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We currently have 55 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers.
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"This is my second Caravan Tours trip and I would do another. You do a great job. Thank you."

Ms. H.T., Northfield, Illinois

"This was our first trip with Caravan and we were extremely pleased. We are considering other trips with Caravan Tours."

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Rushing, New York

"The hotels differed in quality. All hotels were the top of the line considering what was available in each town. The meals were very good to excellent. I cannot say enough about the sightseeing and activities. You can read about these places, but until you see them in person, you are not able to fully appreciate them. Overall, I would give this trip a nine and a half out of ten. I felt that for the money it was an excellent and well worth it trip; although, slightly monotonous, ‘one wonderful adventure after another!’ It was my second Caravan Tours trip and would recommend both, including Copper Canyon, very highly."

Mr. & Mrs. B.G., Thousand Oaks, California

"It was a great trip, which far exceeded my expectations in every way. I made some wonderful friends most of which I have been in contact with this week. We are all talking about doing a repeat Caravan trip together. I give kudos to you for running an excellent trip."

Dr. B.H., Indianapolis, Indiana

"I don’t think Caravan will ever find another tour director or driver such as mine. I have been home three days and I am still reaping with joy. The group was superb."

Ms. A. G., Mount Laurel, New Jersey

"This is our second tour with Caravan and it was the most interesting one. There will be more."

Mr. & Mrs. F.G., Oak Forest, Illinois

"It was a great trip and a great deal. I am planning another Caravan Tour next year."

Mr. & Mrs.. G.J., Bartlett, Illinois

"Seeing the pyramids and archeological sites were the focus of the trip, and we found the information provided by local guides very enlightening! We enjoyed our first tour with Caravan to Costa Rica so much we signed up for this Mexico tour, and we were not disappointed! Keep up the good work!"

Mr. & Mrs. C.O., Santa Rosa, California

"I would do this tour again and tell my family and friends about it."

Ms. M.S., Las Vegas, Nevada

"This was our second tour with Caravan and again it was excellent. We will continue to book tours with Caravan based on the quality of the tour directors, hotels, meals, and pricing and easy access to information."

Mr. & Mrs. R.D., Oceanside, California

"It was a really good trip."

Ms. G.G., Warminster, Pennsylvania

"It’s a wonderful trip for historians and archaeologists."

Ms. U.F., San Diego, California

"I really appreciated that we were allowed more than ample time at most sights. It was so wondrous to think of the ancient peoples of the area living on the very ground I was occupying. It was simply awesome! Overall, the ruins in Palenque were my favorite. The structures were amazing and the jungle backdrop made everything all the more striking. I felt like Indiana Jones. The tour was a great value. The amazing amount of sights and great accommodations made it a very memorable experience. I recommend Caravan to anyone and hope to travel with."

Mr. T.W., Lemon Gove, California

"Before I share my additional comments with you, I will share a little bit about my personality. I am the type of person who usually stays at five star hotels and is pampered at home. We took this tour because my eleven-year-old son wanted to see and learn about his heritage. We are Mexican-Americans and we live in San Antonio, Texas. All that being said, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the tour."

Mr. & Mrs. H.T., San Antonio, Texas

"I know I will choose Caravan Tours for my next adventure. I left Mexico feeling that I had learned and seen so much. This was the best vacation I have ever taken."

Ms. K.P., Baltimore, Maryland

"I am amazed at the good value of Caravan Tours. Before they passed away, my parents always took tours, thinking it was a good choice. My first guided tour several years ago was when the travel agent suggested a Caravan tour. I looked at the price and asked if their hotels had indoor plumbing. I was assured that Caravan Tours did. I much prefer Caravan in terms of quality and good entertainment. While not the major issue, I do prefer the price of Caravan as well."

Mr. & Mrs. A.W., Salem, Illinois

"With Caravan Tours, you don’t have to worry. The tour, guides, hotels, etc… are the best. I have traveled with a lot of companies and have found Caravan to be A1."

Ms. K.M., Sacramento, California

"This is my fourth Caravan tour. I am planning to take the Nova Scotia trip in May."

Ms. P.L., Felton, California

"I enjoyed myself so much, I didn’t want the tour to end."

Ms. J.S., Silver Lake, Indiana

"I would recommend it to everybody. We came from Germany and we loved it."

Mr. & Mrs. E.S., Beverly Hills, California

"The motor coach was excellent. It was clean and comfortable. Everyone was happy and no one wanted to end his or her vacation. Now that I am back to work, I can’t stop talking about the great time I had. I made a lot of friends. We were all great with each other."

