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Customer Reviews of our Guatemala with Tikal tour

We currently have 132 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers.

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“The ruins, sights and tours were wonderful, but it is the Guatemalan people I remember best. I think I left a little piece of my heart in Guatemala.”

Ms. P.F., Oceanside, California

“This was a trip of a lifetime. The overwhelming beauty of Lake Atitlan, the splendor and grandeur of Tikal. Everywhere we went, we were amazed. I give our tour director six stars or even seven. Her knowledge and passion about her country, her energy, her care for us, her sense of humor and storytelling ability was all outstanding. She really made the trip for us. The driver and the local guides were also excellent. We had a good-sized group with a wide range of age and experience. The food was wonderful, the hotels were nice, especially the Villa hotel. Caravan is a class act and this is a wonderful tour.”

Mr. H.E., Arlington, Virginia

“I travel a great deal and have lived overseas. This was my first organized group tour and it exceeded ALL expectations.”

Ms. P.D., Chicago, Illinois

“Overall a very positive and priceless experience with lingering pleasant memories. The hotels can best be described as exceptional. Each presented with a different theme of splendor. The investment in their guests was outstanding with special attention to guests of all ages. All hotel employees were guest-oriented with untiring attention. The meals were a gourmet delight of local cuisines intertwined with conventional receipts. Our activities were well-organized with the traveler’s interest of paramount importance. Our driver can best be remembered as a remarkable individual who developed great admiration and respect from every traveler. He was energetic, industrious, and dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of his passengers. And what a magnificent tour director we had. His broad range of knowledge and interest, as related to the Mayan history and country of Guatemala, was presented with intellectual enthusiasm. A gifted guide with a wide range of stellar interests. This writer remains a Caravan supporter for life.”

Mr. K.R., Washington, D.C.

“What a beautiful and interesting country. We enjoyed the ruins and coffee plantation, also the local entertainment provided. The hotels were first rate. Can’t say enough about our director, she went the extra mile for us and our driver was amazing.”

Mr. & Mrs M.Z., Cheyenne, Wyoming

“As a first timer with Caravan, I won’t hesitate to recommend that others experience what you offer. Enjoyed everything we saw and experienced. Hotels were excellent, locations were great. I have done quite a lot of travel and tours. Ours was the best director I’ve experienced. An extraordinary communicator, her passion for her country and knowledge is exceptional. She is also very relatable. I will look forward to future travel with you.”

Mrs. E.D., Federal, Washington

“Premier first class hotels. Villa Maya was my favorite: unique location, friendly professional staff and the cleanest room I’ve ever occupied. We saw so many wonderful things, dances, museums, boat cruises, ceramics, weavings, festivities. Very knowledgeable director, excellent in current affairs, history, the culture - and appropriately shared it with us. Very good at figuring the logistics and keeping us moving without a hitch. Thank you Caravan, excellent value for money and very fun.”

Mr. & Mrs. H.H., Colorado Springs, Colorado

“What a lovely trip. Such beauty in Guatemala, I was very surprised. Our group was fantastic. We have been on eight tours with different companies, and one other with Caravan. We will be singing Caravan’s praises to our friends.”

Mr. & Mrs. D.B., Mars Hill, North Carolina

“This was an outstanding tour. Incredible value and exceptionally well done. All hotels were well located with excellent facilities, food, very clean and comfortable rooms. We saw so much about the history and culture. We felt like we really got to see the real Guatemala. Thank you Caravan!”

Ms. S.M., East Berlin, Connecticut

“At the recommendation of our friends, we decided to check out Caravan Tours for our second trip to Guatemala and we are thrilled we took their advice. Over the years, we have traveled with various tour companies; after traveling with Caravan we found that the level of professionalism and value are head and shoulders above the rest. The sightseeing opportunities more than met our expectations and were definitely geared to handle a variety of needs. We learned so much at each location thanks to our director and the itinerary. The accommodations were wonderful, clean rooms, comfortable beds great views. In short, our director was amazing. A great ambassador for Guatemala. We are more than happy to share our experience with family and friends!”

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Williston, Florida

“Outstanding. I am enchanted with Guatemala and plan to go back. We were really delighted by how much we all learned. I was particularly impressed by the variety of topics our director discussed. He made very interesting comments about American history and connected them to the history of Latin America and Guatemala in particular. My family is very interested in anthropology, Spanish language and indigenous culture. What we learned sparked some excellent conversations.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Quincy Massachusetts

“This was my fifth Caravan tour and it was another winner. Hotel Atitlan was superb, and the gardens were the most beautiful I have ever seen.”

Ms. E.E., Saint Louis, Missouri

“This was our first Caravan trip. It was a trip of a lifetime. The group was so kind and fun-loving. It was a fantastic experience. Tikal is absolutely a must see on this tour. All of our activities were interesting and our director provided so much information that I feel like he added a huge value to the trip. His love for his job and life, his ability to masterfully negotiate all our personalities. Caravan has a good thing going, I wish you all the luck in keeping it going.”

Mrs. & Mr. C.C., Tigard, Oregon

“Overall the trip was great! Every hotel we stayed at was absolutely amazing. Service and rooms were 5-star. We had different foods in every hotel and stop and they were all delicious. Our director made the trip worthwhile with his extensive knowledge of the history of Guatemala and the Mayans. His friendly charismatic personality kept us motivated and happy.”

