Panama Tropical AdventureCustomer Reviews

We currently have 185 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers.
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"Excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed this Panama Caravan tour. So efficient with connections, important details and provided in a timely manner. We appreciated the interesting itinerary highlighting the best of the area. Great variety. We felt like we had a flavour of old to new, architecture and culture. History, culture and modern amenities gave us a better understanding and appreciation of Panama. Furthermore, Caravan has influenced Panama positively, bringing tourism in a greater way to help the economy. Caravan has also considered the needs of the tourist (nice accommodations, good food, clean water, easy access ramps, clean bathrooms) with the needs of the local residents. Good communication and relationships. This was our second Caravan tour and we know we will book Costa Rica next. Thank you for the excellent planning and services on these interesting tours."

Ms. P.C., Prince George, British Columbia

"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Panama, excellent. This was our first all-inclusive tour for adults. I was a teacher for forty years, am fluent in several languages and helped chaperone 13 student trips. My most successful and enjoyable trips had these things in common: affordable cost; efficient transportation and transfers; personable and knowledgeable directors; quality hotels in safe areas; optimal activities and free time; good local food specialties. Our Panama trip had all of them. This tour provided ample opportunities to see various aspects of Panama life and the food was excellent, always a wide selection of familiar and local selections. I will highly recommend Caravan to my friends."

Mr. & Mrs. M.S., Coatesville, Pennsylvania

"Lake Gatun was a wonderful and unique adventure. Learning about the canal and its history as well as experiencing it was truly an eye-opening wonder. The Embera Village and Kuna market helped me develop my understanding and increase my amazement at indigenous peoples. Spending two days in each area gave us a good chance to appreciate it and develop a taste for more. An opportunity for learning in a fun and meaningful way in beautiful surroundings."

Ms. A.E., Stoneman, Massachusetts

"Once again Caravan Tours provided a wonderful trip for a reasonable cost. This is our third tour in ten years. All were unique and enjoyable in their own ways. Every excursion we took in Panama was both informative and entertaining. We especially enjoyed the down time to rest at Playa Bonita. Panama Viejo was very interesting, such amazing ancient architecture and city ruins with ultra modern skyscrapers in the background. Enjoyed seeing Gatun Lake and the canal. Loved our talented Panamanian dancers and band, what great entertainers they were! Every meal on our trip was amazing, fresh varied fruit, varied entrees, bars of salad, I never tasted anything I didn’t like. We never felt rushed on this tour. Our director went out of her way to help us have a memorable 50th anniversary, thank you!"

Mr. & Mrs. V.T., Concord, North Carolina

"My husband and I chose Caravan for our return trip to Panama, having lived there in the 1980’s. We were not disappointed! We couldn’t have chosen a better tour to help us reconnect with a place that was once our home. Caravan’s itinerary provided new adventures and revisited places that brought back wonderful memories. We had a very knowledgeable director, we’re especially grateful for his easy-going manner and his ability to make everything run smoothly. Very entertaining Canal transit ride. Visit to Embera tribe was very informative - they were most gracious. Very much enjoyed the folkloric dance performances, a real treat. All accommodations were very nice - beautiful settings, lovely pool areas. Thank you!"

Mr. & Mrs. M.M., Fairfax, Virginia

"I was expecting some primitive accommodations, so I was pleasantly surprised. Hotels were much better than expected and very very nice. Loved the fresh fruit and veggies. Sightseeing was the right balance for me and very interesting. Gives us reasons to schedule another Caravan trip."

Mr. R.S., Saint Louis, Missouri

"Abundance of wonderful foods each and every day. Beautiful resorts, views, all very nice. Old Panama, new Panama, Miraflores Locks, Gatun Lake, monkeys aboard our boat, Bridge of the Americas, Continental Divide, the Canal and how it works, great, very interesting. So much fun, I would say I can recommend this whole trip to more people. Would love to come again! Been on cruise ships three times before but got so much more out of this experience. Caravan is the best way to travel!"

Mr. & Mrs. L.R., Antioch, California

"No need to change a thing. I would never hesitate to recommend Caravan Tours to our friends. Our director was over the top! I don’t think they come any better. Always very polite and considerate, so informative about the area. Terrific at helping everyone get acquainted and having fun."

Mr. M.Y., Rose Creek

"Very good. I love Panamanian food and all the meals had a great variety of the taste of Panama. Loved being at ground level in Panama. Our director was excellent. We’ve been on four other tours, the first being 30 years ago. Our Panama director with Caravan is the type of guide that makes a tour grand. He kept us informed, safe and with enough humor and enthusiasm to make it fun. Our driver was the greatest and I would recommend this tour to anyone."

Mrs. K.P., Surprise, Arizona

"We did this trip at the recommendation of friends and loved it. Just the right variety and time spent on each site. We loved being able to observe the canal. Our director was fantastic, everything we could have hoped for and we felt very fortunate to be in his group."

Ms. D.B., Winnett, Montana

"I found that all the activities were excellent, from the ruins to the Old French Quarter, driving through the sites and admiring all the views. From the boat excursions on the river seeing monkeys to the Embera Village seeing the native way, it was great. And what can I say? Our director was the BEST. A walking and talking book of knowledge. I can honestly tell you it would be hard to imagine anybody being better than he was at his job. He has at least one friend living in North Dakota now. Not to forget the beautiful views of scenery in the rainforest and how safe of a driver we had. Will be looking and booking my next Caravan tour!"

Mr. J.L., Jamestown, North Dakota

"We are full time RV’ers, and this was a great break from our usual lifestyle. We enjoyed the trip immensely, and have already recommended it to friends and family. Diverse experiences that include history and culture as well as understanding of modern life in Panama. The sightseeing was the most important part of the trip. Of course, it focused on the canal and coverage of the canal was complete, including technology and history. Enjoyed learning about the canal, the various tours of different aspects made for a complete picture, very informative and interesting. We enjoyed the local craftsmanship, the people and their interest in us, as well as imparting their culture to us. All hotels were top rate, enjoyed the luxury greatly! We recommend your tour to others and will continue to do so."

Mr. & Mrs. D.B., Box Elder, South Dakota

"Excellent. It was a very good tour and the bottom line is we got our money’s worth. All the hotels were great; The Westin was outstanding, and the Gamboa was super interesting. Exceptional meals, great quantity and great quality. The Panama Canal was very impressive. No rebar used in concrete. Rivets used instead of welding. Military engineering used to get the job completed at the end, one year ahead of schedule. It took a lot of dedication for the United States to get the job done. An excellent peace time effort and it was good to learn about it. We were very impressed with Caravan Tours and plan to take others. Many thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.R., Calgary, Alberta

"This was our second tour with Caravan and it was every bit as wonderful as the first. The sightseeing and other activities were wonderful. It was very evident that Caravan pays very close attention to every detail during the tours, which makes for a wonderful experience. Caravan does an outstanding job of coordinating each day’s schedule. We could have never experienced all that was offered on our own. The four hotels chosen by Caravan for the Panama Tour were top of the line excellent, and the Gamboa exceeded expectations. A place such as that in the middle of the rainforest was a real treat. The food was delicious and presented beautifully. We were quite impressed with the entire trip and will surely plan to go on our third Caravan adventure. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Mr. & Mrs. A.C., New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"This tour was, by far, the best we ever had. Fun to do, as well as informative on the history and operation of the Canal. This trip to the Panama Canal was one we always wanted to do. We were not disappointed with anything. All our activities were explained to us at every major segment along the trip. We knew what to expect and where to go on the next activity. Seeing the Panama Canal territory was fantastic, with ample time taken to visit each activity. Our TD was the best we have ever had. He was always there for us whether it be for individual problems, to narrate guide posts, and he was organized. Kept us happy along the whole trip. And needless to say, we were not underfed! We especially liked eating with our tour compadres."

