have a bad meal anywhere. A great vacation and I feel I know Costa Rica so much better now."

Mr. & Mrs. J.D., West Chazy, New York

"Natural paradise indeed! Wonderful places and activities, memorable experiences - way better than we could have planned ourselves. I totally enjoyed the tour. Our director was very well-organized and we learned so much from the info she provided. Many thanks to her and our great driver, and the awesome itinerary, Pura Vida!!!"

Ms. R.S., Fairfax, Virginia

"This tour far exceeded my expectations. I was looking to get into warmer weather for a few days, and this trip is probably the most value I’ve ever gotten from a tour. Wonderfully planned. The activities and sightseeing were much better than I anticipated. I enjoyed the opportunities we had to see wildlife, and the thermal baths were a blast. Caravan appears to be taking care of the staff in Costa Rica and I applaud and appreciate the efforts."

Mr. R.D., River Forest, Illinois

"This was our first guided tour and thought it was extremely organized and stress free. Each event happened on time. The baggage pick-up from rooms was always prompt. Sightseeing was great as we got to see a lot of different areas of Costa Rica. Our director was great at pointing out points of interest and explaining culture. I could have watched the monkeys all day. I will recommend your tour. It was very well-handled. We always had a safe place to keep our passports, etc."

Mrs. L.C., Philadelphia, Missouri

"We had a wonderful time on this, our first Caravan tour. Everything was just wonderful. We enjoyed all the sights and activities and learned so much about the people and country. All of the buffet meals were great. I can’t say enough about how wonderful, professional and informative our director was. It was a real treat to have her. Every day was well organized with bus stops every couple hours; just perfect."

Mr. S.S., Germantown, Wisconsin

"There were full days - much to see and learn. There was a wide variety of nature and culture. There never was a dull moment. The hotels varied from cosmopolitan with spiraling buffets, to simple basic with a creative flair on spectacular views/sounds, to luxury. Excellent porters all around. Our director was the very best and she made our trip special and memorable. Bravo!"

Ms. R.F., Sebastian, Florida

"Looking forward to our next Caravan tour! We loved Costa Rica and its beaches, people, country, seeing monkeys everywhere was amazing. We loved all the wildlife and the caring and protecting them. People were very friendly and every employee was professional and looked amazing. Fun activities, easy walking and informative, excellent choices. All the hotels were wonderful."

Ms. K.Q., Staten Island, New York

"I can’t stop talking about this wonderful experience!! Fabulous organization, clockwork precision. Every aspect of the trip was thought through, really a well-oiled machine. Where to begin. We did every activity from ox carts, coffee plantations, we learned so much. The church and sculpture boxwoods, the hot tubs, river cruises, jungle tours, all without exception fabulous. Terrific meals at each location, great selections and services. Thank you very very much!"

Ms. D.P., Los Altos, California

"Very happy with all the accommodations and services offered. The tour was action packed and a good selection of various things. The two boat tours and hot springs were my favorite. The organization and adherence to the schedule were really good. Our TD could not have been better, so much knowledge in so many areas with the added benefit of humor and kindness."

Ms. C.R., Colorado Springs, Colorado

"We booked this trip because we know of different people that had taken trips with Caravan, all of them spoke highly of it, some had gone to Costa Rica, Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon, and not one of them had anything negative to say about it. For us, since we arrived at the airport in Costa Rica, everything went smooth. The people that we met were very pleasant, and some of them we are keeping in touch with and even trying to plan another tour together, which is amazing! We will recommend this trip to anyone: food, accommodations, and scenery we were pleasantly surprised. Great value and service."

Mr. & Mrs. A.M., Lake Worth, Florida

"You have put together an amazing tour at a great price. No complaints. Excellent meals overall. Our TD worked her behind off and did a great job. I will highly recommend you!"

Mr. D.V., Hemet, California

"The hotels were all great in their own way. The meals were very good, tasty, plentiful and fairly well-balanced. Our tour director was unbelievably great, an encyclopedia of information convey tours in an entertaining, caring and interesting manner. You have set very high standards with your tour and guides."

Mr. & Mrs. W.H., Henderson, Kentucky

"When booking this trip, because of the affordable price, I was feeling it might be a bit below standard and this was not the case at all. Our tour director was phenomenal! He was over the top! He was friendly, funny, full of information, warm and willing to attend our needs. We were his top priority and it showed. He showed his love and knowledge of the country. I loved Costa Rica because of him. Unbelievable trip! Caravan went well beyond my expectations. I feel a great part of my reason for loving this trip so much was because of our tour guide and our safe driver. The country is beautiful and the citizens are so happy and welcoming to visitors. I would recommend Caravan to anyone interested in seeing Costa Rica. There is so much see, you don’t want to miss a minute of it."

Ms. J.H., Walnut Creek, California

"The hotels were all nice and a nice variety of different types or styles. The sightseeing and activities were wonderful. Loved the whole experience of everything offered. A wonderful experience and great value, I will be using you again and will recommend to others."

Ms. N.L., Winsted, Connecticut

"The meals were delicious! It was very easy to keep my vegetarian diet with this tour. Your tour director was WONDERFUL! Never let go of her, she was knowledgeable about everything any of us wanted to know. She was so personable and always happy too. Costa Rica is BEAUTIFUL!"

Mrs. P.H., Gainesville, Florida

"Our tour director was always accessible and approachable to the group. All in all, this tour was excellent, well planned and varied! I enjoyed it and recommend Caravan to everyone. Next trip, I plan to use Caravan due to the quality and knowing you take care and time to arrange good tours whenever they are offered. Thank you!"

Mrs. E.M., Phoenix, Arizona

"We had the perfect tour director, very knowledgeable of Costa Rican history, local cultures, and coconuts. Caravan, you should be proud! Besides the fact that you guys do a great job staging all of the sights, wildlife and timing, it was obvious to us that the guides, the hotel staffs, the tour director, the restaurant personnel, etc. all seemed to rise to the occasion for a Caravan tour. You guys are doing something right. Keep it up!"

Mr. & Mrs. M.G., Pleasant Hill, California

"The local guides were good at the rain forest and wildlife park, especially seeing Blondie, the orange colored Howler. The trip was well conducted and we saw a lot of Costa Rica."

Mr. A.S., San Diego, California

"I very much appreciate the professional manner that we were treated. I am a travel agent, and working in this industry can sometimes be a thankless job. Therefore when I am treated with respect, I try to acknowledge. We are truly grateful to Caravan and our tour director for being so accommodating. I can guarantee you that I will be selling Caravan tours enthusiastically in the future! Our tour director’s knowledge and passion for his country is so evident by the way he describes customs, culture, education, wildlife among many other things. All of the sightseeing, I loved every minute of it, great activities and some free time."

Mr. & Mrs. J.C., Caledonia, Michigan

"There was so much food. I got a good idea of foods of Costa Rica. There was variety and lots of bottled water! There was great diversity in visiting different parts of country with attractions, just enough shopping opportunities. The tour director was the sweetest person I ever met. She was always smiling, had great English, always available, very knowledgeable on history, vegetation and country of Costa Rica. She kept things moving, always left on time, very respectful of everyone on tour. She was conservation and safety conscious, had good sense of humor and very accommodating."

Ms. J.M., Abington, Pennsylvania

"The hotels were excellent, the tour director was wonderful! Excellent! I can’t say enough about him. He was so knowledgeable about the plants and animals. He was an added bonus to the trip!"

Ms. J.L., Asheboro, North Carolina

"The hotels were an outstanding value. Each was clean, comfortable and had a special charm of its own. The meals were ample, excellent choices wide enough to satisfy a picky eater like me. It ranged from excellent to superb. This tour director made Costa Rica fifteen out of ten. I will schedule Tikal, Antigua sometime next year."

Mr. C.G., Las Vegas,, Nevada

"My family and friends could not believe how wonderful the accommodations were. Everywhere we stayed the staff was nice and treated us very professionally. The staff treated us from the minute we arrived to the second we left as family. I cannot wait to take another Caravan tour, and tell all my friends about this one. Please do not change a thing, you have got it right."

Mr. & Mrs. J.D., Boca Raton, Florida

"Excellent trip, beautiful country. We didn’t miss much! Our guide loves her country and wanted us to see it all. Very enjoyable - loved the coffee plantation, hot springs, and enjoyed the scenery and hotels. Your Caravan day by day planner was a wealth of information as always, and a great guide. Motorcoach was spotless, maintained and cleaned daily. Caravan has always been a good value vacation with knowledgeable guides. Couldn’t do it on our own for the price we paid. A+ for Caravan Tours. Thank you Caravan, well done."