Ms. L.P., Cerritos, California

“I could write a novel on the Guatemala trip. I cannot find enough words to adequately describe the feeling I have about the tour. I don’t feel that I just saw the country, I felt like I experienced the country. I left with a great sense of appreciation of its beauty, natural resources and challenges. Each meal was delicious with a wide variety of specialties from the region. I took over 1,500 photos, plenty of opportunity. This was my first trip outside the U.S. and I feel like I struck gold with our director. Fellow, more seasoned travelers agreed that she set the standard for professional tour directors. A truly talented, intelligent and multi-faceted woman. An asset to your company. When we left for the airport, she came to our shuttle to wish us safe travels. I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend. I am looking forward to my next Caravan tour.”

Mrs. A.D., San Diego, California

“This was my second time seeing Guatemala with Caravan. My husband and I went in March 2015. I loved it so much I returned to take my niece. I have enjoyed every tour with Caravan, but Guatemala stands out because of the diversity of activities and places. Who can forget the experience of being in Panajachel on Market Day? Wonderful meals with plenty of healthy choices, great tasting everywhere. An amazing variety of activities that helped us learn about the people of Guatemala and the Mayan culture. Being in Antigua to witness the Holy Week processionals was a real treat. Our director made our journey a happy and joyful one.”

Ms. M.H, Flat Rock, North Carolina

“Our director captured the attention of all passengers and exceeded my expectations. Kudos to him for an amazing journey. I loved it and it was an outstanding value. Thank you.”

Mrs. R.S., Ponce Inlet, Florida

“Love Caravan Tours. Our third one and we recommend you to all our friends. Great variety of activities, rich history, well paced with enough time relaxation. Rest stops were excellent, wonderful meals with tons of choices, excellent comfortable hotels. Can’t say enough about our director, one of the most knowledgeable, educated, humorous, helpful, patient guides. We loved him, he made the trip extra special.”

Mr. & Mrs. N.P., Midlothian, Virginia

“An excellent trip - made especially worthwhile by an outstanding tour director. She made the trip special - clone her!! Probably the best tour director I’ve encountered in over two dozen overseas trips.”

Mr. S.K., Elk Grove, California

“I have been to Guatemala ten times, but this time I loved it as it was my first guided tour. Great job. The hotels and friendly staff were excellent. Out of the forty-two passengers, almost half had done this tour before! I plan to go again. Caravan Tours is #1 in my book.”

Mr. J.S., Brownsburg, Indiana

“Our visit to Guatemala was fantastic. Wow! Enjoyed every bit of the trip - each place was special in its own way and all activities were pertinent to the locale. The director was knowledgeable, approachable, fun-loving, and considerate. Beautiful environment, good food, good group of travelers, unique hotels and relaxation.”

Ms. P.H., Cheyenne, Wyoming

“We weren’t really quite sure what to expect, but it turned out to be a great tour for us. We enjoyed it all. Mayan ruins, volcanoes, Antigua, local handicrafts, boat rides, new foods. We are pleased to have a much better understanding of Mayan history and culture. All hotels excellent, meals chosen for lunch excellent and well chosen activities. The Guatemalan people were so nice and welcoming to us. How do they get their steak so tender? I loved the hibiscus drinks. Everything we would have wanted to see on our own! Good trip!”

Mr. & Mrs. B.H., Interlaken, New York

“Our driver was nothing short of amazing. The hotels were wonderful, beautiful and comfortable and clean. We really enjoyed all the tours. Tikal is amazing.”

Mrs. S.T., Cheyenne, Wyoming

“Loved Guatemala and plan to return again on my own in the future. The activities were all good, and the day at Tikal was spectacular with nice hiking and beautiful scenery. I especially liked the Villa Maya and Hotel Atitlan. Wonderful places, and I am looking forward to my future vacations with Caravan. We had a passionate guide who shares her enthusiasm for anthropology, history, and everything Guatemala with her travelers. Gracias.”

Mr. G.K., Sim Valley, California

“Everything was amazing. You have thought of everything to make the trip very memorable for everyone. I can’t think of one thing that would have made the experience any better. Thank you. Fantastic. The best ever director. She was absolutely wonderful.”

Ms. K.J., Fort Collins, Colorado

“This was a great trip; we have traveled all over the world, but this trip all persons just clicked. Our director was so nice and knowledgeable. Sightseeing was wonderful, Tikal ruin was amazing. They had a car for those who didn’t walk. Our hotels were amazing, each one had their own personality. Hotel Atitlan was beautiful, the grounds were gorgeous. Thank you for a trip to remember. ”

Mr & Mrs. M.D., La Verne, California

“Very happy we decided to go on the tour. The trip was much more than I expected. Great buffets, great meals. Guatemala City’s archaeology museum was a good historic center to start. Our director had a passion for giving the best tour of her adopted country. Enjoyed her lectures and presentations, without a doubt one of the best tour guides.”

Mr. C.G., San Rafael, California

“This was my first trip with Caravan and will take another one in the future. This was my second time to Guatemala and I saw lots of new and interesting things. I thought the hotels were wonderful. Our director did a great job of keeping people of all ages entertained, organized, and educating us. You can see her love of country.”

