Mt Rushmore & YellowstoneCustomer Reviews

We currently have 147 reviews of this tour. These reviews are completely unsolicited, and they were not paid for in any way. These are simply the kind words of some of our satisfied customers. Please note: These reviews are from prior years. For this year, hotels and activities may have changed.
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"You folks at Caravan really take care of your customers. Not an ill word was uttered. Nothing but praise and thanks. Our group appreciated a good time, good price and meals. Great tour all around! Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude to your company."

Mr. D.B., Bel Air, Maryland

"This entire tour was excellent. We loved every single thing about it. So many amazing sights and amazing places we stopped for gorgeous scenery. This was our 3rd trip with Caravan and it won’t be our last. We have always been very pleased. This trip was packed with exceptional sights and we loved them all. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole...too many great things to mention. It was a wonderful trip. Would like to commend Caravan on great tour directors and drivers. We loved them on all three trips. Keep up the good work."

Mrs. L.T., Ector, Texas

"Our neighbors introduced us to Caravan after enjoying their first experience on the Grand Canyon. We were so pleased with our first experience that we signed right up for another and have already passed on a catalogue to interested friends. We found all the hotels to be very nice and each different. There was a good balance between natural beauty and historical significance. Especially appreciated were the Crazy Horse memorial and the Little Bighorn monument. We had a great, caring, considerate and organized director. Everything was excellent, and I think our director made excellent choices. All we hoped for, thanks!"

Mr. & Mrs. W.D., Ludington, Michigan

"We found the entire tour to be very educational. We expected to enjoy the sights, as we went to the Tetons and Yellowstone years ago, but Mount Rushmore was new to us. Our director and driver went off the beaten path to make sure we’d see everything, including a large herd of bison. Great job by both of them!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.F., Boston, Massachusetts

"We truly enjoyed the whole trip. This was the first time we used Caravan and we will definitely use them again. We are happy with the whole experience and would recommend this to everyone. We saw everything we wanted to see and so much more. There was enough stops for what we needed and the photo stops were beautiful sights. All the hotels were very nice and clean. Our favorites were the Old Faithful Inn and Virginian. We thank you for giving us a vacation we will always remember."

Mrs. V.V., North Royalton, Ohio

"This was our second Caravan tour. We had high expectations and were not disappointed. Caravan does an outstanding job of planning and selection/training of tour directors. We felt there was a good balance between planned activities and time on our own."

Ms. J.B., Gloversville, New York

"Perfect. All activities and sightseeing spots were worthwhile. We enjoyed the National Oregon Trail Center. Great photo opportunities, carefully spaced at interesting places with good facilities. Dinner on the last night was the perfect ending to the trip."

Mrs. M.M., Rutherford, New Jersey

"All in all, the trip was a tremendous value for the price and I will continue to travel with Caravan. Old Faithful Inn was extraordinary! Amazing structure and location, such a wonderful experience!! Great at Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore. Loved the local tour of Yellowstone. Great photo stops at falls and geysers, and great stops and timing for rest."

Ms. S.T., Portland, Oregon

"We are ready to go again with Caravan. We enjoyed this just as much as the Grand Canyon tour, and that’s saying a lot. Great trip, great time. No complaints says it all. We enjoyed all our activities. We enjoyed our stay at all five hotels, no problems and very comfortable beds. We live in a beautiful country."

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

"This is our second Caravan trip and believe it to be an excellent value. We were well taken care of from the beginning until the end. Our TD was excellent, very considerate, funny, and knowledgeable. He kept us all on time and explained activities in advance. All the stops were very good with plenty of time to see things. Really enjoyed Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. The Old Faithful inn was excellent!"

Mr. R.P., Venice, Florida

"This was a great trip and I hope I can take another Caravan tour sometime in the future. All of the meals on the tour were wonderful. The sheer number and selection of the places visited were WELL worth the money. Very illuminating, myth bustin' and educational. Our tour director was highly motivated and excited about the tour. He was very professional and always on top of departure schedules, luggage handling, meal tickets, etc... He always tried to keep a running commentary on the sights, history, footnotes, etc..., while on the bus. I can wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone who has never visited that part of the country, and would like to see as many national treasures in the shortest amount of time."

Mr. & Mrs. M.F., Staten Island, New York

"Great tours are the best way to assure you see all the highlights.... Our tour director did a great job. He kept everyone on time and informed us the history and points of interest that we were seeing. The overall trip was great, worth every penny we paid. We intend on traveling with you again, and I would feel very comfortable referring you to my friends."

Mr. & Mrs. K.L., Tukwila, Washington

"It was a great tour. Excellent sightseeing, we were always on the go and saw so much in our eight days. That is what I like about Caravan. Our activities are planned so that we see so much. Our driver was outstanding, and our guide was the best! He made the trip extra special. We are already talking about our next tour with Caravan to the Canadian Rockies."

