Mexico’s Copper Canyon TrainCustomer Reviews

We currently have 145 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers.
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"I was pleased with the entire trip and will continue to recommend Caravan Tours to others. Excellent value."

Mr. & Mrs. V.F., Metaireie, Louisiana

"We will recommend Caravan to our friends. I think supplying all the food and bottled water was a real plus! This was a fun time as well as informative. This has been a favorite planned trip to take. I will certainly consider Caravan in future trips."

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Kingsport, Tennessee

"This trip was a wonderful experience, as I have never traveled with Caravan before, but will certainly be looking at your other tours for the future. It was just amazing. We got everything for the money we paid, accommodation, three meals a day, transportation and a great tour director. Keep up the good work!"

Ms. B.C., Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

"Our tour director served as a great historian, had good sense of humor and was accommodating. I would travel with Caravan again with no hesitation!"

Ms. M.B., Las Cruces, New Mexico

"This was our first experience with Caravan Tours and we would certainly recommend it to all."

Mr. & Mrs. J.H., Hampstead, Maryland

"We usually go on cruises for eighteen or more days at a time, or go to Hawaii for five to six weeks at a time, so this tour was relatively ‘short’ in our way of vacationing. It was most enjoyable and very relaxing."

Mr. & Mrs. G.B., Atascadero, California

"All of the hotel locations were great. Great combination of guided tours and free time to roam. Fantastic view from the sunrise and canyon! This alone was worth the trip if you did nothing else."

Mr. & Mrs. J.T., Louisville, Kentucky

"This was my first guided tour, and I enjoyed the tour guides knowledge of the local people and places. Would recommend this tour to our friends."

Mr. & Mrs. R.M., Eugene, Oregon

"The trip was beautifully organized and each step of the way, our comfort seemed to be considered. Although there were forty people on the trip, it could have been five with all of the attention we were given. I also liked having the daily itinerary booklet. I thought it was very useful. It was a wonderful trip!"

Ms. J.Y., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"My favorite part of the tour was our history lessons given by our tour director."

Mr. & Mrs. W.T., Las Cruces, New Mexico

"It was a great tour, well planned, and I will use you again!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Saint Charles, Illinois

"An educational experience not to be missed!"

Mr. & Mrs. P.M., La Habra Heights, California

"Caravan Tours personnel made the trip a complete success by being able to adapt to any difficulties encountered by the weather or transportation changes."

Mr. & Mrs. S.B., Bernet, Texas

"This is a great place to see some fabulous scenery!"

Ms. A.W., Denver, Colorado

"I have traveled extensively in all fifty states and more than ninety countries. I don’t usually take tours, but this tour was very well run and a very good value for our money."

Ms. J.C., Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"I would be glad to recommend this trip by Caravan to anyone. It was great!"

Mr. & Mrs. F.B., Carbondale, Illinois

"The hotel service was good. They did an excellent job of making check in as easy as possible. The restaurants selected were great. The meals were well chosen to give us a taste of Mexico without too much spice. The selection of stops during sightseeing was good and the scenery was beautiful. Our tour director couldn’t have been better. I appreciated his knowledge of the history and culture of the area. He was pleasant and had a great sense of humor. Very well organized. The time spent on the rim, awesome!"

Mr. & Mrs. W.E., Ellinwood, Kansas

"An extremely interesting tour, beautiful scenery and I learned a great deal about the Northern part of Mexico. Very good value for the cost."

Ms. S.M., Calgary, AB Canada

"Our tour director was very efficient and organized and a wealth of knowledge! Caravan should be very fortunate to have someone with his background working for them! I’d like to take another trip with him!"

Ms. M.K., Santa Ana, California

"There was a good mix of sightseeing and activities. The canyon and some of the buildings in El Fuerte and Chihuahua were beautiful. Videos on the bus added to the atmosphere. The raft guide really knew the plants and animals on the river. I was glad to know the benefits of shopping at the mission store in Creel. I am glad we took this tour and experienced some of Mexico’s interior."