Ms. D.S., Lake Leelanau, Michigan

“I loved every moment of it. Saw a nice cross section of the country, the beautiful spots and everywhere we went people were friendly and helpful. I felt very safe wherever we stayed and also felt very cared for. I’m ready to go again!”

Mrs. B.M., Cambridge, Vermont

“Tikal was not to be missed. We got to watch a whole family of howler monkeys traveling through the trees, wild toucans, awe-inspiring temples, cultural shows, Mayan music. All meals were abundant and delicious.”

Ms. D.H., Georgetown, Texas

“Every hotel exceeded anything I could imagine, every meal was excellent, tasty, visual and plentiful. My goal was Tikal and for me was what I went to see. I will always recommend Caravan to my friends.”

Mr. J.G., The Villages, Florida

“Wonderful. I was not expecting such luxury. Absolutely delicious meals. My expectations were exceeded. Our director was over-the-top fantastic. I wish at least some of my college professors were as interesting. Guatemala is my 54th country visited outside of the US, and Caravan made it special. This was my first Caravan tour, but surely won’t be the last. Well done Caravan.”

Mr. L.S., Austin, Texas

“Caravan tours are the best because of their tour directors. Their knowledge of history, economics, politics, and culture are beyond compare. This was an excellent vacation and I will recommend it to my friends. We had an excellent guide in Tikal. Perfect!”

Ms. J.L., Woodland Hills, California

“Enjoyed all the sightseeing on the bus and the places that we stopped. Tikal was on my bucket list and had a super great time with the whole experience. Our director made my vacation experience in Guatemala extra special.”

Ms. J.U., Martindale, Texas

“Excellent, more than I could have hoped for! I was very pleased with Caravan Tours (my first) and with Guatemala. The people were welcoming and heritage rich. I felt that Caravan was respectful of Guatemalan history and culture. Caravan took good care of us and frankly it was nice to travel and be told what was the next step. I enjoyed the coffee plantation and really loved the Indian villages.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.K., Arlington, Virginia

“The planning and execution on this trip was beautifully done. We are impressed with the level of organization at Caravan and would recommend it to others. All hotels were charming. Possibly the best tour guide we’ve ever had and we’ve traveled a lot. Well-educated, articulate, engaging, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Excellent!”

Mr. & Mrs. N.K., Boston, Massachusetts

“This was as wonderful a trip as it was interesting, educational as well as fun. I highly recommend Caravan Tours.”

Ms. M.J., Carlock, Illinois

“Extraordinary! All sites were carefully planned, all worth seeing and doing, so varied and interesting. They allowed me to have a good idea of the country, the culture, and the values. Incredibly good hotels, excellent quality, service, location. A true banquet every meal, real treats! Our passionate director went beyond expectations in service. We could tell a lot of care and expertise went into the organization of this trip. All details were carefully planned and executed; everything in this trip was top of the line.”

Ms. G.C., Greenwich, Connecticut

“Enclosed is a copy of my food column for a newspaper in Bigfork, Montana. I thought you might be interested in reading my favorite impressions of Guatemala. We also had an outstanding tour guide. It was a great trip! Thanks!”

Ms. M.S., Sun City West, Arizona

“Our tour director was truly the heart of Guatemala! He was very knowledgeable, caring, entertaining and accommodating. He truly represents the BEST of his country. We loved him! Keep him, he's a jewel!”

Ms. D.B., Albuquerque, New Mexico

“We thought it was a great tour. Costa Rica with Caravan Tours was good but this one was better. Are there any thoughts about doing Panama or Honduras in more depth? We would love to see both countries by tour.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Bloomfield, Ontario Canada

“It was a wonderful tour! It was my very first trip out of the country. I plan to go with Caravan Tours next year.”

Ms. C.T., Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I LOVED the meals at all the hotels. Delicious when the choice was given as well as when we could choose. There was always enough to eat and drink. I especially enjoyed the fruits, vegetables and soups. You have our confidence! We will take another Caravan Tour. We may even go back to Guatemala again just to see our tour guide! We most certainly will tell friends and family about Caravan Tours and pass on the catalogs to interested folks. Happy Trails! See you around!”

Mr. & Mrs. G.W., South Glastonbury, Connecticut

“I owned a travel agency for years and conducted tours all over the world. Our tour director was the best, caring and most knowledgeable ever. She was so well organized in every aspect. She kept friends together and made such an effort to pre-order meals, rooms, etc. I would do this very tour again with her!”

Mrs. R.S., Sacramento, California

“The tour and the people more than met our expectations. As for my wife, she says it was the best vacation of her life.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.J., Sweeney, Texas

“This was the best vacation that I have had anywhere. Would love to return to this beautiful country. Lovely memories.”

Mr. & Mrs. B.B., Boise, Idaho

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! Everything was delightful, and was planned so very well down to the very last detail. Everything was superb!! This trip far exceeded our best expectations. We would travel with Caravan Tours again.”

Mr. & Mrs. M.P., Nibley, Utah

“I have been with Caravan Tours for three trips now. We did Costa Rica, the Canadian Rockies and Guatemala. I would recommend Caravan to anyone who is interested in tours. You guys do an excellent job.”