Mrs. K.D., Montgomery, New York

"My friend whom I toured with wanted to get a rental camper and do the National Parks on our own. I was not keen on this idea. I found your website and after reading the comments suggested it to my friend. This was the best decision we made. Enjoyed everything!! No complaints. All hotels were clean, comfortable and met all requests. And my thoughts on your director, well I don’t have enough room...from the minute he introduced himself to our last hug goodbye, I was in awe of his knowledge, facts, demeanor, and personality. Thank you so much. Loved it!"

Ms. P.T., Bakersfield, California

"This was a terrific opportunity to visit many sites in a short period of time. We received quite a history lesson throughout the tour. All of the photo stops were truly amazing, provided many wonderful pictures, and were spaced appropriately. I thought the tour was very good and exceptional value. The itinerary was well thought out and our TD was a true professional. The scenery and routes were truly an unforgettable experience. We look forward to future tours with Caravan and have made recommendations to friends, family and others. Great job!"

Mr. P.P., Lavallette, New Jersey

"A wonderful, well organized tour through some of the most beautiful scenery and sites in the US, led by an experienced guide who educated us all the way. I enjoyed all the sightseeing activities and was amazed by Yellowstone. Rest stops were adequate and we had a lovely new coach. I appreciated the photo stops, got some great photos. We were two women traveling together and had very comfortable accommodations. Thanks!"

Mrs. C.M., Norristown, Pennsylvania

"Wonderful, very happy with our first experience taking a guided tour. We saw more than we expected to see and places I always wanted to see. A lot of credit goes to our director. Loved his stories, so friendly, he made the tour a great experience. We saw and learned so much more than we would have if we had done this on our own."

Mrs. D.C., Grennville, South Carolina

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. This was a wonderful tour. We saw amazing majestic mountains, green valleys, waterfalls, rivers, and local sights. We had a wonderful tour director who was so knowledgeable about all the sights and wildlife. I learned a lot about this beautiful part of our country."

Mrs. A.M., Inverness, Florida

"An absolutely incredible experience. Every day was an adventure. It’s hard to say what was a favorite as it all was fantastic. Beyond expectations. Wonderful and plentiful meals. Our driver was a marvel."

Mrs. C.P., Oak Lawn, Illinois

"Beyond excellent! This was our second Caravan tour and both were great! We saw and did so much that we never could have seen on our own. We saw the beautiful sights, a full itinerary. Yellowstone Lodge was the best, but all the hotels were clean and comfortable in good locations, handy to restaurants and walks downtown. There wasn’t anything our director didn’t know. Very accommodating and pleasant."

Mrs. L.L., Portland, Maine

"When I think of my overall impression of our Caravan tour, I think about the comprehensive professionalism and knowledge of our tour director and I think of the wonderful places we visited and all that I learned about this part of our beautiful country. All the sights were beautiful and interesting. Yellowstone offered geological astonishments as well as beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Our director was amazing, abundantly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, engaged, prepared and offered everything one could ask for."

Mrs. R.P., Farmingdale, New York

"If I ever take another tour, I sure would like to take it with Caravan. I enjoyed everything we did on this tour. Thanks so much for a nice time."

Mrs. P.A., Yucaipa, California

"Very smooth ride. The sightseeing and activities were all excellent, and surpassed our expectations. Plenty of time for photos and exploration at each stop. Each of the sites and activities on this trip were well worth it. Each had their own special meaning. We especially loved Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Our director was a gifted speaker and teacher of nature and history. He and our driver went out of their way to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety and his love of nature made him a wonderful TD. Can’t say enough good things about him. Very knowledgeable in the history of the west, and we learned so much about the plants, animals, rocks. All excellent!"

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Southwick, Massachusetts

"This was an excellent trip all around. Our tour director was the best we've ever had and we would definitely go on another trip with Caravan. As a matter of fact, we are already booked for another trip in March."

Mr. & Mrs. E.S., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"This was a trip we always wanted to take. Your Caravan tour made it a dream come true. We hope some day to take another tour with Caravan. This was a dream come true trip for me as well. Have always wanted to see the West. Caravan made it possible and enjoyable!"

Mr. & Mrs. P.R., Fort Worth, Texas

"The trip for both Josh and I was very nice and enjoyable. I had never been on a tour before, but I would go again! THANK YOU! I will tell my friends."

Mrs. J.L., Falmouth, Maryland

"I thought the entire trip was well planned. No complaints. This was a very nice tour. Our first with Caravan but not our last, very good value for your travel dollar. Very good trip, very congenial fellow travelers. Our tour guide was very caring. There was beautiful scenery. I appreciated the fact that additional activities were not pushed at us. Don't know when we would have had the time to do them anyway! Will plan to go next year with Caravan."

Mr. & Mrs. S.A., Richmond, Indiana

"This company knows their business and they do it very well."