Mr. & Mrs. R.N., Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

"The meals were very good. I loved all the fresh fruit. The entire trip was awesome."

Mr. & Mrs. T.R., Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

"The driver was excellent. I drove for UPS for thirty years, I know what it takes to handle a vehicle of this size. I have been on many tours around the globe and our tour director was by far the best. He is very detailed, courteous, sincere and a perfect gentleman.****** Six stars."

Mr. & Mrs. L.W., Hot Springs, Arkansas

"I can think of nothing that would improve this trip. I have traveled with other companies; therefore I have some basis for comparison. You are at the top of my list."

Ms. M.U., Dublin, Georgia

"The locations and activities allowed me to see much of the wildlife I had hoped to see. Beautiful surroundings. Our tour director was a superstar. Intelligent, eloquent as well as a good listener. His knowledge as a naturalist was priceless, I got some pictures of birds I would not have been able to get without him. He was a class act from the moment he stepped on the coach to greet us upon our arrival to the departure when he saw us off. Also enjoyed his sense of humor. He made this trip awesome."

Mr. & Mrs. P.G., Terre Haute, Indiana

"I am the last person I would have expected to take an escorted tour. This was a very pleasant surprise! Good work!"

Ms. S.K., Los Altos, California

"Caravan provided very good hotels, accommodations at all the spots we stayed were very clean and comfortable. I was very surprised how accommodating everybody was to make it a good trip. After using Caravan, I would recommend it to everybody. Everything was well laid out and planned. Our tour director was a very, very pleasant lady."

Mr. R.D., Portland, Connecticut

"Hope to travel with you soon, the trip was well planned in every way. You have top quality help. The service was above average. I miss the country very much. Best vacation ever. The days went by too quickly. It was relaxing. Wonderful job!"

Mr. W.N., Lumberton, North Carolina

"There is no way I would have stayed in such superior and sophisticated hotels for the price I paid for it. I am looking forward to another Caravan trip and I will recommend it to all my friends!!"

Mrs. J.R., Salenas, California

"Second trip with you to Costa Rica, couldn’t have been better."

Mr. N.N., Lumberton, North Carolina

"We experienced many outstanding stops on this trip. I am amazed by our director’s knowledge of his country: politics, education, commerce, nature, animals, plants. The people of Costa Rica are delightful, Costa Rica is a beautiful country. We have booked the Nova Scotia tour in the fall!"

Mrs. & Mr. F.C., Greer, South Carolina

"This was a wonderful tour. Enjoyed myself thoroughly."

Ms. K.T., London, Ontario, Canada

"The meals were fabulous! Fresh, healthy meals! Variety of climates and nice activity with the option to relax by the pool was very nice! I highly recommend Caravan Tours to anyone, all ages would enjoy this trip. I am recommending this trip to my sister and husband for sure! I will definitely choose Caravan Tours in my future travel as well!"

Ms. L.D., Rixeyville, Virginia

"I would recommend Caravan to anyone, and will take another tour."

Ms. I.K., Palm Desert, California

"The hotels were fabulous, given the price of the tour. I had low expectations of the hotels. They were really great. The sightseeing and activities were absolutely unbelievable! We saw so many amazing things! It was like everything was there just for us. We had mediocre expectations of this tour because of the price and could not believe our eyes when we pulled into the first hotel. It was beautiful! We booked the trip over the internet and had no idea what Caravan was like. It was the trip of a lifetime and exceeded our expectations in every way. I have been telling everyone how fabulous your company is."

Ms. E.W., Owego, New York

"The activities were fun and exciting. We loved the nature cruises on the river. We are younger and loved the more active sightseeing trips. I was very pleased with the entire trip. It is a great value for the money."

Mr. C.R., Cabin John, Maryland

"One of the best vacations, if not the best we’ve ever had."

Mr. & Mrs. M.R., Millersville, Pennsylvania

"The food was fresh and tasty. In particular, I found local produce very good, especially fruits, veggies and juices. Despite a very busy schedule, the trip was so well organized and run that not only I’ve seen more than expected, but also I was able to rest well."

Ms. A.G., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

"My next trip with Caravan will be to Nova Scotia. I really enjoyed Costa Rica trip."

Mr. J.S., Rixeyville, Virginia

"The tour director was a top professional! We will unhesitatingly recommend Caravan Tours!"

Mr. & Mrs. H.M., Loveland, Colorado

"In general, the tour was fabulous and a very convenient, relaxing and economical way to see Costa Rica. It left me with a very positive impression of the country and its people. It appears to be the most progressive and democratic country in Central America."

Mr. & Mrs. D.P., Omaha, Nebraska

"The tour was awesome. The Caravan tour director could not have done a better job and all details were handled perfectly. Keep it up!"

Mr. & Mrs. L.K., Unionville, Connecticut

"I couldn’t believe that in every city the hotels were getting better and better. Best trip on which I’ve been. Thanks."

Ms. R.G., Cabin John, Maryland

"There was plenty of good food, breaks nicely timed. The guides were good choices, they were informative and had good knowledge of the animals and plants along with a cultural background. The hotels were well chosen with great locations and very comfortable. Would love to see the next phase of Costa Rica tours with Caravan."

Mr. A.E., Brooklyn, New York

"All hotels chosen for this tour were excellent. They were clean. The staff were very accommodating. The meals were good with an excellent variety of foods to choose from at each location. Our tour director was very knowledgeable of the people, customs, animals, and plant life of Costa Rica. He instilled an appreciation of the country and its natural beauty and splendor. This is an excellent tour at a reasonable cost. Caravan Tours is to be commended."

Mr. & Mrs. D.G., Concord, Ohio

"The hotels were amazing! I loved how they were all so different. Each helped show a different aspect of the beautiful country and environment. The meals were delicious, and I am busy at work trying to reproduce some of them at home. Also, I enjoyed so many healthy options and alternatives at every meal. Your tour director was awesome! He was so friendly, patient and knowledgeable, a real person. He was always willing to help in any way. He made us all really comfortable. We really enjoyed having him as our tour guide. I also loved our driver, seeing his smile and trying to speak Spanish with him. I really enjoyed my time in Costa Rica. Thank you Caravan for organizing a trip that showed me so many beautiful things. This was a vacation I will never forget."

Ms. A.A., Norman, Oklahoma

"The tour director was excellent. His passion for and knowledge of conservation, plants, wildlife and his country were amazing. He’s the best tour guide I ever had. Wonderful trip, wonderful country, great value for the price."

Dr. M.V., LaBelle, Florida

"It was an excellent overview of a fascinating country. Our tour director, what a jewel! Can’t add much to what others have said, except I’ve told fifty plus people, you are the only choice."

Mr. E.D., Turnersville, New Jersey

"The buffets were good. As a vegetarian, I managed to have full meals that were enjoyable. Our tour director was terrific, knowledgeable, articulate and considerate. He was a pleasure to be around and offered quite the learning experience. Very passionate. All in all, it was a great experience."

Ms. J.D., Melville, New York

"I had a wonderful time and would love to come back on another Caravan tour as long as I have the same tour director and driver. The hotels were great, loved the scenery and views from the hotels, real taste of Costa Rica. There were wonderful sights and lots to see in such a short time. There was good food every time and plenty to go around."

Mr. D.S., New River, Arizona

"The hotels ranged from good to excellent, all with swimming pools and beautiful grounds. All had accommodating staffs. The meals were plentiful and tasty. The plantains and eggplant were special hits with me. We were also pleased that all activities were nature oriented. A much more interesting and easy trip than I had imagined, well planned, variety and time to be on one’s own."

Mr. & Mrs. F.J., Weston, Connecticut

"Hotel at Arenal was well beyond my expectations. This trip was stocked full of activities yet also allowed for sufficient free time and choices to engage in other activities on our own. I saw more than expected! I have already highly recommended this trip to many of my friends and relatives. The value of this trip was incredible. I am seriously looking at booking a Caravan trip to Guatemala. If that compares to this trip, it will be outstanding."

Mr. T.W., Fall River, Massachusetts

"All hotels were good. Rooms were clean and convenience was good. The sightseeing and activities were well planned. Adequate time was allotted so you didn’t feel rushed. Good variety. Our tour director was excellent. He catered to our needs and went above and beyond the call of duty. He was very knowledgeable and did more than expected. I liked that all meals and side trips were included. Would definitely consider another Caravan tour."

Ms. A.K., Midlothian, Virginia

"The whole trip was nearly perfect....AAAA rating!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Essex, Connecticut

"Our tour director could not have been more helpful. He arranged all the little details like postage for postcards. He was excellent, a true professional, five stars! The tour was excellent, a very good value for the money."