Mr. & Mrs. P.K., Grass Valley, California

“This is an outstanding tour far beyond my expectations. We have learned so much about Central America and Mexico from all of the trips with Caravan Tours. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Mr. & Mrs. W.C., Los Altos, California

“The hotels were first rate. Tikal was breathtaking, Lake Atitlan was spiritual and fantastic. The sightseeing and activities were excellent! The shopping trips were all very enjoyable. Likewise, the boat rides on Lago de Atitlan were wonderful. Tikal was extraordinary, and I learned a lot from the museums and churches. I want to make clear here that my wife and I have had an excellent time and have a very positive impression of Caravan Tours. This has been an excellent tour and a good bargain! Of course we could not have gone if it were more expensive.”

Mr. & Mrs. S.H., Monterey, California

“The tour was a very good value for the money with no hidden charges and great shopping! I look forward to another Caravan tour in the future.”

Ms. C.M., Carlsbad, California

“I am glad I discovered Caravan Tours. It was an unforgettable vacation.”

Mrs. C.D., Bridgeton, New Jersey

“The meals were fabulous! It was truly impressive how each location was very careful for the average tourist while also demonstrating great local flavor. I found the food to be quite wonderful! This was my first tour with Caravan and I will most certainly take this tour again! When I returned home, I was so excited and impressed by them; I recommended it to my friends. My dear friend with whom I work has already booked the Caravan Costa Rica tour just from hearing about the Guatemala tour.”

Mr. & Mrs. A.P., Houston, Texas

“I have traveled for years and felt like a traitor when I booked Caravan. I don't anymore. I had such a wonderful time.”

Ms. K.M., Sacramento, California

“A very enjoyable experience! First rate hotels, each with its own individuality. Fantastic sites. Great overall structure and sequence. I was most interested in the Mayan and colonial period - so well represented. The leisurely finish at Lake Atitlan was perfect. Our director gets 5 out of 5 stars. Informative, interesting, a continuous learner and a character in her own right! Thanks to everyone involved: those we met and those carrying out the background duties. Well-planned, well-executed, kudos Caravan!”

Mr. D.B., York, Pennsylvania

“Wonderful! I learned so much. Superior director. In 40 years of traveling and escorted trips I’ve only had one other as outstanding as ours with Caravan. She went above and beyond what was expected. She was amazing. The tour surpassed my expectations. I’m recommending to everyone. Thank you for a great experience!”

Mrs. E.S., Akron, Ohio

“I loved seeing Guatemala. The people, land, plants, and animals were beautiful and exciting to see. Tikal was amazing. Our Mayan guide was great, he was very informative about the culture and easy to understand. I liked the variety of hotels and the staff were very pleasant. Thank you.”

Mr. C.G., New Berlin, Wisconsin

“Overall, a wonderful tour. All hotels were nice and the Atitlan was in a splendid location. A tremendous value tour. This was our 2nd Caravan tour. We always feel secure.”

Mr. R.H., Moncton, New Brunswick

“Loved the tour. The meals were perfect, delicious and fresh. All hotels are fabulous. We wouldn’t change any of them. Travel days were easier than we expected - Tikal was worth it. We thought it was good value for the money.”

Mr. W.M., Dieppe, New Brunswick

“This was my sixth tour with Caravan, always feel I got my money’s worth. Sightseeing was very interesting. Tikal was well worth the ride. Our director went out of his way on many occasions for all of us.”

Mrs. J.B., Waterford, New York

“I enjoyed my trip very much and appreciated the fact that all was well organized, we were very well fed and kept busy with interesting tours. Antigua was excellent, Tikal ruins very interesting. Our tour director was very knowledgeable and shared stories and history throughout the tour which made our days very interesting and fully entertained. Excellent!”

Mrs. D.B., Dieppe, New Brunswick

“Full of good activities and sightseeing, and a very good driver. I felt very safe knowing I was in good hands at all times. The motorcoach was very clean and new. You are always thinking about ways to improve your service and when you find what works you stick with it. I like that. Keep up the good work.”

Mr. R.M., Spokane Washington

“The entire tour was excellent. My only regret was that the tour was not three weeks long. All hotels were magnificent, all activities were excellent and informative. Your director is a genius, give him a big raise, and we had one of the best drivers in all our travels.”

Mr. L.T., Sierra Madre, California

“I appreciate the flexible dinnertime during the tour. It was wonderful that we were able to have dinner at our own time without 'tour' group. Thank you!”

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Raleigh, North Carolina

“I am strongly recommending that my travel agent send her customers on this trip. You should be seeing more business from central Pennsylvania. I plan to take two Caravan trips next year.”

Ms. G.A., Lemoyne, Pennsylvania

“Before I booked my trip, I compared prices and itinerary with other available tours. One other tour looked identical, but it was over $500 more. They did not include all meals or water. Since Caravan Tours appeared to have the better deal, I went with them even though I had never heard of them before finding the tour on the Internet. It was wonderful knowing that everything was taken care of which left me with lots of spending money for souvenirs and tips. The tips were well deserved by our tour guide and driver. I have nothing but praises for Caravan. Now how about doing Europe please?”