Mr. & Mrs. J.F., Ponce Inlet, Florida

"This was our first tour. We’ve always just set out on our own. I’m hooked on Caravan Tours. The sightseeing and activities were absolutely wonderful. We saw and did things that were beyond our expectation of what a tour could furnish. We saw and did things we never would have been able to if Caravan had not taken us there. All the hotels were wonderful accommodations. Clean, fresh, well-appointed, friendly and courteous staff. The meals were fabulous, a wonderful variety of fresh food and an assortment of desserts offered! The tour was very well-planned and all the logistics were very well implemented. There were no gaps in the execution."

Mr. & Mrs. D.M., Barnstead, New Hampshire

"Excellent! This was our 14th anniversary vacation and we were delighted and surprised that it was so first class with so many extra amenities. Caravan has certainly earned our vote for best quality for best value. Every day was memorable and special. We especially appreciated the extra special accommodations, such as the VIP viewing deck at Miraflores and the special floor shows. Stunningly beautiful, first class hotels. Outstanding meals, in amount and quality, many choices. We will cherish the memories for a lifetime and we are telling all our friends about Caravan!"

Mrs. L.K. & Mr. D.R., Longboat Key, Florida

"I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone. I felt so taken care of. The Westin was the perfect place to relax and enjoy the view and company of the other guests. Liked every activity and everything I saw. What a beautiful country. The food was a good variety and sampling of the country. I gained five pounds so what does that say. I loved the coffee there. You guys rocked on this tour, thank you Caravan."

Mrs. R.H., Hemet, California

"Great trip, met many nice people on the tour from all over America. Panama is full of wonderful architecture both modern and native. We learned so much about Panama, their culture, their people, their government etc., from touring with our director. Loved the tours of Canal, biodiversity and the native village. All the hotels were prepared for our arrival and very clean. Everywhere we went, the food was all well done and more than adequate. And what a driver!"

Mr. E.S., Sunderland, Massachusetts

"Everywhere we stopped was fun and exciting. We learned a lot about the Canal and seeing it from different observation areas, both north and south, was even more fascinating. The four hotels we stayed at were excellent, the people were friendly and helpful with any questions we had. All the meals were beyond our expectations. Excellent food and atmosphere. I enjoyed having one day to ourselves at the beach resort to sit by the pool and relax."

Mrs. R.V., Las Vegas, Nevada

"Our director was incredible, very proud of her country. Very good with people and available. I came for the canal and originally felt anything else I saw would be a bonus. The tour stops were all great and I was able to get a real picture of the area, culture, history, etc. I came away with a deep love for Panama. The hotels were fabulous, the rooms were clean and big."

Ms. B.P., Las Vegas, Nevada

"This was my first Caravan trip. It was so enjoyable. I would love to travel with Caravan again. Thoroughly enjoyed each day. Amazed at the locks. Great sightseeing of Panama City, Miraflores, Gatun Lake, Panama Canal Locks, Embera Village and exhibitions. Loved the rainforest and animals. Your tour director was wonderful, and I loved the informative booklet, it gave me a lot of ideas for future trips."

Ms. C.R., Marietta, Georgia

"This trip has been on my husband’s bucket list. We are so glad we chose Caravan as the tour company. We had a wide variety of meal choices, all of which were pleasingly arranged. Each day was filled with exciting new ventures. I really can’t say there was a highlight because it was all so enjoyable. We highly recommend Caravan for a first class experience."

Mrs. P.D., Covington, Virginia

"We chose the tour because we wanted to see the Panama Canal and the tour met our goal. We enjoyed the trip, and it was a lot more than the canal. Panama was much different than I expected. It really is an international city. It is a friendly place and everyone we met was helpful even if they didn’t speak English. Thanks for an enjoyable experience."

Mrs. D.P., Saint Simon’s Island, Georgia

"This was our first Caravan experience - just wonderful. Our director made our vacation superb. Can’t stop sharing with our friends how great the trip was. Well done. We never had to worry about anything. Excellent sightseeing, all was great with super guides. Our director was wonderful setting things up and offering great narratives."

Mrs. B.L., Collegeville, Pennsylvania

"It was a great experience. All hotels were great. Enjoyed every one of our activities. Boat tours are very good. The entertainment was an added bonus. We are happy we chose the Caravan tour, thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. A.C., Glendale, Arizona

"We are already considering a tour of Costa Rica through Caravan. Why would we ever want to travel with anyone else? Enjoyed all of the activities and welcome rest day of relaxation at the Westin midway through. Simply spectacular, incredible variety of high quality food with many nutritious choices."

Mr. S.R., Scottsdale, Arizona

"The tours were very nice and very educational. This was our first all inclusive guided tour so we didn’t know what to expect. We were not disappointed. The advertised tours were very nice and very educational. Of course, the highlight was going through the Panama Canal. We enjoyed the tour immensely and the accommodations were very clean."

Mr. & Mrs. R.T., Hastings, Michigan

"My wife and I enjoyed our tour a lot. Everyone associated with the tour was great and our director was tremendous: entertaining, helpful, organized and treated everyone great. Very well-planned and executed. Excellent job!"

Mr. J.B., Winnet, Montana

"I enjoyed every minute of my time in Panama. The hotel locations accentuated the tour and were delightfully pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sightseeing, especially going through the canal, visiting the Embera Villages, and the cruise on the Gatun Lake. I believe ours was the best tour guide I’ve ever encountered. Intelligent, caring, attentive to group’s needs, he made the trip gratifying and entertaining. An outstanding representative of Panama. I need more adjectives to describe him. Thank you, my trip was wonderful."

Mrs. T.S., Charlottesville, Virginia

"Thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Miraflores Locks with lots of different ships making the transit. Enjoyable wildlife cruise on Gatun Lake. Highlight of the trip was our partial transit of the canal - fantastic. Walking tour of Panama City’s old quarter was exceptional. Excellent tour, wouldn’t change a thing."

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Bridgenorth, Ontario

"Panama is a photographer’s dream! Our director was outstanding in every way...knowledgeable, kind, considerate. A safe and helpful driver, comfortable, easy riding. Our hotels were outstanding, way above our expectations, as were the sights. Loved being on the Canal, too! An amazing vacation, our third Caravan tour. We’ll take another soon!"