Mr. & Mrs. D.H., Lancaster, South Carolina

"This part of our great country is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. The most important point: we saw what we came to see. Our experienced and knowledgeable director was funny and I could tell he loves his job. He gave us the best possible and made the group feel relaxed and comfortable. Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip."

Mr. T.D., Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

"A wonderful and exceptional experience. We seemed to see each feature from the best possible vantage point. Everything was so beautiful it was so hard to name a favorite. We were glad we chose early June as all the animals had young with them, just fabulous. Enjoyed being lodged in the Old Faithful Inn, cannot beat the history and charm. And I cannot imagine a guide being any more interesting and kind. We have recommended Caravan to all our friends, thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. D.B., Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

"Outstanding! Itinerary well-paced, efficient and thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to another Caravan trip. Your focus on the tours you have chosen to do makes them terrific: relationships with hotels, motor coach - everything goes smoothly. Everyone compares the competition. The value and pleasure of our trip compares favorably with more costly companies."

Mrs. D.B., Lake Forest, Illinois

"I have told many people what a great job Caravan does."

Ms. D.B., Berlin, New Jersey

"Hope to take another Caravan tour in the not too distant future. I had a wonderful time on this tour. Caravan should be praised on this tour. If all your tours are like this one, I would never hesitate to go again."

Mr. & Mrs. J.S., Centereach, New York

"Wonderful group, great trip. We would definitely take another Caravan tour."

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Martinsville, Virginia

"This is a trip that you don't want to miss."

Mr. & Mrs. D.M., Satellite Beach, Florida

"Awesome! Beyond beautiful. Caravan really knows how to show a traveler a lot of beauty in a short time. Loved all the hotels especially the Hiltons. The Virginian had character and beautiful views. Loved the farewell dinner. Spectacular!"

Mrs. L.B., Windham, Maine

"This was the first time I had traveled by motorcoach on a tour. I did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it very much. We saw a lot and understood what we were seeing due to our TD. He was organized and we were able to see a lot of places as a result. I was also moved by the cultural information presented and the history and grandeur of the landscape. We stopped just the right amount of time. First class hotels with clean rooms, pools/spa, breakfast."

Mrs. A.S., Naples, Florida

"Beautiful, breathtaking tour! The accommodations were wonderful and located for easy access to shopping. They were very comfortable and clean. Every detail of our creature comforts was taken care of. Perfect photo opportunities with just the right amount of time. Being our first tour, it was a wonderful experience. We loved getting to see so much of God’s beautiful country in a short amount of time. Great information to support what we would be seeing. Highly recommend Caravan!"

Mrs. J.W., El Paso, Texas

"A fantastic tour, above and beyond expectations. The lighted evening tour of Mount Rushmore was great. The evening show at the ranch was fantastic. The Trail stop was one we will never forget. All personnel were friendly and pleasant a pleasure to be around. Our director went out of her way to make the trip special."

Mr. R.P., Joliet, Illinois

"This was the best trip I have ever been on. Beautiful scenery and very good historical sites. I have traveled on Caravan tours before, but this was outstanding. The places were spectacular. Driver and guide made the trip very enjoyable."

Ms. M. H., Wolfe City, Texas

"A great tour, many of the sites only visited through pictures are brought to life."

Mr. & Mrs. G.C., Hollywood, Maryland

"This is an outstanding tour of the vast West. It really makes one appreciate the early pioneer history of this country. Our tour guide made this area and its history 'come alive' He was an outstanding guide!"

Mr. & Mrs. B.H., Blythewood, South Carolina

"This was a great tour. I marvel at how you can offer so much for the price."

Ms. G.G., Fort Smith, Arkansas

"We were lucky to have a good cross section of people on the tour. You can choose to sightsee by yourself or stay within a small group of people. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am considering the Grand Canyon tour on my next vacation."

Mr. J.H., Larchmont, New York

"The Caravan tour guide, the driver, the scenery, and the stops were fantastic. We will travel with Caravan again in the near future and encourage others to do so too."

Mr.& Mrs. S.T., Citronelle, Alabama

"Our country is beautiful. We strongly recommend Caravan Tours for sightseeing. It is fun meeting new people and not having to watch the road or locate hotels. Thank you again for a very enjoyable trip."

Mr. & Mrs. S.L., Poinciana, Florida

"I had been thinking of doing a road trip. I am so happy that I chose this Caravan tour instead. I would have never seen all that was included. It was well-planned and appreciated, and the hotel accommodations were extraordinary. Our director’s knowledge of the area and people, along with the history was phenomenal. Baggage handling and registration was greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to another Caravan trip next summer. Thank you for making everything so easy!"

Ms. N.G., Scranton, Pennsylvania

"Caravan has its act together! Best vacation we ever had. Our first trip, everything was perfect. Outstanding activities. Perfect balance of guided coach rides, rest and sightseeing. Ours had to be the best guide Caravan has. It was truly amazing the knowledge he had for the history of the area. We already booked our next tour to Costa Rica before we could get this message in the mail!"