Ms. S.W.E., Modesto, California

“The motor coach was clean and we were supplied with water everyday. It was an adventure and an unforgettable experience.”

Ms. E.W., Miami, Florida

“I would recommend this tour to all my friends and family. It exceeded all my expectations. Accomodations second to none as was everything else. The hotels were beautiful, and I enjoyed all the fresh fruit, omelets and other delectables very much. Our directors knowledge of Guatemala and Mayan culture and history was impressive. He took very good care of us. Had a great time!”

Ms. T.F., Regina, Saskatchewan

“Excellent. Our director was exceptional. His leadership, organization and knowledge added immensely to our enjoyment and impression of Guatemala. It was also nice to have all meals included with buffets and flexible times to eat. The gardens at Hotel Atitlan were beautiful. This was a great trip.”

Mrs. E.M., Bristol, Tennessee.

“I loved this tour. I’d recommend this to everyone! I have a deep respect for the country and people of Guatemala even more so with the insight that our director shared. Her knowledge and understanding of her adopted country shone through in all she taught us daily. I’d take class from her anyday. Priceless, I say! We enjoyed Costa Rica with Caravan also and await to tour Panama next.”

Ms. C.B., Monticello, Minnesota

“This was my first Caravan tour and we would definitely do more. It provides a very efficient and safe and stress-free travel experience with a great balance of activities and relaxation. Very fun and provided a great educational experience of Guatemala. Some of the best food and coffee I’ve had in the world. The Hotel Atitlan is one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at with wonderful gardens and breathtaking views.”

Mr. S.B., Sugar Grove, Illinois

“All in all, it was a very informative and fun trip. The weather was awesome and it was hard not to fall in love with Guatemala and its people. So glad I went. A good balance of historic sites and shopping and captured the different aspects of the country and tied it all together well.”

Ms. A.C., Cambridge, Vermont

“This was a great tour. This was our very first tour and we met some really great people. We have heard some really great things about Costa Rica, so I think that will be our next tour.”

Ms. L.K., Sacramento, California

“The hotels were wonderful. The hotel that lacked amenities more than made up for it with its charm. My favorite was the Villa Maya at the nature reserve. I would recommend this tour company without reservation to anyone traveling in Central America. I would also travel happily anywhere else Caravan decides to offer tours.”

Mr. & Mrs. D.S., Walnut Creek, California

“Having been in the tour business for many years working as a social director on cruise ships, this was really a great trip! I will certainly recommend Caravan!”

Mrs. S.S., Santa Fe, New Mexico

“This was a great trip!! We tell our friends how good your trips are and how they are of good value. We traveled to Costa Rica with you. It was also really good.”

Mr. J.O., Willits, California

“We had been on a Caravan tour of Costa Rica a few years back and we had faith we would experience the same quality with Guatemala. Caravan and our director made this trip exceed our expectations. Your organization did a great job, thank you!”

Mr. & Mrs. K.P., Surrey, British Columbia

“My husband, adult son, and I went on the Guatemala tour with two other couples. It was our second Caravan trip. We had no expectations about Guatemala and we were all amazed at the beauty, diversity, and rich culture of the country. Lodgings were spectacular - unique, comfortable, picturesque, great food, beautiful gardens and stunning decorations. We are thankful for the exposure to these hotels in case we want to return someday. We enjoyed each excursion and felt we got a taste of the diversity of Guatemala. Tikal was very memorable, the archaeology museum was an important introduction to the Mayan culture, Antigua city tour and coffee plantation were special, and the boat ride on Lake Atitlan a great way to see the area with its gorgeous homes and quaint towns. In all, this trip was very memorable for our family and we had a great time traveling with our friends. Caravan is a wonderful experience and an incredible value; there is no way we could have done this trip for that price per person on our own. Thank you.”

Mr. & Mrs., J.R., Aptos, California

“This was our 2nd Caravan tour and we were again impressed with high quality lodging, food, tour direction, driving and getting exposure to multiple locations. I learned a lot about Mayan culture and enjoyed the blend of cultural, historical, ecological and shopping activities, augmented by on-board lectures and presentations. I enjoyed the unique settings and their locations, grounds, architecture and accomodations. They were positive additions to the overall tour experience.”

Ms. P.B., Hillsboro, Oregon

“Outstanding. You have a national treasure in your director. He made history fun. Thanks Caravan, you did a wonderful job once again. I am ready for the next trip.”

Ms. G.C., Seal Beach, California

“It was obvious how carefully Caravan scanned and selected those hotels and restaurants, food, table settings, and how pleasant the workers were. So good. Very glad we went. Thank you to Caravan, local guides, our director, driver, hotel and restaurant staff, and everyone else who made this trip possible.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.C., Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

“Great trip! The local people could not have been nicer. I enjoyed seeing Quirigua but especially Tikal and Hotel Atitlan with its gorgeous grounds. Excellent!”

Ms. A.M., Bozeman, Montana

“Guatemala was my 89th country. Unforgettable. Ours had the best tour leader ever. Only our 2nd Caravan tour, expecting to go on more health-willing. Best value for the money. Superior travel company.”

Mrs. L.P., Wilmington, Delaware

“Really amazing trip. All places on the itinerary were well worth visiting. All properties and facilities we stayed in were unique and beautiful. Our director was very passionate about the history and culture of Guatemala. Made sure everyone was enjoying themselves and were comfortable.”