Mr. D.M., Fairacres, New Mexico

"I would definitely consider traveling with Caravan again. This was a wonderful experience. I felt it was an excellent value for the money."

Ms. D.R., Waterford, Connecticut

"This was my first group tour and I fully enjoyed. It was well organized and generally went off without a hitch, especially something major. It was fun to meet and dine with so many from throughout the country. It was a fine experience and I would not hesitate to travel again with Caravan."

Mr. G.M., Waterford, Connecticut

"As a tour participant and a travel counselor, I was more than impressed by the caliber of this trip. It was a pleasure from booking to goodbyes back in El Paso. It was my first personal experience with Caravan and it will certainly not be my last."

Mr. & Mrs. N.H., Reston, Virginia

"Our tour director made this trip outstanding. He’s a treasure. I’ll also never forget the fabulous accommodations in Fuerte, like being in a Zorro movie!"

Mr. R.B., Reseda, California

"Sure did spoil us on our honeymoon. Thank you!"

Mr. & Mrs. S.S., Midland, Texas

"I would recommend this tour to anyone who wants to see spectacular views, have great entertainment and knowledgeable guide to tell them about the history of Mexico. I would take a Caravan tour again."

Mr. & Mrs. F.P., Palm Desert, California

"Second tour with Caravan and everything went smoothly. Great guide, careful driver and good food. We hope to try Guatemala next year."

Mr. & Mrs. F.S., Punta Gorda, Florida

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Made even more memorable by an excellent tour director. Anyone who dreams of riding the train and seeing the Copper Canyon should travel with Caravan."

Mr. & Mrs. J.G., Montrose, California

"I appreciate the availability of the purified bottled water on the bus, the train and in all of the hotel rooms."

Mr. & Mrs. L.E., Hendersonville, Tennessee

"One week is just the right number of days for this particular trip. One night at each place was enough time to see the sights. I would recommend this trip and your company."

Ms. S.R., Escondido, California

"We are already looking at your catalog for another tour. You are a great company. Glad we found you."

Mr. & Mrs. W.B., Cape Coral, Florida

"This was a trip of a lifetime. I’m so glad we decided to take it. Our tour director was joy. He was very knowledgeable about the tour in general, his history and what is going on currently in his country. He also has a very good command of the English language."

Mr. & Mrs. W.V., Brunswick, Georgia

"Fully enjoyed and appreciated this tour. My favorite was the views of the canyon from the hotel at Barrancas. I have recommended this tour and your tour company to all my friends."

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Westminster, Maryland

"An excellent value for the cost!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.E., McFarland, Wisconsin

"Caravan Tours is wonderful, and we will be taking more trips with you!"

Mr. & Mrs. L.B., Aurora, Colorado

"The tour director was very knowledgeable on Mexican culture, plants, birds and history."

Ms. P.W., Windield, BC Canada

"Take the tour! You will enjoy every minute from the first class hotels to the first class food. I hope to take other Caravan tours because they know how to cater to your every need and wish."

Mr. & Mrs. N.C., Ranchos De Taos, New Mexico

"Caravan Tours does a great job of selecting the best tour director, nice/clean hotels with friendly staff, and really good food throughout the entire trip. Our tour director was fun, interesting, and cared about everyone having good, safe trip."

Ms. T.M., San Antonio, Texas

"Overall, excellent hotels. Excellent value, excellent tour and a wonderful guide."

Ms. C.R., Saint Petersburg, Florida

"I only have good things to say about our tour director. He is a great tour director and is a walking history book for that area. Our driver was always courteous and seemed to be competent behind the wheel. The motorcoaches were clean, cool and comfortable. It was nice that water was provided so generously. It is an important necessity of this trip. All melas were ample and very tasty. Nice balance between Mexican and American type foods. The view of the canyon was spectacular. Great trip. I recommend it!"

