Grand Canyon, Bryce & ZionCustomer Reviews

We currently have 246 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers. Please note: These reviews are from prior years. For this year, hotels and activities may have changed.
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"My favorite part of the tour was walking around the Grand Canyon, horseback riding at Zion, just enjoying the beauty of nature on this trip, the changing colors of the season! I would recommend Caravan tours to others. The driving, the hotels and most meals are planned out for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride."

Mr. & Mrs. E.L., Temecula, California

"This was our first motor coach tour and I am sure it will not be our last with Caravan. Caravan made it so enjoyable that we are sure that we are going to sign up for the Canadian Rockies. We met such wonderful people and enjoyed being catered to that there is no other way to travel to see America and it's beauty as far as we are concerned. We enjoyed the Lake Powell Resort, it added to the vacation. The Zion Park Lodge, again, what can I say? It's a great place to stay. The scenery was beautiful as well as the room. We saw deer outside the deck! The sightseeing and activities were just great! We enjoyed the Jeep tours. Our tour director was so well informed and he actually cared about his touring team. We cannot imagine another tour without him! The motor coach was always clean and very nice. We really felt that we got our money's worth. Thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.H., Carmel, Indiana

"I was impressed with it all. Every place we went was a learning experience and the Grand Canyon was spectacular. It was everything I wanted it to be, so impressive and majestic. I have recommended Caravan Tours to all my friends. I think the choice of hotels you use are quite excellent. Have been on two tours now and I have had no problems. Security is excellent. This trip, I had my good friends with me who had never been on a motor coach tour before. I think they are planning on a few more now with Caravan."

Ms. M.G., Broomall, Pennsylvania

"This is my fourth tour with Caravan. An added feature, and the most important to me is your choice of tour directors. The contract system you have for tour leaders certainly seems to bring out high quality people. I am thinking about trip number five in the near future."

Ms. C.D., Honolulu, Hawaii

"Still can't believe we stayed within a stone's throw of the Grand Canyon. The sunrise tour we took was breathtaking. But my favorite was Zion - have never seen anything like it. Absolutely awe-inspiring. I would love to go back there, pictures don't do it justice. This was a wonderful tour that exceeded my expectations. We have already discussed taking more Caravan tours, even this one again. This was our second Caravan tour. The natural beauty of the sites was awesome, words can’t accurately describe it."

Mr. & Mrs. W.D., Henderson, North Carolina

"I thought the sightseeing and activities we did at the Grand Canyon were AMAZING. I loved hiking through the narrows and up the side of the mountain in Zion National Park. The hotels were great! I will definitely recommend this tour to my friends!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.O., Hashburn, Virginia

"Our tour director did an excellent job. He worked hard to make everyone feel comfortable. We enjoyed his availability and willingness to 'mingle' with those on tour. We were a little apprehensive about a 'tour' as my family usually likes to do their own thing. With eight of us, we decided to try it. We liked the itinerary, planned activities and leisure time. When you have that many people, it takes sometimes half the trip to figure out the plan. This was nice, because everyone knew the plan and we still had time to do things we wanted to do. We could have done more, but felt we had a nice relaxing vacation that was very informative and a great learning experience for the kids and us. Besides, it was beautiful. The staff was excellent and all the people on the tour seemed to enjoy them. We had a very nice group of people which helps to make or break a trip. We enjoyed meeting them and will treasure all of the new friendships we made. We will definitely consider another Caravan tour in the future."

Mr. & Mrs. G.S., Fort Wayne, Indiana

"This is a beautiful trip. What great meals! We enjoyed every one of them. The last night at Zion Canyon was the best. The sightseeing and activities were wonderful. The tour director was the best of any trip I've made in the past. My wife and I have traveled all over the US and overseas, thirteen overseas trips. I highly recommend Caravan Tours. They meet all of your expectations and more. We had been to the Grand Canyon before but did not see half of what was offered on this tour. You won't be disappointed with any of the Caravan trips."

Mr. & Mrs. W.P., Tuscaloosa, Alabama

"I enjoyed the variety of hotel styles from elegant to rustic. All were comfortable and wonderfully clean. During the sightseeing and activities, I was delighted and amazed at the magnificence of our surroundings. Our tour director was exceptionally good. He adapted quickly to the expectations of all on the motor coach. He was careful to watch over all of us."

Ms. G.E., Lubbock, Texas

"We recommend this trip to all. Looking forward to traveling next year to the North Parks, hopefully with our same tour director. This was our first tour and he made us realize that a lot would be missed if we had tried this trip alone. He made us all so comfortable and our driver made our trip feel safe. We had heard nightmare stories about tour coaches, which you proved were all tall tales. Thank you for a very enjoyable experience."

Ms. H.M., Selden, New York

"It was such a thrill to stay at Grand Canyon and Zion Parks. This was our tenth Caravan tour, the first in the U.S. As you can see, we enjoy traveling with you!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.S., Appleton, Wisconsin

"I highly recommend Caravan. It was a great vacation. The hotels were all great and clean. The tour director was outstanding! He was not boring, yet explained points of interest. He has a great sense of humor. We were always right on schedule. He was always in control and had our keys. I'd go again with the driver and tour director. I was pleased with all the people on the tour."

Ms. L.I., Grand Island, Florida

"This is my third Caravan trip in a year, and I found this tour to be an excellent value. I enjoyed the sightseeing, the activities, the group, the driver but mostly our tour guide who made us see the beauty and value of nature. I think our tour director was the most gifted tour guide. He was organized, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He had a wonderful personality, very friendly and thoughtful. He gave individual attention to each participant."

Ms. N.S., Queens Village, New York

"The trip was excellent! Our first time out West! What a great country and an excellent tour company who helped us enjoy it to the fullest. We saw a lot for a seven-day vacation. It was well planned and not too fast paced. We enjoyed our tour director. He had a lot of information to share about areas we traveled and was always courteous and concerned for each of us personally. He got us to church Saturday and we also greatly appreciated this! We really enjoyed the trip! Thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. T.C., North Royalton, Ohio

"We had an outstanding tour director. His depth of information and knowledge on the locations was amazing. His daily handouts about what we were to see that day were very informative and a great idea. The teamwork and interaction between he and the driver were excellent. It was a first class tour well planned in every respect. This was our second Caravan tour and we are already thinking about the next one."

Mr. & Mrs. T.K., Hillsborough, North Carolina

"This trip was the experience of a lifetime. I can honestly say our TD and driver made it so special. But no words can truly express the beauty of Zion, a natural wonder. I will not forget entering the park through the tunnel, I think all our eyes were misty. Each activity was nicely spaced to not have too much time on the bus, and the rest and photo stops were amazing. We could rest and stretch and get a preview of the mind-blowing scenery we would be surrounded by shortly. It was wonderful to have a former park ranger as our guide. He was fantastic. I also found the staff at each hotel very friendly and helpful, and staying in the parks themselves added a great deal to the feeling of awe and beauty of each place. This was my first Caravan tour but it won’t be my last. Best wishes to you. Thank you for taking such pride in your company. It shows in the quality of those you work with and the quality of the tours."

Ms. W.R., Lynden, Washington

"Please share with your staff that I was impressed with the organization of the tour and how well it is planned out. If my husband and I would have traveled these same areas on our own, there would have been so much we would have missed, history, traditions, culture, etc. Thanks so much for all the behind the scenes work that goes into planning and coordinating these tours. All in all, it was a wonderful tour. The people on our particular tour were great. We had such a good time together!"

Ms. J.A., Waterford, Wisconsin

"There were a variety of places to see and things to do. After our stop in Sedona, the tour took us through Oak Creek Canyon to see the spectacular scenery. The jeep ride through Monument Valley was dusty and awe-inspiring. It was interesting to see such imposing formations in the vast spaces of the West. We felt so small in the presence of natural wonders. We got a close up view of the Grand Canyon at the Watch Tower and Grandview Point. Both locations provided stunning vistas of the Grand Canyon. Our driver did a great job during the trip. He drove carefully through the narrow winding roads in the parks and along the canyon roads. There was always water available to us. The coach gave us a smooth, quiet ride. Overall, we had a great trip to see the vast, natural beauty of the American Southwest. The colors, shapes, and variety of the rock formations were impressive to see. We want to thank Caravan for a nice send off at the end of our trip."

Mr. & Mrs. J.C., McLean, Virginia

"Everyone needs to take this tour. Everything was so well arranged. We were taken to all the prime spots; also some things that we didn’t expect. And we have done nothing but rave about this trip since we got home. We will highly recommend it to anyone we know. Every hotel we stayed at was fantastic, and probably much better than if we had tried to make our own arrangements. Absolutely terrific TD, he put a lot of effort into everything to be perfect. We have done nothing but rave about this trip since we got home. No complaints at all, worth all we paid."

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Holly, Michigan

"Every aspect of the trip was super awesome; it went above and beyond with everything. Everything that was planned was super, and being that is was my first trip, it was truly awesome. We made a lot of stops, everything was great. All the hotels were very nice! Didn’t have a bad one. Highly recommend this tour company to everyone who wants to travel. Can’t wait to take Mt. Rushmore next year."

Mr. L.T., Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

"Our vacation was very fun, relaxing, and informative. Overall, it was very organized and every moment was enjoyed. The sightseeing was beyond beautiful with breathtaking views. We were given plenty of time to take in the awesomeness. The jeep rides were a nice change of pace. I went to Costa Rica last time, and it was also great. I would do this again with Caravan."

Mr. F.S., Pompano Beach, Florida

"This was our first guided tour, and seeing these parks as a guided tour is the only way to go for us. All the details were left to Caravan’s planning, and the early starts were new to us. Once we adjusted, it was well worth it. Well-paced, not frantic, and with appreciated free time."