Mr. & Mrs. M.M., Milford, Connecticut

"This tour was great and I loved all the places we went and the things we saw and information we learned. It was well-paced and a very active tour. Long distances can’t be helped in the west though, and the photo stops were amazing and the scenery was beautiful. The accommodations were comfortable and the staff at all locations was friendly and helpful. Very excellent tour, I will take another one."

Ms. P.M., Franklin, Tennessee

"I thoroughly enjoyed this first tour and it was mainly because of the tour director making it so fun and interesting. He was a fantastic, courteous, thoughtful and went beyond the call of duty. I learned so much - who knew there was so much land and so much history!"

Ms. S.W., Brentwood, Tennessee

"This was sixth trip with Caravan, and I find Caravan to be the best organizer and most effective of all companies. So informative and I learned so much more than a history book can tell by being right there and walking on the same ground. Our director talked about so many experiences, making the history and sights come alive. I feel an almost personal connection, and on every trip I’m always talking and encouraging guests to take other trips Caravan has to offer. Thanks once more for a safe and rewarding adventure."

Mrs. N.C., Harper, Texas

"This trip exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Usually there is at least one thing that goes amiss on every travel adventure, but nothing on this trip. That speaks to the attention to detail Caravan employs for its customers. I loved everything on this trip. Loved the Oregon trail and Mormon Square. I enjoyed paintings, sculptures, architecture, gardens, and fountains. My husband was somewhat reluctant to go on this vacation, as it was our first guided coach trip. I was rather surprised when a couple of days after we returned home he asked me, ‘where does else does Caravan go?’ That reaction spells success for Caravan. Thank you for a truly memorable, first-rate experience. Rather than a tour director, it seemed like ours was a friend sharing his passion about this beautiful country. I look forward to travelling with Caravan again."

Mr. & Mrs. R.S., Winter Springs, Florida

"Thank you for showing us an excellent time. I must again commend your tour director and the driver. They were both exceptional."

Mr. & Mrs. R.G., Manasquan, New Jersey

"My family enjoyed all that we did in such a short period of time. We would have never been able to do it all on our own. Would definitely do another Caravan tour!"

Ms. M.T., Freehold, New Jersey

"I would definitely book another tour with Caravan. We feel the value of the trip was well worth the cost. The trip far exceeded my expectations, as I never spoke with anyone who gave us a first hand recommendation. I found your operation on the internet and will certainly tell all my friends about our wonderful experience."

Mr. & Mrs. D.P., Salem, Massachusetts

"Would recommend our tour director to anyone. He was interested in us learning. He would periodically ask questions and/or quiz us on places we visited. The quizzing kept the tour group interacting with each other which caused everyone to have more fun together. The tour was a good value for the dollar. He was very engaging and caring without being overbearing."

Mr. J.R., Glen Allen, Virginia

"I have signed up for another Caravan tour in October. You do an outstanding job of giving value for the money. I hope you continue to look for additional trips. I hope to be a regular customer."

Ms. J.L., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"We were very happy with the tour. The hotels were great, food was good, photo stops were fantastic. We felt our money was well spent and would not have seen nearly as much on our own. We are considering doing other tours."

Miss S.S., Warren, Pennsylvania

"For anyone who is in awe of our National Parks, you should go on a Caravan tour to Yellowstone/Mt. Rushmore. The beauty and wildlife of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons take your breath away. The evidence of nature from forest fires to re-growth in Yellowstone is something you can't explain, you have to see it. Not to forget to mention the creation of Mt. Rushmore and what that means to us as Americans, or the awesome work in progress of Crazy Horse monument. Little Big Horn Battlefield was fascinating. So much on the tour is covered so well."

Mr. & Mrs. J.D., Houston, Texas

"Keep up the good work. I like the eight and nine day tours since I am still working and have limited vacation days."

Ms. M.H., Elkhart, Indiana

"The hotels were all fine, 'check-ins' and luggage to the room as fast as you would want. The breakfast buffets were more than enough. The sightseeing and activities more than met our expectations on all points. The tour director used a perfect balance of informative talk and quiet time! Utilization of videos to give background or set the tempo was excellent. The trip was all we had hoped to see of this part of the country. Would recommend Caravan to others and I hope to take another trip in the future."

Mr. & Mrs. E.C., Mount Arlington, New Jersey

"Very enjoyable trip! Friends and memories made to last a lifetime."

Mr. & Mrs. J.K., Indianapolis, Indiana

"We had a certain amount of trepidation before this guided coach tour. But it was an experience of a lifetime, a joyous and wonderful trip to remember and cherish. We learned so much about our history of this great nation. All the activities were well thought out and interesting. Because of this memorable experience and the graciousness of both director and driver, we are looking forward to another Caravan tour."