Mr. & Mrs. L.H., Cornelius, North Carolina

"This was our third Caravan trip and we have always enjoyed our time under Caravan’s guidance. Our director was very good at preparing us for each activity, and we enjoyed them all. I thought each day was well planned and we appreciated that we didn’t have long rides. Can’t say enough good things about our director. He was a walking encyclopedia. The hotel properties were well-cared for, the rooms were clean, the staff was pleasant, helpful and welcoming. We will look forward to additional tours and certainly recommend to friends."

Mrs. J.C., Marietta, Georgia

"Wonderful! Beautiful! This was a fabulous trip!!! Enjoyed everything, it was even greater than expected!!! Will definitely encourage everyone to take this tour with Caravan. Very informative. Our director took great care to make sure everyone was comfortable and satisfied and informed about the daily schedule. Very good driver, kind and helpful too!!!"

Mr. T.M., Summerfield, Florida

"Excellent! Cruise in the wild, visiting the village, stopping to shop at the marketplace, having a great appreciation for their handiwork; the dancers were very entertaining and beautiful. Caravan has invested in Panama; it’s nice to know how your company helps these people. Our trip out west was excellent, and this was our second, hopefully another one to the Canadian Rockies next!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.G., Hanover, Pennsylvania

"Well-planned. This was our second Caravan trip (first Costa Rica). We were so happy with Costa Rica that we didn’t believe that Panama could possibly match, but it did. Great variety, very good time allotment for all. An exceptional, enjoyable trip. No problems at any time. Special kudos to our director, he was an outstanding TD. Very knowledgeable about Panama and its people. Highly recommend to anyone."

Mr. & Mrs. G.H., Portage, Michigan

"We didn’t think this tour could possibly be better than the Costa Rica tour but it certainly was as good. Caravan takes care of every detail and selects the best places to go and takes you there the best way. You can’t beat going through the canal on a small boat! The experience of a lifetime, especially when it was preceded by so much info on the canal. Trips to Embera Village and the ancient city were also awesome. So much nicer than we anticipated, luxurious and unique, each hotel had incredible views and the extra touches, attention to every detail. Could not be more pleased, 10 stars!"

Mrs. M.S., Denton, North Carolina

"Thank you for another great trip! Great job of highlighting the Panama Canal! It is evident that for the most part that the Canal is the centerpiece of Panama, as it should be. An absolutely amazing engineering feat, one of the man-made wonders of the world. The other stops on the tour were fun and entertaining. I look forward to our next trip with Caravan. You guys have it figured out! I’m a big fan. We learned so much and were amazed by the canal, and our group was very likeable."

Mr. & Mrs. D.G., Niceville, Florida

"This was a fantastic trip. The weather, hospitality, accommodations, tour, food and guides were all very good. I enjoyed everywhere we went. The Gamboa and Playa Bonita were absolutely beautiful. I did not want to go home. I love Panama and Caravan!"

Ms. C.C., Ypsilanti, Michigan

"We were proud to be with Caravan. We learned something new with each activity. All were well-planned. We loved all four hotels. We will recommend Caravan to friends and family. This was our first and I hope not our last. Thank you for a great getaway from the cold winter here."

Ms. S.J., Green River, Wyoming

"Outstanding tour!!! Above all expectations with sights, history and guides. We did this tour to experience the Canal. This was a wonderful package for our limited time. This was our first Caravan tour and we are planning a second. This country was magnificent. Our tour director was the best. This was a small cost for a first class experience. All four hotels were outstanding, and each was a higher quality than I have experienced. Rotating coach seats is a fabulous idea for meeting fellow travelers."

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Merrimack, New Hampshire

"My group of five were all more than pleased with our trip. We all agreed that a trip with Caravan will be taken again in the future. Those of us feel that tours of eight days length are our style. I felt the sightseeing and all that was presented was well-timed and the info was outstanding."

Ms. C.P., Lamar, Colorado

"We enjoyed each day and feel we were shown the many interesting cultures of the country, the people and especially the canal. It was well thought out and every effort was made to answer our questions. There were plenty of rest stops and photo stops. We would recommend Caravan to our friends and we will use Caravan in our future travels."

Mrs. V.C., Auburn, New York

"A fantastic Caravan experience! The pace was perfect - not too long on the road. I loved being on the canal. Seeing the native cultures was enlightening. We learned so much! We had all beautiful hotels with very nice rooms and good service. Our director shared a love for her country with all of us."

Mrs. M.E., Mukilteo, Washington

"I’ve never gone on a tour before, but I can say I can’t imagine a better tour. A good variety of experiences and good coverage of Panama."

Mr. D.A., Irvine, California

"My first Caravan tour. My friends recommended it and I was happy to join them. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve been enthusiastically telling others about it. I was a quality manager for a major corporation so I’m always looking for quality and disappointed when I don’t see it and very happy when I do. I felt that Caravan worked VERY hard to make this a good experience for us. It was evident in so many ways. It makes such a good impression. Clearly the company knows how to make people want to explore more of their itineraries and that is good business. Our driver deserves a lot of credit for a pleasant ride. Excellent sightseeing, good variety, thoroughly enjoyed it. We appreciated Caravan’s efforts on our behalf."

Ms. B.M., Pleasant Hill, California

"Keep up the great work. We did Yellowstone, and Panama was our second with Caravan. We will be doing more. I enjoyed learning about Panama, part of the reason we like Caravan. The Embera village was also a great learning experience. Caravan does understand its clientele. We ladies were very happy."

Mrs. D.G., Greenwood, South Carolina

"Excellent. We have been recommending this tour to everyone we know. Some are actually going to book next year! Every hotel was great including the food, service and location. 5 Star. Especially the Intercontinental. Monkey island and sloth sanctuary was excellent. Ours was a great tour, wouldn’t want to do Panama any other way, and couldn’t think of anything to make it better."

Mr. & Mrs. D.M., Visialia, California

"Great!! Always wanted to see the canal and had lots of magnificent opportunities. I have already recommended this to others. I really enjoyed everything! I was happy that we saw and did so much. The Panama Canal cruise was outstanding. Sloths, the observation decks, terrific variety. All the hotels were top notch and much nicer than I had expected. I especially enjoyed sampling the Panamanian dishes. Wonderful!"

Mr. & Mrs. S.K., Pleasantville, New York

"A most enjoyable week. The entertainment was professional and very enjoyable. All the sightseeing was very good and interesting. Appreciated the private viewing areas at Miraflores. Well-timed, and good, interesting locations. We had a wonderful week and look forward to our next Caravan trip!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Carmichael, California

"This was our 7th Caravan trip. Appreciate the great tours at reasonable prices. We tell everyone about our trips and your company. Appreciate being met at the airport, especially when out of the U.S., and not sure of the language or where we are going. Panama Canal was amazing to see and go through in a smaller vessel. Glad to see a new section, very interesting. Great to see their culture. The rainforest and animals were great. Nice that we had time to do activities at the resort. Enjoyed frogs, orchids, butterflies, and sloths up close."