Mrs. D.D., Wilmington, Delaware

"Well done!! We have never visited these great and grand canyons. The itinerary not only met but exceeded our expectations! We continue to share with family and friends how wonderful this trip was and look forward to our next Caravan tour. Thank you for providing the opportunity to tour with you on this very enjoyable vacation. Our director did a fantastic job! He connected very well with all of the group, and was always friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make our vacation special and memorable. We enjoyed the group meals and opportunity for flexible dining choices at other meals."

Ms. D.M., Kingwood, Texas

"Excellent! My first experience with Caravan was wonderful all around. There were ‘aha!’ moments every day of touring. I was very happy with the hotel accommodations. I am planning to travel again next spring to Yellowstone with Caravan. Unbelievable!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Brewster, New York

"Wonderful tour! Great way to see sights with no worries about the details of traveling alone as a couple in a car (a.k.a. fighting with your spouse). Excellent variety! Keep up the good work!"

Mrs. D.E., Fort Worth, Texas

"Wow! Wow! And more wow! This was our third Caravan tour with our Louisiana group of ten. Every turn, every road provided us with sights I have never seen before. It was beyond amazing to view God’s creation. I had not heard about Glen Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell or Zion National Park. Fantastic. Plenty of places to see. Loved the stops for shopping and rest. Top-notch hotel locations with wonderful workers who took care of us. We look forward to our trip next year and many more trips. Thank you!"

Mrs. K.M., Lake Charles, Louisiana

"Wonderful trip! My first solo tour and everyone made me feel so comfortable. I feel lucky for the people who chose my week and for Caravan. Are people always so nice on your tours? My favorite park was Zion; yet I took the trip to see the Grand Canyon. I was in awe just as I knew I would be. Lodging in the National Parks was even better than I expected. I was not disappointed. Sightseeing and activities were perfect. We had a nice mix of tour-led activities and free time. I will recommend this to my friends and also sign up for another Caravan Tour. Thanks for the experience."

Ms. S.G., Pinehurst, North Carolina

"This was our 4th tour with Caravan, who does a topnotch job with wonderful hotel accommodations, great food, comprehensive activities, and professional drivers and guides. Such a well-rounded, fun itinerary with the right balance of things to do. Whether it’s hiking, riding, etc., it was a great mix of activities. Caravan has it down to a science, perfect and relaxing. The lodges were great! So wonderful to be located right in the National Parks with nice amenities."

Mrs. G.K., Monterey, California

"We, as first-time Caravan participants, were skeptical because of the low price. But what value for the money! Incredible sightseeing. Generally excellent hotels. We have booked a trip in July with another company for a higher price and are now wondering what will justify the greater cost. We will book you with again."

Mrs. B.R., Naples, Florida

"Fabulous! Very well put together with great lodging, sightseeing and the tour director put it over the top. Beyond expectations!! Worked well for a variety of ages and physical abilities. Great locations, easy access. Will highly recommend."

Ms. R.L., Spring, Texas

"My husband was glad I convinced him to go! We were blown away by our director’s knowledge that he shared with us on the coach, even advising when we should snap a picture at a break in the trees. Our driver was always a safe and very pleasant and helpful person."

Mrs. P.H., Tarpon Springs, Florida

"Sometimes you go on vacation and can’t wait to get home, but I never felt that way. This was our 1st guided coach tour and we truly loved it. Loved everything about what we did. I loved, loved the lodge in Zion. I didn’t want to leave. Can’t wait to do many more trips with Caravan Tours. My neighbor recommend it and I’m so glad she did. Great!"

Mr. D.W., La Place, Louisiana

"Wonderful. This was our 4th tour with Caravan and one of the best. It was a special delight to see our beautiful country. Hiking in Zion was great, Bryce the most beautiful. Excellent hotels, our favorite being Lake Powell. And ours was the best driver we’ve ever had."

Ms. E.R., Delray Beach, Florida

"Great trip! The scenery was awesome, from deserts to canyons, hoodoos to red cliffs. Great balance of group and individual opportunities. Plenty of enjoyable stops, and well planned. Particularly enjoyed staying inside the parks. The views were great at Grand Canyon and Zion. Excellent."

Ms. P.B., Cheraw, South Carolina

"We thoroughly enjoyed this tour! We are in our seventies and the pace was great for us. We appreciated being able to experience everything without long walks. The scenery was unbelievable! Even snow in the Grand Canyon. Activities were well-paced and enjoyable. Accommodations were wonderful. Loved being in the parks in great locations, very comfortable. Our driver was wonderful, never worried about our safety. We are eager to take another Caravan Tour!"

Mr. & Mrs. C.L., Clermont, Florida

"Thanks for a wonderful experience, I will spread the word about Caravan. I had planned this trip two years ago, but due to a family health problem I had to cancel. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the trip and was awestruck with it. Our director was outstanding, not only in handling basic events and travel, but also the little extras to have things move along. He was very entertaining and knowledgeable."

Ms. J.Q., Orland Park, Illinois

"We enjoyed this trip tremendously. This trip makes a reality to me the beauty and greatness of our country. Caravan did a magnificent job of putting it all together. Sightseeing was amazing. Very good, well-planned and managed. The opportunities for sightseeing were endless. They gave us a chance to admire many different sites under different types of light. It reinforced our sense of duty to this land. It also put us in sync with a higher power. Our director demonstrated her love for the land and her pride in it."

Mr. & Mrs. C.G., Belleville, Illinois

"This was our first Caravan trip. We were a bit unsure of a tour vacation, but now we feel like we will do it again. The entire process was very hassle-free and gave us a chance to enjoy ourselves. I would have liked more time in Sedona, especially the artsy areas."

Mrs. M.B., Wixom, Mississippi

"All I can say is that everything was 100% perfect. Words cannot convey the beauty and activities of this tour, and I would do it again in a minute. All the hotels were wonderful; beautiful places to stay, and the employees treated us with great respect. Blessed to have our director, so kind and special, I give her 200%."

Mr. G.H., Richmond, Virginia

"Each day was a magical experience. We absolutely loved the guided tours with our director at the helm. All the local guides were so knowledgeable and seem to be passionate about their magnificent parks. The knowledge they imparted and shared with all of us was amazing. They are an exceptional team. Caravan was suggested to us by a dear friend. Your company has a great reputation. The cost of the trip is within everyone’s budget, you have fabulous personnel and staff. Maximum sightseeing, minimal paperwork. Cleanliness and comfort, embracing all ages. We had a wonderful time exploring our majestic and most magnificent National Parks and look forward to traveling with Caravan to Yellowstone soon."

Mr. J.N., Smyrna, Georgia

"The scenery was beautiful. It was incredible to take walks in such quiet and peaceful environments. We were given a taste of numerous activities along the way. The rides at Grand Canyon and Zion were informative and gave everyone more opportunities to see additional sites. I must admit that the pictures we took do not do justice to the setting. You need to experience them yourself."

Mr. R.P., Great Barrington, Massachusetts

"Great pace, good timing! We liked the itinerary, excellent photo stops, good places to stop, shop, and rest. In reality, it matched our expectations with busy days, and well thought out."

We would recommend this trip to friends and would like to do another in the future. We met friendly individuals, an unexpected surprise. Our director tried hard to help people meet their fellow travelers. Several couples had traveled with Caravan previously and were highly complimentary about the company and good for your marketing!

"Our trip was everything that we expected and even more. We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go on another Caravan Tour in the future. The views and activities were wonderful. It was nice to have ample time at all of our destinations to explore at our own pace. We learned a lot about history and rock formations at all of our stops. Ours was an amazing tour director: he was kind, polite, informative and helpful."

Mr. D.C., Carrollton, Ohio

"This was our sixth Caravan Tour and second time for the Grand Canyon tour. We brought friends along this time. We enjoyed the sights and activities as if it were the first. Plenty of rest stops and photo ops along the way, but never enough to appreciate all the natural beauty! Well done Caravan! We would like to see some new tours in your repertoire!"

Mr. & Mrs. C.S., Cape Coral, Florida

"First Caravan Tour, recommended by my sister! Absolutely breathtaking! I know my sister loves me because she steered me to your tour company. I absolutely loved every bit of this trip, and even though I have been to some of the sites in the past, it never gets old! It was a delight to watch my wife enjoy these majestic sites for the first time. This was a very active trip and I believe we covered many major sights in the amount of time. I can’t stop saying how wonderful our director was, and we are looking forward to the northern tour. It was truly an adventure and educational. We also had some fun and down time."

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Bonita Spring, Florida

"We had a super companionable group! Everyone got along well and followed the rules. I plan to keep in touch with several travelers. This is my group’s second tour and we already have two more planned. All the activities were good. Stops like Sedona could be longer!"

Ms. B.B., Stone Mountain, Georgia

"Thank you for making this tour available. I was not disappointed with any of the planned sightseeing or activities, and in fact, it was more than I imagined. It was great to be able to leave the planning and driving to someone else. I would have appreciated a little bit more time at the desert lookout. I hope to be a repeat Caravan traveler."

Ms. K.H., Arlington, Virginia

"Never been to this area of the country and so I dearly loved all of it. Just a beautiful country we live in. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to drive or handle luggage. Just a gorgeous trip!"

Mr. L.M., Sarasota, Florida

"Absolutely love Caravan Tours. Everything is well thought-out and organized and allows a nice combination of structure and free time. The entire tour was well planned and organized down to the small details. Caravan has perfected the process. We were able to see and experience places that were not on our radar before booking with Caravan. There was ample group time as well as individual free time to do any activities that were not included on the trip. I believe Caravan listens to its tour guides and customers to ensure a wonderful vacation."

Mrs. L.H., Christiansburg, Virginia

"Wonderful! Beautiful country we live in. Ranger talks, tour director input, very well done. Plenty of time to explore on our own. Looking forward to future trips with Caravan Tours. Delicious food and too much! I have shared this wonderful experience with our family and friends."