Mr. & Mrs. G.R., Memphis, Tennessee

"I really enjoyed my tour. I enjoyed most everywhere we went, but if I had a favorite part it would be the hotel overlooking the Copper Canyon. Again, I will tell you the view of the Copper Canyon that God created, no picture will ever do it justice. A person needs to see it for themselves. The trip was very good, colorful and interesting!"

Mr. & Mrs. W.M., Canton, Ohio

"Very impressed with Caravan in all aspects of tour."

Mr. J.B., Eagan, Minnesota

"The Caravan tour of the Copper Canyon is a first rate tour with a reasonable price. I was especially impressed with how much I learned about Mexico and its wonderful people and food."

Ms. P.W., Egan, Minnesota

"Our tour director was outstanding. He was funny, always in a good mood, and very helpful. We recently toured Greece and have been to several European countries as well as British Columbia and the United Kingdom. He was one of the best directors. We enjoyed all of the tour, seeing the Tarahumara Indians, trading with them, and hearing about their culture. I would recommend this tour to any and all. The way it was laid out, the stops, hotels and beautiful scenery. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would go with Caravan again."

Mr. & Mrs. J.L., Amherst, Ohio

"This company obviously knows what it is doing and how to do it. I would certainly do another Caravan tour elsewhere in the world."

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Fort Meyers, Florida

"This is the first week long tour I have taken and I was impressed. I feel it was good value in all areas of the tour for the money spent. Keep up the good work."

Mr. & Mrs. D.W., Hanover, Massachusetts

"It is a wonderful tour with a very good tour guide and I will recommend it to friends and family. I want to commend our tour guide, who took very good care of us and was most informative of all the local culture."

Mr. & Mrs. W.M., Honolulu, Hawaii

"The scenery was beautiful. The tour on the whole was very good. Travel companions were superior."

Ms. M.H., Laredo, Texas

"All was planned and executed well with options available for those who followed a different drummer. Try it, you’ll like it!"

Ms. S.K., Tucson, Arizona

"Loved this tour. It was our first and won’t be our last. Hoping next year to do the Fall Colors in New England. I really got a taste of another way to travel."

Mr. & Mrs. C.F., Belen, New Mexico

"I was pleasantly surprised. All hotels felt like first class. No need to change anything. Every meal was delicious, especially the shrimp kabobs. Our tour director’s pride of being Mexican, living in Mexico and of Chihuahua was evident from start to finish. It was wonderful to see someone that proud of his heritage and so willing to share it. The entire tour was organized and well run. The all-inclusive aspect was great."

Mr. & Mrs. R.A., Lake Zurich, Illinois

"Our tour director was wonderful, had great knowledge of Mexican history and the ability to make it interesting. A well-run and enjoyable tour and well worth the price."

Mr. & Mrs. D.T., Hillsboro, Oregon

"We certainly recommend the trip to others and doing so to our friends and associates."

Mr. & Mrs. H.S., Boulder, Colorado

"Overall, the meals were a great value and of greater quality than we expected. All of the activities were very well organized and extremely well run. The tour director worked very diligently to make sure the luggage was always together, not lost and at each destination within acceptable time to allow the clients to access their luggage as soon as was necessary. We especially enjoyed the free time. Attention to detail, knowledge of the areas, and sensitivity to the local people, makes the trip very enjoyable and educational."

Mr. & Mrs. T.G., Fridley, Minnesota

"Outstanding trip and I look forward to another adventure with Caravan. Our guide was the best in the business."

Mr. H.A., Port Townsend, Washington

"We had an outstanding tour director. He has an outgoing personality, organizational and customer service skills as well as in-depth knowledge of and love for the area, which are necessary to be an excellent tour director. Caravan and its customers are lucky that you have him as a tour director. The entire tour was very well planned and executed."