Mrs. L.H., Decatur, Illinois

"Our vacation was very good. Thank you so much for taking the time to make our vacation so good. With a short time that we had, we saw a lot. Some of the most beautiful places and sights and the people were great that we came into contact with. We enjoyed it all very much. The views from our rooms were picture perfect."

Mrs. R.S., Hickory, North Carolina

"This is the third Caravan Tour we have been on. They have all been great - but this one exceeded our expectations concerning the quality of the hotels and the food. And of course the travel on the canal was exceptional. While we all grumbled a little on the early call, it was well worth it in terms of traveling on the canal."

Mr. & Mrs. D.H., Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

"I came to see and experience the canal and got so much more and was not disappointed. Learned so much. Panama City, the rainforest, the beach, etc. Loved the rainforest and Embera Village. Good historical overview. Very glad we chose Caravan for this tour. Very well done!"

Mr. & Mrs. S.W., Santa Clara, California

"Vacation was great due to the good arrangements by the Caravan staff. Well arranged, enjoyed all the activities, entertainment was excellent. The variety of food was impressive. Had plenty of opportunities to take good pictures. Our director made everybody feel comfortable. Enjoyed the vacation."

Mr. & Mrs. M.D., Elmhurst, Illinois

"This was our third Caravan trip and we really enjoyed it. Variety of sightseeing and activities and just enough time at each place. All the hotels were exceptional, good location."

Mrs. S.G., Libertyville, Illinois

"I was very impressed by Caravan. I felt it was well-organized, excellent hotels, food and tours. Met some wonderful people and no complainers. We were a family group of eight from three different states and we appreciated the effort made to help us along together. A good variety and very interesting mix of activities. Our director did an excellent job in explaining where we were and what the activities involved. Excellent programs, and we had ample time for photo and rest stops. Impressed with the pools and resorts, enjoyed being welcomed with a cool beverage when we arrived. Excellent! Hats off to Caravan. You amazed me. Greatly exceeded all my expectations."

Mr. & Mrs. T.C., Cedar Rapids, Iowa

"Excellent tour! This was a great trip, our fifth Caravan tour, all to different places. Always very pleased. We brought family and they were impressed. Going through the Panama Canal was amazing. It was nice to have viewed it earlier and learned so much history. Love the canal tours. The boat rides to view wildlife was fun. Lake Gatun ride was fun. I learned so much. Nice having all the meals included. Swimming opportunities were great and the swimming areas were fantastic! I was also glad everyone introduced themselves at the initial meeting. Wonderful hotels. I liked the ease of registration and getting room keys, etc."

Mr. & Mrs. S.V., Kaukauna, Wisconsin

"This was our third Caravan tour. Costa Rica, Canadian Rockies, and Panama. I thought the whole experience was excellent. We had variety and reasonable time at each place. I liked the ride on the Panama Canal, the Embera visit, the sloth/butterfly visit, and the boat rides. I thought all of the hotels and stops reflected everyone’s commitment to Caravan. It is a respected company, and all the hotels met the standard which I expect from Caravan."

Mr. E.H., Clifton Park, New York

"Overall this trip was outstanding! Getting to see all sides of Panama, the metropolitan city, the rainforest and Pacific ocean gave a comprehensive view of the country. Pleasantly surprised at the depth and views of the canal. The film, observation points, ride, the pace of sightseeing was very manageable. Hotels were excellent, views were good to great from the rooms."

Ms. R.R., Ballston Lake, New York

"Great trip! It was a good mix of history of the canal, nature, and culture of Panama, which was a very interesting country, much more than I expected! Enjoyed everything. Loved the dancing at the Westin. Appreciated the private observation deck at Miraflores. Also, having our own guide on the canal cruise was helpful. Loved all the boat rides. All the hotels were first class. We will definitely be booking with Caravan again and recommend the company to others. I also enjoyed the Costa Rica tour and would like to try one in the US/Canada, maybe Guatemala."

Ms. M.V., Delanson, New York

"I happily recommend Caravan to friends seeking a good travel experience. Having had five Caravan vacations I can say I have been supremely impressed on each occasion. This was a great mix allowing us to capture the flavor of Panama, the canal in particular. Our passionate and informed director provided excellent leadership."

Ms. L.L., Richmond, British Columbia

"I very much enjoyed this trip, an amazing opportunity and one I won’t forget. Well planned and thought out. Liked the history - never got tired of hearing about it. The canal was amazing and I learned a lot. Scenery was unbelievable, and stops along the way (monkeys, sloths, native villages, orchids, butterflies) revealed the culture. I’m an advocate for Caravan Tours, you know how to do it! Thank you."

Mr. R.B., Lincoln, Illinois

"While not sure what to expect, this tour was outstanding in every way. It provided a taste of Panama, the importance of the canal, history, culture, and the most outstanding accommodations. Learning the history of the Panama Canal was a favorite. Boating to view wildlife and indigenous villages were excellent insights into country and culture. I love the leisurely pace of Caravan Tours, the beautiful and comfortable hotels, the imaginative chef desserts; there are tons of photo opportunities, now I just have to sort them! In all, this tour had a most pleasant surprise at every turn. Thanks Caravan, wonderful trip."

Mrs. C.B., Lincoln, Illinois

"We loved this trip and will recommend it to friends. We were amazed to see Panama City’s skyscrapers, enjoyed the Embera village, also our dancers and entertainment were terrific. And of course, the canal. Very informative, we learned so much about the building of the canal, and also about the Panamanians. This was a slower paced trip which we really liked, having some time to relax at the pool was fun."

Mr. & Mrs. J.A., Prospect Heights, Illinois

"I was 110% satisfied with the whole tour. Our director was informative, funny, and treated every passenger like they were special. I highly recommend this trip to others. Driver was always there to help us get off the bus safely. Upon return he was always ready with sanitizer and cold water. We felt like we had the best tour director and driver. Thanks to Caravan for choosing such special people."

Mrs. S.M., Richlands, Virginia

"Of all the Caravan tours I’ve been on, this was the best. Excellent, pleasant director, well-arranged good hotels. I have taken tours with other companies and I feel this tour tops them all. Arranged very well with time for rest. Exceptional."

Mr. M.K., Bluefield, Virginia

"All the hotels on this trip were very good, especially the one in the rainforest. Well-organized and well-coordinated activities, and all credit should go to our director. I have traveled with Caravan ten times and he impressed me the most. World class director."

Mr. A.K., Sacramento, California

"Really an excellent tour that exceeded my expectations. Fantastic value for the money with everything included. And so smoothly put together. Plenty of variety and opportunity to try local foods. Hotels were all first class. The canal observation centers were fascinating and the canal transit was a highlight."

Mr. P.G., Fair Oaks, California

"Wonderful mix of canal, rainforest, pool time, etc. The boat trip through the canal was a real treat. All hotels were welcoming, comfortable and clean. Extremely fortunate to have our Director and one of the best tours I’ve been on; your experience shows."

Ms. N.A., Bellevue, Washington

"A most memorable experience. We will have no hesitation recommending Caravan tours to our friends."