Mr. & Mrs., D.R., Grand Blanc, Michigan

“The drivers were excellent. They were kind, helpful, punctual and highly skilled. I have been on two of your tours and I am planning for more. I am drawn to your format; all inclusive and reasonable price. Also, your itineraries were well planned.”

Mr. R.R., Huntington Beach, California

“I have been to all of your other destinations but am looking forward to seeing if you add any others. This was an exceptionally good tour and would unconditionally recommend it to anyone.”

Mrs. R.G., Grand Prairie, Texas

“I would definitely travel with Caravan Tours again and recommend it to anyone. I appreciate not being taken shopping because they were paid to do so.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.U., Lincoln, California

“I was very apprehensive about taking a tour. My wife and I have always traveled on our own. This tour gave me very positive insight for future travel and the tour director was a very important part of this.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.D., Tucson, Arizona

“The tour director was beyond excellent. She was just exceptional, beautiful, educated and friendly. She gave perfect narratives of history, culture, politics and industry of the country. She was our best tour director ever with any company. This was our third time with Caravan Tours. It has excellent and well planned trips. It was nice to have all the meals included at one great price. I would recommend Caravan Tours to anyone. You operate a great tour company.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.H., Evansville, Indiana

“The entire trip was great. It had really excellent value for the price. Everything was extremely well organized. We could not have seen so much in the same period of time had we tried to do it on our own and therefore it would have probably been more expensive.”

Mr. & Mrs. A.N., Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

“You always get great value with regards to the property, guides, food and sites visited with your company. The care given to the clients is the best I've experienced. I wish you had more trips to other places. Caravan Tours is an affordable tour all the way!”

Ms. C.Q., Paoli, Pennsylvania

“This was my third tour with Caravan. I continue to be impressed by the professional level of service. You have top-knotch tour directors and the trips are of good value.”

Ms. H.S., Austin, Texas

“Your driver was the most proficient motor coach driver we have known. His professionalism made us safe and happy. Your tour was a beautiful experience. The planning was exceptional. We will recommend it to many.”

Mr. & Mrs. E.M., Sebring, Florida

“Caravan Tours continues to impress us with the good quality of everyone working for you! The hotels were clean comfortable and very attractive! Transportation was comfortable and clean. Keep up your good work. We•re telling our friends about Caravan Tours!”

Mr. & Mrs. K.O., Santa Rosa, California

“The hotels were very good to excellent. We were very pleased with the accommodations. Your tour director was absolutely the BEST. He was wonderfully patient. His knowledge of all things Guatemalan was encyclopedic. As an ex-soldier he had a unique insight into the politics and history of the area. We felt the tour provided an excellent overview of the country for a very reasonable price.”

Mr. R.B., Richmond, Virginia

“All the sightseeing and activities were excellent. The rest and photo stops were good stops at clean facilities. The photo stop at Lake Atitlan was beautiful! Your tour director was the best! This was my 9th tour with Caravan and on each trip I have had excellent tour directors and think that they can•t be beat - and each time it gets better and better. This Guatemala tour director is the best I ever had. She was very knowledgeable, informative, friendly, patient, and went above and beyond to make sure we all felt special and had what we needed at all times. The local guides were excellent, very informative. Your driver was very skilled. He was courteous and helpful, cautious and alert. The motor coaches were clean and comfortable. As usual, a well run and organized trip with added treats to make it special. Caravan is my first choice in touring, and I have been on many of the tours offered.”

Ms. R.M., Williston Park, New York

“The hotels were outstanding. They were always spotlessly cleaned, comfortable, and in lovely settings. The tour director was outstanding - energetic with unflagging good spirits. She went way beyond reasonable expectations in her services. We learned more about Guatemala in a week than we could have from a semester of study. Fantastic driver! Our bus was great. Once I saw the make was Mercedes I had great confidence that both its brakes and power would always be there when needed.”

Mr. & Mrs. G.F., Salt Lake City, Utah

“Hotels were excellent. Tour director was superb, the best I ever had. Great trip!”

Ms. R.P., Fort Lee, New Jersey

“Since I began traveling in 1985, I•ve never encountered anyone who came close to your tour director-caring, considerate, thoughtful. The motor coach was comfortable, nice, roomy seats.”

Ms. R.L., Seattle, Washington

“Meals were very good. Your tour director taught us so much about the history and culture of indigenous people and the country of Guatemala. We could not have asked for a better director. Overall, an excellent trip.”

Mr. & Mrs. M.C., Downingtown, Pennsylvania

“Guatemala City was first rate in accommodations, surroundings and dining. The hotels that followed were clean, very picturesque and comfortable. The meals were always good. Sightseeing and activities were great, well thought out. There was a good balance between the sightseeing of archaeological sites, cultural events, shopping and free time. We liked the breaks on the travel days. The rest and photo stops were fine, always clean and timely. The tour guide was the best I have ever had - knowledgeable, informative, caring, and was there to help when you needed her...We really enjoyed this trip!”

Mr. & Mrs. A.P., Richmond, Virginia

“I enjoyed my first trip with Caravan. We missed connections to Guatemala due to a delayed plane, but your tour director had someone at the airport to pick us up.”

