Mexico-All Inclusive Resorts And Holiday Travel

Vacation at Mexico all inclusive resorts for one low, all-inclusive price with no surprise option sales. For over 50 years Caravan Tours has been helping vacationers to enjoy fully escorted, exotic Mexican vacations at Mexico’s all inclusive resorts.

Caravan Tours offers two Mexico all inclusive holiday getaways including:

Copper Canyon Roundtrip Train

This 8-day Mexico all inclusive train trip offers some of the most spectacular scenery and sightseeing you’ll ever do by rail. Travel in comfort in Caravan’s private roundtrip train car. This Copper Canyon Mexico holiday also includes all inclusive resort lodges like the restored 1890’s colonial mansion Posada del Hidalgo in El Fuerte and the Posada Barrancas Mirador on the rim of the canyon where each guest room has a terrace overlooking the canyon.

Ancient and Colonial Heritage

Visit ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins dating back to 1500 B.C. that include the Teotihuacan, Palenque and Uxmal.

Mexico is a vibrant blend of Spanish and Indian cultures. The Spanish monarchy lasted for 300 years, from 1520-1820, leaving colonial treasures of enormously rich, artistic and architectural heritage. This Mexico all inclusive holiday starts in Mexico City and ends in Cancun.

All our Mexico all inclusive resorts and travel itinerary include the following:

  • All meals (including bottled water)
  • Professional tour guide for every Mexico land tour
  • One low all inclusive price with no surprise option sales
  • Relaxed pace with two and three-night stays (for an unhurried itinerary)
  • Free airport transfers to and from hotels
  • First class Mexico all inclusive resort lodging

For your free brochure on Mexico all inclusive resorts and travel holidays or to make reservations, please call 1 800 227-2826 or 312-321-9800 or visit these pages to see the full tours:

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Why Travel with Caravan?

Excellence Since 1952

You can trust our years of experience with tours of superb quality and excellent value. Caravan has enjoyed the same family management and ownership since 1952.

PanAm Jet
In 1959, Pan Am invited Caravan to be the very first tour company to fly their clients on its new line of Clipper Jets.
Vintage Motorcoach
In 1964, Caravan introduced the very first fleet of air conditioned motorcoaches in all of Europe.
Leather Back Turtle Park
Caravan is a proud supporter of the Leatherback Turtle National Park and Costa Rica's efforts to protect this endangered giant.
Federal Reserve Bank Of Chicago

Caravan Care

For your safety, Caravan cancelled most 2020 and all 2021 tour departures and refunded 100% of all payments received. See Caravan’s Covid-19 Terms of Travel.

Caravan's Proud History

In 1965, Roger Mudd hosted a two-hour CBS TV special on Caravan Tours. This TV production took about one month to make and was so successful it inspired the 1968 romantic comedy movie “If it’s Tuesday this must be Belgium.” In the early 50’s the Mayor of Dublin presented Caravan with the Key to Dublin for bringing the first American tour to the city after WWII. Since then, Caravan has been recognized as a pioneer in travel. You can trust in our stability, experience and dedication to quality.

Great Hotels

Stay at park lodges, scenic resorts, and excellent hotels in great locations. See hotel descriptions on each tour page.


In Costa Rica, Panama, and Guatemala, Caravan includes all meals. For USA and Canada tours, included meals are listed on each itinerary page. In Latin America, bottled water is provided free on the motorcoach and purified water is provided at the meals.

Complete Sightseeing

Enjoy complete sightseeing with more visits, extra features, and local guides.

Fully Guided by Tour Directors

All tours conducted from start to finish by professional tour directors, who are fluent in English, experienced, and fun.


Caravan includes all activities listed in the tour itinerary page. Caravan does not sell any optional activities which can add hundreds of dollars to your tour price. Your free time is scheduled in great settings where there is no need to buy additional expensive activities.

Shopping Freedom

Caravan will not bring you to overpriced shops in exchange for payments. Caravan gives you ample opportunity and time for great shopping, and the freedom to choose where and when to shop.

Great Value, Book Early

Caravan’s strong buying power gives you great vacations at prices much lower than you can find anywhere. In a typical year, most of our tours sell out quickly. Book early for the date you prefer and the best air fare.

How does Caravan Tours sell these tours for such a low cost?

Caravan delivers volume to our suppliers, who in turn reward us with their very best prices. We in turn pass these savings on to you, and you reward us by buying our tours. As volume continues to rise, we then receive even better prices from our suppliers, and we pass even greater savings on to you. This year our tours are better than ever.

Trade Association Memberships

Caravan is a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors), NTA (National Tour Association), ABA (American Bus Association), CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), and ACMA (American Catalog Association).