Mr. & Mrs. K.S., Trenton, New Jersey

"Outstanding!! Having never been on a tour, I was amazed at the attention to detail, all of the extras and quality of all the elements. I never expected so much for the cost - exceptional value. Beautiful and comfortable hotels. Our director was so caring, attentive, fun and informative. By far, the best!"

Ms. P.S., Milan, Michigan

"We have taken three Caravan Tours and love what you do. We had a great time and the history was fascinating. Loved the boat trips and the canal was amazing. Our director did a fantastic job. He was the best."

Mr. & Mrs. M.C., Grand Junction, Michigan

"As usual, Caravan did even more than expected. Everything was spaced well for our comfort. Caravan does such a good job at a reasonable price. We were treated well everywhere. Especially enjoyed the cultural dance at the Miramar."

Mr. & Mrs. M.C., Huntsville, Alabama

"Wonderful hotels, especially Gamboa and Westin. Fantastic meals, couldn’t have asked for more. Loved seeing the Embera Village. We loved it all and would absolutely choose Caravan again. We look forward to any other journey with you."

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Center Point, Texas

"I have very much enjoyed both my tours with Caravan - lots of 'bang for the buck'. Have recommended them to many, many people."

Ms. P.C., Concord, California

"Panama was our third Caravan Tour. Everything Caravan does reflects value, customer service and great tours. We thank you for the education you provide your customers and we also marvel and appreciate what you bring to the communities visited. You work so well for the benefit of the hotels, transportation companies, and people. What you are doing is exceptional. THANK YOU!"

Mr. and Mrs. D.H., St. Louis, Missouri

"We came to see the Canal: The tour provided great exposure to the Canal and Panamanian culture. Really enjoyed the canal transit and the trips in the smaller boats. Would recommend this tour to anyone."

Mr. G.G., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Everything was interesting, well paced, and well done. This was my third Caravan Tour and I enjoyed it even more than the first two. Caravan provides a 1st class product at an affordable price."

Mr. and Mrs. J.B., Hamilton, Ohio

"I can't say enough good things about (the tour director). So hard working, always available and goes the extra mile in all situations. Brava! This tour is great...congrats to the people who planned it."

Ms. G.T., Staten Island, New York

"My favorite part of the tour was the Panama Canal cruise, very impressive! Enjoyed every minute of my trip."

Mrs. G.C., Alfred, Maine

"Loved this first Caravan Tour! I’ve told so many people about the tour. Amazing director!!! Smart, engaging, knowledgeable. Terrific meals, loved the variety of selection. Already thinking about my next Caravan tour."

Ms. S.H., South Amboy, New Jersey

"This was our second Caravan coach tour; our first was to Costa Rica. Both were wonderful experiences and we look forward to the next!"

Mr. T.M, Tucson, Arizona

"Not one complaint. All hotels were top class with great views. Great food, great variety, and plenty of it. All employees working with Caravan that we came in contact with were helpful, informative and very friendly. We would definitely do another Caravan Tour."

Mr. S.B., Prather, California

"Absolutely a great, memorable trip. I am so glad we found out about your tours rather than doing a Panama Canal cruise. This was so much more and being fascinated by the history of the Canal is exactly what I wanted."

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., Rockford, Illinois

"Very very pleased. All hotels were clean, great amenities and great food. I couldn’t believe all of the activities we had that were included, and the pace was great so we could enjoy everything. We were very impressed that we always had preferred entrance to activities. We also were amazed at how much we got for the very reasonable price. We are glad we booked this tour!"

Ms. A.S, Rochester, New York

"The whole trip was amazing, far exceeded our expectations, a good time was had by all."

Mr. A.S., Umatilla, Florida

"Sightseeing and activities could not have been better. Five stars! I came to see and learn about the Panama Canal and once finished with the tour I felt as though I had been shown everything. Ours was a first-class tour leader."

Mr. & Mrs J.A., Kingwood, Texas

"Enjoyed this trip immensely. Went to Panama in 1969 with the US Army and 48 years of changes in the country are impressive to see. The center of attention for me was the canal and the tour satisfied all of my criteria. Really appreciated the variety of fresh fruit and ample quantity of food."

Mr. J.P., Westfield, Massachusetts.

"Outstanding. All of Panama including the canal was covered completely. Everything was just excellent. We will most likely take another trip with Caravan. Hotels were great, all first class!"

Mr. & Mrs. E.M., Oroville, California

"This is our third Caravan Tour. Excellent in every way. A diverse selection of activities and the very best way to see the Panama Canal. Much better than a cruise. The smaller boat allows travelers to see the canal up close. All meals were excellent to spectacular. Great selection and taste with local fare at every meal. Always a huge selection of prepared delights. You are doing an excellent job of designing and implementing the tours to retain our loyalty. Keep up the good work."

Mr. B.W., Woodland Hills, California

"Excellent tour. Our first with Caravan but it will not be our last. Well done! The activities were diverse, well-planned, accommodating to all involved."

Mr. & Mrs. H.M., New Orleans, Louisiana

"Our driver was amazing and every day was a little different. Felt like we received a good representation of the country, its culture, customs. Seeing and experiencing the Panama Canal several ways, from the visitor center to the actual transit, was awesome. This was our second Caravan tour and we continue to recommend you to our agent, friends and family."

Mr. & Mrs. C.R., Griffin, Georgia

"We got to see a lot and more than if we had gone on our own or any other tour. Our director was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond our expectations with knowledge of the area. I had a wonderful trip and will use and recommend Caravan Tours to our friends."

Mrs. B.B., Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

"The hotels were all very nice, (and) each had something special. The meals were all very good. We had considered a cruise (and) we are sure glad we chose this tour. We got to see so much more. Each day was comfortably filled with such a variety. My advice to those looking at a Panama Cruise is to take your tour instead."

Mr. C.C., Gardner, Kansas

"We had an absolutely wonderful time. Our guide did an absolutely amazing job. We had plenty of rest stops and were given many opportunities to take photos. Highlight of our tour was the opportunity to go through the canal. All hotels were clean, spacious and excellent. Amazing driver. Always had our comfort as a top priority."

Mr. D.L., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"The entire trip was excellent. Thanks for giving us a magnificent vacation. We were a group of six vegetarian people. The tour director was a gem. He took really good care of us with providing variety and was willing to do extra work for us. He was a real pro and credit to your organization. Caravan took the time to select some of the better hotels. The cultural shows were the highlight and the canal was awesome."

Mr. & Mrs. A.P., Kendall Park, New Jersey

"A delightful tour! The choices for hotels were excellent. We particularly loved the Gamboa and Playa Bonita. Our director was fabulous, ten stars! Her energy level never sagged. What a delightful guide. She did a great job of giving us background information and the activities were well-managed."

Mrs. B.D., Toronto, Ontario

"Very impressed with Caravan Tours. Can’t say enough great things about our Director and driver. The trip would not have been as enjoyable and grand without them. Activities and sights were educational and beautiful. Excellent selection of meals and very delicious, the food pleased everyone’s taste and was of outstanding variety. Always fresh and very tasty."