Mr. & Mrs. M.M., Tucson, Arizona

"All I can say is I’m looking at the brochure to plan my next trip! I was happy because I saw a lot more than I expected to. The hotels exceeded my expectations and their locations were the best. The farewell dinner was an excellent end to a wonderful trip."

Mr. A.S., Spring Mills, Pennsylvania

"Loved it, a very busy and ambitious tour, and most sights were outstanding. A good value. Highlights: Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone. The national Trail Center was a pleasant surprise. I had a great time. This group of fellow travelers were punctual and friendly. Can’t ask for much more!"

Mr. & Mrs. D.D., Concord, California

"We have been on several guided but Caravan has been the best so far. Mt. Rushmore was beautiful. Crazy Horse was great. The Tetons were gorgeous. We learned a lot of historical facts and our director was always sweet and cheerful. It ran very smoothly thanks to her preparedness. We would go with Caravan again!"

Mrs. J.R., Sidney, Ohio

"Outstanding! Beautiful scenery. This was our second Caravan tour. They seem to keep getting better. We are planning to take two next year, Grand Canyon, and New England."

Mr. & Mrs. M.M., Friendswood, Texas

"I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. It exceeded my expectations. Wonderful sighting and enjoyed the many stops along the way. Excellent, well-timed stops and most were really spectacular. Even during longer driving periods, our TD entertained us with videos, trivia and general info about conservation, landscape. He really made the trip! Dinner in Salt Lake City was very nice. Our fellow travelers were friendly and courteous, and we had a wonderful driver, I felt safe in his hands."

Mrs. J.C., Boca Raton, Florida

"The trip was great. Everyone we came into contact with was very nice. I loved not having to worry about our bags. Enjoyed it all!"

Mr. & Mrs. E.C., Oxford, Mississippi

"We had a wonderful trip, met some great people, and will be taking tours more often since this was our first one ever. Thanks Caravan!"

Ms. B.P., Chicago, Illinois

"We had the best tour director. I'd love to go with him on other trips. He was very knowledgeable about every place we went. We learned a lot about the history of the area and especially about the Native Americans."

Mrs. N.A.S., Palm Desert, California

"My tour director was very organized. He engaged everybody with games related to the good information about each place we visited, we learned a lot from him. I would like to go with him again."

Mr. F.M., Palm Desert, California

"Wonderful! We liked everything. We learned a lot about history (native Americans, Custer), as well as nature. Our driver and TD worked hard to find wildlife in Yellowstone and were a great team, which goes a long way to making the trip a pleasant one."

Mrs. Y.T., Vero Beach, Florida

"Who knew that the best candy around was in Wyoming? We are considering another Caravan trip, but how can you top this tour, director, and driver? I can’t imagine any better. Amazing and very professional. We went places that we never would have gone to if we were on a road trip; and we were happy that we went there. Thanks for the rides to/from the airport."

Ms. J.A., Prescott, Arizona

"I was impressed with the selection of activities, hotels and other accommodations as well as the value of this tour. Awesome activities each day without overcrowding days and wearing you out. Awesome selection of sites. The hotels were all amazing, comfortable with great amenities. Buffet style allowed all guests to try terrific local dishes. Will definitely recommend."

Ms. B.B., Grimes, Iowa

"Thank you for a happy and memorable sightseeing experience. The 'Day-by-Day Itinerary' booklet, well planned. I liked having it in advance."

Ms. C.S., Woodland Hills, California

"We've taken many trips by motor coach over the years and we felt that this Caravan tour was the best. Just wonderful! I waited too many years for this one, my fault!"

Mr. & Mrs. C.A., Red Hill, Pennsylvania

"It was excellent. The sights were impressive, the accommodations were comfortable. The guide and the driver were both very good. We're looking forward to the Guatemala trip in December!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.D., Maben, Mississippi

"I was impressed with Caravan from the time I read the tour package information. Now that I have traveled with Caravan, I remain impressed. I would recommend them to anyone."

Ms. J.M., Wilson, North Carolina

"My husband did not get to go on this trip with me; I went with my friend. My husband and I will probably go on this tour again and I will definitely request our same tour guide. Caravan Tours is very good and very affordable."

Mrs. W.I., Montgomery, Alabama

"The hotels were comfortable, clean and had pleasant staff. The sights had a breathtaking scenery; watching animals in their environment was a special treat. Our tour director was very informative, entertaining and interesting. I would highly recommend him to friends. The trip was a good value. It was nice not to worry about tipping all the time. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

Ms. B.D., Montgomery, Alabama

"I will not hesitate to take another Caravan tour. The whole experience was great, from initial call to end. Thank you."

Ms. D.P., Montgomery, Alabama

"We had a wonderful time on the trip!"

Mr. & Mrs. G.D., Manchester, Connecticut

"Tour fully exceeded our expectations. Would travel with them again. Will recommend Caravan to others."