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Coonabarabran, Australia

"The trip was very fulfilling. Would highly recommend it. Every aspect of the trip was educational, compelling and adventurous. It was much more than I expected."

Mr. T.J., Upper Marlboro, Maryland

"We are independent travelers, and this was our first tour ever! We absolutely loved this tour and are sure we will use Caravan again. We were able to eat at a table by ourselves if we wanted or join others in the group which gave us the opportunity to mingle or maintain our privacy. We had made some good friends which was totally unexpected. The tour director was absolutely fantastic! We feel we learned so much from her. We won’t hesitate to use Caravan again. I hope all of your tour directors are as good as our tour director."

Mr. & Mrs. J.H., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The hotel in San Jose’ was wonderful. The room was great, there was a wonderful pool, bar and jacuzzi in the gym. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and taxis out front all day. I also loved the hotel at Fortuna. The little towel decorations were a perfect touch. Being so close to town was wonderful. I loved this trip. Costa Rica is a paradise and Caravan Tours helped make it one of the most memorable experiences. Thank you so much!"

Ms. K.P., Lynn, Massachusetts

"My wife and I had wonderful experiences. This tour exceeded our expectations. ‘Pura Vida’ hospitality, local cuisines, hiking, national parks, beaches, pools, boat trips, all at an affordable price. I will run out of superlatives to describe the services provided. Well tailored to folks like us."

Mr. J.M., Madison, Wisconsin.

"We knew nothing about Caravan Tours before this trip but would be very happy to recommend the company. Better than expected. Terrific value for the money, professional, organized. A lot of variety packed into every day. Made us feel welcome from day 1 and sorry to leave. You gave us good experience and good memories. Thank you."

Mrs. & Mr. K.P., Chesterton, Indiana

"Excellent. We feel we saw a wonderful cross section of what Costa Rica has to offer. Loved every event. We were so glad to have every aspect of this tour taken care of. All we had to do was have fun. Thank you."

Mrs. S.T., Seattle, Washington

"We booked last minute 3 weeks ahead and had never done a group tour before. It totally met and exceeded our expectations. Very well thought out for a trip covering 830 miles in 8 days. We especially liked the bird watching, cruises, extended hike options, and beach time on our free day. Made lifelong friends. Would highly recommend and consider another Caravan Tour."

Mrs. J.B., Fairfield, Iowa

"The meals were good and there was a wide variety of choices. As a result, I’ve discovered I very much enjoy Costa Rican food. It’s also not possible to say enough about our driver; no one could have done a better job than he did! This was my second Caravan Tour and I will likely go on another."

Ms. E.M., Hollywood, Florida

"Awesome. Our director was perfect, her enthusiasm was contagious. She was a wealth of information, and you can tell she enjoys her job and she makes it enjoyable for everyone."

Ms. A.P., Orland Park, Illinois

"This was a fantastic trip and my husband and I can’t stop talking about it. I was extremely pleased with all of the hotels and our activities. This was the perfect trip for a nature lover. I had always read the book The Great Kapok Tree to my second graders, so it was a real treat to see one and to see the rainforest animals in their natural habitat."

Mrs. M.D., Sykesville, Maryland

"Unbelievable, well-timed wonderful examples of Costa Rican culture. Our director and driver made the trip so enjoyable. You could tell they really valued their career with Caravan. This was my second tour with you. Looking forward to my next trip but these two will be hard to beat, haha."

Mrs. M.T., Armada Michigan

"The sightseeing and activities, these were all that were promised and more! We would never have seen and done everything on our own! Very satisfied with this Caravan tour. Will definitely use your tour company again and have and will recommend it to friends. Pura Vida."

Mr. & Mrs. L.R., Fort Myers, Florida

"I have never done a guided tour before. This was handled exceptionally from start to finish. We were taken care of the minute we stepped off the plane until we reboarded. I can’t say enough great things about our director. Upbeat, informative, honest and shared so much about Costa Rica. All accommodations and meals were great. My husband concurs."

Mrs. N.V., Saint Cloud, Minnesota

"One of my best trips I have been on. The motor coach was comfortable and beautiful. The hotels were wonderful. I enjoyed every activity and sightseeing. I would recommend this tour to anyone and Caravan also."

Ms. P.F., Reno, Nevada

"Very nice! The two-night stays were wonderful. The natural sites were the most interesting. What a great contrast to see the mountains and the volcano and then the beaches. All activities were informative and interesting. Fantastic trip."

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Durham, North Carolina

"Surprisingly lovely. Excellent. Plentiful. Diverse. Pleased with variety. I liked sampling local cuisine outdoors in February! A delightful, thorough, and excellently priced Costa Rica tour."

Mr. D.W., Indianapolis, Indiana

"Loved this tour! Will be booking another Caravan tour soon. All the accommodations were wonderful. Our director was fabulous, her enthusiasm and love for country was infectious."

Mrs. M.S., Pittsford, New York

"Excellent. A great history lesson on Costa Rica, a good assortment of Costa Rican cuisine, and our director was very knowledgeable. Thank you for all!"

Ms. N.L., Great Bend, Kansas

"I had never been on a tour before, preferring to travel on my own. I’ll consider another tour. All excellent destinations. All excellent hotels with courteous staff. I cannot say enough about our director, she was intelligent, well-informed, organized, made the tour run like a fine tuned machine…very pleasant and friendly."

Mr. S.N., Newtonville, Massachusetts

"This was our 3rd trip with Caravan. You are great to work with. I feel safe and know that you will do your best to assure we have an enjoyable trip and get to experience the best each sight has to offer. Beautiful country. The best tour director I’ve ever had."

Mrs. M.S., Lakewood, Colorado

"We will recommend Caravan to our family and friends; what more can I say about our positive experience? Hotels were great. I appreciated that each was different with unique characteristics. Excellent food. Outstanding activities, I liked the variety."

Mr. R.F., Greendale, Wisconsin

"The hotel in San Jose was amazing and had a good location! I loved it. The buffet food was terrific and the last meal was perfect! It was amazing to fall asleep in the cute lodges to the sound of the rain, so wonderful! Eating meals right on the water was incredible! The Fortuna hotel had a great location and it was very easy to get into town to enjoy Fortuna! The hotels kept getting better and better! Caravan provides a great way to see so much of the different areas of Costa Rica! Every part of Costa Rica varied so much."

Ms. S.F., Lynn, Massachusetts

"There were many activities in a short amount of time! Well worth the bus time. My favorite part of the tour was the natural beauty. Our tour director was very knowledgeable about history, geography, flora and fauna. With a low price, I had expected the accommodations to be substandard and borderline. Much to my surprise, it was an amazing experience with great accommodations."

Ms. A.C., Hopewell, New Jersey

"We were very pleased with all of the hotel accommodations. Our needs were met, and expectations most generally were exceeded. We enjoyed all the activities we participated in and appreciated being able to not participate when that choice met our need. Our tour director was excellent. I particularly appreciated her warmness and professionalism and the genuine way in which she helped us understand better the country, people and customs of Costa Rica, the different areas of Costa Rica with all its beauty, diversity and wonderful food. It’s a vacation package well worth the time and money!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.J., Charlesville, Missouri

"The hotel in San Jose was an excellent choice. The room was very nice and clean. We loved the pool area and grounds. The variety of activities, scenery and wildlife were amazing. My favorite part of the tour was the National Park at the beach. There were lots of wildlife and incredible scenery. Also, the trip to the hot springs was a wonderful and relaxing change to the sightseeing. Thank you for a wonderful vacation."

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Charlotte, North Carolina

"I appreciated that all the hotels were clean and the staff was friendly. The meals were very traditional and cultural, definitely got the real taste of Costa Rica with all of the different fruit, interesting juices and plenty of rice and beans. I thought this trip was very reasonably priced and offered a lot for the money. I would recommend this tour to others."

Mr. & Mrs. R.D., Tualatin, Oregon

"I learned so much and saw so many amazing animals. It’s a beautiful land and country. We saw a lot and traveled a lot. Very organized planning of sightseeing and activities. Our motor coach was always well cleaned, maintained and very comfortable. Amazing experience! We had an excellent tour director! I will highly recommend Caravan Tours to my friends and family and will try to book another trip again soon! Caravan highly exceeded my expectations!"

Ms. R.T., South San Francisco, California

"So much was included on this trip that none of us could believe the value! Just the entrance fees alone for some of the things we saw would have eaten up our budget. Everything was well planned and timed perfectly. We were busy all day, but never rushed. Our tour director was EXCELLENT! She had a great presence and kept us all together. She knew so much about Costa Rica, small details, as well as general facts, that it made the country really come to life! Her enthusiasm for her country was contagious. Even my small children left knowing more about Costa Rica than they do about the U.S."