Ms. R.M., Sacramento, California

"This was a good way to get an educational visit in the company of nice people. Exceeded my expectations. Sightseeing was well thought out and well planned. I never felt rushed, nor abandoned."

Mr. & Mrs. W.S., Independence, Missouri

"All in all, an amazing tour. Outstanding meals, excellent variety and quality. Excellent value. Hotels beyond expectations. Loved Gamboa Rainforest Resort. I will certainly consider Caravan for future tours/vacations. Thank you so much."

Ms. I.L., Ancaster, Ontario

"The meals and their locations were very nice. The stops were well timed and located. Caravan's Panama Trip was of great value, interesting, well operated, and fun. Thank you so much."

Mr. & Mrs. J.R., Beaverton, Oregon

"Enjoyed all the sights and activities, the right amount of time was given at each stop. The buffets had food for everyone (and) the choices were excellent. I would recommend Caravan Tours to anyone. I was taken care of every bit of the way. Great Tour!!"

Ms. T.G., Nampa, Alberta, Canada

"(This) was my first trip with Caravan and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for such a positive experience. The trip was wonderful."

Ms. S.S., Venice, Florida

"The Canal construction was amazing. Came to Panama to see the Canal and it was great to see it from so many different ways. (I) had friends who had gone through the Canal on a cruise and said it was boring. They missed out on so much."

Ms. L.C., Gardner, Kansas

"Overall, the Caravan Tour experience is outstanding. This has been our second and we are planning on taking another in the near future. Every meal served was excellent. Tours were all very interesting and well planned. There was enough time to travel to and from and to visit without being too lengthy. Perfectly timed to see a ship transit completely through. Entertainment during meals and other activities was very nice. Enjoyed seeing and dancing with the dancers who were all so gracious."

Mr. D. I., Gold Hill, North Carolina

"Wow! This was our 6th tour to Central America. Our director tied for 1st place as the best, most-informed, personable, cheerful, on-top-of every situation guide we have had. Excellent hotels. The Gamboa was my favorite, but there’s no denying that the rest were of extraordinary quality. Undoubtedly the Canal is a world wonder and the tour fully achieved its aim. The tour of the Canal is great, and there’s a lot of flora and fauna and especially birds to be seen. The other activities were nicely interspersed with canal visits, giving a good sense of Panama history. The visit to Embera village was nicely handled, and the tour fulfilled its aims very nicely."

Mr. & Mrs. J.L., Pennington, New Jersey

"This was the first time my wife and I have traveled with Caravan but have always heard good things from the travelers and we agree. You provide a lot for a very good price. Our director was second to none in the 19 tours we have taken in the past 44 years. The sightseeing program was excellent and the entertainment provided on several evenings was very enjoyable."

Mr. & Mrs. D.S., Saint Louis, Missouri

"This was our 5th tour with Caravan. The pace was just right. The day at Westin was an especially good idea. Our director took special care to accommodate us as we are in our 80s."

Mr. & Mrs. B.C., LaGrange, Georgia

"There’s no doubt this tour exceeded our expectations, no doubt due to the careful planning and experience of Caravan. All brilliant and well-organized activities. Thank you for a most memorable and enjoyable holiday."

Mr. & Mrs. D.F., Alfrick Pound, Worcester

"I feel fortunate. So glad I took this trip. Excellent accommodations. Loved meeting fellow travelers. Panama has so much to offer. I loved learning about the canal system, it’s engineering and history. All parts were well-managed, a great experience."

Ms. N.B., Seattle, Washington

"Excellent. I couldn’t have planned more beautiful, comfortable, delightful hotels. I have travelled extensively and this trip was perfect. I will pass the word. Caravan covered Panama beautifully."

Ms. N.S., Des Moines, Washington

"We were traveling in a family group of six to celebrate my brother’s birthday. We all loved it and will remember this wonderful experience and our time together. Great exposure, information, and experiencing of the locks! I loved all the wildlife viewing and can never get enough. Fantastic director!"

Mrs. F.R., Prescott, Arizona

"This tour offers a great value and the chance to learn history simultaneously. The canal activities were terrific. The entertainment was superb. Lots to see and we did it all. We felt very well taken care of. So much more than I expected in every way. Wonderful value. Entertainment was exceptional. Already planning our next tour. Appreciated the depth of history and culture. Very well-organized. Diversity, culture, geography, history, the canal...thank you Caravan."

Mr. M.D. & Ms. J.M., Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

"The best tour I have done. Extremely well-run operation. Excellent and well-paced. I have a deeper appreciation of how well the canal is managed, how well the country protects its natural resources and wildlife."

Ms. V.P., Pearland, Texas

"This trip was excellent. We had a wonderful experience. This trip was superior to other tours we took years ago. Better hotels, meals, far superior guide. Always had a smile on his face, made certain everyone was safe and provided exemplary service."

Mr. & Mrs. S.S., Roslyn, New York

"Canal trips and cruises were outstanding. This was my first Caravan tour and I was most impressed. This is a good value. We saw everything we had hoped to see and very much appreciated the local talent and Caravan surprises. I cannot say enough good things about our Director. Very hard worker."

Mrs. D.V., Waltham, Massachusetts

"The trip was more than I expected, worth every penny. Went with a friend this time and she was totally impressed. She had a wonderful and very memorable trip, far and above what I could have imagined. Plenty of time to meet new friends."

Ms. I.T., Sarasota, Florida

"Very happy with Caravan. This adventure was delightful! All planned tours and activities were just as promised and very enjoyable. All hotels exceeded my expectations. Very clean, accommodating, and ideally located. Our driver was amazing, handling that bus through the Panama City and Panama road system."

Mr. W.V., Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

"Good cross section of Panama Canal zone. Nice to meet native people and had fun buying their crafts. Great Canal vantage points and historic sights; they were super educational. Usually there are some negatives on any trip. This trip was all positive. Thank you!"

Ms. M.L., Bloomfield, Connecticut

"I could not have asked for more. Excellent meals with lots of choice. Absolutely great, loved all the locks visits, transit and activities. Panama viejo was a nice surprise, the history we got was super. All hotels were absolutely excellent. Loved the relaxation day at the Westin, a nice touch."

Ms. J.K., Newport Beach, California

"The tour was well organized, punctual, and very detailed oriented. Every activity was on time. The Panama Canal is interesting and obviously the main attraction of this tour. Our director had a passion for sharing his knowledge of Panama and his love of country. Well done Caravan, we love your tours!"

Mr. R.C., Mackenzie, British Columbia

"I cannot fathom how you can use the high-quality hotels that you do at the price you offer. We traveled the Western Hemisphere extensively and have never stayed in such high-end hotels. Outstanding, immaculately clean, great service, luxury. All the tours were high-quality, we were kept busy, but with the option of sitting things out if we wanted. It was a perfect blend. There have been wonderful people everywhere that we have traveled, but the Panamanian people are by far the kindest, sweetest and friendliest I have connected with on a deeper level than the other countries we’ve been to. I would travel with Caravan again in a heartbeat."