Ms. C.R., Fredericksburg, Virginia

"The train was great! The scenery was great and the views were wonderful. I saw a lot of Mexico that was very interesting. Much different than I realized."

Mr. & Mrs. R.A., Denver, Colorado

"All our meals were excellent, well prepared and well served. All very good, enhanced by good weather. Our tour director was excellent. He was full of information, good natured, helpful and enthusiastic. The train ride itself was high on the list."

Mr. & Mrs. A.J., San Antonio, Texas

"I have taken about four tours out of the country and our tour director is the very best guide. He is more than a tour director. Descriptions like guru, expert, botanist, arborist, birding expert, cultural anthropologist, humorist, and lots of others come to mind. I will look for another tour that he is leading."

Ms. K.W., Rockville, Maryland

"I would strongly recommend your company to anyone seeking a safe and valuable experience to Mexico!"

Ms. T.R., Carpentersville, Illinois

"I’ll recommend Caravan Tours to everyone. Great trip, great planning, super hotels!"

Mr. & Mrs. B.V, Morehead City, North Carolina

"Have recommended this tour to neighbors and friends. I am passing out brochures that our tour director gave me. Very interested in Costa Rica."

Mr. & Mrs. R.S., Case Grande

"I am looking forward to my next Caravan tour, possibly Costa Rica or Guatemala."

Mr. & Mrs. W.O., Novato, California

"I think the trip was great and I was very impressed with the detail of every aspect. I am recommending it to my friends and hope to do the Costa Rica trip with you. The price of the trip is more than fair for all that was included. Top quality."

Mr. & Mrs. D.G., El Dorado, California

"The other passengers were the greatest. It’s the company you keep that makes the trip. It was fun."

Mrs. C.O., Lakewood, Colorado

"My career in the travel industry covered many years and during that period, I was a tour director with groups to Europe, China, USA, Egypt and New Zealand. I have also been on many tours and educationals, so I consider myself well versed and experienced to comment on our tour director. No one in all my years has even come close to him. He was the personification of what a tour director should be. He would top any rating chart, he consistently gave one hundred percent. As for Caravan, he promoted you frequently and emphasized the value of traveling with the company. Well worth a considerable bonus as you must gain from him."

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Petrie

"This was the most efficient tour on which I’ve been. Thought was given to all our needs. I liked having all the food included so we were assured of clean, well prepared meals and did not have to take a chance on local restaurants."

Ms. R.M., Bowling Green, Kentucky

"No extra side trips to pay for was super! The train car was the very best. This was the best organized tour I have ever experienced. I plan to take more of your tours( i.e. Guatemala)."

Mr. B.H., Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Not one bad meal, tasty and well presented."

Mr. & Mrs. R.S., Case Grande, Arizona

"Have never taken a tour like this. Very interesting, very rugged, very colonial. Looking forward to our next tour with you."

Mr. & Mrs. K.M., Bridgeview, Illinois

"The hotels were all excellent, much better than we had hoped. They were clean and beautiful. Caravan is the best travel group we have used. This tour was absolutely great and we will be going to Costa Rica with Caravan Tours in the spring. Looking forward to it."

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., Westminster, California

"As the last time with Caravan, we had a wonderful time. The group was friendly, the weather was great and the scenery was spectacular. The price was right. Enjoyed our second night stopovers."

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., Holiday, Florida

"This is a wonderful tour and trip. My husband and I have wanted to take the train and see the canyon for a long time. I am very glad we chose your company. The price was wonderful and all the amenities were great."

Mr. & Mrs. J.L., Alamogordo, New Mexico

"I would take a Caravan tour again. I would recommend this company. I thought it was excellent for a modest price."

Ms. P.M., Colorado Springs, Colorado

"The hotel in Creel was very good. Probably as good as any there. The other hotels were just exceptional. The hotel in El Fuerte was an adventure in itself, most enjoyable."