Ms. L.S., Richmond, California

"My favorite: seeing the Howler Monkeys, the boat rides in the rain forests, basically the whole tour. I would definitely use Caravan again and would ask for our same tour director to lead us."

Mr. & Mrs. G.W., East Northport, New York

"The food was absolutely incredible! My favorite was going from La Fortuna. I cannot recall the name of the restaurant, but it was off the side of the road with the butterfly farm. The plantains were the best I ever had! I would highly recommend a Caravan tour in Costa Rica. This without a doubt has been the best vacation ever and I’ve traveled everywhere."

Ms. C.M., Tucson, Arizona

"This had to be one of the most enjoyable vacations I have ever experienced! The food was great and all the people that joined us on this journey were amazing! All hotels are more than what I expected. I felt very comfortable in them for the entire trip! The sightseeing and activities were well planned and well paced. Every activity was above and beyond what I had expected, and I took with me tons of knowledge, photos and memories. The tour director was fabulous, and I learned so much about the country, each species and tons about nature. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone, no matter what age, or what your idea of vacation is because this trip had it all!"

Miss V.K., Fair Lawn, New Jersey

"The meals were excellent. I got to taste a variety of local fruit and vegetables in a different style. The servers were extremely friendly. Lunches of hotels were very well arranged. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite eating three meals a day for eight days, I have not gained a pound. Some of the activities on top of the list are; walk through rain forest, wildlife watch walk, the cloud forest, dip in hot springs, watch a volcano erupt at night and the ‘coffee’ show. I also enjoyed all the information with regard to the social and economic of Costa Rica given to us by our tour director. You guys did a great job and I will pass on my experience with Caravan to my friends and relatives. Please keep up the good work!"

Mr. & Mrs. S.C., Winnetka, California

"My favorite parts of the tour were the boat trips. It’s an excellent, exceptionally well organized tour. Also, I was very satisfied with the choice of hotels, their locations, and room sizes. I was traveling solo and I did not expect to get a double room, but I did. The rooms were clean with nice beds and great views from the windows. I had a great vacation and would recommend Costa Rica tour with Caravan to all my friends."

Ms. T.G., Staten Island, New York

"The hotel in San Jose’ was amazing! I loved it. The buffet food was terrific and the last meal was perfect! It was amazing to fall asleep in the cute lodges to the sound of the rain, in Fortuna! Eating meals right on the water was incredible! It was very easy to get into town to enjoy Fortuna! The hotels kept getting better and better! Caravan provides a great way to see so much of the different areas of Costa Rica! Every part of Costa Rica varied so much."

Mr. & Mrs. L.K., Lewiston, Idaho

"There were many activities in a short amount of time! Well worth the bus time. My favorite parts of the tour were our tour director and the natural beauty. Our tour director was very knowledgeable about history, geography, flora and fauna. With a low price, I had expected the accommodations to be substandard and borderline. Much to my surprise, it was an amazing experience with great accommodations."

Ms. A.C., Hopewell, New Jersey

"We were very pleased with all of the hotel accommodations. Our needs were met and expectations most generally were exceeded. We enjoyed all the activities we participated in and appreciated being able to not participate when that choice met our need. Our tour director was excellent. I particularly appreciated her warmness and professionalism and the genuine way in which she helped us understand better the country, people and customs of Costa Rica, the different areas of Costa Rica with all its beauty, diversity and wonderful food. It’s a vacation package well worth the time and money!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.J., Charlesville, Missouri

"I found the employees of Caravan to be well organized extremely throughout the trip. I enjoyed the tour immensely and I would highly recommend it to others."

Ms. K.S., Fair Lawn, New Jersey

"I found there was always plenty of food that was well prepared. I am a food service manager who understands this well, too! I liked that we had a blend of traditional foods of the area as well as foods more familiar to us. Our tour director was excellent! She gave us brief historical background on the bus to help pass the time sitting. She answered all questions, even special, even delicate needs, in the most professional manner. It seemed to me that Caravan had our safety and security in mind everywhere we went. Impressive!!! Overall, this excursion is a great value. I would recommend to others."

Mr. D.P., Tampa, Florida

"The food was EXCELLENT! Also, our tour director was great! She made the trip a memorable experience and I don’t think it would have been the same without her. She was so accommodating and did a great job of handling such a large group."

Ms. G.V., Culver City, California

"I would like to say that the day by day itinerary is the best thing since sliced white bread. It is fantastic. I am trying to put my 300 pictures together and your guide is making my job so easy. Please keep this as part of the program."

Mr. & Mrs. D.U., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"The trip was wonderful, saw some marvelous things we have never seen before. We especially enjoyed the boat trips and the birds and monkeys. The tour guide and bus driver did a really good job."

Mr. & Mrs. J.F., Blencoe, Iowa

"I like the variety between the classy and rustic, made the trip more of an experience. We enjoyed all the stops on the tour. We were impressed with the sightseeing, transportation, and choice of stops. Since this was our second time visiting Costa Rica with a tour group, we were always making comparisons between our first more expensive tour, and the Caravan tour. We were extremely pleased with all aspects of the lodging, transportation, sightseeing and personnel. This was a great value that we will share with our friends."

Mr. & Mrs. B.M., Wichita, Kansas

"Great trip overall. I am not a fan of tours in general, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use Caravan again. We felt like Royalty in every hotel we went to. There is nothing like Pina Coladas by the seashore."

Mr. & Mrs. J.R., Broomfield, Colorado

"This was my first tour with a large group and I was a little hesitant in the beginning but that quickly changed with the openness, friendliness and professionalism of our director. She was exceptional! I enjoyed all our activities. I liked stopping at roadside stands I will definitely recommend this trip to friends."

Ms. D.B., Tucson, Arizona

"In 2017, I ventured to your New England tour and that experience took me to your Costa Rica tour. I will continue to talk about my wonderful experience. Wonderful! Enjoyed everything that was listed. Breathtaking stops. Very fun and relaxed."

Ms. V.B., Butler, Pennsylvania

"Our first trip with a guided tour. Caravan had good reviews from a friend. She said it was a good first trip to Costa Rica to see a cross section of the diversity of the country. She was right, we enjoyed the variety and the group of people on a tour. There was a good variety from the ox carts, coffee plantation, to the swinging bridges and birding and nature tours. The tour of San Jose was interesting. We enjoyed seeing so much of the country in such a short time."

Mr. R.P., Wheeling, West Virginia

"This was our first excursion with Caravan. Based on this experience we will be planning a trip for next year, most likely Guatemala. Caravan does a great job planning down to the smallest detail and making sure the experience exceeds expectations. All were wonderful. Getting there was half the fun. Our director was fantastic and very personable."

Mr. H.M., North Granby, Connecticut

"Traveling with Caravan made me feel like royalty! I really got to experience so many new things, beaches, National Park, wildlife, butterfly garden, it was awesome. Every hotel on the tour was first class, every one offered numerous amenities. I slept every night in comfort and luxury. I hope to repeat the trip and take my husband!"

Ms. D.S., Tempe, Arizona

"Had a great time. A good overview of Costa Rica, a well-run trip. All the hotels were great, a step above what I normally stay in. Way above expectations, great choices. I still can’t believe the value for the money, much much better than expected. Excellent selections at the buffets. We will be taking another Caravan tour - an excellent first guide and tour experience."

Mr. R.R. & Mrs. L.C., Kissimmee, Florida

"This is my first with Caravan. I was cancelled from another company and found Caravan and I’m so glad I did. Great value, great hotels, great food, great guide, great trip!! All the activities were great and doable for all ages. The nature part was the best. Loved seeing wildlife in its habitat. Every hotel was wonderful, I think they were all five stars. I will book with Caravan again. Don’t change a thing! A+++!"

Ms. A.S., Far Rockaway, New York

"This is our third Caravan tour and favorite one so far. The people in Costa Rica were so friendly. Every day was great. The float trips and hikes were my favorite. The coffee tour was really good too. Not too much or too little. We were so surprised at the quality of the facilities. I can’t imagine a better director. All the details were taken care of to create a thoroughly delightful trip. Great Caravan tour. Having everything included was so nice. We are highly recommending this to all my friends. Great bang for the buck."

Mr. & Mrs. S.P., Prescott, Arizona

"I cannot say enough good things about the Caravan company and have already shared my thoughts with family and friends. You deliver a great product in every aspect. Such a complete experience. This tour was well-structured and provided opportunities that would have been difficult to coordinate on our own. I wanted to see and experience nature on this trip and I was not disappointed. The factories, coffee plantations, hot springs, river floats, wildlife preserves, jungle tours kept us busy engaged and looking forward to each day. The hotels were excellent with spacious rooms, comfortable beds, nicely furnished, good air conditioning and friendly and helpful staff. Overall, the variety of the activities was great and I appreciated the fact that they all had something more to offer."