Mr. & Mrs. D.E., Saint Marys, Pennsylvania

"This was an excellent trip. Well-planned, well-timed activities - great dinners, shows, an absolutely excellent tour director and coach driver. Friendly atmosphere, saw and did so much. The perfect mix of activity and down time. Wonderful surprises. Caravan, you are a CLASS ACT tour company."

Ms. P.W., Middle River, Maryland

"This was my first Caravan tour - got much much more than I expected. High quality, reasonably priced. Activities were all great and well-paced. Of course, our ride through the canal gates was my favorite. The historic sites were also very interesting, our tour guide explaining everything very effectively. We are already planning our next Caravan tour. Thanks for a great vacation."

Mr. A.E., Houston, Texas

"Really can’t say enough about the consistent quality. Hotels were clean and modern and in great locations. The meals were well-presented and offered a variety of well-prepared, tasty foods. Exceptional director, a real gem. Thank you for a great trip!"

Ms. E.F., Houston, Texas

"I have never enjoyed a tour in another country as much as this. Thoroughly enjoyed all activities. Considerateness of our director and driver far exceeded expectations. Terrific, thank you."

Ms. L.L., Colonial Beach, Virginia

"This was a truly excellent, well coordinated tour at an excellent price. It was well worth the price. We went on a Caravan Tour of Costa Rica in January 2018. This was as good or better. The Panama Canal, presentations, guides and explanations were outstanding. Our director was always smiling and well-prepared. Her coordination with our great hotels, meals and activities appeared to be flawless. We were very pleased and surprised. Put us down as very satisfied clients. Well done!"

Mr. & Mrs. W.W., Shreveport, Louisiana

"All of the people on the tour were very very nice, thoughtful and interesting. The historic Panama visitor centers were great. Very informative. Gamboa was a pleasant surprise. As nice of a place I’ve ever stayed at. I would travel with Caravan again!"

Ms. J.S., Clayton, California

"This was our second tour with Caravan; both have been great. Loved everything: canal visits, tribal village, Gamboa events, market places, Old Panama. Wonderful selections, nice timing, nice length of stay, length of bus travel. Playa Bonita was fabulous and relaxing. Our director was wonderful, very attentive, patient, prepared, personable, made the trip exceptional."

Mr. & Mrs. R.W., Georgetown, Texas

"My wife and I are shy first time travelers. We had friends guide us through the airport and Caravan did the rest. Loved it all. My wife just loved our monkey adventure. The native village was interesting as the children were so cute and friendly. The canal tour was so interesting and the hotel entertainment was wonderful. We could have stayed at any of our resorts and hotels for the duration. Thank you Caravan for putting this staff director, driver and guides together. They are a strong team and worked together to make us happy. We will always remember these new friends. Finally, as first time travelers, we can use Caravan as a baseline, and trips that follow will have to be better than excellent. We look forward to our next Caravan tour!"

Mr. & Mrs. E.B., Colonial Beach, Virginia

"The tour was very well-planned by Caravan. The first day allowed us to acclimate to Panama and our tour group and subsequent days provided us more detail on the canal and Panama. Our director was outstanding, made us feel comfortable and part of the group, made my birthday special! Ending at a 5-star oceanfront hotel was terrific. Thank you Caravan."

Mr. P.A., Chandler, Arizona

"Our 3rd Caravan tour. The Westin hotel was incredible. Overall, loved the tour and would recommend."

Mrs. N.E., Stuart, Florida

"This was our 3rd Caravan tour. We can’t wait to take another! Well-planned to provide enough of Panama country sightseeing and some well-needed rest too. Such a good value and learning experience. Ours was a superb director, she could be a professor! The canal was the best!! The two visitor centers and observation decks were great and the canal transit was excellent. Excellent hotels, particularly the Westin Playa Bonita. Thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Will use Caravan again!"

Mr. & Mrs. D.K., Exton, Pennsylvania

"We will certainly do Caravan Tours again as we were totally pleased with the tour. More kudos to our Director and driver making this a vacation to remember! Learned a lot from them about Panama and by the end of the trip we had a thorough understanding of the Panama Canal!"

Mr. T.P., Hot Springs, South Dakota

"The hotels were excellent. Lots of great sights. I have been through the Canal on large ships, but I learned much more this time. This was my 3rd trip with Caravan and I am looking forward to the next!"

Ms. E.C., Jasper, Texas

"Good job seeing (a) different side of Panama. The Canal sightseeing was awesome. The Embera Village was excellent. Very pleased with the tour. Also toured Costa Rica with Caravan. (This was) another excellent tour."

Mrs. J.C., North Port, Florida

"Each stop was of great interest, especially the Panama Canal. One cannot say enough about the tour director. Excellent, well informed about the history and very helpful. Our first trip with Caravan and would definitely consider another trip."

Mrs. C.A., Huntington Station, New York

"Really liked the restaurants throughout. Good mix of different types of activities. Loved the canal. All in all I'll never forget it. Loved everything! Thanks so much!!!"

Ms. S.T., Austin, Texas

"Visits to the Locks and boat trip were excellent. Gatun Lake Cruise was fun. The use of small boats enabled us to get close to the islands and monkeys. Visit to Embera Tribe gave us a bit of insight into an indigenous culture."

Mr. and Mrs. D.H., Austin, Texas

"My main reason for the trip was to see the canal and I was not disappointed. A very good tour."

Mr. D.S., Piscataway, New Jersey

"No one could have (had) a better tour director. He was very knowledgeable about everything in Panama. He had a great personality and went the extra mile in making sure we saw as much as possible in Panama."

Ms. S.B., Henderson, Nevada

"Hotels: Exceptional. Great seeing the monkeys, the local village, and going through the canal. Great trip, I will recommend it to many friends and relatives."

Ms. D.H., Burnsville, Minnesota

"The boat through the canal was excellent - much better way to experience the canal than from a huge cruise ship! This was our 1st Caravan Tour - it will not be our last!"

Mr. & Mrs. S.L., Kennebunk, Maine

"I had a great time on this tour. Hotels clean and comfortable, good views. Our tour director (and) bus driver made this trip so worthwhile. All sightseeing (and) activities were very well planned. Many memories for a lifetime to anyone. I will recommend this trip to everyone."

Mr. & Mrs. E.S., Selma, California

"Always wanted to see the Panama Canal and was not disappointed. The additional activities added to the experience."

Mrs. G.V., Brooklyn, New York

"Every hotel was comfortable. Tour Director was great. Where do you find these awesome people? I will remember them forever. They were so well informed, patient, (and) fun. Enjoyed all the Panama Canal experiences."

Ms. K.H., Castle Rock, Washington

"(The) Tour Director rated highly when compared to tour guides on our 6 Caravan Tours. His extensive knowledge of both historical and contemporary Panama was most welcome...He is a plus to your organization. We have been impressed by all of the Caravan Tours we have taken. I am amazed how you can arrange for quality hotels, transport, and meals for a reasonable fee."