Mr. & Mrs. R.B., Shirley, New York

"This was the trip of a lifetime for me! They took us to the best spots at each stop. I would definitely travel with Caravan again, and tell others to do the same. Reasonable price, excellent staff, many choices of trips and locations. Made lots of new friends. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Next stop…Grand Canyon!"

Ms. D.N., Brunswick, Ohio

"This is my second tour with Caravan. I was impressed once again with itinerary, accommodations, tour director, driver and the value. The activities were great. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Mt. Rushmore were fantastic and must see. I also enjoyed stopping at Oregon Trail Museum."

Mr. B.T., Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

"We thoroughly enjoyed our Caravan tour and would love to take another one next year. The quality and price were outstanding. I have always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Crazy Horse, and the Tetons. They were every bit as wonderful as I imagined. Loved all the beautiful scenery and mountains. Old Faithful Inn was an incredible place to stay."

Mrs. M.W., Louisville, Kentucky

"Overall, we feel it was a great trip. Would most definitely go on Caravan again."

Mr. & Mrs. D.E., Tucson, Arizona

"This is our first tour with a large group. We are pleasantly surprised. Thank you."

Mr. & Mrs. T.D., Wappingers Falls, New York

"Our driver was very prompt to distribute our bottles of water daily and kept a cooler with extra water on bus. He kept the motor coach very clean and neat. This was our first tour and we were so pleased we chose Caravan. Will recommend Caravan."

Mr. D.A., Waco, Texas

"I had never heard of Caravan Tours prior to this trip. I was impressed! Would take another without hesitation! I enjoyed all the places we saw. I would do it again. You kept us on our toes! That way we saw and did a lot. This was our first vacation on a motor coach and it was great!"

Mr. & Mrs. K.T., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

"We will tell our friends to take this trip. Your company is very good, the best we ever had. We were very satisfied with your tour and plan to take another in the future."

Mr. & Mrs. C.C., Dana Point, California

"This was my first bus tour. The tour director was outstanding. Carefree trip, no tipping, worrying about luggage, etc...Plenty of meals were provided and they had good food."

Mr. & Mrs. R.C., Belleville, Pennsylvania

"This is the first bus tour we have taken and loved Caravan. We were pleasantly surprised and we do plan on taking more trips with Caravan in the future. We feel that we got our money's worth and the places you see were beautiful. The hotels and meals were great! It was a great tour. Our tour director and driver worked well as a team. We definitely will go again next year. We would be glad to give references if needed. All of the people on the tour were great also."

Mr. & Mrs. N.A., Williamsburg, Virginia

"Our tour director was the best, a very polite and sweet young man who was also very knowledgeable about all the regions. This was a beautiful trip and as you know we are doing the Guatemala trip in December."

Mr. & Mrs. J.D., Andover, Massachusetts

"Definitely a positive experience. Would certainly consider another tour with Caravan. We were ready for some quiet time. We had such gorgeous weather. Thank you!"

Mr. & Mrs. D.R., Winchester, Virginia

"My husband and I plan to take the Nova Scotia trip next year. Can't beat the price! Overall, we enjoyed this trip and we will not hesitate to take a Caravan trip in the future."

Mr. & Mrs. M.M., Troy, New York

"The tour director was exceptional! I really think he added extreme value to this trip. He was very knowledgeable and approachable. Our Yellowstone guide was truly wonderful. He clearly loves this area and helped us to fall in love with Yellowstone also. Our first Caravan tour, but not our last. I'm telling all of our friends about Caravan."

Mr. & Mrs. J.P., Shaftsbury, Vermont

"We have taken many many trips and this one was among the very best. Much of this is due to our tour director. We will definitely take another Caravan trip because of him."

Mr. & Mrs. J.M., Harrisonburg, Virginia

"If this is typical of a Caravan experience ( this was our first), I would definitely do it again in the future. Enjoyed it more than we thought we would. The sightseeing was spot on and the time given at each site was perfect. Good quality hotels, clean with excellent service. Our director was informative and allowed us to contemplate the beauty of the area. A polite, classy individual, and we had a fantastic driver."

Mr. & Mrs. T.F., Delaware, Ohio

"This was my first tour. I loved it and I recommend Caravan to anyone who asks how my trip was because it was great all around. Very organized, interesting and unrushed full days. Every two hours we were someplace interesting."

Ms. K.G., Pitman, New Jersey

"We had a great experience with Caravan Tours. The value was great and that is what led us Caravan. This area of the country is glorious. We enjoyed it all. We got to stay at the Old Faithful Inn which was wondrous. Hoping to book a Costa Rica tour with Caravan this coming season."

Mr. A.N., Frederick, Maryland

"We enjoyed our trip immensely. USA is a beautiful country. We enjoyed seeing all the attractions, our director was fantastic, and our farewell dinner was great. Our TD and driver made a great team and we would definitely recommend this trip."