Mrs. C.B., Levittown, New York

"This was my third Caravan Tour and we are planning on taking the California tour in a couple years. My significant other was very impressed with his first tour. As an amateur photographer, he was busy taking over 2,000 photos. Having never been to this part of the U.S., everything was a delightful surprise. All lodges in the parks were wonderful! It was special because of the close proximity to the parks."

Ms. D.K., Williamstown, New Jersey

"We enjoyed our trip from beginning to end. The other travelers were fun to be with, sharing info, help and travel stories. We expect to take another Caravan trip in the future. We took advantage of most activities; we had to rest a bit but did enjoy all that was offered. Having time to explore on our own at each venue was welcomed. Many wonderful memories were made on this trip."

Mrs. L.D., Simsbury, Connecticut

"Loved, loved, loved the tour. This was great, I can’t say enough. Just spectacular from the very first hour to the last hour. We both enjoyed the tour. We met some great people and had a great time. Such beauty, breathtaking views. Just an awesome time. The trip could be made a day or two longer to spend just a little more time sightseeing, especially at the Grand Canyon and Sedona. A well put together tour. We were sad to see it end!"

Mr. & Mrs. W.B., Fleetville, Pennsylvania

"We’ve been talking up how terrific the tour was. Highly recommend Caravan and would definitely do another. Astounding what we got for what we paid."

Mr. D.K., Portland, Oregon

"Mother Nature provided all the awesome sights, and Caravan did an excellent tour. This was my second tour with my sisters-in-law. Each location was amazing."

Ms. H.M., Manchester, Connecticut

"This was my second Caravan Tour and was just as wonderful as the first one. Excellent, wonderful planned activities and enough free time to hike and enjoy doing things on our own. Very good trip! I enjoyed it very much, everything was well-organized and ran smoothly."

Ms. K.P., Cleveland, Ohio

"This was our first tour with Caravan or any tour group. We were beyond satisfied with every aspect of the trip. I don’t think the activities could possibly be better planned. The balance between organized activities and free time was perfect. I found each activity captivating. Having problems sitting for long periods of time, I thought the number of stops to stretch our legs was on point. Each place was interesting or fun, or had shopping opportunities, which I love! It was obvious that our tour director put a lot of time and effort into making our tour run smoothly. I also thought it was advantageous to stay near the park at Grand Canyon and Zion."

Mr. & Mrs. E.E., Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

"Excellent. Overall a fabulous tour. We saw so much in one week. Well-organized and appropriate for all ages. Everything was fun and seamless. Great variety and well-narrated. Caravan does a great job organizing fabulous tours at an affordable price. Thank you for a fabulous week."

Ms. M.W., Los Angeles, California

"This was a bucket list trip for me as I am eighty. I have made a photo album for myself and one for my grandson who came with me. I love making memories with family and have so much trust in Caravan. Sightseeing was amazing. All tours were excellent and the perfect amount of relaxing and ‘on you own’ time to explore new places. Some of the roads were challenging, but I never felt unsafe. Thanks so much to a great company!"

Ms. P.C., Methuen, Massachusetts

"This tour exceeded my expectations. We had a group with an age range of 10 to 77, and there really was something for everyone. I had been looking forward to the trip for almost a year. Loved hiking in the parks and viewing the canyons. Loved staying in National Park lodges."

Mrs. R.A., Fort Myers, Florida

"This was our second Caravan Tour, and just like the first, we enjoyed it from start to finish. The sights were breathtaking, but Caravan made sure we saw so much even in between the main sights, as our pits stops were fantastic. Our driver and director made a great team, making it so much more enjoyable. And all local guides were great. It was so nice to hear from people who live and know and love these places."

Mr. & Mrs. P.L., Milford Connecticut

"A comprehensive tour of Southwest parks, worthwhile and interesting for even repeat visitors to the sites. A positive atmosphere where all travelers were considerate and friendly toward each other. Well-planned activities but a good amount of free time to hike and explore. Great experience and tour director did a great job imparting facts. She also honored guests traveling together when possible."

Mrs. R.Q., Cave Creek, Arizona

"All in all, we had a wonderful experience as first time tour takers. Activities were accommodated regardless of age group. Younger travelers were able to pursue activities which were more challenging and the adults too were able to plan accordingly at their level. Our director was the best of the best. Her knowledge of the places and history was admirable, fun and fascinating. Thanks for all the effort and organization, loved it all!"

Mr. & Mrs. P.W., Middlebury, Vermont

"Incredible first experience on a guided tour. Having never been to the area, I was literally speechless with some of the views we were blessed to see. I often lamented the activities I was not able to do because of lack of time. With that said, I would not have changed a single thing about the scheduled stops and activities. It seemed optimized to see more with less time. The hotels were clean and got progressively nicer throughout the trip. Luggage handling was incredibly well coordinated and it was appreciated."

Mr. S.H., Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

"I was one of many seniors on this adventure. Our director was respectful, courteous, and was right there at all times of the tour to help and aid our needs and give information. His commentary of the canyons, historical monuments, culture and lifestyle of the area was exceptional. Excellent hotels, and to be able to stay in national parks was a thrill. The photo stops on our adventure were a welcomed enlightenment. So happy to join the trip!"

Mr. & Mrs R.R., Fremont, California

"Caravan has mapped out an excellent itinerary packing a lot of “must-do’s” into eight days. All the national parks are “wow”, but Lake Powell was a pleasant surprise. All in all a great trip through the most spectacular scenery one can imagine. A cooler than expected week was a bonus."

Mrs. B.H., Morehead City, North Carolina

"This was my first tour of this kind, and will not be my last. It made a memorable impression on me. These were the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen, absolutely amazing. We were constantly busy, but not overburdened. Every aspect of this tour was topnotch, from the coach, the people, the hotel locations, activities and especially the sights. Timely and well-orchestrated stops kept it interesting as well as a variety of different sights. Great job and thank you."

Mr. W.K., Valrico, Florida

"Caravan does an outstanding job from beginning to end. Outstanding work. I am amazed how much we are able to cover and see on our trips. The planning is excellent. The photo stops are also outstanding, timed and spaced well. I was extremely pleased with all of our accommodations, as each hotel or lodge was positioned perfectly for all of our activities. We’ve also done the Caravan Tour to Yellowstone and were blown away by the service of your people. You have only gotten better. Great director, she was phenomenal, as good as our last and I never thought I’d say that. Great driver, great scenery, great history. This is an excellent organization."

Mr. & Mrs. K.B., West Monroe, Louisiana

"This was an amazing journey. We saw so much in a short period of time but never felt rushed or short of time. We had an absolutely wonderful group of people to travel with and had a fabulous experience! The views were amazing. You woke up at the Grand Canyon and could walk outside and enjoy the view."

Ms. S.F., Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"Such memorable sights and experiences! Thank you for providing this to me and my family! I thoroughly enjoyed our director, he did an outstanding job. He took an interest in getting to know all of our travelers. I thoroughly enjoyed the other travelers. Everyone was very welcoming and so nice!"

Mr. & Mrs. S.F., New Orleans, Louisiana

"My first Caravan tour was absolutely wonderful! Our sightseeing was fantastic, could not have been better. Having such a knowledgeable guide made it really great. So much information: geology, culture, dates, events, places to eat, and a great sense of humor."

Ms. K.J., Raleigh, North Carolina

"It was a most enjoyable trip and our first with Caravan."

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Mary Esther, Florida

"I would consider going on Caravan tours again because I really enjoyed everything, what we saw and the things we did. Overall, it was just great."

Mr. & Mrs. R.M., Slatersville, Rhode Island

"The hotels were wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I never saw a tour director with more knowledge as ours had. He was very friendly, became a personal friend. I have already written to him and thanked him for all he did for us. We hope to go with him next year on the trip to Yellowstone in August."

Mr. & Mrs. E.N., Geneva, New York

"Enjoyed this trip so much. Only wish we could have stayed longer. The parks are so stunning. We'll have to repeat the tour and we'll be taking more Caravan tours in the future. Comfortable, fantastic locations, especially Zion Lodge and Kachina. We had an amusing, personable, and professional leader who went above and beyond in every aspect. Thank you for your offerings and your concern for clients."

Mrs. R.A., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

"The hotels had very nice accommodations! Their breakfast buffets were delicious and so were all the other meals. I'm looking forward to going on another Caravan tour!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.S., Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

"Absolutely amazing. This trip was spectacular from day one to day eight. We had a great time and will definitely take another Caravan Tour."

Mr. & Mrs. S.U., Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

"This was our fourth Caravan tour, and each of the destinations have been refreshing, informative, and adventurous. The scenery was beyond all description. All the ingredients - weather, natural landmarks and mother nature - made the trip a memorable one. Meals were tasty and plentiful."

Mr. G.S., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

"This tour was the best experience I’ve had. We loved our director, the scenery was awesome and I was sad when it ended. I cannot say enough about this tour. It was our first time with Caravan and we are hoping to do more in the future. Time and money well spent!"

Mrs. J.P., Lee, Massachusetts

"Outstanding hotel choices, right in the heart of where we wanted to be. Really made the whole experience a quality one. The sites were the #1 reason we booked the tour and we were not disappointed. Great balance between structured time and free time. Could not have had a better guide. Great personality, great smooth voice and well prepared. Caravan is genuinely concerned that you have a wonderful experience and delivered just that!"

Mr. M.H., Oscoda, Michigan

"Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, so I was very excited when my husband booked this tour for our 40th anniversary. My first time on a tour like this and the sightseeing was beautiful, just breathtaking. The best surprise was Zion National Park. It is so beautiful, that is one of favorite places now. It was great having our guide and also great to have time at my leisure. Excellent hotel choices, our views from the Canyon and Zion were breathtaking. This was wonderful, and so was our driver."