Mrs. M.T., Kaukauna, Wisconsin

“Your tour director was outstanding, always friendly and in control! Your driver was excellent - the best I've ever had; as a former tour director I had many! We will use Caravan again in December on a new tour. Thank you!”

Mr. H.G., Palm Bay, Florida

“Sightseeing and activities were excellent. The sights were amazing and well explained. The tour was well planned and organized. I came home with 600+ pictures. Your tour director was wonderful! She is a concerned person who saw to our every need. The knowledge she possesses is amazing, and her ability to present information is incredible. She dedicated herself to making the trip pleasant and satisfying for each person. I have recommended this tour to our travel agent and to family and friends.”

Ms. H.G., Laramie, Wyoming

“Our 5th trip with Caravan was a success.”

Mr. D.C., New Holstein, Wisconsin

“All the meals were tasty and of good quality. Your tour director was very knowledgeable and clearly enjoyed lecturing on Guatemala and Mayan history. She was also sweet and eager to please.”

Ms. H.H., Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I enjoyed all the hotels but preferred the Villa hotels. They all had so much charm. The meals were all great. Your tour director knew history, legends and plenty of information to complete the trip. She treated everyone with genuine interest. She's a great asset to Caravan. Your driver had a great sense of humor and was an excellent driver. The motor coach was very comfortable. It was a very enjoyable trip.”

Ms. D.W., Valle Crucis, North Carolina

“Everything on the tour was A or A+. Your tour director is first class. Thank you for a wonderful trip!”

Mr. R.W., Amarillo, Texas

“Your tour director was absolutely first class. Your driver was a great and safe driver, terrific, always polite and helpful. Having previously been very independent in our vacation adventures, we were pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed our first Caravan tour. It was one of our best vacations ever. Perhaps we were fortunate that we had a great and well traveled group, but nevertheless the experience will encourage us to take another Caravan tour soon.”

Mr. & Mrs. C.S., Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

“Lake Atitlan hotel was charming, Petenchel magnificent, Antigua hotel was unbelievable. Meals, unfailingly excellent! Your tour director is the best tour guide I•ve ever known - warm, caring, very knowledgeable, funny and speaks beautiful English. She couldn•t do enough for us. She made the tour wonderful for everyone. Local guides were excellent. Your motor coach driver was a great driver, warm and friendly. An excellent tour!”

Mr. R.T., Oxnard, California

“All hotels met or exceeded my expectations. Sightseeing and activities were all around excellent in every way. Whatever day it was seemed to be the highlight of the trip. Your tour director was very knowledgeable and upbeat with an obvious concern for those in her care. Your driver was very good.”

Mr. N.M., Carson City, Nevada

“Hotels were excellent, very quiet, with lots of character. Food was always well prepared and efforts were made to present it in an eye-pleasing way. There was plenty of time to see major places. Shopping was fun. The rest stops were well timed. Facilities were better than expected. We can•t say enough good things about your tour director. She was not only very knowledgeable, but she had so much energy and was always pleasant. Our local guides were excellent. Your driver was more than competent and the bus was always clean and very comfortable. Wonderful trip! Great value! We would be interested in other Caravan tours to Central and South America.”

Mr. & Mrs. R.L., Santa Fe, New Mexico

“My friends are super impressed with my pictures from the tour. They are jealous of the scenery and I have recommended Caravan for their consideration on their next vacation. A great job explaining the Maya during the Tikal area tour. Excellent meals provided throughout the trip. Excellent service and staff.”

Mr. D.G., Vineland, New Jersey

“I, as well as my husband, loved this tour - it had everything we could think of and all at a reasonable price. This was my second tour with Caravan and I am looking forward to more of them in the future. Varied activities, educational, and cultural.”

Ms. E.H., Arlington, Virginia

“Outstanding! We had a new bus and our driver handled it superbly. The buffets were excellent. The itinerary was active, as advertised, and our director made the tour. This was our third tour with Caravan and enjoyed them all. I never hesitate to recommend Caravan.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Tucson, Arizona

“We will let others know what an outstanding tour Caravan provided for our visit to Guatemala. The excursions provided an outstanding overview and many close ups of the Mayan heritage, history and traditions. Our director could be a college professor. I love to try new foods and there were so many choices. We’ll spread the word about the fun and informative time we had.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.R., Rancho Cordova, California

“The hotels were all top notch. At each one we would say •Wish we had more time here.• Your tour director was Great! Splendid! Terrific! Her knowledge of the history, geography and culture of Guatemala is encyclopedic. Your driver was perfect in every way and the coach was comfortable and clean. Thank you for an excellent trip.”

Ms. A.A., Fremont, Nebraska

“My impression is that the hotels were the best available and well chosen. It was a very enjoyable tour with lots of interesting visits and sights and helpful insights from your tour director and the local guides into many aspects of Guatemalan life. The order of the visits was good and the pace about right. Your tour director was very well organized, well informed, lively, caring, helpful and interesting. Your driver was excellent.”

Mr. R.H., Washington, DC.