Ms. D.V., Fairport, New York

"Caravan, your planning is fantastic. How to improve this? Just keep doing this over and over again. Each day had some surprises, and your director is a valuable resource with an abundant knowledge of history and natural features."

Mrs. S.L., Sacramento, California

"It was very enjoyable and a very relaxing trip in spite of seeing so much. I am so glad I did this trip and choice of Caravan. Have recommended this trip to others. You have done a great job!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.K., Monroeville, Pennsylvania

"The schedule was perfect. I was able to experience so much in a short period of time. This tour is the best I have experienced. It is very well priced and just as good as the more expensive priced ones. This tour was excellent. Great value!"

Mr. & Mrs. T.K., Conroe, Texas

"The meals were good and with the buffets you always got plenty to eat The sightseeing and activities were enjoyable and we saw and did so much. It was wonderful. Yellowstone guide was terrific and very knowledgeable. She had a great sense of humor. Made our day very enjoyable."

Mr. & Mrs. C.C., Lawrenceville, New Jersey

"We will take another tour next year, Canadian Rockies!"

Mr. G.S., New York, New York

"This was our 6th Caravan trip. Great tour! Appreciate the reasonable price. Appreciated the included water. Saves time to not have to look for it when we stop. We love the western part of the USA because of all of the mountains. We were brought into areas that were historical, very fascinating, very good and very unusual. We were glad to see so much more than we realized was in Yellowstone. Appreciated the history from our guide which gave us info on what we were seeing. The hotels were in good locations, and we could walk around and do things and find places to eat. I also really liked supporting local artists. We recommend you to family and friends all the time. Thank you!"

Mr. & Mrs. G.H., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"So enjoyed this tour, great choice of sights. Very impressed with Caravan’s organization. Great tour guide and driver. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. We will definitely do another tour with Caravan in the future. Totally satisfied customers!"

Mr. A.M., Powder Springs, Georgia

"Yellowstone and everything it has to offer was amazing. Grand Tetons were outstanding. Crazy Horse memorial was spectacular, definitely worth the visit."

Ms. S.D., Ramsey, New Jersey

"Our second trip with Caravan, we did Panama last year. Excellent, wonderful trip, most impressive. Eight days, six states, 1200 miles and loved it. The price was awesome and met new friends for life. The wildlife was amazing. Bison, deer, elk."

Mrs. B.M., Irmo, South Carolina

"Overall the trip was fantastic. For the time allotted, our schedule was great. That part of our country is amazing. The river trip was not to be believed. Yellowstone, S.D. were the best. You could tell our director liked his job and cared about us. I learned a whole lot. Don’t let that guy get away. I couldn’t believe how easy checking in was, that was great. If our health holds up you will probably see us again."

Mr. D.R., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"This was our 4th Caravan trip and like all the others, it was the best ever. We love the dependability and expectations always met on these wonderful trips. Thanks for all the hard work and consideration that goes into the planning and execution of them. Outstanding."

Mrs. C.C., Taylor, Texas

"The scenery was magnificent. What a country we have. The hotels were nicely located, the personnel were all friendly and helpful, and I was thrilled to be staying at the Old Faithful lodge. Exciting. We were in good hands with our director and driver, and we will definitely take another trip with Caravan."

Mr. & Mrs. D.R., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"This was a beautiful and well-put together tour. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. We saw so much. Unbelievable the beauty in our country. Thank you for putting together such wonderful tours."

Mrs. E.U., Bel Air, Maryland

"One of my best trips - I can not say I didn’t enjoy any activity or sight. Even the bus ride was filled by the history and knowledge of the area. I have strongly recommended Caravan to friends and neighbors as well as family. Big bang for the buck!"

Ms. Jane Anderson, Oldsmar, Florida

"This was a great trip. Everyone on the coach had a good time and seemed to become friends. Everything we did was very enjoyable. The places we visited were all beautiful and our TD did a great job of telling us the history of each one. He made this trip a wonderful experience and I would love to go on another trip with him. Every step of the way was great! I would recommend Caravan to anyone. I truly feel like I have made a new friend."

Mrs. D.B., Watertown, Tennessee

"This was our third trip with Caravan and we’re trying to decide which one will be our fourth. Great mix of seeing the sights and free time to enjoy the parks and what interests you. A great value!"

Mr. R.L., Houston, Texas

"I had been to Yellowstone in the 70’s with friends but didn’t see near as many wonderful sites and great places. Super trip, I had a great time. All the stops worked out great for me. I learned so much!"

Mrs. M.R., Gilbert, Arizona

"The whole trip was more than I could have ever imagined. It went well beyond my expectations. I knew that we were going to see many sights but Caravan went beyond. So many wonderful and breathtaking photo ops. I have already recommended it to other people."

Ms. J.H., Waretown, New Jersey

"Good meals and plenty to eat! The tour director was very well qualified for our tour. He knew what to look for and explained interesting points along the way. I would recommend Caravan Tours to friends."