Mrs. M.H., Oscoda, Michigan

"A great trip at a leisurely pace. Enjoyed the scenery and the people on tour. Words cannot describe the beauty of what mother nature has created. Breathtaking, and the views from excellent hotels at Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Zion were spectacular! Loved the fresh fruit at breakfast and fresh trout at Zion. I would definitely recommend this tour, 5 stars!"

Mr. & Mrs. D.P., Maineville, Ohio

"We were absolutely awed at the beauty of the scenery. Of particular help was our tour guide, who was so helpful in telling us how to use our time at the various stops. We really felt that we got to see the 'best of the best' because of his advice. I don't think you could possibly have a better tour guide. Not only did he make it interesting, he was super helpful in making suggestions for the best sightseeing opportunities at Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion. I would not hesitate to take another tour with him. I will never forget the beauty of the sunset over the Grand Canyon, viewed best from Yavapai Point. Our travel agent, when advising us on the Caravan Tours, told us that she had booked people on Caravan for many years and she was still waiting on her first complaint! We certainly won't be her first. We look forward to future tours with your company."

Mr. & Mrs. H.G., Gainesville, Georgia

"Everything was A-1! You even had the greatest weather!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Prosperity, South Carolina

"The tour director was excellent! He provided info and left some time to talk and see the scenery. Had fun with the activities he directed. Learned a lot. One of the best I've ever had on a tour. The tour price was worth it, got more than I thought. I really recommend traveling with Caravan."

Ms. E.R., Weymouth, Massachusetts

"The Caravan tour was great. I would take the tour again anytime. What made the tour really great was the people on the tour, very friendly people from all over the U.S.A."

Mr. R.R., Auburn, Massachusetts

"Wonderful. It will be a hard trip to beat! Beautiful parks with plenty of activities to keep you busy. Loved the Jeep ride. Also loved that we had time to do our own thing. Great job by Caravan. We can't imagine a better vacation."

Mr. & Mrs. J.Y., Barnhart, Missouri

"I really enjoyed the trip. It was a stress free way to travel because everything was planned to perfection."

Ms. C.R., Milburn, New Jersey

"This tour truly takes you into 'God's Country.' The entrances and exits were strategically laid out to enhance the splendor and magnificence of each scenic spot. The scenery was spectacular. Zion, alone, was worth the trip. This was our 5th Caravan tour; we have taken several other trips with other agencies. Your tour director was by far the best tour director ever - knowledgeable, entertaining, attentive, friendly, sensitive...the best! We just loved the trip. Thank you, Caravan, a class act!"

Mr. and Mrs. R.M.B., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"We had a wonderful experience. Amazing scenery and comfortable lodging. The National Parks sights were outstanding and we had time to hike in the Canyon. Our guide and driver made it an exceptionally smooth vacation."

Mr. J.K., Pittson, Pennsylvania

"We really enjoyed this tour and we'll definitely consider doing more Caravan tours in the future."

Mr. & Mrs. P.B., Singapore

"I am a licensed real estate professional whose reputation for customer service is second to none. Because of that I hold every service provider to the same level. I only want what I give to others, each and every day, and to show my appreciation for the business. With that said, from the first moment we met our Caravan tour director in Phoenix, through each moment of the trip and up to the final goodbye in Vegas, he could not have been more professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful in any way whatsoever. Our only problem is he set the bar rather high for any other tour guide we’ll have with Caravan in the future. Regarding each of the destination points, I can only say they were amazing. Each was laid-out in proper order having the most majestic destination, Grand Canyon, being first, and the most beautiful Zion, being last. What a perfect ending to a perfect trip. In two years, my wife and I will be celebrating our 60th birthdays. Already, we’ve been previewing the trips that are available to us through Caravan to celebrate that milestone in our lives."

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Bel Air, Maryland

"This was our second Caravan tour and I was even more pleased with it. A perfect itinerary, and I especially appreciated our director’s advice regarding the best use of our free time. It was great being in hotels so close to the parks. I highly recommend your company for a truly relaxing, stress free vacation where one can devote 100% to enjoying the sights. Great people on tour as well! Everything was interesting, outstanding and above what we expected."

Mr. & Mrs. R.J., New Baltimore, Michigan

"I enjoyed this tour immensely. I took this exact tour with my husband back in 2007 with Caravan and I enjoyed it all over again this time with my sister. Caravan does Monument Valley which is a must see. Other companies do not include it. Thunderbird Lodge for two nights is also why we chose Caravan. I loved everything about this trip or I would have not taken it for a second time. The sites and activities included are great and the guide was wonderful. One of the best I’ve had in a long time, he knew his history of the West. His jokes and trivia were excellent. In fact, a teacher on the trip wrote some down to tell his class. He was fun and made the trip special. The eight days were just perfect."

Ms. K.B., Monroe Township, New Jersey

"Loved the tour, our 3rd with Caravan. I was truly amazed at the beauty and colossal size of the canyons and monuments. Excellent hotel choices, given the location inside the parks! Particularly enjoyed Zion Park Lodge. Our director was excellent, very informative and creative. She took extra time with my wife who was physically restricted, and our driver was a gem, caring and helpful."

Mr. C.C., Lincolnton, North Carolina

"To begin, this was one of the best tours we have been on in quite awhile, mainly thanks to our tour director. His experience, knowledge of the areas, sense of humor and concern for all passengers made this trip an excellent experience. Kudos also to our driver, who did a great job keeping us safe, handling our luggage and providing much needed water throughout the trip. All the hotels were excellent, especially their locations. Our rooms in the Grand Canyon overlooked the canyon, which was spectacular. Our check-ins were easy and our rooms were close to our companions, clean and spacious. We were certainly kept busy on this tour with lots of sightseeing, opportunities and activities. Overall a great tour. We appreciated the ability to see everything that was scheduled, what we wanted to see and the time spent in each area. We don’t think we missed much on this tour. It was everything we expected. My wife and I will highly recommend Caravan, and are looking at booking the Panama Canal trip."

Mr.& Mrs. R.M., Punta Gorda, Florida

"This was our first Caravan tour and I believe it will not be our last. Director and driver did an outstanding job. Our sights went from great to outrageous. Each stop was well planned and details provided by our leader were right on. Thank you for a memorable trip."

Mr. P.A., Oceanside, New York

"This was our 1st fully guided tour and it was one of the best, if not the best vacation we’ve ever had."

Mr. J.L., Fords, New Jersey

"The pace of each day was just right. All parks and monuments are absolutely magnificent and the scenery is unbelievably beautiful. This was our first guided tour and it won’t be our last. We had a congenial group, great director. We are scouring the brochure for our next Caravan adventure."

Ms. B.D., Washington, New Jersey

"We were very pleased with our first Caravan experience. Our initial contacts with reservation personnel was very pleasant and knowledgeable. They followed up with emails and mailings. The offer of travel insurance was very much appreciated as we almost had to take advantage of it. We received good value for our money. The itinerary was well thought out and provided a wide variety of experiences. The scenery was breathtaking. The jeep ride in Monument Valley took the experience to an even higher level. Some of our fellow passengers had traveled with Caravan on several of your excursions. They are very good ambassadors of Caravan. Although our first time, it won’t be our last."

Mr. & Mrs. L.H., Lake Wales, Florida

"We enjoyed this trip very much and would do it again. We had looked at other tours but Caravan was most cost efficient and came with recommendations of two friends. We now would also recommend. We enjoyed all the sights, and our TD was excellent at giving details of areas we were visiting. Plenty of activities, plus a good amount of alone time. We appreciated the view of the Grand Canyon from our room. Thank you for a lovely trip."

Mrs. S.R., Mansfield, Ohio

"Wow. I got so much more than I expected. It was an active trip that I will remember for the rest of my life. Everyday was more beautiful than the day before. I loved the views, especially at Zion. Our driver got us where we needed to be and was excellent, very concerned about the comfort of his riders. Jennifer is a great asset to Caravan. She kept the group entertained and on time for all excursions. I loved it so much that now I’m considering going on another Caravan tour. People in my group talked about a few other ones, now they’re on my list of things to do."

Ms. Y.M., Avon Massachusetts

"This was my husband’s first ever motorcoach excursion. I had a two-week land tour of western Europe many years ago. Wasn’t sure if he would cope with being cooped up for hours at a time. He turned out to love it, as did I. Just the right amount of time between stops, about 90-120 minutes or so, no problem there. This was our first trip to the Southwest and loved seeing all the beautiful National Parks. I especially loved all the excursions at each location that we probably wouldn’t have done on our own: seeing the east rim of GC, jeep tour, and tram ride. Lake Powell resort had great views and lots of activities. This tour was first class all the way - tour director, driver, equipment, hotels, destinations, excursions - two very big thumbs up. Good job Caravan."

Mrs. R.N., Lacey, Washington

"On this tour there was no way to express the magnificence of the sites. The whole tour was great. A very positive experience. It was especially nice that we stayed in hotels within the National Parks and recreational areas. I felt we were in good hands, and I would consider Caravan again."

Mr. D.N., Brooklyn, New York

"Without question, the best guided tour ever! Never let your tour director retire, a great asset to Caravan. He was always there for the passengers and possessed a plethora of information of local history, geography, amusing stories, extreme polite. The grandeur of the tour and scenic areas will stay with us. My wife and I were blessed and have a truly new appreciation of our great country. Thank you for a memorable vacation."

Mr. J.B., Dundalk, Maryland

"This tour was awesome!! Enjoyed every beautiful stop. We met so many great people. There was something new and interesting at each place we stopped. Great places for photos. This tour was a winner in my book."

Mrs. N.S., San Jose, California

"Caravan opened my eyes to what an amazing country we live in. Loved the parks! All were really nice, and Sedona stood out in my mind as a beautiful place. Enjoyed the lodges and our guide made for a well-organized and fun tour. We can’t wait to book another."