“Hotel service good, friendly people, large clean rooms, excellent prompt room service. Sightseeing and activities were all excellent. Your rest and photo stops were wonderful! You stopped often enough at good places. Never had a better tour director! Prompt, friendly, a really nice lady who made us all very comfortable and tried very hard, excellent English, proud of her country. Your local guides were very nice, friendly and prompt. Your driver was always smiling, helped everyone on and off the bus, excellent driver. Your motor coach was good, clean, and comfortable. Probably the best trip that I•ve ever taken, and I have traveled a lot. Thank you very much!”

Ms. A.L., Seaford, Virginia

“Sightseeing and activities could not have been better. It was a grand experience. I will use Caravan again! Keep up your fine work. Thank you for a great vacation.”

Mr. D.J., Hudson, Ohio

“The hotels were clean, accommodating and located in beautiful surroundings. Your hotels were always located over a square (garden) or overlooking a lake (Lake Atitlan). The view from the Grand Tikal Futura hotel balcony during morning sunrise and evening sunset was spectacular and peaceful. The fact that we did not need to search for places to eat made the trip very enjoyable. Your rest and photo stops were great areas to stop. Your tour director was more than accommodating for any of our needs, very pleasant. She was very informative and gave us great information on all the areas. All the local guides were excellent. Your driver was always a gentleman and very pleasant. I found the people of Guatemala to be very nice and accommodating. Please send me your brochures.”

Ms. R.R., Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“We have traveled extensively. Excellent tour, loved it. Our tour director was by far the best. His knowledge, narrations, coordination and guidance was fantastic. Bottled water was provided at all times. Much appreciated. Felt safe and learned a lot. Would recommend to all.”

Mrs. P.L., Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

“This tour was great value and very educational and especially enjoyable. The director was excellent at describing what we were seeing when we stopped and answered all our questions. He was outstanding and really made the tour worthwhile. I also liked they had local foods for us to try.”

Mr. W.B., Meza, Arizona

“The hotels were all exceptional, especially Villa Maya. Your tour director was the best we•ve ever had. Your driver was excellent.”

Mr. & Mrs. D.E., Newark, California

“Antigua was especially charming. The Grand Tikal Futura Hotel was an oasis in Guatemala City. Your sightseeing and activities were excellent, especially Tikal. Your tour director is perfect. She is a virtual scholar on all matters of Guatemala, as well as exceedingly pleasant. She has a keen sense of commitment to Guatemala and is exceedingly responsible, very accommodating and provided us with help and assistance above and beyond the call of duty. Your local guides were knowledgeable. Your driver was excellent and unflappable. The boat ride on Lake Atitlan was memorable. I would highly recommend this tour to others, noting the incomparable price, and what was included.”

Ms. J.W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Your tour director was a jewel, fabulous. Everything she did for us was special. She never stopped teaching us about Guatemala, which was wonderful. Your driver was excellent. Your hotels were excellent. It was our first tour with Caravan. We would go with you again.”

Mr. & Mrs. K.H., Wilmette, Illinois

“The pace was slow enough so that we could rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Your tour director told us about the things we were to see and do each day, very knowledgeable and we learned a great deal from her. Your local guides were very knowledgeable about Mayan culture. Your driver was excellent. This was a wonderful tour with a great group of people and a good tour guide. We loved every minute of it!”

Mr. & Mrs. E.B., Rio Rancho, New Mexico

“The hotels were very good, especially in Guatemala City. In all the hotels on this trip the service was always great and the hotel staff was warm and friendly. The meals were good. I am a vegetarian, but your tour director took care of us. Your tour director was excellent, informed, conscientious, and a sincere guide as well as a friendly person. I am interested in your trip to Costa Rica next year.”

Mrs. N.L., Verplanck, New York

“Everything and everybody was very good, but what made the tour an unforgettable success was your tour director. I would not hesitate to go on another tour with her anytime, anywhere.”

Mr. T.H., Glendale, California

“The meals overall were good to very good. Breakfasts were especially good. Your tour director was excellent. In addition to knowledgeable, her enthusiasm was contagious and contributed to the enjoyment of the trip. Your local guides at and Tikal were both very good. Your driver was excellent. He made you feel confident that it would be a safe trip, and it was. This was our first trip with Caravan, and we were pleased with the experience. The tour was a very good value!”

Mr. & Mrs. J.L., Arlington, Virginia

“Your meals were not gourmet, but always quite good - plenty to eat without being overstuffed. Your sightseeing and activities were excellent, well paced. We had early starts to our days but ended early enough to have a break and cleanup before supper. This is much appreciated by a traveler. Your tour director was fantastic. Your driver was excellent, careful and also very polite. Your local guides were very knowledgeable and had a good command of English so that they were easy to understand. The entire trip was a joy. We came home full of wonderful images, lots of new knowledge and even felt rested! We'll definitely be back for more, perhaps Costa Rica next time.”

Mr. & Mrs. J.N., Norwalk, Connecticut

“We had good food the entire trip. I enjoyed the fish and crisp veggies. We could not have asked for a better guide, so helpful, took care of individual concerns, went out of her way to please, to give small remembrances. This is my second Caravan trip, I would highly recommend your trips. I like the two night stays in places, also that free time is included to shop, explore, relax - not always rush, rush. Great value. Five stars, top in my book!”

Ms. K.P., Newport News, Virginia

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