Mr. & Mrs. R.M., Anchorage, Alaska

"We have never done a package tour and we were favorably impressed with the amount included for the very reasonable price. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and made new friends. Saw just about every bird and animal listed in the brochures. Never felt rushed once we were onsite. Journeys were well-spaced with lovely stops. Five-star, top-notch director!"

Mrs. S.P., Wernersville, Pennsylvania

"We had a GREAT TIME and would absolutely use Caravan again in the future. The sightseeing was exceptional whether it was hiking in the jungle or rainforest, or river. They were all great!! Your director is truly a remarkable individual and a great asset to your company."

Mr. T.E., Liverpool, New York

"Wonderful. You gave me an opportunity to experience people and places I’d never see because I don’t speak the language. I will recommend this tour to all my friends. I feel like I had a real holiday and I didn’t think about home at all. Very well-planned. Thank you!"

Mrs. L.D., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"We were amazed at the value provided by Caravan. Had we been making our own travel arrangements, we could have never afforded to stay at the splendid hotels Caravan included. All sightseeing and activities were enjoyable and interesting. Caravan’s tour showed us the highlights of Costa Rica and more wildlife than we thought possible. Thoughtful details such as providing a continental breakfast to early departing guests indicated to us what a class act Caravan is."

Mr. K.H., Port Townsend, Washington

"Excellent. Thanks to Caravan we got to see many beautiful places at a cost much less than we would have paid if we were on our own. I recommended my friends and family on how wonderful Caravan service is and how safe to travel. Our tour director was wonderful. He kept everything organized and made us feel relaxed like one big happy family."

Mrs. A.S., Mount Prospect, Illinois

"This was my first Caravan tour and because of the efforts of our director, driver and staff at hotels, I look forward to many more. I had no idea Costa Rica had so much to offer, and so many different climates. Of course I loved the tropical forests. Meals were fun! Having our own dining areas really helped. Tried new foods that were expertly prepared and presented, and some I hope to prepare at home. The hotels were exceptional, and the staff were attentive and polite."

Mrs. J.K., Auburn, Massachusetts

"Thank you for a delightful and educational learning experience in Costa Rica and for warm and sunny days and howler monkey morning alarms. We had a great time. You were efficient in handling all the business. Enjoyed it all, learned much, and thanks for giving time for alternate adventures. We did see Arenal from a distance and lots of wildlife. All that we saw was wonderful."

Ms. S.M., Heber City, Utah

"I don’t know how you can improve on excellence. I truly enjoyed my trip to Costa Rica. I couldn’t have been any better. All meals were excellent! Great in taste and plenty of food. I can’t say enough good things about our driver and director. They are an asset to your company. I will be traveling next year with Caravan to Guatemala. Thank you for a great trip with a great price...very affordable for what I saw and did in Costa Rica."

Ms. J.D., Glendora, California

"This trip exceeded my expectations. I’ve done a lot of travel by myself, and group tours are not really my thing, but this was such a good experience with a good group of people. A lot was packed into a rather short time, yet it didn’t feel rushed and there was enough time to enjoy the locations. All hotels were of a very high standard, and the rooms were spacious and comfortable with all amenities needed for a pleasant stay. I see another Caravan tour in my future."

Ms. L.K., Arcadia, California

"This was my first experience with Caravan but not the last. I am very happy and give an “E” for excellence. You are the only company including all the excursions at no extra cost."

Mr. J.S., Ronkonkoma, New York

"Keep doing what you’re doing! Caravan offers very reasonable pricing. All the activities were beautiful and I loved them!"

Ms. Y.S., Las Vegas, Nevada

"We wholeheartedly recommend Caravan Tours to our friends, especially your director and driver. The sightseeing was awesome! Fantastic range of geographic, historical and cultural locations. Our driver was safety first, but always on the lookout for natural sights and animals. All hotels were very nice, clean, luxurious and comfortable. All services and personnel were more courteous and helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed our stays. Meals were A+++. It was such a treat to have such well presented, clean and cut fruits. We met a lot of fun people on the tour that I will always remember and I hope to see you guys again. Thank you!"

Mr. J.L. & K.L., Lombard, Illinois

"Caravan hits the bullseye, no doubt here. It was a wonderful way to see all the sights and the activities were exactly as advertised. They are fun the way they are planned. We were constantly on the go, loved it. We met many other travelers from other countries, very sociable!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"This was second Caravan tour. Everyone I’ve spoken with who has used your company only had glowing comments. Even the slightest detail is not overlooked. Excellent director, answered all my questions and provided good insight. Looking forward to my next tour with Caravan."

Ms. A.M., Boynton Beach, Florida

"The coach was very comfortable - no stress! There was not one hitch along the way. Caravan planned right down to every detail. Very impressed and will highly recommend your company. The itinerary was well done, gave good details on what to expect each day."

Ms. C.H., Sterling, Massachusetts

"Delightful! We are amazed at the territory we covered and the sights we were able to enjoy. Overall, we were most pleased, as always, with our tour. No complaints, just positives that we share with our friends."

Mr. B.H., Fernandina Beach, Florida

"I’ve traveled all over the world and Caravan was amazing. They handle everything from the moment you land so you truly feel like you are on vacation. There is such a nice mixture of activities that it pleases everybody in the group. Our director has a love for Costa Rica that shines through everyday and is an endless source of information. I can’t say enough good things about Caravan!"

Mr. T.F., Camas, Washington

"The food was wonderful everywhere. It’s great to have lots of choices. The sightseeing and activities were great, volcanoes, turtles, birds, baby turtles, wonderful plants, waves, sunsets, water, and mountains! What a treat!"

Ms. C.W., Broomfield, Colorado

"The hotels, I felt they were all very good, and I liked the friendly hotel staff at all of the hotels and all were clean. The meals were good to very good. I loved the fruit! The sightseeing and activities were excellent. We enjoyed the variety, clever to have shopping at the end! Loved the hot springs and Coffee too. Our tour director was a wealth of knowledge on local economy, politics, sociology, history, ecology, etc. He helped us make a hotel reservation, really excellent. He kept a nice tight time table. I felt we got our money’s worth and would go with Caravan again. Will we get notice of more tours?"

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Chico, California

"The hotels were excellent! The meals were great and fresh fruit #1, very fine presentation. I would recommend this tour to anyone that wanted to escape to paradise."

Mr. J.C., Washington, D.C.

"The meals were ample quantities, well cooked, and the various fish entrees were great. I learned more about Costa Rica from both sightseeing and activities. The tour director was knowledgeable in History, Geography, Political and ecosystems and very well organized! He has charisma! He made the tour great! Would recommend this tour to our friends."

Mr. & Mrs. G.L., Brookfield, Wisconsin

"We found the people of Costa Rica very gracious and friendly. We were very impressed with Caravan and look forward to receiving your catalog for the Arizona trip."

Mr. & Mrs. A.G. Pottstown, Pennsylvania

"All hotels were wonderful. There was plenty to eat. Everything was delicious. We saw a red howler monkey. I will definitely take another Caravan tour and will recommend it to friends."

Mr. & Mrs. R.F., Hialeah, Florida

"Our tour director was wonderful, most informative and kept on time. She was friendly, smart and gave us many pointers. She worked hard to please us all. We recommend this trip to many. It was well worth the money."

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Barrington, Rhode Island

"I liked all of our accommodations at the hotels. The sightseeing and activities schedule was wonderful. Our trip was very good and we felt it was one of our best vacations."

Mr. & Mrs. F.B., Memphis, Tennessee

"Caravan is absolutely the very best way to see Costa Rica. I have been in Costa Rica perhaps twenty times during the sixties and seventies, but never saw the East coastal regions. I thoroughly enjoyed the Canal Cruises. Fortuna and facilities at Arenal Volcano were outstanding. The tour director was certainly professional. He was knowledgeable of plants and animals and very helpful to all passengers. I was very pleased, surprised and impressed."

Mr. & Mrs. G.A., Tuplo, Mississippi

"The activities were well-planned and reflected the beauty of Costa Rica. Caravan can be very proud of their tour director and driver on this tour. The cost of the tour was very reasonable considering the meals, accommodations and activities."