Mr. J.B., Chino Hills, California

"Wow, just wow. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover Caravan tours! This was my first but certainly won’t be my last. Wonderful places to see and just the right amount of free time. Wonderful value, great people on the tour and outstanding tour director and driver."

Ms. L.S., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Breakfasts were bountiful and delicious every day. We very much enjoyed the beautiful views from our dining rooms. We saw and did so much in a week. Wonderful sampling of activities at all the sights we visited. Our driver was excellent. There was a passenger who needed assistance and he was always ready to help at every stop. This was our second Caravan trip and we are so happy we went! Great value for the traveling dollar. Looking at making trip no. 3 next year."

Mr. L.G., Wake Forest, North Carolina

"This was a fantastic trip. It was our first with Caravan and I’d definitely consider doing another. The hotels and park lodges were great and had everything we needed. Stops were well spaced for photos, bathroom breaks, and stretching your legs."

Mrs. R.A., Chesapeake, Virginia

"This was our second Caravan trip, our first was Costa Rica. We won’t hesitate to book another with Caravan. We always looked back fondly on our Costa Rica trip, and we will do the same with this trip. This being my first time to Arizona and Utah, the sights were spectacular. Enjoyed every day. The rooms were beautiful and clean. We were very comfortable, and the luggage service was quick. There aren’t enough positive adjectives to express how professional our director was. He made the trip so enjoyable I’m sure we will be back."

Mrs. M.C., Philadelphia Pennsylvania

"We chose this tour partly because of the in-park facilities and two-night stays. All of the hotels were very nice. The coach was always clean and comfortable. We met so many wonderful people on tour. These times, although short, really add to the tours. Thanks for a great time. Don’t know how you controlled the weather but it was perfect (except for the wind at Grand Canyon, but that added something too.)"

Mr. & Mrs., South Thomaston, Maine

"You have a well-thought out and efficient company. I felt I got a great overview of the National Parks we visited. Our director was very knowledgeable and prepared us in advance of what we were going to see."

Ms. W.F., Louisville, Kentucky

"We were very impressed with our Caravan tour. It was a top-notch trip for a reasonable cost. A friend recently took the same trip with a different company for double the cost, and I don’t think we missed anything they did. Excellent, Caravan is a wonderful company."

Mr. & Mrs. F.V., Pearland, Texas

"The sights were just jaw-dropping. Living out east we don’t get to see much vastness. I took a million pics. We had already planned to drive this tour, but very glad we didn’t because we would have missed a lot of sights. This was so much better. Loved it. Met some wonderful people. Very organized, well done. We still can’t believe all the beauty we saw. We will have wonderful memories for the rest of my life."

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Plantsville, Connecticut

"This was a life-changing trip. The legendary sites were breathtaking. I have always enjoyed the sights of the southwest through my viewing of cowboy westerns. This trip was better than any western I could have ever imagined. I could not take enough photos. The accommodations were outstanding."

Mr. C.D., Auburn, Alabama

"Caravan planned the perfect venues to see. The sites were awesome! I often thought I was in another world and did not know so many locales existed out west. I thought the trip was fabulous. I could not have asked for a better experience. I hope to take this same trip with Caravan in 5-10 years to re-enjoy the sites!"

Mrs. K.D., Auburn, Alabama

"Excellent trip! You guys thought of everything. Group photo was a nice touch. I will be a walking advertisement for Caravan Tours! Awesome, spectacular, fantastic, breathtaking trip!"

Mrs. K.P., Ashland, Ohio

"The hotel in Phoenix was great! The Lake Powell Resort was in a beautiful area and it was a nice hotel. The Zion Park Lodge was my favorite of all the hotels! The sightseeing and activities were great! It exceeded my expectations! I will recommend this tour to my friends! The tour director was the best I have ever had the experience of meeting! He was so knowledgeable and so helpful! The motor coach driver was very helpful as well. It was a super tour! The scenery was beyond my expectations! It was an experience I will always remember! Thanks for everything!"

Ms. D.S., Carrollton, Georgia

"The tour director was outstanding. He was knowledgeable and very passionate about the area. He is an asset to Caravan Tours. He truly loves his job. This is my first Caravan tour and it won't be the last. What a first class operation."

Ms. M.M., New Iberia, Louisiana

"The trip was awesome. My favorite part of the tour was Zion National Park. I liked the hiking and the beauty that surrounded us. Watching the wildlife at night was a special treat. Thanks for a great time and I will recommend your company to others. I hope to be traveling with your company again in the future."

Ms. M.M., New Iberia, Louisiana

"The tour director was the most knowledgeable and professional tour director I have had the pleasure to meet. I thoroughly enjoyed the way he interacted with the tour guests. I would certainly book another tour with Caravan provided he is our tour guide. He is to be commended for going above and beyond his duties to assist handicapped tour guests."

Ms. C.W., Las Vegas, Nevada

"I can't believe how much we were able to see in such a short time. We were unsure of the idea of a 'tour' as we thought it might be all senior citizens. We were pleasantly surprised to find many age groups on our tour. We met families with children, couples, singles. We have made some friendships with other couples that will continue long past the trip."

Mr. & Mrs. J.W., Belfast, New York

"The hotel in Phoenix was posh! It was a treat after traveling across country, and with excellent service. The meals were very good, especially choices from buffets. I'm a vegan and had plenty of good choices. Thank you! It was one of the best if not the best tour we've taken. We appreciate your quality and prices and hope to do the Canadian Rockies next and other National Parks tours you may offer."

Mr. & Mrs. G.K., Albany, New York

"We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and plan to take other Caravan tours as a result of this wonderful experience."

Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Montgomery, Texas

"This is our second trip with Caravan. Last summer we did the Maritimes. Both trips have been WONDERFUL! What a great value for the money. Both times your tour guides and motor coach drivers have been outstanding. This trip, we brought another couple with us. They were equally impressed. We have told so many of our Canadian relatives and friends about your company. We will definitely be back for our 3rd trip! Keep up the great work!"

Mr. & Mrs. D.G., Toronto, Ontario Canada

"The whole experience was well beyond my expectations. The canyons of course were more beautiful than I could imagine, but the group of people on the bus added so much to the tour. We have never been on a tour before but will not hesitate to go on another one. Caravan provided us with an outstanding experience. I have wanted to see the Grand Canyon for many years, and this tour provided so much more that I was not anticipating. I felt the cost of the tour was reasonable, but the hotels, food and all the extras were top notch. This was our first tour experience, and I will certainly look to Caravan again to travel. I would also recommend them to others."

Mr. & Mrs. D.K., Irvine, California

"The tour of the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Bryce and Zion was absolutely amazing. Caravan definitely went above and beyond and made my vacation a truly unforgettable experience! The locations of all the hotels could not have been more perfect, the meals were delicious, the sightseeing was breathtaking and the tour director and the motor coach driver could not have been more informative and helpful. I definitely look forward to touring with Caravan again in the future!"

Ms. N.K., Floral Park, New York

"This was our first tour. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and we hope to do future tours."

Mr. & Mrs. H.F., Randallstown, Maryland

"The sightseeing and activities such as visits to the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion cannot be anything but breathtaking; and, the intervening stops at Lake Powell and Monument Valley were well chosen. Overall, it was a superb vacation that we enjoyed greatly from start to finish. I don't know how it could be improved."

Mr. & Mrs. S.W., Wilmington, North Carolina

"We were a party of six and all of us found this trip exceeded all of our expectations. All the people were friendly and the staff helped to make this one of the best vacations ever! We are now planning another Caravan tour!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Short Hills, New Jersey

"This tour was an experience I won't ever forget. Zion was so incredible, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to experience it up close and personal in a way I never thought."

Mr. A.D., Locust Valley, New York

"This tour was unbelievable. The motor coach was the way to go. You see so much more. Before we decided we thought about the train, but I'm glad we changed our mind and took this guided tour and would do it again. Your tour director was the greatest. The local guides were all very good and interesting. Your driver was very good and also looked out for you. Thank you so very much."

Mrs. S.C., Mt. Cory, Ohio

"One will never regret accepting your service."

Mr. & Mrs. V.K. Locust Valley, New York

"This is our second tour with Caravan. We enjoyed the California Coast tour last year and the Grand Canyon tour this year. Your tour directors are wonderful and your tours are very enjoyable. I am looking forward to taking another one next year, hopefully Yellowstone."

Mr. & Mrs. M.A. Fall River, Massachusetts

"The motor coach was very comfortable and appropriate for the tour. An extremely enjoyable tour with excellent facilities and interesting tour guide. This is a trip I'll remember for a long time. My friends are envious of me."

Mr. R.H. Timaru, New Zealand

"The tour director was exceptionally knowledgeable, very upbeat, very engaging, great disposition, truly sincere about wanting us to enjoy our tour."

Mr. & Mrs. R.G., Meriden, Connecticut

"There was plenty of good food. The tour director was absolutely fantastic! We could not have asked for a more informative, concerned and caring director. We highly recommend Caravan Tours!"

Mr. & Mrs. D.V., Loves Park, Illinois

"Although you never feel rushed, if you've never visited the Grand Canyon area before, this is the way to see it. Best vacation investment you will ever make! The hotel in Phoenix was fantastic! The Lake Powell Resort was great.... its surroundings gave you a feeling of just wanting to relax and take in some of God's beautiful handiwork. The Zion Park Lodge was the best of the best! I really loved the way that you felt so a part of the Canyon itself in that the set up of the lodge, rooms and cabins gave you a feeling of being so in tuned with your surroundings. Loved the wild animals at night! I can only say that it was a trip of a lifetime for my husband, and we were so thrilled to have been able to see up close the wonders that God has left here in America for us to behold! The sightseeing and activities were what blew us away. We wanted to go to see the Grand Canyon and got to see so much more than we would have ever thought to see. It was the best vacation on which we've ever been. For the price, this is the best value for the money and for what you get to see. They pack it in!"