Mr. R.O., New York, New York

"It was a great trip with such a rare treat to actually be able to climb the pyramids. The view was such a great photo opportunity."

Mr. & Mrs. R.G., Stockton, California

"This was a wonderful trip. My entire family really enjoyed it."

Mr. & Mrs. J.C., Eugene, Oregon

"I learned quite a bit, which is why I went. The Mexican people were friendly. In our troubled world, that was a pleasant surprise."

Mr. & Mrs. D.F., St. Louis, Missouri

"This was one of the best, relaxing and educational trips I have experienced. Thank you!"

Mr. & Mrs. P.P., Hot Springs, Arizona

"The meals were delicious and included a variety of local dishes. We felt confident that all foods served to us were safe to eat. The entertainment, especially the Aztec dancers, was fantastic! Sightseeing and activities were interesting, educational and fun! The ancient ruins were fascinating. The scenery everywhere was breathtaking. Mexico is a beautiful country! Your tour director was the best ever. He was historian, linguist, naturalist, comedian, and friend all rolled into one. His English was excellent and he was extremely well organized. All meals, activities and hotel check-ins began on time. Your local guides were very friendly and knowledgeable about the sites. All had a wonderful sense of humor. Our driver drove safely and was very courteous. The motor coach was clean and comfortable. The time passed quickly. To sum it all up, the tour was an excellent value. We would definitely travel with Caravan again and I would highly recommend this trip to all my friends!"

Ms. E. F., Seymour, Connecticut

"Your tour director was charming, knowledgeable, very good. Your motor coach driver was excellent, courteous, safe, very skillful. Overall, a very good experience, will repeat next year."

Mr. R. F., Orlando, Florida

"We enjoyed all of the hotels. We especially enjoyed our stay in Merida. Your tour director was a lot of fun and added to our trip a great deal. We hope to travel with Caravan again. We especially liked the fact that there were no ‘hidden charges.’ Others on the trip had traveled with Caravan before and had many nice things to say about their trips."

Mr. and Mrs. J. S., Carlisle, Pennsylvania

"Your hotels were delightful. Meals were very good. Your tour director was efficient and very knowledgeable. Your local guides were very good, each in his own way. A most enjoyable holiday, good company and well planned."

Mr. and Mrs. R. S., Bromsgrove, England

"You gave us our money’s worth. Thanks!"

Mr. and Mrs. W.B.S., Ridge, New York

"Your hotels were very nice, very comfortable. Meals were delicious, appreciated all the bottled water everywhere! Your tour director was absolutely the best. Your driver was patient, courteous and we felt safe. Your motor coach was excellent, clean and comfortable. We were very happy throughout."

Ms. B. L., West Chester, Ohio

"Hotels were a very nice variety, clean and comfortable. Good locations which made free time accessible and convenient to do things on one’s own. Enjoyed that the food was authentic to the culture as opposed to typical tourist menus and fare. The sightseeing was excellent. I chose this particular tour because it covered sites that other tour companies do not include at all. Your tour director was excellent, very informative, great sense of humor, well organized. Your local guides were very knowledgeable and receptive. The motor coach was clean and comfortable and your driver very safe, polite and conscientious. I have traveled with many other tour companies, Caravan (on this trip) surpassed them all. I plan to consider traveling with Caravan first again before other tour companies."

Ms. E. B., Culpapper, Virginia

"Your tour director excellent! Super informed, loves his country, and did his best for all of us. Your local guides and motor coach driver were great. We will travel with you again."

Mr. and Mrs. A. F., Torrance, California

"Your hotels all had good locations. Sightseeing and activities were very good, enough free time too. Your tour director was very good, organized, informative, but relaxed. Your local guides were very good. Bottled water on your motor coach is an excellent amenity. This is our first tour with Caravan and I was pleasantly surprised in all aspects. Excellent value, will most assuredly go with Caravan again if Caravan is going where we want to go."

Mr. and Mrs. R. D., Brooklyn, New York

"Hotels – good – appreciate them being in the center of town. Your tour director was very knowledgeable, great guide and director! Your driver was very good. He had a great smile. This was our 5th trip with Caravan. You do top notch work. We will do more if you go where we want to go."

Mr. and Mrs. B. L., St. Augustine, Florida

"Hotel staff was great and greeted us promptly. Rooms were very clean. We enjoyed everything, especially the Spanish designed meals. We liked the chance to eat outside out hotels. Our motor coach was greeted with smiles wherever we went. Your tour director was great! He was a history teacher as well as a guide. He and the driver worked as a team. The perfect personality for a tour guide. Each local guide was knowledgeable in the area and history. The driver was the best. He kept our motor coach clean and well stocked with water. It was great after a hot day of sightseeing at the pyramids to come back to a cool bus. We’re looking forward to our next Caravan tour."