Mr. & Mrs. W.A., Alamogordo, New Mexico

"Our tour director was excellent. He was a teacher, historian, director, humorist, comedian, psychologist, ER. He is truly a professional tour guide. I learned a lot, saw a lot and had fun doing it. Don’t let him get away."

Mr. Y.Z., Middlebury, Connecticut

"Tour logistics were smooth as silk."

Mr. & Mrs. R.S., Conroe, Texas

"Your tour group is new to us. We’ve always used another tour group in Europe. We will use you for places offered in your catalog."

Mr. & Mrs. D.W., Mesa Arizona

"We enjoyed the trip very much and would like to travel with Caravan again."

Mr. & Mrs. B.A., Mesa, Arizona

"I have friends and I am telling them what a good time I had."

Mr. & Mrs. W.L., Horsefly, BC Canada

"I’m a travel agent and have been on and escorted many tours. I was impressed with our operation and pricing. Costa Rica is next!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.V., Raleigh, North Carolina

"I will certainly use Caravan Tours again. Well run, safe and a good value is my impression of the company."

Ms. G.A., Tucson, Arizona

"I will tell my friends to use this company."

Mr. R.G., Tucson, Arizona

"This is the first time we joined Caravan. We enjoyed the trip and appreciated the efforts Caravan did for us. Good services and good planning. Thank you!"

Mr. & Mrs. M.H., Angelton, Texas

"The hotels were wonderful! I’ve traveled to Mexico many times and know that the ones where we stayed were top notch!"

Ms. V.I., Los Alamos, New Mexico

"Great! Copper Canyon was unbelievable and breathtaking. The train was terrific too."

Ms. R.K., Dayton, Ohio

"The hotels were good. I particularly enjoyed the historic Posada del Hidalgo. The train trips were great, wonderful scenery through five ecozones. Our guide on the Fuerte river float trip was exceptionally good. Viva Chihuahua!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.H., Portland, Oregon

"Enjoyed the hotels. Each had their own special ambiance. The guide on river rafting certainly knew how to spot the birds and was very good. The train ride was great. Scenery spectacular! We so enjoyed our trip. It was great having everything planned out and we were just along for the ride and enjoyment! I had never been on a tour, so I wasn’t sure how I would like it. However, I have to admit this was the best trip I ever had."

Mr. & Mrs. K.S., Marion, Ohio

"I was thankful for the drinking water of the buses and trains. I will highly recommend this trip to everyone. We plan to travel with your company again. Excellent value!"

Mr. & Mrs. B.W., Charles City, Iowa

"I liked going both directions on the train so that everyone was able to see both sides of the Canyon. A great trip!"

Mr. & Mrs. F.T., West LaFayette, Indiana

"Wonderful trip! I will tell friends to use Caravan Tours."

Mr. & Mrs. J.E., Edmond, Oklahoma

"We could not have had a better more informed tour director. I was very pleased with the cleanliness of the motor coaches and train. I also was very pleased with the trip. It was all I expected and then some. I would recommend Caravan to my friends. In the future, I plan to travel with you again."

Mr. & Mrs. A.D., Fort Collins, Colorado

"The places we stayed were nice and clean. Everything was wonderful."

Ms. M.D., Prescott, Arizona

"The hotels were great. Employees who assisted the tour group were extremely helpful. The service was great, such as handling of luggage. We hope to go on another Caravan tour in the years to come."

Mr. & Mrs. R.H., Perryville, Missouri

"I would recommend this tour to anyone, and I will definitely want to take another Caravan tour."

Mr. & Mrs. G.J., Victoria, Texas

"Keep up the excellent program and dollar value."

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Sunnyville, California

"Your tour director was the very best. We have been on eighteen cruises and a myriad of tours."

Mr. & Mrs. W.D., San Antonio, Texas

"The tour was wonderful. Not only did we have fun and relax, but we learned so much from history to culture, to vegetation, geography, etc. Your tour director's knowledge and professionalism were apparent, but his friendliness, patience with all and wit were added benefits. He made it all perfect."