Mr. & Mrs. D.P., Arlington, Tennessee

"You will be sure to find a nice mix of people from all over North America. Only one pain on board, unless you count me, then there were two. I met a guy on the tour that I played Babe Ruth Baseball with on the Hughes Lumber Team in 1957. Have not seen him since, small world. Overall, it was a great vacation. Every American should be required to see these canyons."

Mr. & Mrs. F.M., Sandown, New Hampshire

"Although this was my first guided tour, I would gladly take another one with our tour director. He was fun, pleasant, patient and extremely knowledgeable. The scenery just got better and better each day of the tour. He did a fantastic job of providing the context for all of it. This tour is a great value. There is no way we could have seen all of the great scenery and points of interest on our own in the same amount of time and probably not for the same cost either. Most of the scenery cannot be described by words and pictures do not do it justice."

Mr. and Mrs. G.L., Orlando, Florida

"The breakfast in Grand Canyon National Park was exceptionally good! I loved the whole experience. I'm interested in taking one of the Canadian Tours."

Mr. & Mrs. A.V., Marlborough, Massachusetts

"The driver was outstanding. He was concerned with safety and it showed. He kept the schedule moving and was always ON TIME!"

Mr. & Mrs. F.P., Timonium, Maryland

"My favorite part of the tour was at Bryce Canyon, we appreciated having enough time to eat and hike down into the Canyon. This Caravan Tours Grand Canyon and National Parks tour was a wonderful experience. The sites, as well as the tour guide and driver, were second to none. This is highly recommended."

Mr. E.B., Fair Lawn, New Jersey

"The motor coach was great. How about satellite TV for any rides on Sunday afternoon with the NFL Sunday Ticket on direct TV? Just kidding. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and will be looking forward to either the Yellowstone, Canadian Rockies or California tour next year."

Mr. & Mrs. B.F., Jackman, Maine

"It was a great trip. We would highly recommend this trip and Caravan to all our friends and others. We plan to do the Yellowstone trip next year, our tour guide was wonderful. Will tell others that the Canyon trip is a must do."

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Mount Dora, Florida

"The Monument Valley Jeep Tour was perfect for me! I enjoyed the trip immensely and the weather was great. I was impressed with all of the beautiful National Parks and mountains that we visited."

Ms. L.W., Los Altos, California

"My favorite part of the tour was traveling to three states, visiting various locations and me not doing any of the driving. The Lake Powell Resort hotel was a very nice facility and the dining and breakfast were outstanding. The tour was excellent, there were many options of sightseeing and activities that were more than I expected. Another favorite part of the tour was Bryce Canyon and Zion Park, the beauty was breathtaking. My wife wanted to know when we were moving out there, I told her we must go back as I only took 577 photographs."

Mr. & Mrs. D.M., York, Pennsylvania

"The Maswik Lodge hotel was very nice. I'm glad we stayed inside the park. In fact, after taking this tour, I would not take one where the majority of the overnight stays were not inside a park. We had an excellent tour guide. He was very knowledgeable and shared that knowledge easily with us. He also prepared us well for each park, what to see and what to do."

Mr. & Mrs. H.K., Southborough, Massachusetts

"An excellent 'sampler' of the Southwest if you've never been there before. Hits all the high spots. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it."

Mr. & Mrs. T.G., Albany, California

"Zion Park Lodge was exceptional for breakfast and dinner. This was my first tour. I was traveling alone and I had a great time. I plan on taking many more tours through Caravan. I had a great time on this tour. I believe all of the people that signed up for the tour at this time made this vacation special. All of the stories everyone told and all of the laughter made this something I will never forget."

Ms. P.H., Canfield, Ohio

"The tour director and driver provided far more quality of care and efficiency than expected. Having a four member party, including children, this was a very welcomed surprise. I would recommend Caravan to my friends."

Mr. & Mrs. R.O., Ashburn, Virginia

"The sightseeing and activities were very good. Plenty to see and absorb. To me, it was the right amount to see. Lake Powell was great! The motor coach was nice. It was clean, new and comfortable. I was concerned about this before the tour, but that soon went away! It was an absolutely great coach tour. I am recommending it back home. I will do it again 'somewhere' next year. Please let us know if our tour director moves to another tour. We would like to take one with her again! Thanks for a great vacation!"

Mr. & Mrs. M.S., Elkton, Florida

"The Caravan staff made very good choices of accommodations and activities on this tour. It was what I expected and I was very pleased with it. The tour director and driver were first-rate and made every effort to make things go smoothly. I have recommended this company, this tour and the staff to everyone I talked to about the trip. I would do it again and hope to select another tour in the upcoming year."

Mr. R.H., Woodbridge, Virginia

"Monument Valley was awesome, all the canyons were beautiful, they far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for letting us interact with the natives. I totally enjoyed learning from them. This was such an economical trip. I don't know how you do it for the amount you charge. We are sold and will do it again."

Mr. & Mrs. L.T., Vero Beach, Florida

"I would recommend this tour to anyone who has not seen this area. I think the trip was well planned out and allowed us a great deal of flexibility to look around and explore at our own comfort levels. I think your tour director is a great asset to your organization. He pours his heart and soul into his trips and is a very positive reflection of your organization. You can tell he loves his job. I didn't realize I would come away learning so much, so I thank him for that."

Mr. & Mrs. J.R, Westlake, Ohio

"I LOVED this trip! I have no complaints and will definitely look at Caravan for next year when my friend and I do the Canadian Rockies! Thanks for the wonderful memories! Keep up the great work! Your tour director and driver were great, the hotels were wonderful and so was the food. It was perfect!"

Ms. L.T., Lake In The Hills, Illinois

"Great bargain! I'm recommending it to everyone, especially if they get our same tour director."

Ms. J.T., West Palm Beach, Florida

"Breakfasts were superb. The wait staff was exceptional! A little more time in Sedona would have been nice. All in all, it was a wonderful tour. The people on our particular tour were great. We had such a good time together."

Ms. J.A., Waterford, Wisconsin

"Food was wonderful. The tour was well arranged to suit all travelers. At most places, I wanted to stay longer, but I understood the need to move on so more could be covered. Enjoyed having large blocks of time to explore. We were able to go on longer hikes."

Mr. & Mrs. J.G., Roanoke Virginia

"The sightseeing and activities were more than adequate. The driver was terrific. He and your tour director make a wonderful team. Each place we visited is magnificent and unique in its individual way. Except for my tour of Israel, this was the best tour I've taken. We loved the tour. It was very well run and organized. The hotel in Phoenix was excellent. We were treated very well. The food was wonderful and the service was great. We really enjoyed our stay at the Lake Powell Resort hotel. As a passenger and a travel agent, I would highly recommend this trip for anyone able to use a motor coach. The sights were magnificent. It was well worth the cost of the trip, the accommodations, food motor coach, the tour director and bus driver were the best I've ever had. I would be happy to sell this trip to any of my customers."

Ms. M.C., Port St. Lucie, Florida

"The overall trip was great. We had a lot of fun, saw a lot of excellent views and some of the best Parks of the US. This tour was well done. Great hotels and meals and had a good pace. I would definitely take another trip with Caravan."

Mr. S.C., Lemonier, Massachusetts

"The motor coach was new and in A-1 condition. We have been on other motor coach tours, but none of them came close to the quality of accommodations that were provided to us by CARAVAN! Also, the tour price cannot be matched by competition. Thank you for an excellent tour!"

Mr. & Mrs. L.K., Parma Heights, Ohio

"We have been on many tours in Europe. This was our 'first' in the states . For the price, it is terrific. We got everything you advertised and more. That's why we will go 'Caravan' again next year."

Mr. & Mrs. A.J., Port Charlotte, Florida

"I think this was a beautiful tour of the National Parks. Everyone in our group was most complimentary. I highly recommend the trip to all, along with our particular motor coach driver and tour director."

Mrs. L.P. Lubbock, Texas

"My favorite part of the tour was not having to drive and worry about hotels and meals. It was truly a pleasure having someone else do all the leg work. We look forward to doing another one of your tours. If the next one is seventy-five percent as good as this one, it's going to be enjoyable. Can't say enough for this tour."

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Prosperity, South Carolina

"The meals were fantastic. The sightseeing and activities were absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, especially Bryce Canyon. What can one say about our tour director, other than he is the greatest? He was very likable and most informative about everything. The motor coaches were comfortable. Had a memorable and wonderful time. On the whole, Caravan did a well organized job. Would be glad and would not hesitate to travel with your company again."

Mr. & Mrs. E.N., Geneva, New York

"Our tour guide was great. He was a truly caring and kind leader. He took care of every detail and made the trip so pleasant. The motor coach was spotless and very comfortable. The Caravan Tour was very good. We would go with Caravan again."

Mr. & Mrs. R.M., Lavallette, New Jersey

"I found all hotels to be clean and quite acceptable. I particularly enjoyed the hotels in Zion and the Grand Canyon. The hotel in Phoenix was outstanding. I was extremely impressed with the meals. Breakfast in the Grand Canyon and dinner in Zion were real treats. I was truly overwhelmed by Caravan. I have never taken a tour before. My expectations were greatly exceeded. Already I have recommended this trip and your company many times."

Mr. R.Z., Honeoye Falls, New York

"All in all a great trip. I will travel with Caravan again."

Mr. & Mrs. G.P., Lenoir, North Carolina

"The tour director was wonderful, extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating! Loved his handouts. He seemed to truly like what he was doing and had a great deal of respect for the environment. A+++ Also, the driver was a true professional, easy going and kept the coach extremely clean. He was an excellent driver over rough terrain."