Mrs. S.H., Naples, Florida

"The hotel in San Jose was great with comfortable beds, nice view of area. A special treat, so cute, great pool. Coffee in the early a.m. to our own place was a nice touch. The animals were awesome as well. Fortuna, I loved the animal decorations made from towels unique. We had the perfect tour director. I could not say enough kind words about how professional, caring, concerned and educational she was throughout the whole tour. She loves her country and seeing it through her eyes was amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect tour director, and we will always remember. The motor coach was comfortable as were the boat trips. It was nice to have someone else do the driving, especially in an unknown place."

Mr. & Mrs. Sagamore Beach, Massachusetts

"The hotels were excellent. The meals were very good and plenty of variety. Our tour director was excellent. He was extremely knowledgeable about what we were seeing and doing. He was excellent at troubleshooting and taking care of any problems. I would highly recommend this Caravan tour to all of our friends and associates."

Mr. D.H., Naples, Florida

"All our hotels were excellent. I liked the single cabins best! All were clean and the staff was courteous. All activities were excellent! We saw various ecosystems, and numerous wildlife. We took this tour to see Costa Rica. The tour was well-planned and executed. Thanks."

Mr. & Mrs. M.M., Columbia, Missouri

"The hotels were terrific. I loved being in the city in San Jose and the meals were very nice. The tour director was wonderful. We’ve already recommended her to others. Terrific value and we had a wonderful time. The tour people were very safety conscious. GREAT TRIP!"

Mrs. D.M., Lincoln, New Hampshire

"All sightseeing and activities were fantastic, had great plans and kept us as active as we desired to be. The boat trips along with the bus enabled us to see so much of the country, the wild like, animals etc. We had a wonderful trip and have already recommended it to our friends and family."

Mr. & Mrs. M.V., Manhattan Beach, California

"This was our first organized tour and we loved it. It was nice to have someone driving and planning the stops. We will refer Caravan to family and friends and you’ll see us on another tour in the future. Awesome job, great value and great memories."

Mr. & Mrs. T.R., Newport, Oregon

"I was very pleased with Caravan Tours. We are planning to take your Glacier National Park trip and the Prince Edward Island trip. Thank you for a great experience in Costa Rica."

Mr. & Mrs. E.C., Royal Grande, California

"Nice accommodations, appreciated the pools. Porters were very efficient. The meals were good and filling. I was glad we were eating more traditional foods and not American fare. This trip was a thousand times better than I anticipated. Can’t wait to pick a new adventure with Caravan."

Ms. S.C., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"I have to say the local guides were experts in their fields and always ready to answer questions in depth. The motor coach was super and comfortable! River trips and personnel, fun! Enjoyed every minute of this tour. Have already recommended Caravan Tours to many people. Thank you for a memorable nine days!"

Ms. R.W., Redondo Beach, California

"Had a wonderful time, will tell all my friends and family to go on your tour. They will not be disappointed! I am going again."

Mr. J.M., Winston-Salem, North Carolina

"I enjoyed all of the local guides. The naturalists really tried to point out as much flora and fauna as possible. This was a great trip. We will most likely travel with Caravan again. Very professional. Everything the brochure said, it happened. Tour was timely and other guests mixed well. It was just a darned great vacation with wonderful memories!"

Mrs. A.P., Los Osos, California

"The people at the hotels were wonderful, and also very helpful, right down to the bell hops. All the meals were fresh produce, with choices of fish, chicken, or beef. Traveling with three picky eaters, they had no problem filling their stomachs. I could go for some of that oh so good pineapple right now. Our tour director, always with a smile, was so awesome. I learned so much from her. She really knows her Country and history. I will give her a billion stars!! Now, I have a great FRIEND! When I come back in September, can I find out when she is going to be the tour director? Thank you for such an awesome time!"

Mrs. D.C., Portland, Connecticut

"Our tour director was wonderful. He was always very helpful with any problem. He was very pleasant, organized and a great dancer. He was fun at the closing night party. Our driver was excellent, always felt very safe with him."

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., Encino, California

"The tour director was wonderful. She is a credit to the tour industry. I would recommend a Caravan tour to anyone."

Mr. & Mrs. M.F., New Port Richey, Florida

"The country is really of outstanding beauty. Best of all, it leaves a picture in your mind. I loved the fruit and veggies and some of the pork. I liked the fish and I do not eat much fish, but this was good. Our tour guide made the most of every day. He kept us going, we really saw so much. He was the best, I think he will be their next president. The people on our bus and all the people in Costa Rica were really the best I’ve ever met. The whole trip was the best."

Mr. J.K., Avon Park, Florida

"I highly recommend this Caravan trip! So much to see and enjoy. I really feel I experienced the outstanding beauty of Costa Rica."

Ms. N.L., Lynnwood, Washington

"I liked the chicken and carrots. The sightseeing boats were great. I am nine years old and I want to come back."

Mr. M.P., Palm Coast, Florida

"The hotels were better than expected. The view and ability to walk up and down the beach was wonderful as well. A very educational tour in all areas for the short amount of days."

Mr. & Mrs. B.M., Saratoga, California

"All hotels were comfortable; all good values. Rustic was sort of fun, because all got into the spirit of it. It’s a tiny country, but so much to see. It was a great trip and a real value."

Mr. & Mrs. H.F., Greer, South Carolina

"The tour was great. I would recommend this to anybody. The Costa Rican people we met, and who serviced us during our stops, reminded me so much of my country, the Philippines."

Mr. M.C., Long Beach, California

"The tour director was excellent! He was a real people person, watched out for us all and was most helpful and knowledgeable. I recommend him highly! Trip was worth twice the price. We are recommending it to all our friends."

Mr. G.Z., Laguna Niguel, California

"If you ever want to get a taste of Costa Rica, go through Caravan tours in USA. Your hotel selection of places to stay was very good and the hotels get five stars. All that anyone could ask for and more. The meals were great selections, very tasty and more than enough. All in all, I was pleased with all the beautiful flora in all the places we went. I was a solo traveler for the first time, but fell into the group with ease and felt welcome. Keep up the good work, I will recommend to all that I speak. Thank you for all the good experiences on this trip."

Ms. M.P., San Diego, California

"The hotel in San Jose was wonderful and gorgeous! The lodge in Fortuna was marvelous and all personnel in all of the properties were efficient, eager to please and professional. I enjoyed the meals so much at each property that I had second helpings most of the time. The tour director really cares about his country, his people and his tourists. I can’t say enough good things about Caravan and the trip and Caravan’s employees. I ran out of positive adjectives! We will be booking with Caravan again!"

Mr. & Mrs. M.E., Sylmar, California

"The sightseeing and activities were well-planned and coordinated to find the best of this beautiful country. A good variety, I especially enjoyed the small museum in San Jose. Our tour director was superb, very knowledgeable and funny. He has a real feeling for the outdoors and the creatures, plants and people."

Mrs. J.K., San Diego, California

"I will recommend Costa Rica and Caravan Tours to everyone and suggest they try to obtain our tour director. He was the best ever, knowledgeable, interested, humorous, foresighted and prepared. The sightseeing was excellent. Volcanoes, animals and plants were terrific, and monkeys were the highlights."

Mr. & Mrs. D.S., Estero, Florida

"I was very impressed. We were able to see so many things and see so much of the country in just nine days. The trip was very well organized. This trip was absolutely awesome. I will recommend it to any one going to Costa Rica. This was my first trip with Caravan and we encountered no problems. Such an amazing trip for such a low price."

Ms. K.W., North Little Rock, Arkansas

"The hotels were excellent and the staff were always courteous and helpful and friendly. The food was very good, especially the seafood. We visited interesting places and observed a wide variety of flora and fauna. The tour director was absolutely top notch! His knowledge of his country is outstanding and made our tour very interesting. He was patient, always courteous, and a delight to travel with. Caravan provides a great experience. Would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.C., Westerville, Ohio

"Wonderful, wonderful trip. Nicely planned out. Enjoyed everything from beginning to end. Great for the price. Terrific, personable guides. Will do this trip again. Thank you!"

Ms. D.W., Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

"This tour was all I expected and more! What a beautiful country and wonderful people in Costa Rica. We had the best tour director ever! Organized, informative and helpful."

Mrs. J.R., Meadville, Pennsylvania

"An excellent, fun-filled, informative tour. Each of the hotels was great in its own way for the region. We are recommending to our friends."

Mr. M.K., Wichita, Kansas

"We loved every minute of our trip. Fun, entertaining, and a learning experience. The coffee plantation, the beaches, the hand-painted carts, and the monkeys! The hotels were exceptionally clean and well supplied. Plenty of time to take lots of photos. Thank you."

Ms. L.S., Eugene, Oregon

"Exceeded expectations. Didn’t expect that level of quality of hotel. Bus was always immaculately clean. Like I have told everyone, I can’t believe everything that was provided, hotels, meals, and tour for the price I paid. Definitely recommending Caravan to family and friends."