Ms. L. J., Houston, Texas

"We enjoyed this tour and we intend to take other tours with your company. We have traveled all over the world with other companies and we have never had such a good and knowledgeable guide. The hotels were perfect and gave us a taste of the Mexican way of life. Thank you!"

Mrs. C. B., Letterville, Quebec, Canada

"An excellent tour, well orchestrated, with a good variety of food and hotels. Your tour director was the best we've ever experienced in our travels. He has a style and personal dignity seldom seen."

Mr. and Mrs. T. D., San Diego, California

"We are sorry that we had not found Caravan Tours before this. We would definitely not hesitate to travel with you again. Your tour director was one of the best we've encountered in our many travels."

Mr. and Mrs. R. J., Brisbane, Australia

"The hotels were excellent and the meals excellent to superior. Your tour director was most knowledgeable and well educated in Mexican history, birds, animals, geology, etc. A wonderful trip that I had wanted to take since 1961 when I lived in El Paso."

Ms. D. T., San Angelo, Texas

"We found the hotels clean and convenient. We had never taken an extended tour before. Our tour guide was better than advertised or expected. We especially appreciated his sensitivity to the poor trades people we encountered. The coaches and trains were clean and comfortable with a bit of space. We had a wonderful experience. I am encouraging everyone I can to take this Caravan trip."

Mr. and Mrs. D. R., Bloomington, Illinois

"This is our first time traveling with Caravan Tours. You really take care of your travelers. We have traveled extensively throughout the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, Europe and other parts of Mexico, and your tour director is the most knowledgeable, organized, caring tour director we have ever had. Our daughter and three grandchildren were with us. Thanks again for a wonderful trip to Mexico's Copper Canyon. We look forward to future trips. Our friends will hear about your company."

Mr. and Mrs. J. R., Monterey Park, California

"Great accommodations. The hotels were clean, hot water and courteous personnel. The meals were good and the food varied and gourmet style. I have traveled many lands, and your tour director was the best I have ever had. He explained the demographic cultures of the lands we traveled. He was well versed in English and Spanish with the regions, peoples, botany and general knowledge of the tour. The rest and photo stops were excellent, with ample time and options to rest and shop."

Mr. and Mrs. P. A., Long Beach, California

"Saw everything we wanted to see, plenty of free time on your own. The separate car on the train was a real treat. This was an excellent tour. We were treated well by everyone we met."

Mr. and Mrs. D.A., Glen Ellyn, Illinois

"I liked the seating at the meals. There were almost always tables for 4, 6, or 8 people and sometimes even for 2 people. I was traveling with my two sisters and a brother-in-law so we could choose to sometimes just sit together as a family, if we wanted, or sometimes we could join others and eat and converse with them. The day-by-day book is wonderful, very thorough and informative."

Ms. S. K., Ruidoso, New Mexico

"Outstanding hotels! Food was wonderful overall. Great music! Your tour director was wonderful, pleasant and caring, knowledgeable, fun to travel with."

Mr. and Mrs. V. H., Plymouth, California

"We cannot praise your tour director enough. We appreciated the bottled water and food safety concerns. Keep the $ cost reasonable."

Mr. and Mrs. H. S., Nederland, Colorado

"The hotels were better than I expected in small Mexican towns. The meals were good. The rest and photo stops were timely. Your tour director was probably the best I have ever known. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and with a great sense of humor. I love the fact that he loves his country and the Mexican people. The motor coach and the train were both good."

Mr. A. E. C., Houston, Texas

"The hotels were not only comfortable, but beautiful as well. The meals were terrific. Your tour director was fantastic. He has a good sense of humor as well as being knowledgeable. Your driver was safe and made the road trip comfortable. I would travel with Caravan again."