Mr. & Mrs. G.K., Parkland, Florida

"This has been one of my most beautiful and memorable vacations. Also, the price was great! The hotels were excellent and well above average.... The sightseeing and activities were very well planned with a nice variety. I especially enjoyed the 4 a.m. walk, to enjoy the sunrise in Grand Canyon. I also enjoyed the Navajo Indian tour. The tour director enjoys his job and loves the Canyons. He definitely went the extra mile to make this trip unforgettable! I have already recommended Caravan to some of my friends and travel agent."

Ms. R.B., Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania

"I liked all of the hotel accommodations. They were close to dining rooms and pools, and also, very clean. This was our second trip with Caravan. Looking forward to our third."

Mr. & Mrs. W.B., South Hampton, Pennsylvania

"Our director was super. He was considerate and caring of every person on the bus. His charm and wit was entertaining and his knowledge of the area's history was important to the enjoyment of the trip. The hotels were all very nice and comfortable."

Ms. L.S., Totowa. New Jersey

"I definitely feel the motor coach tour is the only way to go over 1100 miles without all the hassles of a private car. It was an excellent trip. We will consider future trips with Caravan. It was great not to have to deal with the hassles of fatigue driving ourselves and finding the 'good' places to see. Thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. H.P., Downingtown, Pennsylvania

"The sites were the most beautiful I have ever seen. All the parks were great. The Jeep ride at Monument Valley was fun. The tour director was a great guide. I learned a lot of information from him about all the places we saw. This was the best vacation my family and I have ever taken. We have great memories to last a long time. Some day we would like to take the Mount Rushmore Tour."

Mr. & Mrs. G..J., Scituate, Massachusetts

"The first night in Phoenix was the best; however, all of the hotels were more than adequate and some were extra special. We would never have seen all the things we did if we had not been with the tour group. It was truly an interesting and exciting time. Our trip was very informative, pleasant and fun. It was a restful, but exciting vacation. Thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. C.J., Anoka, Minnesota

"We will do a Caravan tour again, probably Yellowstone. We have already recommended Caravan to many of our friends and relatives."

Mr. & Mrs. J.B., North Port, Florida

"The hotels are terrific and comfortable. The tour director was wonderful. He has a great personality, dedicated, loves his work and very knowledgeable."

Ms. S.A., Carrollton, Georgia

"The hotels had very good accommodations and excellent service. This was a fine trip for our first bus tour, just what we were looking for. The length was great and not over stressing. The driver was the Best of the West! He was helpful with a great attitude and a can-do spirit."

Mr. & Mrs. C.R., Smithfield, North Carolina

"I've taken this same tour three or four times now. I still learn new things from the same areas!"

Mr. W.D., Whiting, Indiana

"Every aspect of the trip met or exceeded our expectations. We plan to use Caravan Tours again."

Mr. & Mrs. M.P., Stow, Ohio

"The hotels were comfortable, clean and nicely appointed. They were very good to superior! The motor coaches had excellent rides and visibility. I look forward to taking another Caravan Tour in the near future!"

Mr. & Mrs. H.H., Monroe Township, New Jersey

"It was a beautiful trip. We visited locations I would not have seen on my own, such as Monument Valley and Sedona. Had an adequate amount of time in each location to enjoy its beauty. I enjoyed all the hotels. They were a good variety and the view from our rooms was really great.... The tour director was exceptionally friendly and helpful. He gave interesting information on the sights."

Mr. & Mrs. K.M., Chesterfield, Missouri

"I was very satisfied with the hotels, especially enjoyed staying within Grand Canyon and Zion. The sightseeing and activities had a very well planned schedule. I especially appreciated the two-day tour at Lake Powell in the middle of the trip. The tour director was great, well informed, organized, sense of humor, liked commentary on everything. We had a very nice and safe driver. The guide and driver were a good pair. Also, daily bottled water was a great idea."

Ms. S.G., Middleton, Wisconsin

"The meals were outstanding! The tour director was outstanding as well, informative, seems to enjoy what he does and has the knowledge and enthusiasm. The driver did a great job. Just a great job with Caravan. Good job!"

Ms. S.K., Portland, Oregon

"I would recommend this tour highly!! The hotels were very nice and accommodating. The tour director was very knowledgeable, pleasant, interesting, and caring. Your tour director made this trip absolutely the best. I loved every minute!"

Ms. C.C., Rehrersburg, Pennsylvania

"The tour director was just superior. His knowledge of the area and the history was great. Time on the bus was fun because he provided us with activities that passed the time and made us laugh. This is my second trip with Caravan. Hope to use them again. Wish you had trips in the Northwest i.e., Oregon or Washington."

Ms. D.B., Princeton, New Jersey

"It was great to let someone pick the best places to go to and be right in the center of it all. Will definitely go on another Caravan tour again."

Ms. D.P., Canton, Ohio

"I loved the hotel in Phoenix. There was lots of excitement because it was the start of our trip.... The Zion Park Lodge was the best.... The days were planned just right for everyone. We liked this trip so much, we're planning to sign up for Mt. Rushmore next summer."

Mr. & Mrs. R.S., Linthicum Heights, Maryland

"The tour director was a master tour guide. His knowledge, stories and concern for everyone made our trip unbelievable and probably the best we ever took. I was not sure about going on a tour but your tour director made every experience fantastic. The motorcoach was top of the line, with great windows and always very clean. Caravan Tours made a dream come true."

Mr. & Mrs. J.C., Randolph, New Jersey

"The entire trip was very enjoyable. We had a wonderful way for parents to get to enjoy a vacation without the worry of accommodations, meals, etc. We have recommended this tour company to friends. A great value! Hope to travel with you again!"

Mr. & Mrs. D.R., Centralia, Illinois

"Just a big 'thank you' for the good time and service."

Mrs. S.M., San Jose, California

"We covered lots of territory in a short time, but I have gained tremendous appreciation for the beauty of the Southwest. It was especially enjoyable to stay in Grand Canyon and Zion. It's wonderful to enjoy the Grand Canyon sunset and Zion as well as see the stars in the night."

Ms. H.H., San Jose, California

"I know I had a great time. I'm sure our tour director was a great part of that. Of course, the West is beautiful. He just puts all those great visions into words!"

Miss L.C., Carmel, Indiana

"The tour director and driver worked very well together. It was a pleasure to ride with them. The visit to Monument Valley was an added pleasure."

Mr. & Mrs. A.D., Billerica, Massachusetts

"All the hotels were well chosen, clean, orderly with all basic amenities provided. The sightseeing and activities were well balanced with no time wasted. A number of us plan on joining another tour with Caravan next year."

Ms. R.U., Chicago, Illinois

"It was ideal to ride in the morning and have the afternoon for activities. Our tour director was exceptional as our guide. I felt she went the extra mile to please us. Her knowledge in Geology was a plus for this tour. She was professional and fun to be around. She is such an asset to Caravan tours! We felt one hundred percent safe traveling in this manner with Caravan Tours. I'd recommend Caravan to anyone, especially for a single woman, in which we had three on our tour."

Ms. R.M., Medfield, Massachusetts

"The tour director did a good job pointing out points of interest and providing an interesting commentary throughout the tour. He added a couple of stops that were both interesting and informative. I would most definitely use Caravan again. I think you get a lot of value for the money. There were no glitches. All went smoothly."

Mr. & Mrs. C.F., Monaca, Pennsylvania

"I would travel with Caravan again and will do so soon. It's a great value. One of the best vacations I've had in the last five years."

Mr. & Mrs. T.R., Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

"The hotels were well furnished, secure with modern facilities, conducive for rest and very neat. The sightseeing and activities were wonderful, natural, historic and had breathtaking scenery. It had the most unforgettable scenic spots. The real natural beauty, you could feel it and see it, a thousand times more than shown in movies, books and magazines. The Caravan tour brings people together from different countries to have a very wonderful trip together."

Mr. & Mrs. A.T., Hudson, Florida

"We are all so lucky to be living in the beautiful U.S.A.! Caravan always makes sure to give us all the very best personnel, tour guides and drivers. This is our third Caravan trip and we look forward to many more. All the hotels were of the highest caliber and in most convenient and centrally located spots. The rooms and staff were excellent. The sightseeing and places of interest were all amazing and wonderful. Thank you"

Ms. E.M., Long Beach, New York

"All of the hotels were enjoyed greatly. Each one represented the area in which we stayed. I really liked staying right in the National Parks. The meals were very good and some were superb. The sightseeing and activities were well planned, so we were active, but not overly so. I saw everything and more than I thought I would. Best guided tour on which I've been."

Mr. & Mrs. W.J., Clinton Township, Michigan

"I had a great and wonderful time because of the tour director and the driver. I wish we could have stayed another day in Grand Canyon. We are planning to go on another tour with our same tour director to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. I have been telling my friends to try Caravan tours for their next trip. Keep me informed on your trips."

Ms. M.A., Woodside, New York

"If we ever take another trip, we would very much like to travel with Caravan. We had such a grand time. The hotels were very nice!....It was so great to have our bags handled. Rocks, rocks and more rocks! What a wonderful sight! We had fun everywhere we went. We sure enjoyed sitting out at night in Zion to watch the deer, turkeys, fox and skunks! Thank you so much for the wonderful service."

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Janesville, Wisconsin

"It was so wonderful spending nights in the National Park itself. Time schedules were always maintained and water provided on a daily basis was great. The Navajos were knowledgeable and courteous. We are already planning our next Caravan tour. Thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. C.M., Oak Forest, Illinois

"I liked the number of meals covered in the tour. Also, was happy with the quality of food at the restaurants near hotels. The tour was pretty much just what I was looking for on this vacation, some free time and many organized activities. We had a small group on our tour and it was great. I had a wonderful time and plan on taking another Caravan tour to Yellowstone and Montana soon."