Dr. W.B., Saint Petersburg, Florida

"Really enjoyed the Embera Village. Tour Director very knowledgeable about Panama and its history. You could hear the pride he has for his home country (and) his presentations (were) upbeat and interesting."

Mrs. J.S., Marshfield, Wisconsin

"Like always, good use of time, interesting program. This was my third trip with Caravan and I was not disappointed! I signed up for the trip because I like the way Caravan runs the trips....Thank you for all you do!!"

Ms M.B., San Diego, California

"All the meals were delicious and presented well. I ate way too much. Excellent tour to...learn the history and workings of the canal. Saw so much! I will be sure to tell my family and friends about Caravan. Very well planned at a good price."

Ms. K.H., Hot Lakes, Minnesota

"The sightseeing and activities were very good. The tour director provided wonderful and extensive information. I knew little of Panama before this trip. I am leaving with extensive information and a feeling of warmth for the people of Panama. Great 8 days, Outstanding tour director and driver!!!"

Mr. and Mrs. J.C., Libertyville, Illinois

"The Panama Canal - everything - history, visual, film, observing ships entering and leaving. The boat ride through the canal was wonderful. Loved it all. The Embera village was great as were the Rainforest and Beaches."

Ms. M.I., Morris, Minnesota

"Have found your company very careful and attentive to my travel needs. Enjoyed Costa Rica and this tour."

Ms. J.S., Chicago, Illinois

"I enjoyed it all. Tour Director did a great job. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. Local Guide on the boat trip through the canal was (also) excellent. We learned a great deal and had fun. I think the entire trip was a success."

Mrs. L.E.S, Mystic, Connecticut

"Hotels were more luxurious than I expected. I loved Monkey Island. It was one of my favorite experiences along with the Village! This was a really nice tour."

Mrs. L.B., El Paso, Texas

"I CAME TO SEE THE CANAL (and) the tours of the Canal were excellent, very informative and learned a lot. Monkey Island, riding through Panama City and the country of Panama was very interesting stuff. Enjoyed the tour very much."

Mr. and Mrs. T.H., West Point, Nebraska

"Enjoyed travel with Caravan, our third trip with you. Our first was to Europe in 1968. We have used many tour companies in (the) past 40 years (and) Caravan still rates with the very best."

Mr. and Mrs. D.S., Metairie, Louisiana

"Each hotel had something different to recommend it. Food was well prepared and tasty and (the) waitstaff was helpful and courteous. Sightseeing and activities were well panned. Very enjoyable experience (and) I always mention the good job Caravan does when telling others of our trip."

Mrs. C.C., Fort Meyers, Florida

"Excellent selection (of activities) - never heard any negative comments. Tour director was very, very good. This was my first trip with Caravan and hopefully not the last. Thanks for a wonderful trip to Panama."

Ms. R.R., McPherson, Kansas

"The hotels were actually more upscale than we would have selected (ourselves). The visits to the Panama Canal, the Locks, and the boat ride on the canal were very fascinating. For us, the visit to the Embera village was the best highlight of the entire week. This was an enjoyable trip."

Mr. A.M., Browns Summit, North Carolina

"Sightseeing - very good. Spent right amount of time at each location. Enjoyed experiencing Panama Canal activity both from locks visits and from cruise on canal. Also enjoyed exposure to indigenous peoples at Embera Village. Tour Director was well versed in Panamanian history and culture and delivered very illuminating commentary."

Mr. D.F., Phoenix Arizona

"This was our first Caravan Tour but it will not be the last. We were very pleased and felt that we definitely got what we paid for and more. Way to go Caravan!"

Mr. and Mrs. A.M., Ponoka, Alberta, Canada

"We were very happy with our first Caravan tour. Food (and) accommodations were excellent."

Mr. and Mrs. J.N., East Moline, Illinois

"Sightseeing gave us a real understanding of how (the) locks work on (the) Canal. Overall a very interesting and well-planned out tour. We enjoyed it as much as we have the other 4 tours we have taken with you."

Mr. D.B., Winston Salem, North Carolina

"We enjoyed learning about the Canal from all perspectives. Visitor Center at the Miraflores Locks was a great addition. The balcony off the 3rd floor dining room enabled us to watch as the gates opened and closed on the locks. We were enthralled the day we visited the Embera Village on the Chagres River. We were impressed with the Caravan Tour to Panama. Without a doubt, we got our money's worth. In fact, we don't know how you put this tour on for the price you charge."

Mr. and Mrs. O.N., Salt Lake City, Utah

"We had a wonderful time. Great intro to Panama."

Mr. and Mrs. B.J., New Smyrna Beach, Florida

"Caravan Tours ROCKS! This was our 2nd trip, and we'd definitely go on another. They take care of everything from start to finish and bend over backwards to make you comfortable. The Canal was the main draw for majority of us and we got our money's worth on that alone. The people on our tour were fun and felt like family by the time we said goodbye. Ours was one wonderful experience - one I definitely recommend to others."

Mr. and Mrs. G.T., Wilsonville, Oregon

"We saw an awful lot! Old Panama, New Panama, beaches, animals, culture, it was great. This was our first tour - We were concerned about traveling on a schedule. But after this tour - we would do it again. It provided us with an opportunity to cover many areas without the hassle of driving. I look forward to our next trip. Great job Caravan!"

Mr. and Mrs. F.W., Santa Clara, California

"The entire tour was well planned and interesting. It covered all aspects of Panama."

Mrs. A.I., Bayside, New York

"The guide who was with us throughout the entire trip was from Panama and excellent, knowledgeable, and well organized. Clean comfortable bus with a wonderful, helpful driver. Definite highlight of this trip was the Panama Canal. Caravan arranged several different viewings. In summary, I think Caravan's Panama trip is a wonderful value and a truly interesting destination."

Mr. H.B., Cambridge, Massachusetts

"The hotels were great. This was my 3rd Caravan Tour. This was an exceptional value. This tour was much better than I ever expected! (On a) scale of 1 to 10, my rating: 10+."

Mr. P.W., Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Nicely paced with good variety of sightseeing. All in all a great trip with lovely people. It's all about the Canal!"

Mrs. M.G., Medfield, Massachusetts

"Sightseeing (was) excellent, all were very good. Cannot recommend a way to improve. Looking forward to (my) next Caravan trip."

Ms. M.C., Las Cruces, New Mexico

"I felt l got an in-depth look at Panama and the Canal. The tour director is a gem. She was present and available and was willing to do extra work to find the answers to any questions we might have. This was my first all-inclusive tour and I was really impressed."

Mr. C.B., Toms River, New Jersey

"We loved the Panama Canal. We (also) had plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos. This was my 3rd trip with Caravan and we look forward to our next adventure with you."

Mr. and Mrs. G.G., Medfield, Massachusetts

"The entire trip was excellent!"

Mrs. M.M., Moscow, Pennsylvania

"Wonderful excursions. Enjoyed every place we visited. The canal was awesome. I am a travel agent, and I wanted to see the tour to possibly send others on the Caravan trip. We loved our guide and saw so much. I would definitely recommend this tour to my clients."

Ms. K.C., Albany, Missouri

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