Ms. E. C., Orange, California

"Your meals were very good to excellent, no bad meals. Your tour director was a perfect match for the tour, did an excellent job blending humor in with history. The singers and dancers added to the enjoyment of the trip."

Mr. and Mrs. A. C., Silver Spring, Maryland

"The hotels and meals were all very good. After traveling about 20 trips, the majority overseas, your tour director was the best in everything. This was truly a trip to remember. Thank you for being generous with the drinking water. Thanks!"

Mr. and Mrs. O. F., Birmingham, Alabama

"We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. All aspects were very satisfactory. I have no suggestions for improvement."

Mr. and Mrs. D. H., Yakima, Washington

"All of the hotels were excellent. The meals were great, especially the supper at Chihuahua, and the farewell dinner. The rest stops were clean and more than adequate. Of all the tour directors we’ve had, yours was definitely the best. He was very conscientious and made us feel very welcome in his home country, Mexico. We will recommend this tour to others. We hope to take another Caravan Tour in the future, possibly to Guatemala. Don’t change a thing. Everything was just right!"

Mr. and Mrs. K. H., San Antonio, Texas

"Hotels in all the various locations appeared to be the best in town. All were adequate and clean. Most were really lovely. The sightseeing and activities were fabulous. We appreciated no name tags, adequate free time and a casual pace. Your tour director was the best! Knowledgeable, on top of every detail and very charming! This is one of the best trips ever, and more than might be expected for the money."

Mr. and Mrs. G. K., Long Beach, California

"The hotels were very satisfactory. Bottled water in all was very much appreciated. The motor coach was comfortable, and having a train car for the tour group only was very nice. It was great to have plenty of water all along the way. Your tour director was absolutely fantastic, very knowledgeable and eager to impart his country's best and very helpful. His information and eagerness added so much to our trip. Many thanks to you, Caravan. We recommend this trip to everyone and look forward to future times with you."

Mr. and Mrs. D. K., Bethel, Pennsylvania

"The meals were very good at all locations. We all appreciated the bottled water. Your tour director kept it cold."

Mr. and Mrs. O. D., Houston, Texas

"We really appreciated having all our meals. The musical entertainment seemed to be the ‘real Mexico,’ and we loved it! Our farewell dinner was great. Three of our friends are in the process of signing up for the same tour."

Mr. and Mrs. D. K., Lima, Ohio

"Your tour director was excellent, always a thought ahead of where we were going, and had keys, schedule and info ready. Very thoughtful! It was nice to have our own private car on the train. We enjoyed the tour very much."

Mr. and Mrs. G. K., Selah, Washington

"Hotels were very pleasant to outstanding. Your meals were excellent, a wonderful mixture of local fare, excellently presented. Sightseeing and activities also outstanding, made better by the local knowledge our tour director had, beyond compare. The private car on the train was a real treat. We felt totally taken care of. Never a dull moment nor one of concern. Will recommend to all our friends as a premier tour."

Mr. and Mrs. D.S., Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The meals were beyond our expectations, great to have all of them included. The farewell dinner was one of the best ever. Excellent trip! Great scenery. Caravan did a super job. Will recommend."

Mr. and Mrs. L. A., Smyma Beach, Florida

"Everything was planned exactly right. I will certainly recommend it to my friends. I thank you. The best of everything was provided."

Ms. S. L. M., Espariola, New Mexico

"As a travel agent, I am telling everyone how well Caravan presented a great destination. I featured it in my May newsletter. The meals were an interesting variety of local and familiar food - and tasty. Sightseeing and activities were well paced, varied, and an introduction to a part of Mexico that I had never experienced. Your tour director was exceptional! Knowledgeable, good sense of humor, personable and a good manager of situations and people."

Mrs. D. M. J., Indian Head Park, Illinois

"The hotels, meals, sightseeing activities, rest and photo stops were all excellent. Your tour director was the best – pleasant, knowledgeable, making sure everyone was okay."