Ms. B.Y., Joliet, Illinois

"The tour director was excellent, very knowledgeable and helpful. When he didn't know an answer he would always find it and get back to us. We had small group, so got to mingle with all of us. The motor coaches were very good. I enjoyed the trip very much and will look into taking more Caravan tours."

Ms. H.J., Joliet, Illinois

"For the money, we had an outstanding trip. Due to your tour director's ability to describe the land, natives, etc..., it will be a trip we long remember!"

Mr. & Mrs. L.E., Richmond, Virginia

"It is wonderful to see such beautiful scenery, stay at nice places, eat good food without you doing all the coordinating! Your tours are definitely 'no hassle.' Ready to go on another one. Did Yellowstone last year."

Mrs. E.F., Rockledge, Florida

"The hotels were fantastic. The tour director was a very organized lady. I liked the Jeep ride and I liked the ship ride. I made new friends. This was the best trip."

Ms. M.O.(Age 9), Avondale, Pennsylvania

"The driver worked well with the tour director, helpful, personable, and led a hike in Zion. The tour made it possible for us to see much more than we could have on our own. For a mother of six, this was a more enjoyable vacation than I expected."

Mr. & Mrs. D.O., Avondale, Pennsylvania

"Excellent. The sightseeing was breathtaking. Every aspect of the tour was great! We loved the way the tour director and driver worked together as a team to make this trip a winner. We'll be back!"

Mr. & Mrs. C.L., Branford, Connecticut

"The tour director was the best I've ever had on a vacation. He was very informative. I never had a dull moment. I read the travel tips. I would go back with him any time. The driver was also one of the best we've had. He was a very careful driver, very friendly and did not speed. I am looking forward to my next Caravan vacation."

Mr. & Mrs. A.G., Sarasota, Florida

"I am glad we could pick our own meal times. This was an excellent trip! It was a great value for our money and my husband and I look forward to more Caravan trips."

Mr. & Mrs. D.S., Flint, Michigan

"We could have never had such amazing hotels on our own. Knowing the tour group were all roomed near us was great, gave a safe feeling. Also, loved having plenty of water to drink on the bus. Your tour director did great reminding us of our elevation and the importance to keep hydrated. I would book with Caravan without hesitation. I am recommending Caravan to co-workers."

Mrs. S.C., Oakland, Maine

"I liked the meals because there was a lot of choices and that some days had a sit-down meal and buffet. My friends will not believe me when I tell them what I did on this trip."

Mr. A.S., Avondale, Pennsylvania

"The group on this tour got along so well it was very sentimental when it ended. It was great spending one of my best vacations with all who went on this tour! The hotel in Phoenix was beautiful. It was great staying in the Grand Canyon, it was magical, mind blowing and breathtaking. The Lake Powell Resort hotel had beautiful scenery, friendly people and good food....and Zion was awesome! The sightseeing was magical, spectacular, awesome and breathtaking. Activities were great."

Ms. M.S.F., Queens Village, New York

"The tour director was the best ever! I'm an eighteen-year travel agent with AAA and I've been on many tours, but he was exceptional! Don't let him get away from you."

Ms. G.A., Portland, Oregon

"We had a master tour guide. His knowledge, stories and concern for everyone made our trip unbelievable and probably the best we ever took. I was not sure about going on a tour, but he made every experience fantastic. The motor coach was top of the line, great windows and always very clean. Caravan Tours made a dream come true. They have this perfected and there is nothing that I would have changed."

Mr. & Mrs. P.C., Randolph, New Jersey

"This was our first tour on a motor coach bus. We enjoyed it so much that we are planning another one on Caravan next year. We have also recommended Caravan to other people."

Mr. & Mrs. J.K., Cincinnati, Ohio

"It was an excellent combination of planned activities and free time. The tour director was organized friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. This was my first tour with Caravan and I really enjoyed it. Good job! Excellent value, we will travel with you again."

Mr. & Mrs. R.S., Greenlawn, New York

"This was my second trip with Caravan, an exciting and wonderful vacation. Thanks for your great planning tour. The trip was well worth it, especially the economic tour price, including meals, free bottled water, as well as lovely sites. The hotel rooms were clean, comfortable with pleasant staff and good locations. The sightseeing was amazing and interesting, the picturesque canyon views and also the Cathedral, museum and artisan shops. The tour director was knowledgeable of the history of the entire area; well organized and took care of every one of us, carefully."

Ms. L.M., Los Altos, California

"I was impressed with the flow and timing of this trip. It was well paced. We covered a lot of territory but I did not feel rushed. Would definitely travel with Caravan and with our tour director."

Mr. & Mrs. R.K., Hyannis, Massachusetts

"This was my first trip with Caravan. I loved it. As a single woman I found it very informative and enjoyable. The meals, hotels, and tour guide were excellent. I have recommended the tour to my friends."

Ms. D.M.O., Rahway, New Jersey

"Excellent sightseeing. This tour surpassed my expectations for sheer physical beauty and variety. The pace was good. Your tour director was excellent, helpful, friendly, and professional. I enjoyed this tour immensely and am interested in Yellowstone."

Ms. R.Z., New York, New York

"Enjoyed all the hotels. Your tour director is a wonderful guide and a real gentleman as well as being very knowledgeable about all the areas we visited. This is my third tour with Caravan. I have thoroughly enjoyed them all. I look forward to another tour next summer."

Ms. J.M.S. Charlotte, North Carolina

"This tour was chock full of outstanding fantastic sights. Your tour director was outstanding, well read, great personality, made the trip memorable. Your motor coach driver was great, always had a smile on his face and a real pro at the wheel. All the hotels were great! Good sized rooms, comfortable beds, lots of towels, nice personnel! An incredible amount of sights and activities were experienced. The frequent stops were appreciated; the photo stops were well thought out. This is our first tour with Caravan. We were very pleased with all aspects of the tour and surely will book again. We will tell our friends."

Mr. and Mrs. F.A., Redwood City, California

"Awesome - spectacular - very memorable! We would rate your tour director 10 out of 10. He gave extra efforts to assist people with medical concerns - well informed, courteous, prompt and a great personality. Your driver was safe, patient, prompt and courteous. We are going to recommend this Grand Canyon trip to our 14 children."

Mr. and Mrs. T.O.B., Indianapolis, Indiana

"Hotels were excellent choices, clean and well-run. I can't say enough good things about your tour director. Every day was more spectacular than the one before."

Mrs. J.M., Limerick, Pennsylvania

"The sightseeing and activities were properly paced, got a good overview of the area. Your tour director was the best we have had in ten years of traveling - very polite, very understanding, knows his work. Your local guides were very informative and knowledgeable. Your motor coach was top notch. One of our most memorable trips, our first with Caravan, but only the beginning we hope. Have been telling all our friends how great it was. Thanks!"

Dr. and Mrs. D.M., Pickens, South Carolina

"Wonderful trip! Breathtaking scenery! Excellent tour director! This was my second Caravan tour and I am looking forward to the Fall Colors tour in New England next year."

Mrs. P.M., Mountain Home, Arizona

"Your hotels - location, size, cleanliness...all top notch. Your tour director gave real personalized service and met all the diverse challenges well. He kept everything positive and upbeat. Your motor coach was clean and comfortable. Your driver was quietly efficient, very attentive to road conditions and the welfare of all passengers."

Mr. D.M., Hannawa Falls, New York

"Thank you for a wonderful vacation. The hotels were all wonderful, clean and great locations. We enjoyed staying in the National Parks and being in the towns, so we did get to experience the area. The meals were very good. We can't say enough about your tour director - he knew his stuff, made you comfortable, and took care of all of us on this tour. We have taken ten different tours with different companies. We will use your company again."

Mr. & Mrs. P.F., Wheatley Heights, New York

"We packed so much into so few days - amazing! We really felt we got our money's worth for what we saw. We liked the photo opportunities and rest stops, just enough to make it comfortable. Your tour director was super. He made our first Caravan tour a great success. Your bus driver was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and drove safely and sanely. All hotels were very lovely, clean and comfortable, actually went beyond our expectations. Everything was 'top notch' and speaks well of Caravan's organization. We will not hesitate to go with Caravan in the future. Thanks for the memories!"

Mr. & Mrs. H.B., Zionsville, Pennsylvania

"Sightseeing and activities: excellent and varied. The Monument Valley Jeep ride is perfect. Your rest and photo stops - great. Perfect timing, never too long on bus, sufficient time at photo stops. Your tour director was very knowledgeable. I always felt fully informed at all stops, knew what was there and what I could see and do. I felt that whatever happened your tour director would take care of it. He made my trip the best. Your bus driver was excellent, very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, felt safe at all times. I have taken a total of 6 tours with 4 different operators. Caravan tied for 1st place with my Hawaii tour 21 years ago. Thanks for a wonderful vacation."

Ms. M.A.L., West Chester, Ohio

"I would do all of the West because I love its beauty and serenity. Fabulous! Best of the United States that I have ever seen. I ran out of adjectives to describe what we saw everywhere."

Mr. D.D. Port, St. Lucie, Florida

"The hotels were excellent, very comfortable and clean. The meals were excellent with a great selection. Your Caravan tour director was the best - caring, informative, knowledgeable and extremely pleasant and accommodating. The motor coach was clean and comfortable; your driver was wonderful, both in handling the bus and in personality. It was our first Caravan tour, but will not be our last."

Mr. and Mrs. J.D., Massapequa, New York

"I was very pleased with the hotels, their staff and accommodations. Your tour director was thoughtful, considerate, and very concerned with keeping everyone pleased. Your driver was extremely conscientious, very pleasant and a good driver, felt very comfortable with his driving. The trip was one that I would recommend highly. I am so happy that I chose it and would enjoy going again. I am looking at some of your other tours."

Ms. S.B., Coatesville, Pennsylvania

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