Mrs. M.L., Eutawville, South Carolina

"The staff was great everywhere. The amount of food was more than expected. A good variety. I really felt like we saw a large area of the country and a diverse selection. The places we visited greatly exceeded my expectations. I have nothing bad to say. It would have been nice to sit with everyone at one large table at the final dinner. Thanks for putting such a great tour together."

Ms. J.P., Alton, Maine

"Excellent. Outstanding. Our director was full of enthusiasm and very charming. She went out of her way to make sure everyone was comfortable and happy. This was my first tour with a large group ever and I was very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I will certainly take another Caravan tour someday."

Mr. M.O., New York, New York

"Our director’s attention to detail made the tour so easy for us. We never felt rushed. We never went hungry. We know there were many people behind the scenes to make all the hotels, food, and tours possible. Thanks to them also. We especially enjoyed Fortuna and Guanacaste. We would recommend this tour to others."

Mrs. & Mr. B.D., Butte, Montana

"Excellent, unique hotel rooms and service, great food and variety. We found the population of Costa Rica to be lovely people. We very much enjoyed our trip and cannot say enough about our director. She is a credit to your company. We will absolutely consider another Caravan tour."

Mrs. S.M., Bohemia, New York.

"Outstanding in every way!! Hotels were a great wonderful surprise, and our director was thoughtful, professional, organized. Great attitude and friendly. Loved her, made our trip. We were both impressed and enjoyed this trip much more than expected! Pura Vida!"

Mrs. & Mr. E.S., Hercules, California

"Exceptional. All the hotels were nice, unique and interesting. Our rooms were great. We enjoyed all the tours and activities. A complete experience. Muy Bueno!"

Mr. & Mrs. L.R., Enid, Oklahoma

"The meals were very good and well presented. I enjoyed the lunch stop locations too. Our tour director made this trip very comfortable and fun. This was my first Caravan tour. I would book another one in the future."

Mr. & Mrs. B.R., Oberlin, Ohio

"The hotels were very clean. Some were luxurious. The hotel in Fortuna was a unique one. We enjoyed it. The tour director was very accommodating, thoughtful and well organized. I thought I would never enjoy a guided tour vacation, but this was different. I had a good time and I learned a lot about plants, trees, animals and birds. The food selection was excellent with great farewell dinner in San Jose. The chef deserves five stars. We had the best tour director. He went out of his way to make everybody feel welcome and comfortable. The tour was a family atmosphere. He was very informative and knowledgeable."

Mr. D.M., Long Beach, California

"The hotels had beautiful rooms, great service and nice showers! The sightseeing and activities were amazing! It felt like everything was staged. Much more than I expected! Excellent overall!"

Mr. & Mrs. M.G., Pleasant Hill, California

"I really loved Costa Rica, and a lot of it has to do with you. Thank you for delivering everything you promised and more. This was indeed a very rewarding experience. The meals were great, a terrific variety of foods. I love drinking all those tasty juices with my meals, very good for you. The tour director was great! She was quite knowledgeable and pleasant. I loved her sense of humor. She made me feel that my family and I were in good hands; put me at ease from the very beginning, which helped me relax and enjoy my vacation. I just want to thank you for making this such a memorable vacation. I will recommend your company to anybody I know. Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!"

Ms. N.R., Arvada, Colorado

"The tour director was excellent! We have been on many tours, and by far he has been the best. This is a very good tour and cost is also good."

Mr. & Mrs. D.S., Estero, Florida

"The meals were fabulous and the final ‘sit down’ was especially nice. The sights were very good, enjoyed the coffee plantation and the cart factory. Had not traveled with Caravan before, but will recommend it to my friends."

Ms. J.M., Laguna Niguel, California

"This tour was a LOT nicer than I thought it would be. I’m glad there were other children for my granddaughter to play with. She had a ball and so did we."

Mr. & Mrs. T.B. Columbia, South Carolina

"We had a really great time, learned a lot about Costa Rica. It was an experience I will always cherish. Amazing value for the money."

Mr. & Mrs. H.G., Parkland, Florida

"This was one of the most relaxing tours that weve been on. Your tour director was attentive and full of knowledge, humor, and made us feel welcome in his country. The day-by-day itinerary book that you supply is terrific. On this particular tour, I think you should stress how very casual Costa Rica is."

Mr. & Mrs. L.W., North Miami Beach, Florida

"All hotels were excellent. They were the best accommodations available for where we were. All were extremely clean and the service was exceptional. The hotel meals were great. It was surprising how good the lunches on the road were and how quickly they served the group. Your activities were well chosen and extremely well planned. Your rest and photo stops were at great places, timely, and helped keep everyone in good humor. Your tour director was the best, totally organized, informed and patient."

Ms. L.A., Hickory, North Carolina

"It's my first experience using Caravan Tours. It was an excellent trip. I will definitely travel with Caravan again!"

Mr. G.C., Bridgeport, Connecticut

"The meals were very good. Your tour director's knowledge of local plants and wildlife were highlights. It was a fun and informative vacation. I found the people to be friendly and the landscape beautiful. Overall, a great experience!"

Mr. & Mrs. L.T., Rio Vista, California

"All the meals were excellent. As a vegetarian, it was refreshing to see several selections that I could enjoy. Your tour director was the best that I have ever had. She was knowledgeable as well as flexible enough to please the whole group. The local guides were very knowledge and all had wonderful senses of humor. I would definitely go on another tour with Caravan. I'm even thinking of retiring in Costa Rica."

Ms. S.D., Culver City, California

"This tour of Costa Rica included all types of flora and fauna that could possibly be encountered in 9 days on a trip. Perfect choice of sightseeing and activities: a 10 star rating."

Mrs. E.D., Stockton, California

"We were really impressed with the quality of the hotels provided. Your tour director was the perfect host - gracious, considerate, knowledgeable and always on top of things. Thanks for a wonderful positive experience. I will have no hesitation recommending Caravan Tours to friends and family. Thanks."

Mr. & Mrs. J.H., Fountain Valley, California

"Great food, especially enjoyed meals at restaurants - a nice change from too many buffet meals at hotels. Your tour director was excellent, really knowledgeable about Costa Rica, and eager to share knowledge without being too in your face. There was a good mix of active and leisure time."

Ms. D.H., Cerritos, California

"We will remember this wonderful trip, made especially good by your tour director and her knowledge and sincere pride in her beautiful country. At least 130 birds were spotted and identified."

Mr. & Mrs. D.M., Mount Royal, Quebec, Canada

"The meals were excellent, quality and variety fabulous. The fresh fruits were outstanding. I liked the free bottled water on motor coach also."

Ms. C.N., West Sand Lake, New York

"Your tour director was the best we have ever had. This was a very nice trip, liked having so much included: meals, drinks, excursions and tips. Would like to use Caravan any time."

Mr. & Mrs. S.N., Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

"It is evident to us that Caravan puts together a great trip and knows that an excellent tour director is an absolute necessity for an enjoyable tour. Caravan, you surely pick good ones! The hotels were very good considering the several areas that we visited. I believe them to be the best available in the areas that nightfall found us. This was our second tour with Caravan, and even though it was quite different from the Canadian Rockies, it was also a wonderful trip. We are very impressed with Caravan and are looking forward to another tour next year."

Mr. & Mrs. W.Q., Marietta, Georgia

"This has to be marked down in my book as one of the best tours I've been on. I will highly recommend Caravan Tours to all my friends and acquaintances. You should be very proud of what you have to offer."

Mr. & Mrs. C.J., Bend, Oregon

"With such an outstanding director, guides and driver, our group became friendly and made contacts with each other which are likely to develop into plans for future tours together. This was an enjoyable, memorable adventure that we will share with our friends and co-workers."

Mr. & Mrs. R. V., Enfield, Maine

"Very well planned sightseeing and activities. Loved the river boat trips to see the wildlife. A well paced tour - at last a tour that doesn’t feel like I’m in a race! The pace was excellent. Your tour director was A++. Very warm, but professional and took care of all the details and was very available any time. Your local guides were excellent, fun attitudes and knowledgeable. Your tour was excellent value for the money. Professionally done. Will recommend this company back in USA. Thanks!"

Ms. S.D., Enfield, Maine

"Our experience with Caravan tells us to use them again and we would recommend Caravan. Every member in the group was terrific. It seems like the best gravitate to Caravan."

Mr. & Mrs. S.B., New Hyde Park, New York

"Hotels were excellent. I couldn’t have discovered nor booked these accommodations on my own - nor at the price paid. They ranged from superior and sophisticated to superior and quaint. I’d let you take me anywhere, and everyone I’ve met or talked to about the tour knows that. Thank you! From the time I first sent in my deposit I felt comfortable that everything was well taken of. Your tour director was absolutely delightful."