Mr. and Mrs. H.E., Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"The meals were very tasty and well prepared. Your tour director was excellent. He kept everyone well informed and made the opportunity for excellent photos. We have a stack of unforgettable moments!"

Mr. and Mrs. J.M., Melbourne, Florida

"Can't say enough about our tour guide. He was very good with the border crossings, luggage, and our comfort. Our trip was smooth and comfortable because he worked every minute to make it that way. All the meals were great. The restaurants were interesting and the food was well prepared. Enjoyed the whole experience, a wonderful tour!"

Mrs. L. H.S., Reno, Nevada

"Really enjoyed the taste of Mexico, food was good everywhere and I really enjoyed trying foods that I had never had before. Especially nice to have all meals provided as I do not speak Spanish and would have had difficulty finding restaurants. The hotels were charming and authentic, very clean and the staff everywhere was helpful. The hotels were a very nice balance of accommodations. I thought the entertainment everywhere was super as well."

Mrs. J.P., Norwich, Connecticut

"A very efficiently planned trip that packed in the maximum sightseeing in the minimum time. And, the price was right. The bottom line: a great trip!"

Mr. and Mrs. G G., Cincinnati, Ohio

"The Barrancas hotel was outstanding, with every room overlooking the canyon. The food was excellent, a good variety and well prepared. When we arrived at a restaurant, the food was served promptly. Luggage and hotel rooms were handled efficiently. Your tour director was very knowledgeable, personable, and did a good job of coordinating. Overall, it was a most enjoyable trip. I was impressed with Caravan."

Mrs. W. G., San Diego, California

"Your tour director was excellent. Very knowledgeable about Mexican history, the Copper Canyon, Tarahumara, the Mennonite culture, and had a great sense of humor. He gave us a whole new perspective on Mexican history. The train ride was spectacular. A very good tour, interesting, well-managed, worthwhile and enjoyable!"

Mr. and Mrs. J. B., Santa Barbara, California

"The whole trip was exceptional. I have recommended it to many friends. For the third time Caravan came through with a great experience."

Mr. H.N.P., Shaker Heights, Ohio

"Your hotels were wonderful. The train trip was exciting and amazing. The variety of activities, including the float trip, was very good. Your tour director was very knowledgeable, considerate, dedicated, personable and a fantastic sense of humor. Having bottled water supplied generously was a big plus!"

Ms. P. V., DeKalb, Illinois

"All the hotels were very clean and the food was good. We can’t say enough about your tour director. He was interesting and knowledgeable on Mexican history. He has a great love for his country and people. The sightseeing and activities were very interesting and beautiful. We enjoyed the photo stops and the people."

Mr. and Mrs. L. B., Monroeville, Indiana

"Overall, the hotels were exceptional. All the meals were very, very good. Your tour director was the best I have ever had. He is knowledgeable about the history, culture, geography, and geology of the area, most informative, insightful, kind and respectful. He made this trip a wonderful experience, the best tour I have ever taken. I was most impressed with Caravan. The tour was an exceptional value. I appreciate not being asked to pay extra for optional tours. I look forward to taking another Caravan tour in the future."

Mr. L. S., Tampa, Florida

"Being a widow, I was a little concerned about going by myself but I did not have to worry about a thing–thank you! The motor coaches were comfortable, clean and had good viewing windows. There was a great variety of meals, all good, and a chance to sample everything! The Copper Canyon train was comfortable and clean, fun to be on and had good food. Caravan made this such a nice trip and everything just flowed beautifully."

Mrs. M.H., Fairfield, California

"Your tour director was excellent, always there when you needed him. At last we found a tour group that had what we wanted!"

Mr. and Mrs. E.R., Sun City, Arizona

"We were very pleased with the hotels. Your tour director was excellent, finest we've ever had, knows his information. We will recommend your tour and the tour director to friends."

Mr, and Mrs. D.H., Napoleon, Ohio

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