Mr. H.D., Largo, Florida

"Loved every day of our trip!"

Ms. D.N., Largo, Florida

"I would highly recommend this tour and can't wait to have Caravan take us to see the Grand Canyon next year. First rate accommodations and outstanding tour directors. All of the details are handled for us and you made this the easiest vacation ever. Incredible value for the money! I also highly recommend Caravan Tours. The tour guide was very organized, informative, friendly, humorous, and flexible to meet the needs of passengers. The driver was very skilled and friendly. Each day there were varied and numerous points of interest, which offered individuals many choices. The accommodations were comfortable and clean. The whole trip was very enjoyable and relaxing. My husband and I are looking forward to going on another Caravan tour!"

Mr. & Mrs. J.G., North Olmsted, Ohio

"This was an incredibly beautiful tour. I would encourage everyone to take this tour during their lifetime. We had a wonderful experience!"

Mr. & Mrs. W.K., Hobart, Indiana

"It was a lot of fun. I was very much impressed with the talk of the tour guide. It was quite inspirational. He had the depth and knowledge not many guides have. I was impressed with the whole scene. We were very pleased with Caravan tours and would use them again."

Mr. & Mrs. G.H., Scottsdale, Arizona

"The tour director was great. He knew what he was talking about and was able to answer our questions. Our driver was very pleasant and did a very good job of driving and getting us close to sights. Let us know about the future trips. We also liked the idea of having water on the bus."

Mr. & Mrs. J.R., Hobart, Indiana

"The sightseeing and activities were excellent, well scripted and organized. Our tour director was well informed, and I learned a lot about our country and environment and most enjoyable was the wild kingdom. Enjoyed the trip immensely! This trip was a great experience. I was sorry it ended."

Mr. & Mrs. F.W., Redbank, New Jersey

"This was our 'first-ever-tour' and Caravan provided us with a marvelous experience! What a way to see the country! Hopefully, this was the first of many trips for us."

Mr. & Mrs. S.M., Red Bank, New Jersey

"This was a fantastic tour. It was perfect from start to finish. I do not have suggestions or recommendations for the future as I felt it was organized well. If there were bumps in the road, they were not noticeable to me. An excellent tour. I look forward to another tour with Caravan."

Mr. & Mrs. F.A., Red Bank, New Jersey

"I recommend this trip to all my friends and children."

Mr. & Mrs. T.K., Red Bank, New Jersey

"We will be booking another trip soon. We are currently trying to decide between Nova Scotia and Costa Rica. Either one we are sure will be wonderful. Caravan Tours delivers a first class tour and accommodations on a budget anyone can afford."

Mr. and Mrs. G.L., Thornton, Texas

"The hotel rooms were good size and comfortable. Your tour director was excellent, had a great sense of humor and kept everyone smiling. Very professional. I'd like to travel with her again. Your motor coach was very good, clean and comfortable. We've already recommended this trip to several couples."

Mr. and Mrs. E.M., Osterville, Massachusetts

"First time with Caravan. Your tour director always let us know what was going on. Very pleased overall. Itinerary great."

Mr. and Mrs. G.D., Monroe Township, New Jersey

"Great choice of hotels, especially at Yellowstone, capped off by our last night at Salt Lake City. Sightseeing and activities were excellent, don't know where we could have gone to get a better flavor of this part of the country. Your Caravan tour director was outstanding. There are not enough superlatives to cover his caring and sharing. He had a superior knowledge of the areas covered. This is our first, but not the last, Caravan tour. Every effort was made for the safety and comfort of the group."

Mr. and Mrs. D.D., Sun City Center, Florida

"The hotels were excellent, very comfortable. The tour director was great, knew the area and was interesting. We would like to go with her again. Your local guides were well informed and interesting. We are looking forward to going with Caravan again! Soon!"

Mr. and Mrs. G.M., New Baltimore, Michigan

"The places were spectacular. The photo stops were great. Your tour director is very resourceful and intelligent, made friends on this tour. This was my 5th trip. I plan to travel again soon with Caravan."

Mr. J.B., Ft. Worth, Texas

"The hotels were very nice, enjoyed the contrast when staying in state park lodges. I had a good time in beautiful scenery and would travel with Caravan again."

Mrs. D.S., Alexandria, Virginia

"Your tour director, excellent, pleasant, knowledgeable, made the trip a success. Your driver was excellent, shared knowledge of the area, was pleasant and a good driver. I enjoyed myself and would recommend the trip to a friend."

Mr. and Mrs. R.M, Mount Holly, New Jersey

"All hotels were first class, clean and comfortable. The hotel service, bag handling, etc. was excellent. All the meals provided were very good. The quality and quantity of food was excellent. Your tour director was the best we have ever had on a trip."

Mr. and Mrs. E.P., East Falmouth, Massachusetts

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