Mr. & Mrs. J.R., Pollock Pines, California

"Your tour director has an eye like an eagle when it comes to spotting wildlife and birds. Your Caravan driver was excellent."

Mr. & Mrs. D.M., Citrus Heights, California

"Touring with you from beginning to end is a pleasure. All meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner were excellent and provided plenty of fruits and other choices. We enjoyed this trip equally as well as our first trip with you and we can only speak well of Caravan. The trips are arranged well and the time given in the different areas was well planned and sought out. We recommend Caravan to all our friends. Thanks again for an exciting trip!"

Mr. & Mrs. K.M., Kernersville, North Carolina

"What a wonderful and unforgettable vacation to Costa Rica! We're looking forward to doing the same trip again some time in the future. We truly enjoyed ourselves. We are recommending this trip to all our friends and families!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., San Francisco, California

"Hotels: excellent choices, good variety. Your meals were good to excellent, fresh local food, attractive and plentiful, spacious and uncrowded. Our first trip with Caravan. We have traveled extensively with other companies. Your trip was exactly as advertised. We have never traveled with a more friendly and gracious group. Your tour director made the tour as smooth as silk and the atmosphere stayed upbeat. We look forward to another Caravan trip and have already recommended it to a number of friends."

Mr. & Mrs. G.K., Metairie, Louisiana

"This tour exceeded every expectation in every way. At such a bargain price I expected so-so food and hotels. Not so! Don't know how you do it, but we'll be recommending Caravan."

Mr. & Mrs. M.L., Fairfax, Virginia

"Being all inclusive was wonderful! I liked having the option of joining excursions or doing your own activities. Encourage people to go to the waterfall by Arenal; it is breathtaking. Thanks! I had fun and learned a lot."

Ms. K.H., Naperville, Illinois

"The meals were more than expected. Food was wonderful, restaurants clean, staff courteous and wanting to please. We saw everything and more that the brochure described. Your tour director was very knowledgeable about his country, the plants and animals. He went the extra mile. Your local guides were knowledgeable and spoke English well. Your driver was superb, always felt safe. We will definitely do another Caravan tour."

Mr. D.A., Evans, Georgia

"As a travel agent, I will definitely recommend this tour to my clients. The local guide with a great background and wealth of information on Costa Rica made for a very good tour."

Mrs. B.W., Northbridge, California

"Your hotels were perfect for a Costa Rica tour! Appreciated the fact that we did not overshop, but the opportunity was there for those who desired. Your tour director could not have been more accommodating and we had a diversified group. He circulated, showed no favoritism and was an excellent host. All others were very good. Loved the river cruises. Overall, a perfectly wonderful trip and a feather in the hat of Caravan for putting it together."

Mr. & Mrs. D.E., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Your Caravan tour director excellent!!! The best we've ever had in over two dozen guided tours. We would recommend this trip to others."

Mr. H.C., La Mesa, California

"The rest and photo stops were very well spaced so that we never felt hurried or tired. Our tour director was always a welcoming presence, very courteous, full of stories and anecdotes about the Costa Rican sites."

Mrs. E.Y., Carson, California

"The birds, monkeys and flowers we saw were worth everything. The visit to the coffee plantation and the comedy were great. The meals were good and there was plenty of food. I particularly loved the fruit. Your tour director was very helpful and considerate. I am a first time traveler with Caravan and am satisfied with my experience."

Ms. L.C., Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Enjoyed the sightseeing and activities immensely. Your Caravan tour director was extremely pleasant, co-operative and did a fine job. Your local guides were high quality. We would highly recommend this tour. All the people were a delight to be with. Thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. R.J., Fairfield, Connecticut

"The quality and service at the hotels was excellent. All the meals were excellent. Your tour directors background and bilingual skills were a perfect complement to tour director responsibilities. He had a great sense of humor and was responsive to travelers' concerns. Caravan had the best bus driver I have ever seen. He kept the bus in perfect condition. I was surprised at the high quality of lodging, food, service and skilled guides supplied by Caravan. The trip was a good value!"

Mr. R.U., Rhinelander, Wisconsin

"We saw and learned so much about Costa Rica. There was so much to see and do. Very impressed."

Mrs. & Mr. N.C., Mesquite, Nevada

"Exceeded expectations. My two Caravan tours have left me with great respect for your choices in sites, personnel, lodging, and ability to control client costs. Only wish that you covered the whole world. Good job!"

Ms. J.T., Saint Johnsonville, New York

"Hotels were great. Each was unique. Some meals were more elaborate than others, but all were very good and had a great variety. I would not hesitate to take this trip again. I will tell my friends what a great trip they missed. This is my first trip with Caravan but it wont be the last."

Ms. J.B., Bayonne, New Jersey

"Meals were very good both at hotels and sightseeing stops. Your sightseeing and activities were well selected and paced. Your tour director deserves an A++ - he's knowledgeable, approachable, articulate and confidently in control. Your local guides had good levels of knowledge and English. Your motor coach driver is NASCAR-quality safe, efficient and completely reliable. Although clearly you cant control who is on tours, we were impressed with our companions. Bottom line: Thank you, it was an excellent, fun tour."

Mr. & Mrs. L.L., Vista, California

"Everything was paced nicely. The unique thing about Caravan is that you can do as little or as much as you want on a tour. The local guides we had were very knowledgeable. Our driver was great. He kept the bus spotless. We were totally impressed with his driving skills. We will definitely take another Caravan tour."

Mr. & Mrs. L.H., Beaver, Pennsylvania

"Hotels were very high quality, clean, comfortable, with a gracious staff. The meals were very good and healthy with lots of choices, many typical Costa Rican foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. I especially liked the all-inclusive program. A good pace, never too long on the bus. I have been on other tours and feel that Caravan is the best value. I will seek out Caravan tours to other countries. Thank you!"

Ms. S.M., Hockessin, Delaware

"The Caravan bus, hotels, meals, local guides, driver, and tour director were exceptional. I’ve traveled with another tour company six times. While well pleased with them, Caravan was superior. I’ve never had a tour vacation run so well without hitches or disappointments."

Ms. P.B., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"We saw both white faced and squirrel monkeys up close and the hike and views were awesome. I’d give the entire tour an A+."

Mrs. J.S., Sarasota, Florida

"We accomplished everything we wanted to see. The meals were excellent. Your tour director fantastico! We were very impressed with all your local guides. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip."

Mr. & Mrs. R. M., Steelville, Missouri

"We had wonderful meals at all the hotels and restaurants. Your tour director was superb! Your local guides were fun and surprised us with their excellent English and detailed knowledge of their respective subjects and areas. Your Caravan driver was extremely careful and considerate. His driving skills were amazing on the narrow Costa Rican roads. The coach was maintained well and was clean and comfortable. This is a great tour. I will recommend it to friends."

Mr. N. G., Fair Oaks, California

"This is a trip that I will recommend to my friends as well as traveling with Caravan. Much of this is due to having such a good tour guide. I can only give the highest recommendation, bright and caring, her enthusiasm was contagious. I hope to travel with Caravan again in the future."

Mrs. W.L., Lexington, South Carolina

"Fabulous! Excellent. Thank you. The whole tour, from airport arrival to departure was so well-planned."

Ms. L.F., Richmond, Virginia

"My son treated us to the trip. He knew that Costa Rica was on my bucket list. I assured him the Caravan would be the best way for him and his girlfriend (both professionals) and the two of us (retired) to go together. And it sure was! Wonderful, clean beautiful hotels, well-organized staff. We all had a great time! We’ve got three more tours of yours in our future."

Mrs. & Mr. K.P., Glasgow, Virginia

"A worthwhile value trip with a great tour director. Kind, thoughtful, and conscientious. A considerate tour group. Loved that all meals were provided. The provided ample water a great idea. Excellent!"

Mr. G.L., Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

"Excellent, exceptional, amazingly beautiful hotels. The buffets were abundant and we loved the traditional meals. Over-the-top activities, plenty of stops, clean rest areas. Beautiful, well kept coach, roomy, and full of water. Pura vida, thank you."

Mr. R.M., Long Pond, Pennsylvania

"Excellent hotels, all were different, but wonderful, clean and well stocked with everything we needed. Never had a bad meal, so much wonderful fresh food. This was my 6th tour with Caravan. Loved every day. Celebrated my 75th birthday with friends, will have memories that will last a lifetime. Caravan, you have your company together!"

Mrs. V.S., Selma, California

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