Ms. P. D., Santa Maria, California

"All the hotels had great locations, situated right in the center of what we wanted to see and explore. Your tour director was an excellent tour director. He knew a lot and he spoke a very easy to understand English. He was always willing to help. He had a good sense of humor. We liked the seat rotation he organized. Your driver was excellent. The motor coach was always clean and the temperature was pleasant."

Mr. and Mrs. S. S., Oslo, Norway

"Hotels were very good, good location, easy access to downtown. Your tour director was very good, in fact, excellent. He did his homework, very knowledgeable, good sense of humor, can’t say enough about him. Your local guides couldn’t be better, answered all questions, and spoke very well. Your driver gave us a smooth and safe ride, very courteous and helpful. Your motor coach was a good choice, very nice and kept clean by the driver, seats were comfortable, couldn’t ask for more. Over all, the tour was wonderful, had a good time and saw a lot. We will recommend and spread the good news about this tour to our friends."

Mr and Mrs. W.T. San Francisco, California

"Excellent trip!"

Dr. and Mrs. V.B., Virginia Beach, VA

"Your tour director was well organized, knowledgeable about all aspects of tour: ruins, flora, fauna, history and current events. He had a charming personality, good sense of humor, friendly, hard working and dedicated to his job. Your driver was a skillful and careful driver, friendly and accommodating to tour members. Mexico’s Ancient Civilizations tour greatly exceeded our expectations."

Mr. and Mrs. E. B., Raleigh, North Carolina

"Your tour director is incredibly knowledgeable and familiar with every aspect of the tour. I feel very fortunate to have had him as my guide. Your local guides were excellent, very knowledgeable and passionate about their homes. My experience was wonderful. I will travel with Caravan in the future as well as recommend Caravan to others. Thank you!"

Ms. H.R., Seattle, Washington

"All hotels were good quality and comfortable, especially the one in Mexico City. High praise for the food. Buffet breakfasts had a wide selection. Other meals were very good with a lot of variety. Some lunches at selected stops were special with our tour director arranging plates of Mexican specialties. Even the two box lunches were ample. Water was always available...We were primarily interested in the ancient sites and felt that the director and the on-site guides gave exceptionally good presentations. We were pleased that all the extras were included as part of the itinerary...We appreciated our directors planning rest stops approximately every two hours...This was our first trip with Caravan, and you made a very good impression. Great trip!"

Mr and Mrs. J.M., Emporia, Kansas

"The hotels were comfortable with all the necessary amenities. The hotels were all exceptionally clean, and their employees were efficient and courteous. We couldn’t have had a better tour director! He was efficient and knowledgeable with a delightful sense of humor. He made everything look easy, and it all went smoothly. The motor coach was large and comfortable. I appreciated the free bottles of water on the coach. And, while this might seem a small thing, I also appreciated that the tour director rotated the seating. There were ample stops for photos and walking around. I think that we saw and did everything it was possible to see and do. Your tour director always made us aware of any local event that we might enjoy - music, dancing, etc."

Mrs. H.W., Poulsbo, Washington

"We covered a great territory and saw some lovely sites. Having traveled with Caravan before, we hoped our experience would be as good, and it was! We highly recommend Caravan to our friends. We had adequate information ahead of time and the tour director gave us more as we toured."

Mr. and Mrs. E.G., New Port Richey, Florida

"Your tour director was outstanding. Your local guides added a lot to the visits. The motor coach was kept spotless and was a comfortable one. We can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciated having water available at all times. All that is left to say is that it was a wonderful trip."

Mr. and Mrs, S.S., Greenfield, Ohio

"Sightseeing and activities were fantastic. The tour director absolutely terrific - made the tour a success, always patient and helpful. He had knowledge of everything. Meals were all good and plentiful. Will travel again with Caravan."

Mr. R.B., Winter Park, Florida

"The trip was well planned. The meals were a nice variety and always plentiful. Your tour director is extremely well informed whether it is about history, botany or animals. Driver was very courteous and an excellent driver. The coach was kept clean at all times. I will recommend your tour to anyone."

Ms. R.S., San Jose, California

"Loved the Aztec dancers and the Mexican band. We also liked the ethnic and regional meals, gave the flavor of the country. Your tour director was excellent, entertaining, informative and very knowledgeable. Your local guides were very informative and had surprisingly good English. My daughter and I enjoyed the trip immensely."

Mrs. J.M., Bloomingdale, Illinois

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